Download the full report - Human Rights Watch

Download the full report - Human Rights Watch

the hospital, there were three other injured migrants and numerous police officers that

night at the hospital. It was unclear how the migrants sustained their injuries. 87

Naderi did not report the attack to the police. “I didn’t think to go the police because I

am sure that if I go, the police won’t help me, they will bother me more. That’s what

most of the people say. They say they go to the police and the police do nothing and

scare them.” 88

Hassan Mohamed, October 2011

A 25-year-old Somali without papers in Greece, Hassan Mohamed was attacked on October

29 as he returned home from an internet café near Victoria Square.

I was talking on the phone and they came at me from the front. Maybe 20 to

25 people. They beat me. I ran and they beat me. I fell unconscious. The

police came and called an ambulance. They told me to come back after the

hospital with the papers. I went back, I told them, I am the one you took

from the street, this is the paper with everything: blood test, scan, x-rays, I

had a broken bone under the right eye.

Mohamed ultimately gave up filing a complaint because he was concerned he would be

detained because of his undocumented status. 89

Mahmoud and Maria, August 2011

Mahmoud and Maria are a couple from Afghanistan with refugee status in Greece. On

August 5, 2011, near Attiki train station in broad daylight two men on a motorcycle attacked

Maria, leaving her with a prominent scar on her left hand. The two men on a motorcycle

swung at them with what Mahmoud described as “something white, maybe wood with

nails” as they yelled the word for ‘dirty’ (Βρωμιάρα). Maria remembered,

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89 Human Rights Watch interview with Hassan Mohamed, Athens, December 9, 2011.


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