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Download the full report - Human Rights Watch

Ali Rahimi in the hospital just after the September 2011 attack.

© 2011 Yunus Mohammadi.

Responding to a call from a friend who lives in the building,

the police arrived quickly and called an ambulance. Rahimi

was able at the time to identify for the police the man who

had stabbed him, still in front of the building. Mohammed,

who witnessed the attack from the stairway, was also able to

identify the man who stabbed Rahimi. According to both

Rahimi and Mohammed, the man and the woman who

chased Mohammed up the stairs were also still in the

vicinity, and the victims pointed them out to the police. They

were not detained or questioned by the police at that time.

While Rahimi was rushed to the hospital, Mohammed and the alleged stabber were taken to the

Aghios Panteleimonas police station. There, Mohammed saw from a window the same man and

woman standing outside the police station. After he identified them to the police once again, the

police brought the two into the station and advised them that Mohammed accused them of

attacking him. The man and the woman immediately filed a complaint against Mohammed for

false accusation and defamation. All three, as well as the man accused of stabbing Rahimi, were

then put in the same jail cell. Mohammed told Human Rights Watch,

They [the police] took my fingerprints and then they sent me in the room with

the person who stabbed [Rahimi] and five to ten minutes later they also brought

the woman and the other man. This woman took pictures of me with her phone

and they made a lot of fun of me. She also talked on the phone and said, “I’m

here with the pig.” And she was also saying on the phone, “We have no

problem, we have no problem, we are Greeks. The Police told us we are Greeks.

We are going to leave now.” I stayed four hours with them. They were looking at

me wildly. But then they calmed down and the one who stabbed Ali fell asleep

and the other two calmed down. 193

192 Ibid.

193 Human Rights Watch interview with Reza Mohammed, Athens, December 5, 2011.


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