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The magazine for Roundshaw residents December 2011 ISSUE 15

At Christmas ...

Payment of your rent at any time of the year

should be your priority. However, some people

put their homes at risk just for the sake of


Prioritise your spending this Christmas.

Your shopping list should be...

• Rent & Service Charges

• Council Tax

• Electric

• Gas

• Water

• Christmas Food

• Gifts

At Roundshaw Homes we have experts on hand who can help you budget

and manage your debts.

Remember that a home is important to everyone, not paying your rent could

mean that you lose your home.

If you are having difficulties with paying your

rent please contact us on

020 8773 5050 or 0800 328 7298




If you have a clear account at

the end of December you will

authomatically be entered into a

FREE prize draw to win


*Those on Housing Benefit that

clear their account will be included

Beat those winter bills

Paying too much for

your energy ................ Page 5


Mary Marden Editor

I think you’ll agree the cover

for our December issue is

absolutely fantastic, a big

thank you to all the pupils

at Amy Johnson School

for coming to our rescue

and taking part in our Art


The Roundshaw website has

recently been updated which

has lots of useful information

plus a quick and easy Allpay

link to pay your rent. See the

back page for our Christmas

rent incentive to be entered

into a free prize draw to

win £100.

I hope you enjoy our

December issue and your

comments are always


Important information

Dates for your diary


Sun 18 December 2011 1pm Youth Christmas Party -

Phoenix Centre, Mollison Drive

Thurs 12 January 2012 1pm - 3pm African Caribbean Heritage

Association - Phoenix Centre




New opening times

The Roundshaw Office will now be open from

Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Christmas opening times

Friday 23 December - Closing at 4pm

Monday 26 December - Closed

Tuesday 27 December - Closed

28, 29 & 30 December Open - 9am - 5pm

2 January 2012 - Closed

For out of hours emergencies call 020 8773 5050

Hyde residents only at 40, 42 & 44 Mollison Drive call 020 7346 6555

Roundshaw Homes would like to wish all our residents a

Very Happy Christmas and

a Prosperous New Year

Paying too much

for your energy Page 5

Fire Safety Page 7

Residents Assurance

Committee Page 8

Rent Incentive Back cover

Paws for thought

Tracey says...

“Hello, my name is

Kobi, I am a 3 ½ year

old male, blue merle,

border collie. Some

people think I have

problems with my

sight as my eyes are

blue and brown, but

I have perfect vision. My

mum says my eyes are full of mischief.

I was born in Caterham and moved to Roundshaw

when I was 8 weeks old. I live with my mum and

dad, Tracey and Cliff and my sister, Lois.

My favourite hobby is playing, and my family

make sure I have 2-3 hours exercise every day. I

get two short walks, morning and evening and

Tracey has lived on Roundshaw

for many years and was brought

up around dogs, which has given

her a vast amount of knowledge

and experience of dog ownership.

Tracey recommends to anyone

thinking of getting a pet, that they

should give serious thought to the


• Type of pet/breed

• The pet’s needs now and in the

future, the amount of exercise

required to keep the pet healthy

and happy.

• The time you have available.

• The costs involved – food,

microchipping, neutering, vets

fees, vaccinations, flea & worming

treatments, insurance etc.

As Tracey says “...a dog is a full time

commitment for many years.”

Roundshaw Homes and Pets

Your tenancy agreement and/or

lease will normally state that you

can only keep pets in your home,

with the written permission of the


Roundshaw Homes’ main focus

is to ensure that the property is

suitable for the type of pet, that

the pet is well cared for and does

not cause nuisance to any other

residents. A number of factors

are taken into consideration

when deciding whether to give

two long playtimes during the day. I am on a

lead when I’m walking on the estate but once I

get to Roundshaw Park or the Airfield, I’m free to

run and play to my hearts content. I can do all

sorts of tricks for mum and dad and love getting a

treat as a reward. My favourite game is fetching

a ball, I like to get a head start before it’s thrown

but it always overtakes me. I’ve heard people say

that I’m a hard working dog and I use my natural

instincts, but to me it’s just fun!

I don’t like being left alone, it can get lonely, but

my family organise their working lives around me,

so I’ve always got company.

I have the best life with my family on Roundshaw

and we love looking after each other!”

such permission and a number

of obligations will be placed on

owners, including ensuring that all

dogs are neutered and


For further information, you should

contact your Housing Officer.



Roundshaw News December 2011 2

Call: 0208 773 5050 Email:

Roundshaw News December 2011 3

There was some

serious fun at this

year’s Fun Day on the

Roundshaw Park in September.

The day started with clouds, which

turned into rays of sunshine to

meet residents and stall holders.

There were competitions including

a 5-a-side football competition for

7-9 year olds (courtesy of Surrey

Predators), a ‘Roundshaw Street

Striker’ competition and a grand

raffle with the star prize of a signed

Arsenal 2011 shirt (courtesy of

Sports Actif).

The day consisted of music and

activities including African Hand

Drumming courtesy of The Gary

Mason Charity, Zumba, Street

We didn’t have a suitable front

cover picture for our December

issue so thought it would be

a good idea to hold an Art

Competition. We approached

Mel Elsey, Head Teacher of

Amy Johnson School to ask

if the pupils could assist with

providing a painting

for our front cover.

The winner would

receive Toys R Us

vouchers. Also each

What we did last summer

Roundshaw Fun Day 2011

dance (courtesy of UK Dance

Wars), Childrens’ fairground rides,

a massive bouncing trampoline,

food stalls courtesy of Sherwoods

Cafe and SCILL (Sutton Centre for

Independent Living and Learning).

There were also stalls from the

Amy Johnson Children’s

Centre, Eco-Actif, Illegal

Money Lending Team, New

Covenant Church and

Springfield, a face-painting

& nail art and free plants

and composting advice

for residents.

The event was very

successful and was

attended by over 300 residents.

Amy Johnson to

the rescue...

entry would receive a ‘You’re a

Star Art Award’ certificate.

We had a fabulous response and it

was very hard to choose between

them. However, the winning

picture, which I’m sure you’ll agree

is fantastic, is by Erlandas Kubilius

Age 7, congratulations to Erlandas

and a massive thanks to all the

children who entered, you really

saved the day. These are some of

the other entries which came close.

Robbie Dorey

Erlandas Kubilius

Chavane Page

Luke Young

Roundshaw News December 2011 4 Call: 0208 773 5050 Email:

Roundshaw News December 2011 5

Welcome Home Gathering

for Amy Close fire victims

Residents who lost their homes

in an accidental fire on the estate

in July 2010 attended a ‘Welcome

Home’ gathering on Wednesday

28 September.

Fortunately all residents, including

11 adults and 10 children, were

safely evacuated from their homes

on Amy Close, along with a total

of 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 hamsters and

1 rabbit. Roundshaw Homes

staff were on site immediately to

provide assistance and support

to residents. Office based staff

arranged refreshments, overnight

accommodation and

purchasing necessary

items such as shower

gels, toothpaste

and clothing which

was donated by other

residents. Residents

and Roundshaw staff

worked well together

during and after the

crisis reflecting the

community spirit of


Some residents only

returned to their

newly re-built home

last month and the

gathering marked a fresh

start for all.

There were a number of partners at

the event including Representatives

from the Amy Johnson Primary

School, which became a refuge

for the residents during the

crisis, the local fire brigade, Safer

Neighbourhoods, the contractors and

BRM consultants.

There was food, drink and free ice

creams for all and children were

provided with free face painting and

nail/tattoo art.

The event was attended by Steve

White, Chief Executive of The Hyde

Group who presented Mel Elsey,

Head teacher of Amy Johnson

Primary School with a bouquet of

flowers and a donation of £250

towards the new ‘School Council’.

James Sheppard from BRM

Associates said “BRM Associates

maintenance consultants were

involved with the fire at Amy

Close from the outset, having

undertaken the initial surveys to

ascertain whether it was safe for

the neighbouring families to return

home, and also having arranged

all the emergency works needed to

make the three properties safe and

temporarily weather tight.

Steve White, Chief Executive, Hyde Housing

& Mel Elsey, Head teacher, Amy Johnson

Fire Safety

Maintenance would like

to bring the following

points to your attention:

• The potential dangers associated

to unattended holes to party walls.

This is the wall that separates you

from a neighbour. Any unattended

breaches to these walls can

increase the risk of smoke spread,

in the case of fire. For this reason,

it is imperative any damaged is

attended to and repaired.

• Following a recent independent

Fire Risk Assessment of the estate,

it was noted many communal areas

and cupboard spaces had items

stored within them. We must ask

all our residents to ensure all areas

are kept free of items and that no

personal items are stored within

the communal cupboard areas

(with the exception of cycles in a

cycle store).

As part of our estate inspection

program, RH staff will be clearing

any cupboards within the

communal areas, that contain

items, not belonging to the


• We would also like to highlight the

importance self closing devices

have on internal doors. Please

ensure these are working correctly

(where fitted).

Simple steps to prevent

• Make a fire action plan so that everyone

in your home knows how to escape if

there is a fire

• Keep exits from your home clear

• Take extra care in the kitchen. Accidents while cooking account for over

half of the fires at home

• Never leave lit candles in rooms that nobody is in or in rooms where

children are on their own

• Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out property and disposed of carefully,

and never smoke in bed

• Close doors when you go to bed at night

• Don’t overload electrical sockets

• Keep matches and lighters away from children

• Don’t leave the TV or any other electrical item on standby. Always unplug

when not in use

• Keep fire alarms free from dust and test them once a week

If a fire breaks out in your home

• Do not try and put out the fire unless you are sure you can

do so safely

• Immediately leave the room where the fire is and close the

door behind you

• Tell everyone else in the property there is a fire and tell

them to leave the property with you

• Close the front door and raise the alarm. Use the stairs,

not the lift

Dial 999

For advice on fire safety, go to

Roundshaw News December 2011 6

Call: 0208 773 5050 Email:

Roundshaw News December 2011 7

Come and join the African

Caribbean Heritage


How to deal with

mould growth

‘We meet every fortnight in the

Phoenix Centre between 1pm and 3pm.

We have moved from strength to strength and we

are pleased to say that we have had a successful

year. Thanks to Sutton Council, SCVS, Adrian Addo at

Roundshaw Homes and our faithful members we now

have a group of 40 regular attendees. Our next meeting

will be on Thursday 12th January (1pm - 3pm).

Please feel free to join us, we look forward

to meeting you. ‘


Assurance Committee

The Hyde Group is transforming

resident involvement structures

to give residents more of a say,

by setting up formal resident-led

committees. These new structures

will provide residents with the

opportunity to scrutinise, challenge

and influence decisions through

a Resident Assurance Committee

(RAC), Residents’ Council or

Resident Scrutiny


The committees will

be resident-led and

will hold local teams to

account for the delivery of services.

The chair or a representative of each

committee will sit on the Hydewide

Residents’ Voice, Hyde’s principal

resident committee who scrutinise

services at Group level.

In the new year we will be

promoting opportunities for residents

to join our local Residents Assurance

Committee. Some of the benefits


• This is a fantastic opportunity to

directly influence the services

delivered by your landlord, and to

represent other residents from

your area

• Full training given to boost your

skills and maybe even enhance

your CV

• The committee will meet quarterly

to discuss service performance

• All travel expenses are reimbursed

For further information please

call Adrian Addo, Community

Initiatives Manager on

020 8773 5050 or


Condensation is the cause of

dampness and mould growth in

the home. It looks unpleasant, can

cause wooden window frames to

rot and increases the chances of

respiratory illness.

What is condensation?

Condensation starts as moisture in

the air, which can be produced by

cooking, washing, or drying clothes

indoors on radiators. When it hits

cool surfaces like walls, mirrors, wall

tiles and windows it condenses and

forms water droplets. The moist

air rises when it is warm and often

ends up on ceilings and the upstairs

rooms and then it forms mould.

Left untreated mould can result in

mould growth on walls, ceilings,

furniture, furnishings and clothing in

cupboards and drawers.

How to reduce condensation in

your home:

• When cooking or washing, let

the steam escape by opening a

window or using an extractor fan.

Leave the window open or the

extractor fan on for 20 minutes

after you have finished cooking or


• Wipe down surfaces when

moisture settles to prevent mould


• Do not block air vents and allow

air to circulate around furniture

and cupboards.

• Do not draught proof bathroom or

kitchen windows, rooms that have

condensation or mould growth or

rooms with gas cookers.

• You must not use bottled gas or

paraffin heaters- these produce

a lot of moisture and they are

a health and safety risk. Your

tenancy agreement states that

you are not allowed to use these.

• Dry clothes outdoor whenever

possible or use small ventilated


• Cover fish tanks and pans when

cooking and remember that house

pets and plants produce moisture

as well.

• If you have a tumble drier or

washing machine, ensure that it is

ventilated in accordance with the

manufacturer’s instructions.

What to do if you find mould:

• Do not disturb mould by brushing

or vacuuming it. This will increase

the risk of respiratory problems.

• Wipe off mould growth

immediately with water, do not

use washing up liquid or bleach.

• To kill and remove mould growth,

wipe down affected areas with

fungicidal wash. This is available

from a hardware, DIY store or

supermarket. Always follow the

instructions carefully.

Roundshaw News December 2011 8 Call: 0208 773 5050 Email:

Roundshaw News December 2011 9

Domestic Violence

One Stop Shop

Domestic Violence is a widespread

issue, with almost 2400 incidents

reported to Police last year, and

many more going unreported, but

victims often feel alone, ashamed,

and don’t know where to turn for


As part of our local response to this

issue, Sutton has recently launched

a Domestic Violence One Stop

Shop. This is a free, confidential

drop-in service, where victims

can receive support and advice

from professionals including an

Independent Domestic Violence

Advocate (IDVA) from Victim Support,

Police, Lawyers, and Citizens Advice

Bureau. It is open Wednesday

mornings from 9:30am – 11:30am

at Sutton Baptist Church, 21

Cheam Road, SM1 1SN.

If you aren’t affected by this issue

yourself, there is a good chance

that one of your friends, relatives

or neighbours would benefit from

discussing their options at the One

Stop Shop.

For further information or advice, call Victim

Support on 0208 685 1637, or text DV to 65101.

For further information, please contact: Adam French

Safer Sutton Partnership Service 0208 649 0683

Let it snow...

Although we work closely with

London Borough of Sutton it is

important to note that the majority

of roads and footpaths across

Roundshaw are the responsibility

of the Borough to maintain and

grit as necessary during extended

periods of snowfall.

Roundshaw Homes estate staff

will prioritise footpaths and other

communal areas which are

the immediate responsibility of

Roundshaw Homes. Most of the

footpaths immediately outside the

communal blocks on Roundshaw will

be treated by our estate staff in the

event of snowfall.

The repeated snowfall in

December last year and the

subsequent difficulty many

residents experienced has led both

Roundshaw Homes and the London

Borough of Sutton to revise their

procedures and preparations for

extensive snowfall.

Both organisations have had

additional grit supplied and

the Borough has worked with

Roundshaw Homes to identify

areas which would benefit from

having a grit bin located nearby.

If you have any queries regarding snow clearance

or grit supply please contact Roundshaw Homes

(020 8773 5050), we can identify which areas are

the Borough’s responsibility and the areas that are

Roundshaw Homes.

Roundshaw News December 2011 10 Call: 0208 773 5050 Email:

Roundshaw News December 2011 11

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