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breaking NEW GROUND - Illinois Institute of Technology



Illinois Institute of Technology

10 W. 33rd Street

Chicago, IL 60616

How do you sum up a year’s

worth of accomplishments at

IIT when every day is filled

with new discoveries and


A visit to Main Campus will tell the story of the

extraordinary physical transformations of the

past year, as we continued our proud architectural

tradition with the new McCormick

Tribune Campus Center and State Street Village

residence hall, and made important strides in

restoring our historic Mies buildings and

enhancing our landscape architecture.

We strengthened our interprofessional curriculum

by creating the Institute for Business and

Interprofessional Studies, which houses our

successful Interprofessional Projects program

and innovative new “Techno-Business” program.

Several of our other academic units also benefited

from new administrative leadership, and our

faculty continued to bring innovation to the

classroom, laboratory, and marketplace. Our

students not only excelled academically this past

year, but also brought their talents and energy to

our newly expanded athletic program and other

new student activities.

Our accomplishments also extended to Chicago’s

South Side community, where we partnered with

local organizations to better educate mathematics

and science teachers, supported development of

new, mixed-income housing, and provided

employment opportunities.

These achievements are everyday occurrences

here at IIT, because when so many bright

minds come together exciting things happen all

the time. So while the cover of this year’s report

highlights one of our incredible new buildings,

the theme, breaking new ground, is about how

people are making things happen every day—in

the classroom, the laboratory, and the community.

At IIT last year, it was business as usual—a lot of

hard work, moments of inspiration, invaluable

occasions of generosity, and the kinds of breakthrough

days that make all the rest worthwhile.

Here are some of the highlights.

As an IIT student nearly 60

years ago, I could not have

imagined the incredible

changes that would take

place over the ensuing


Looking at IIT’s physical campus alone,

there are only two buildings left from the

time I was a student. One thing that has not

changed, however, is the high-quality education

IIT provides, which takes place not only

within the classroom, but also through

research opportunities, interprofessional

projects, and important collaborations with

other outstanding institutions of higher


One of the biggest educational issues of the

past few years, and one which is certain to

remain an issue in coming years, is the

shortage of engineers being educated in the

United States. IIT is helping to reverse that

trend by providing an outstanding technical

education that also addresses the human side

of science. IIT’s architecture, humanities,

social sciences, law, psychology, design, and

other programs all benefit from this component,

as they prepare leaders who are able to

transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Over the past few years, IIT has experienced

an upward spiral of enrolling better students

who have attracted better faculty, who in

turn have attracted even stronger students.

This increased quality of talent, combined

with a safer, more beautiful campus, has

produced a more dynamic university.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to

all who have volunteered their time, talents,

and financial resources to make IIT an institution

of which we can be extremely proud.

Robert A. Pritzker


Lew Collens


Table of Contents

President’s and Chairman’s Messages


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People of IIT 4–23

Colleges and Research Centers 24–41

Campus Community 42-45

Financial Report 46-49

Honor Roll of Donors 50–56

IIT Board of Trustees and Boards of Overseers 57–64




As co-investigator on a five-year,

$3.5-million grant from the

National Institute of Mental

Health, Psychology Professor

Joyce Hopkins is working to

create a brighter future for young

children suffering from depression

and behavior problems.

After finishing her undergraduate

studies at IIT, Koren Aragaki

plans to pursue a master’s in


Psychology. A 2004 recipient of

IIT’s Clinton E. Stryker

Distinguished Service Award, she

devotes much of her time to

organizing IIT’s Interprofessional

Projects program presentation


Chow Lam’s employment-readiness

assessment instrument is

helping to create individualized

rehabilitation treatment plans

that respond to patients’ specific

needs—empowering professionals

to develop more efficient and

accurate treatment approaches.

“One size does not fit all. IIT’s environment is not only

supportive, but innovative, and that allows me to break

from cookie-cutter approaches to rehabilitation and

create systems that respond to individual needs.”

Dr. Chow S. Lam

Professor and Director of Rehabilitation Program

Institute of Psychology



Richard Duncan won the 2004

Richard Babcock Leadership

Award for his work with

TechNews—the IIT student

newspaper—and his leadership

in student government

and the Residence Halls

Association. An Aerospace and

Materials Engineering major,

Duncan participated in NASA’s

Undergraduate Student

Research Program.

A recipient of IIT awards for

excellence in teaching, research,

and his work in mentoring

undergraduate students,

Electrical and Computer

Engineering Professor Ali

Emadi led a student team to a

first-place finish at the 2003

International Future Energy

Challenge for Motor

Competition. He was also

named the Eta Kappa Nu

Outstanding Young Electrical

Engineer for 2003.

Nima Shahidi, a Chemical

Engineering Ph.D. candidate,

received a national award from

the Environmental Protection

Agency for his work in developing

design approaches to

address sustainability issues.

“I take a lot of pride in being a member of the

Energy and Sustainability Institute. Our team—a

multidisciplinary group—is making significant

contributions to the way people use energy, which

has a huge impact on the quality of life.”

Ali Emadi


Armour College of Engineering


“Our efforts to restore Mies’ buildings honor his

legacy. We hope to serve as an example and

guide for restoration efforts worldwide.”

Thomas “Gunny” Harboe


McClier Corporation


College of Architecture Dean

Donna Robertson’s visionary

leadership is helping IIT carve

out its place as a global leader in

architectural innovation, and is

responsible for the College’s

record enrollment numbers.

As IIT’s preservation architect,

Thomas “Gunny” Harboe is

working to maintain the integrity

of S.R. Crown Hall and IIT’s

other Mies buildings while

transforming them to meet the

needs of today’s students.

Harboe has gained an international

reputation for his awardwinning

restoration work for

Chicago’s Rookery Building

and Reliance Building.

With his million-dollar leadership

gift to the Mies van der Rohe

Society, IIT Trustee Ralph Wanger

is helping to restore and protect

the Mies campus, to inspire

future generations of IIT students,

and to preserve an architectural



architectural treasures

“Design is a lens that I can’t not look through now;

everything relates back to it for me. I know there are

design solutions for so many problems, and that I’ll

be well prepared to look for those solutions in any

company I work for.”

Sara Cantor


Institute of Design

After graduating with a

Mechanical Engineering degree,

Sara Cantor realized she wanted

to do something different.

Intrigued by what she calls the

Institute of Design’s (ID) “intersection

of design and business,”

Cantor enrolled in the school’s

master’s program and has led

ID’s unique, student-organized

design research conference for

the past two years.

With a successful advertising

career to her credit, former

student and longtime ID friend

Jan Petry is giving back to the

Institute through the Visible

Language Fellowship, which

provides tuition assistance to

students pursuing communication



of technology


Jeanne Gang is a principal of

Studio Gang, which was highlighted

in Architectural Record

as one of nine emerging design

firms to watch. Gang is also

one of 10 architects featured in

the Art Institute of Chicago

show, “Chicago Architecture:

Ten Visions.” The show presents

diverse views of the future of

Chicago’s built environment

from internationally renowned

architects selected through an

invited competition.

Architecture graduate student

Junko Fujii won first prize in

the 2003-2004 Association of

Collegiate Schools of


Institute of Steel Construction

Design Competition, which

challenged students to design a

convention center in the urban

context of Columbia, S.C., and to

be creative in their use of steel.

IIT alumnus and Trustee Victor

“Vic” Morgenstern is promoting

design excellence and innovation

through the Victor A.

Morgenstern Family Visiting

Chair in Architecture. The

Morgenstern family’s support has

brought some of the world’s

leading architects to IIT to conduct

studio workshops and offer

public lectures.



“It’s great to know that my students are getting a

solid foundation, while having the freedom to move

in new directions and make their own discoveries.

Teaching here has had a significant impact on my

own work, as well.”

Jeanne Gang


College of Architecture




“Sometimes you need help to prove your talent. The

Selfs gave me that opportunity. I’m getting a great

education plus the leadership experience and

confidence to make the most of it.”

Kumar Abhijeet


Leadership Academy Scholar

Engineering student Kumar

Abhijeet received a Leadership

Academy scholarship his sophomore

year. Inspired by his

Academy mentor, he co-developed

an idea for a new technology

that would deliver realtime

information to cell phone

screensavers. The idea became

an award-winning IIT student

entrepreneurial project called

SkyBlue Mobile, which is currently

being incorporated into

a start-up venture.

M.A. Self has served on the

Board of Trustees since 1980

and was elected a life trustee

in 1994 and a regent of the university

in 2004. Self’s commitment

to the university and philanthropy,

in partnership with

his wife, Lila, led to the

creation of the endowed IIT

Leadership Academy program.

This program, now embedded

in undergraduate co-curricular

activities and a source of

scholarship funding for IIT’s

best student leaders, helps

recruit and retain some of the

nation’s brightest young engineers

and scientists.


“Chicago-Kent’s innovative

approach to integrating law

and technology is helping me

to think outside the box, and

giving me the tools to pursue

a career that will be both

practical and meaningful.”

Ron Michel


Chicago-Kent College of Law

As director of IIT’s Institute for

Science, Law and Technology,

Chicago-Kent Professor Lori

Andrews is leading discussions

that will shape legal policies in

the twenty-first century with

issues ranging from biotechnology

to privacy to environmental

science. Her path-breaking litigation

about reproductive and

genetic technologies and the

disposition of frozen embryos

caused the National Law

Journal to list her as one of the

100 most influential lawyers in

America. Among the many

organizations she has advised

on genetic and reproductive technology

are Congress, the World

Health Organization, and the

National Institutes of Health.

Chicago-Kent Professor Ronald

W. Staudt co-founded the Justice

Web Collaboratory—a law

school center that uses Internet

resources to improve access to

justice through Web tools such

as an Illinois legal assistance Web

portal. He also instigated an

interdisciplinary project to help

reengineer court systems for

self-represented litigants.

With degrees in both religion

and computing and education,

Ron Michel is particularly interested

in finding ways to apply law

and technology to community

service. He is getting hands-on

experience doing just that as a

student consultant to Chicago-

Kent’s public interest committee,

which is developing ways to

bring legal resources and advice

to self-represented litigants via

the Internet.


shaping policy




“IIT has really come alive. More than ever before, the

university is providing enormous benefits to students

and faculty and revitalizing the whole community.”

Nicholas Goodban

Senior Vice President of Philanthropy

McCormick Tribune Foundation

Nicholas Goodban and Alexandra

Foley, senior program officer, work

for the McCormick Tribune

Foundation. The Foundation has

been a longtime partner of IIT,

supporting the university’s position

as a high-quality institution and an

important anchor for the Bronzeville

community. This support made

possible the new McCormick

Tribune Campus Center (MTCC), a

vibrant center of activity for students,

faculty, and the surrounding

community. The MTCC, acclaimed

worldwide, has enhanced the university’s

reputation for architectural




computation to composition to


Professional Technical

Communication major Bob

Lambert received the Stryker

Distinguished Service Award in

2004. He has served as the

Student Government

Association advancement chair,

Finance Board vice chair, and

distribution manager for

TechNews, the student newspaper.

As director of the Biophysics

Collaborative Access Team, a

research center supported by the

National Institutes of Health,

Biology Professor Tom Irving is

leading a collaborative study of

the fundamental mechanisms of

muscle contraction that could

provide an essential tool for

devising new therapies and

preventive strategies for many

diseases, including heart disease.

“A smaller university can play in a large field by

taking creative risks and encouraging people to work

in smart, collaborative ways. This approach has given

me the chance to play a role in how the field of

biophysics—especially my unique area of biophysics—has


Tom Irving


College of Science and Letters


Day in and day out, the colleges, institutes, and centers that

make up IIT perform the important work of advancing their

specialized fields of study and research; at the same time, they

share one common goal—to make life better.

In the Institute of Psychology, this has involved extensive

research on the rehabilitation of workers, while in Armour

College of Engineering researchers use engineering principles

to fabricate neuroprosthetic implants and develop new medical

imaging technology. In the College of Science and Letters,

improving the quality of life includes developing new methods

to obtain information from the Internet and offering classes in

multicultural communication, and at the Institute of Design it

often happens in a “Eureka!” moment in front of a poster filled

with action photos and notations about the ways in which people

and technology intersect.

The pages that follow provide their own snapshots of recent

progress, and create a composite picture of how people at IIT are

breaking new ground in significant ways every single day.

From macro- to nano-scale, IIT minds

are engineering new approaches to

critical global issues.

With Dean Hamid Arastoopour at the helm, Armour is

giving students a solid foundation in engineering principles

along with the context for understanding the

social, economic, and environmental issues that

impact their work.

A great deal of investigation involves collaboration

with government, industry, national laboratories, and

other universities. The following are Armour’s priority

research areas:

• The Energy and Sustainability Institute—identifying

research directions that will shape energy policy and

sustainability initiatives, improve energy efficiency,

ensure power reliability and security, minimize pollution,

and continue decarbonization of the global energy


• Bioengineering Programs—development of expanded

educational and research programs in biological

engineering and establishment of an imaging center

and a Center for Integrative Neuroscience and

Neuroengineering Center that capitalize on a strong

partnership with the University of Chicago.

• The Manufacturing Center—a coalition led by the

Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering

department to conduct research that will directly

assist the U.S. manufacturing industry.

• Nanotechnology—a joint effort between Armour

College, College of Science and Letters, and other

colleges and institutes at IIT to develop next generation

materials, and chemical and biological processes using

nanoscale science and technology.


college of


Left: Created by Professor Arfanakis using a new MRI

imaging technique, this image shows a slice through the

human brain, along with nerve fibers extending from the

spinal cord to various brain regions. Images such as this can

be used in surgical planning to avoid damage to important

nerves and to visualize the effect of various brain disorders

and injuries.

Top right: Vice President for International Affairs Darsh

Wasan received one of the highest professional distinctions

in engineering when he was elected to the National

Academy of Engineering in 2004.

Bottom right: An IIT team led by Assistant Professor Ali

Emadi won first place in the 2003 International Future

Energy Challenge for Motor Competition.


The College of Science and Letters

(CSL) has been generating landmark

research that is benefiting the

environment as well as everyone

from elementary school children to

college students and cancer patients.

Safety in the Palms of Our Hands

Although only slightly larger than a penny, the

electronic sensor in the IIT ChemArray has

enormous potential. Created and tested by a

team of IIT scientists, this new sensing device

holds the potential for identifying dangerous

bacteria and dozens of other toxic agents in air,

water, and food.

Under the leadership of Dean F.R. McMorris, CSL

faculty and researchers are working at the molecular

level to reduce environmental waste and with the

public school system to help create highly qualified

science and mathematics teachers (2.2 million will

be needed over the next 10 years). The College is also

conducting research on how radiation can be better

harnessed to fight cancer, how globalization is

impacting communication and collaboration—in

essence, on a whole array of areas where possibilities

exist for improving people’s lives.

Students working in IIT’s Interprofessional Projects

program have recently created a novel way to contribute

to the greater good: they are creatively educating

their fellow undergraduates about the fundamentals

of financial responsibility with CreditSafe,

an “edutainment” game developed by students in conjunction

with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.

In outreach efforts, CSL has hosted Chinese students

in the Public Administration graduate program and

taught Taiwanese junior high students in the

Department of Mathematics and Science Education

summer program. CSL’s own students have been benefiting

from new efforts as well, including a new professional

master’s degree in Mathematical Finance, an

International Center for Sensor Science and

Engineering, and a Summer in Paris program.

Top left: Students participating in the College’s first

Summer in Paris program learned about the architectural

history of the city as well as its culture.

Bottom left: The online CreditSafe game teaches teens how to

develop sensible spending habits.

Right: IIT’s research frontier has been broadened significantly

by the addition of R.G. Mehta, an international

expert in cancer prevention who will hold joint

appointments at IIT Research Institute and in the

department of Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences.




Under the leadership of one of

Chicago’s most influential women,

the architectural world at IIT is

positively electric, with record

enrollment and faculty and students

who have received worldwide

attention for their designs.

It’s no wonder, then, that IIT’s architecture

program has been ranked among the top 15 in

the U.S. by Design Intelligence magazine.

This is especially fitting at a time when IIT is

celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the

national historic landmark S.R. Crown Hall as

well as receiving international acclaim for its

two newest buildings, The McCormick

Tribune Campus Center and State Street

Village residence hall.

To create architects who are prepared for

real-world practice in the twenty-first century,

the program emphasizes the study of innovative

architectural design and technology, including

emerging technologies such as tall building

design and sustainable design. And in the best

tradition of comprehensive training, studyabroad

programs in France, Asia, and Brazil

are allowing students to investigate architecture

in new physical and cultural settings.

Faculty Members’ Powerful Visions

Evident in Competitions

• Professors Jeanne Gang and Mark

Schendel’s innovative stadium—which kinetically

unfolds to become a baseball stadium—was

singled out by Architectural Record as one of

the year’s best at the prestigious Venice

Architecture Biennale.

• Professor John Ronan was chosen over

135 other architects from around the world

in a design competition for a new $84-million

public high school in Perth Amboy, New




Left: The Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, to be built on

Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, was designed

by competition winner Professor Ronald Krueck.

Top right: Crain’s Chicago Business named Dean Donna

Robertson one of Chicago’s 100 most influential women

in 2003.

Bottom right: Assistant Dean R. Stephen Sennott edited a

three-volume Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Architecture.


The effects of Chicago-Kent College

of Law’s strategic decision to

enhance the quality of its student

body have been remarkable.

More than 4,200 potential students applied to

Chicago-Kent this year, including a record number of

honors scholar program applicants. This enhanced

student body has, in turn, attracted more world-class

faculty, who bring a wealth of experience and

knowledge to the classroom.

Chicago-Kent’s world-class faculty

members and alumni are making their

mark in their fields.

• As board chair and president, respectively, of

the federally funded Institute on Biotechnology

and the Human Future, professors Lori Andrew

and Nigel Cameron are leading discussions on

important biotechnology issues that will have a

significant impact on policy formulation.

• Anita Alvarez (’92), who won a 2002 professional

achievement award from IIT, was

recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business in 2003

as one of Chicago’s 100 most influential women.

This impressive growth in human resources has

allowed Chicago-Kent to expand its programmatic

offerings, including the additions of a six-year accelerated

J.D. program with UIC and a new summerabroad

program in Mexico City.

Another addition, the Illinois Technology Center for

Law & the Public Interest (ITC), is addressing the

needs of the larger community. Created by 12

partner organizations, the ITC is increasing access to

justice for low-income and disadvantaged persons

through the innovative use of technology to train,

support, and educate legal aid providers, pro bono

attorneys, and the public.

Partnering successfully with IIT Research Institute,

the College’s Institute for Science, Law &

Technology is investigating the challenging new

fields of telemedicine and genetics—enhancing

Chicago-Kent’s reputation as a pioneer in addressing

the complex legal issues of the twenty-first century.

Top left: First-year students studying property law in a

wired classroom.

Bottom left: Chicago-Kent’s trial advocacy team prevailed

over ten other law schools in a regional National Trial


Right: Dean Harold J. Krent argued a case last fall

before the United States Supreme Court, which addressed

whether private citizens and businesses can sue the U.S.

Postal Service under federal antitrust laws.


college of




Designing Good Business

ID has been building the case for a

closer link between design and business

strategy, and is planning a 2005

sequel to its successful HITS—Humans,

Interaction, Technology, Strategy—conference.

Speakers will present principles

and case studies of how to create offerings

that both address the total user

experience and are strategically important

to the companies that created them.

By embracing the onslaught of new

technology and using it to more

effectively address people’s needs,

the Institute of Design (ID) prepares

students who are changing

organizations through humancentered


And the world is taking note. ID has

garnered local, national, and international

attention for its activity-focused approach

to discovering how people interact with

products and within systems. A recent

Business Week magazine review

described ID’s approach as being at “the heart of

innovation,” citing it as a design program that helps

managers become great innovators. And a Forbes

magazine profile named ID Director Patrick

Whitney one of six 2004 tech trendsetters. “To

succeed at human-centered design,” says Whitney,

“is to understand not just how technology

works, but how people actually use it. You have

to pay attention to what people do, not just

what they say.”

ID’s success over the past year is also reflected in

the increasing number of corporate partnerships

with businesses seeking insights into strategic

design. These exciting new partnerships—with

companies such as Mattel, Texas Instruments,

Vocollect, and Wilton Industries—include

design exploration classes and workshops that

pair business savvy and design innovation—a

dynamic formula for generating promising new

design possibilities.

When the Department of Psychology

became a full-fledged Institute in 1995, it

was a calculated risk.

The payoff has been evident in the way the

Institute’s programs have been making the news

lately: the Rehabilitation Counseling program

was ranked 5th in 2004 by U.S. News & World

Report, and the Princeton Review’s Gourman

Report ranked the Industrial/Organization program

13th nationwide. Successful research into topics

such as adjustment to disability has contributed

to the program’s success.

And the faculty have been earning bragging

rights as well. This past year, Nambury Raju

was named co-investigator on a $330,000

National Science Foundation computer science

grant, and Tamara Sher, an expert therapist for

couples dealing with illness, was chosen by the

American Psychology Association to participate

in its Master’s training tapes series. Part of Sher’s

research involves how couples’ communication

can decrease cardiac risk.

Plans to capitalize on past and current successes

include building the Institute’s undergraduate

program, which could be done in part

through the addition of two faculty

chairs. Having these chairs would further

elevate the program’s stature and

provide additional support for program


Middle right: Bruce Fisher, director of IIT’s Center for

Research and Service and the Leadership Academy

Performance Enhancers

Beyond the labs and classrooms, the

Institute’s expertise is being leveraged by

the Center for Research and Service,

which offers clients research-based solutions

and cutting-edge technology to

assess and improve individual, team,

and organizational performance.

Recent clients include CNA Insurance,

National Restaurant Association, BAI,

and Volkswagen of America.



Top left: Professor Kei Sato, with support from Motorola Labs, is

working to develop new methods and tools to help companies recognize

and analyze different points of view early on in the product development

process—saving valuable time and money.

Bottom right: IIT Distinguished Professor Nambury Raju

Bottom left: Students and faculty develop work boards to analyze,

step-by-step, how people use technology.

32 33


graduate school


An exploration of how to better

align Stuart Graduate School of

Business with IIT’s technology

heritage has led to a reshaping of

the overall vision for this School.

One innovative result from this expanded

vision is the new, interdepartmental

Mathematical Finance program—

offered jointly with IIT’s Applied

Mathematics department and offering a

master’s degree.

Also crossing academic, and even geographic,

boundaries is Stuart’s

Environmental Management program, which takes

a strongly interprofessional approach—blending

business, law, and environmental engineering and science.

It has been ranked among the top accredited

business programs in the World Resources

Institute’s most recent survey; this was due in large

part to the program’s creative new projects—including

cooperative programs in India, Poland, and Mexico—

and its research of new management tools, such as

using Geographical Information Systems technology

to map and manage community assets.

Stuart also made it possible for students to participate

in internships in China, starting in Summer

2004; the first group traveled to Shanghai and

Beijing to study the general banking operation

system and the Chinese financial industry.

This expansion of Stuart’s programs is helping to

give students more global perspectives through experiencing

the dynamics of developing countries and the

tools to put into practice what they have learned.

The Center for Professional Development

(CPD) is meeting the changing needs of

working professionals—and thereby

preparing them for continued success—

through the latest in technology-oriented

education and training.

Conveniently scheduled classes and course

work designed to take professionals to the next

level have paid off in increased enrollment and

new programs. For example, CPD now offers

courses for professional engineers who are

required by the State of Illinois to update their

knowledge in order to maintain their licenses.

And the Manufacturing/Industrial programs

now feature specializations in Industrial

Facilities and Logistics. Another new initiative,

the Center’s Information Technology &

Management program, is becoming well-known

for its hands-on approach and encouragement

of student innovation.

In addition to helping professionals

advance their careers, the Center is

also assisting students who are completing

their undergraduate degrees at

Chicago-area community colleges by

helping them transition into degreecompletion

programs as well as pursue

master’s programs. CPD’s overarching

objective with both students and working

professionals alike is to provide them

with the best tools available to help

them advance.




Top left: Michael Gorham rejoined the Stuart faculty as director of

the Center for Financial Markets, which includes the highly ranked

Financial Markets program, the nation’s oldest graduate degree

program focused on modern capital markets.

Bottom left: Stuart, together with Chicago Mercantile Exchange,

opened CME ® Globex ® Learning Center—a state-of-the-art training

facility designed specifically to help traders learn to trade electronically

through a comprehensive program that includes simulated

trading stations, education, training, and support.

Top right: Professor Jeff Kimont helps Information

Technology & Management student Marta Temmer complete

her “Hospital Patient Information System” project.

Bottom right: IIT students in Information Technology

and Management demonstrate a VoIP (Voice over

Internet Protocol) lab that they helped construct with

guidance from Professor Carol Davids.

34 35


and interprofessional


The Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship

Center was made possible by a

$1 million gift from entrepreneur

Jules F. Knapp and matching funds

from university regents Robert A.

Pritzker and Robert W. Galvin.

The Institute of Business and

Interprofessional Studies (IBIS)

extends learning beyond the

classroom and provides students

with the tools they need to put

ideas to work.

Through IIT’s signature Interprofessional

Projects (IPRO) program, the university

has collaborated with more than two

dozen Chicago-area organizations, giving

students the opportunity to participate in

one or more of the 75 projects undertaken

during the year. Through these experiences,

students gain problem-solving

skills while tackling real-world technical

and business issues. Multidisciplinary

teams of students have worked on

such complex projects as developing

a non-invasive blood glucose monitor,

creating new cell phone technologies

and services, and shaping a business strategy for a

portable system that generates potable water and power.

“By participating in the IPRO program, our students

graduate with a unique portfolio of academic and practical

experiences that solidly prepares them for professional

success,” says IBIS Director Dennis Roberson.

IBIS is also providing students with leadership training

through the IIT Leadership Academy and its various

programs. Whether they are joining an existing company

or starting up their own—which they learn how to

do through IBIS’ Ed Kaplan Entrepreneurial Studies

Program—students are able to turn ideas into reality.

All of these initiatives are supported by IBIS’ core

academic offerings, with particular focus on the innovative

new undergraduate “Techno-Business” program.

Top left: As part of a new focus on service, the IPRO program is

increasing the number of collaborative projects conducted with

other non-profit and community organizations, such as this one

with the Museum of Science and Industry. Here, a student talks

with IPRO Director Tom Jacobius about her team’s prototype exhibit,

designed to show MSI visitors how blood-flow between mother and

fetus changes over time.

Now in its seventeenth year, the National

Center for Food Safety and Technology’s

(NCFST) successful consortium of academia,

government, and industry continues to

lead cutting-edge research on new food


Focusing on key food safety issues, the Center has

recently responded to international concern about

acrylamide, a potentially toxic chemical that

appears to be produced in foods that have been

cooked or processed at a high temperature. The

Center is also examining the safety of microwave

pasteurization of eggs and the use of ultraviolet light

to reduce pathogens in fruit juice, and is testing the

effects of various food-processing techniques on

food allergens.

To further ensure food safety, the Center offers a

course in “Security and Risk Management in the

Food Industry,” intended for food suppliers, processors,

and buyers who need help in developing a food

security program. Sections of the course focus on

key areas of concern: threat assessment; biological,

chemical, radiological, and physical agents; food

security prerequisite programs; and operational risk

management developed by the FDA.

NCFST researchers have also created a new database

to record the genetic sequences of food allergens and

pathogens, which will help scientists detect and identify

in food the presence of dangerous

organisms, such as E. coli and salmonella.

Top right: Food being processed during the NCFSThosted

“Fundamentals of HPP for Food Safety and

Extended Shelf Life – An Introductory Workshop for

Industry” for the purpose of introducing this new technology

to industry.

Middle right: High Pressure Processing machine.

Bottom right: Food safety workshop attendees include

food technologists from industry as well as NCFST faculty,

staff, and graduate students. For some students,

it was their first opportunity to collaborate with

industry professionals.


food safety and


Bottom left: Students participate in IIT’s annual Sophomore

Leadership Camp.

36 37

Research Outreach

IIT leadership conducted a first-ever

major outreach effort in Washington,

D.C., this past summer. Showcasing

more than a dozen cutting-edge IIT

research projects, this event increased

awareness of IIT among government

and scientific leaders and decision-makers.


After bringing in a record-breaking

$31 million in research funding, IIT faculty

are making extraordinary advances not

only in exploration and discovery, but also

in application.

Start-up companies based on IIT-developed

technology include the following:

• All Cell Technologies, LLC, enabling extension

of Li-ion batteries into transportation applications.

• Intranet Mediator, Inc., offering a solution to

finding information in large data warehouses.

• DEI Technologies, LLC, hoping to commercialize

IIT technology that enhances

the quality of medical imaging.

IIT has also signed research agreements

with companies interested in manufacturing

hybrid buses for the Indian

market and for improving movement

of railroad cars in switching yards; and

several companies are evaluating IIT’s

technology for recycling discarded

tires and plastic packaging material.

Typically, patenting a process or

invention is both time-consuming and

costly, but IIT has been able to make it

more cost-effective by using a student-staffed

law clinic and by having inventors clearly define

the value of their inventions to prospective users

before undertaking the patenting process.

From advancing biodefense

efforts to pioneering methods of

preventing and treating cancer, the

work being done at IIT Research

Institute (IITRI) is improving our

health, our work, our world.

Partnering with leading institutions

throughout the Midwest, IITRI scientists

will play an important role in the

new Great Lakes Regional Center of

Excellence for Biodefense and

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Research, which received $35 million

in funding from the National Institute of

Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

One of eight centers around the country, the

Great Lakes Center will be a multidisciplinary

hub where researchers will work together on

projects ranging from developing new vaccines

against anthrax, plague, smallpox, and Ebola

to designing advanced diagnostic approaches

for biodefense and for emerging diseases.

IITRI scientists are also at the forefront of

cancer research. In May 2004, IITRI received

$28 million in research funding from the

National Cancer Institute, which will be used to

study drugs for cancer diagnosis and therapy

and to identify and develop agents for prevention.

Top right: A researcher studies pathogenic microbes in IITRI’s

Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory.



Natural Allies

Can a soy latte (or green tea) a day help

keep cancer away? IITRI scientists are

working to find out by studying the

chemopreventive properties of soybeans

and green tea in order to identify agents

that inhibit or reverse cancer cell growth.

Middle left: A team of IIT researchers test the mechanism of vitamin

D action to determine its potential applications for breast cancer

therapy and prevention.

Bottom left: Professors Wernick and Yang are developing methods

of extracting information from fMRI and PET images, which show

patterns of activity in the human brain. Wernick is involved in a

commercial application of this technology in which brain images

are used to evaluate new pharmaceuticals such as antidepressants.

38 39

Within days of their opening, The

McCormick Tribune Campus

Center and State Street Village

changed the entire landscape of

campus life at IIT. Today, these

buildings, alive with students 24/7,

provide dynamic new spaces in

which to live, study, and play.

With enhanced dining options, a professionally

run bookstore, ample staff and community meeting

spaces, offices for student life—plus modern

technology ranging from computer stations to

computer-monitored laundry services—these

new buildings have sparked a renewed school

spirit seen throughout campus:

• The number of IIT students involved in varsity

sports has doubled over the past four years,

thanks to the leadership of new Athletic Director

Lee Hitchen and the introduction of varsity

women’s and men’s soccer teams.

• IIT students founded 25 new organizations last

year alone, including a Lacrosse Club, Model UN,

and Mock Trial team.

Preserving Our Heritage

As our new buildings continue to enhance

student life, IIT is working to preserve our historic

Mies van der Rohe-designed buildings.

Leading this effort is the Mies van der Rohe

Society, which is committed to restoring Mies’ IIT

buildings to their original beauty and repurposing

them to support cutting-edge academic programs.

• The Campus Center has served as a gathering

place for dozens of activities—many of which

saw record participation last year—including the

Taste of IIT, Homecoming Week, the Student

Organization Fair, and Alumnifest.




Left and top right: The award-winning McCormick

Tribune Campus Center, designed by Rem Koolhaas and

joined with the elevated train via the stainless steel

Exelon Tube, serves as a vibrant center for student life

and an important resource for IIT and the surrounding


Bottom right: AIA award-winning architect Helmut Jahn’s

State Street Village provides state-of-the-art living for more

than 360 students, close proximity to classrooms, easy

access to the elevated train, and breathtaking views of the

Chicago skyline.


Through example and action, IIT is

providing the impetus to create a

safer and more vibrant neighborhood

around its Main Campus.

One high-impact, long-range initiative involves

IIT helping to create stronger schools, one

teacher at a time, through a customized professional

development program that educates

Chicago Public School master teachers of high

school mathematics and science. Program

graduates will go on to serve as leaders in their

schools and districts.

Planning Success

The City of Chicago recognized IIT’s leadership

in the South Side community by presenting the

university with the prestigious 2003 Burnham

Award for Excellence in Planning. Award

presenters lauded IIT’s innovative Main

Campus Master Plan for its efforts to stimulate

revitalization of the surrounding community as

well as improve IIT’s campus infrastructure.

A project with immediate benefits is IIT’s

tutoring program for students in Bronzeville

and other neighboring communities. As an

integral part of this effort, IIT students are

volunteering at various community activities,

neighborhood churches, and other

non-profit organizations.

IIT is also demonstrating its commitment to the

neighboring community through an employerassisted

housing program: the university will

help employees become homeowners in Park

Boulevard, a new 1,200-unit development of

condos, townhouses, and single-family homes

along State Street from 35th to 39th streets.

One teacher, one student, one resident at a time,

IIT, in partnership with its neighbors, is helping

to create a more vibrant South Side community.

Top left: An IIT student works with children in a

neighborhood school.

Bottom left: Local teachers attend one of IIT’s customized

mathematics and science education classes.




Right: A representative of the developer talks to IIT students

about Park Boulevard, a new mixed-income housing




2002 $182 million

2003 $174 million


& finances

2004 $226 million



Total Freshmen and Transfer Students

The university’s financial results for fiscal year 2004 reflect continued strengthening of the institution’s

financial base as IIT continues to follow a disciplined operating plan to ensure academic

excellence as well as financial stability.

Total assets increased by $21 million to $541 million, primarily the result of additional investment in

facilities. IIT’s endowment reached a record level of $224 million, benefiting from improved market

conditions, added contributions, and the sale of IIT Research Institute (IITRI) assets. Endowment

performance was very strong with an investment return of 18.6%, more than 5% higher than the

NACUBO average. Longer-term annual returns of 9.7% remain strong.

The increase in physical properties includes the opening of the new, widely acclaimed McCormick

Tribune Campus Center at a cost of $55.4 million. Renovations of laboratories and athletic facilities

also enhanced the IIT student experience. And, at the cutting edge of student housing design, is IIT’s

new Helmut Jahn-designed State Street Village. This 367-bed residence hall is owned and financed

by the State Street Village Corporation, an independent 501(c)(3) corporation.

2002 456 students

2003 511 students

2004 615 students


New Graduate Students

2002 765 students

2003 748 students

2004 842 students

Revitalization of IIT’s surrounding neighborhood continues at a brisk pace and Park Boulevard, a

new, mixed-income community, will soon rise at the corner of State and 35th streets. The university is

providing financial assistance to employees to enable them to buy units in the new development.

Coming on the heels of the successful Michigan Place townhouse and condominium development,

Park Boulevard will represent another major step in the transformation of the neighborhood.

Net tuition revenue grew by 8% to $65.3 million with the endowment providing an additional $18 million

to support operating activities. Undergraduate enrollment grew by 8% and is expected to reach

2,500 by the end of the decade. Overall, university enrollment now totals 6,167.


Total Chicago-Kent Enrollment

2002 1083 students

2003 1086 students

2004 1174 students

The reorganized IITRI focused on life sciences research and showed continued growth, helping to

bring the university’s total research volume to more than $50 million. Life sciences growth is part of

the university operating plan and includes development of a research park on the southern end of

campus. This growth in enrollment and research is propelling IIT into the twenty-first century—

ensuring that we will continue to transform lives and invent the future.

John Collins

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


Student Geographic Origin

A Chicago 16%

B Other Illinois 31%

C Other U.S. & Canada 21%

D Asia & Pacific Rim 26%

E Other Countries 5%









of financial position



of activity

May 31, 2004 and 2003

2004 2003

ASSETS (in $ thousands)

Cash $ 7,201 7,943

Bond proceeds held by trustees 1,567 1,711

Investments 201,746 187,729

Investments from sale of IITRI net assets 63,104 74,535

Notes and accounts receivable 59,861 60,016

Inventories, prepaid expenses, and deferred charges 3,128 3,184

Physical properties, less accumulated depreciation 185,371 169,548

Beneficial interest in perpetual trusts 19,043 14,956

TOTAL ASSETS $ 541,021 519,622



Accounts payable and accrued expenses $ 14,025 14,449

Accrued salaries and wages 12,337 14,110

Deferred revenue 23,821 15,081

Deposits by students and others 4,173 2,408

Obligation under split-interest agreements 1,363 1,940

Notes and bonds payable 120,128 111,331

Advances from the U.S. Government for student loans 8,093 7,791

TOTAL LIABILITIES 183,940 167,110

Net assets

Unrestricted 193,107 163,879

Temporarily restricted 29,818 60,022

Permanently restricted 134,156 128,611

TOTAL NET ASSETS 357,081 352,512


Year ended May 31, 2004

OPERATING REVENUE (in $ thousands)



Tuition and fees, net of scholarships of $27,474 $ 65,279 — — 65,279

Government grants and contracts 35,937 207 — 36,144

Private grants and contracts 15,853 — — 15,853

Private gifts 6,137 2,275 — 8,412

Endowment income 3,787 — — 3,787

Interest from ALION investments 2,536 — — 2,536

Other 17,147 481 — 17,628

Net assets released from restrictions 10,280 (10,280) — —


TOTAL OPERATING REVENUE 156,956 (7,317) —- 149,639

Salaries and benefits 92,078 — — 92,078

Operations and maintenance 15,466 — — 15,466

Supplies and services 28,561 — — 28,561

Other expenses 12,729 — — 12,729

IITRI research 15,200 — — 15,200

Depreciation 11,751 — — 11,751

TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES 175,785 —- —- 175,785


FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES (18,829) (7,317) —- (26,146)


Private gifts — — 2,604 2,604

Net gain on investments 30,674 (129) 2,610 33,155

Interest on indebtedness (4,721) — — (4,721)

Net assets released from restrictions 22,525 (22,525) — —

Other (421) (233) 331 (323)


FROM NON-OPERATING ACTIVITIES 48,057 (22,887) 5,545 30,715

INCREASE (DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS 29,228 (30,204) 5,545 4,569

NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR 163,879 60,022 128,611 352,512

NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR $ 193,107 29,818 134,156 357,081

46 47


Dear friends,

honor roll

The contributors listed here have honored Illinois

Institute of Technology with their financial support. It is

through their generosity that the university can provide

deserving scholars with financial assistance, offer pacesetting

academic programs, engage world-class faculty,

pioneer innovative research, and create and maintain

exceptional facilities for our students and faculty.

In addition to monetary gifts, we are honored

by the dedicated efforts of hundreds of

volunteers who consistently donate time, expertise,

and imagination by serving on IIT’s Board of

Trustees, Boards of Overseers, Advisory Boards,

Alumni Relations Boards, and the Mies van der Rohe

Society Board. In a world that frequently makes too

many demands on too little time in support of countless

worthy causes, their individual and collective contributions

of talent and leadership to IIT are invaluable.

It is my honor and a pleasure to recognize and gratefully

acknowledge these gifts and donors.

Lew Collens


This Honor Roll lists donors who made gifts

of $1,000 or more during IIT’s fiscal year of

June 1, 2003, through May 31, 2004. All donors of

$5,000 or more are members of the President’s

Council; donors of $1,000-$4,999 are members

of the Provost’s Council.


$25,000 or more

Anonymous ’44

Anonymous ’78

Robert F. (’62) & Lynne P. Anderson

Mr. Pier C. Borra ’61

Mr. Robert E. Boydston ’49

Mr. S.R. Cho* • ’95

Dr. Ray S. Dewey ’55

Mr. Vincent L. DiTommaso ’82

Mr. Craig J. Duchossois*

Mr. Allen D. Friedman ’52

Mr. Leslie C. Hardison ’50

Mr. Alexander E. Hergan • ’70

Mr. Robert W. Kerney ’42

Captain Robert H. Koehler ’47

Mr. • & Mrs. Victor Chung-Wing (’73) Lo

Mr. Victor A. Morgenstern* ’64

Mr. Roy C. Palmer ’62

Dr. John P. Sachs ’52

Dr. Lajos Schmidt* ’54

$10,000 - $24,999

Ms. Grace E. Colby ’85

Mr. Robert A. Cornog* ’69

Mr. Richard A. DeBates ’66

Mr. Anshu Dewan ’97

Mr. Christopher K. Edwards ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Flom ’54

Mr. Robert E. Frey, Jr. ’65

Mr. George C. Gallagher, Jr. ’52

Mr. Robert L. Growney* ’82

Mr. Robert M. Janowiak* ’61

Mr.* & Mrs. Norbert O. (’63) Kaiser

Mr. James C. Klouda ’50

Mr. William L. Lavicka ’67

Mr. Burton A. Lewis ’48

The Honorable Edward F. Masters ’72

Ms. Anita M. Nagler* ’80

Mr. Ward Parkinson ’97

Mr. Erik Paulsen ’49

Mr. Whitney L. Pearson ’46

Ms. Ellen Jordan Reidy* ’81

Mr. Edward W. Ross ’43

Ms. Barbara A. Susman ’83

Dr. Ajva Taulananda ’73

The Honorable Ralph Hunter Tracy ’50

Mr. A.W. Wendorf ’71

Mr. Henry J. West ’65

Lt. Colonel Robert S. Zbylut ’60

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. Richard N. Bergstrom ’52

Mr. Myles L. Berman ’79

Hon. Peter J. Birnbaum ’83

Mr. Roy E. Coleman ’64

Mr. John A. Corsiglia ’72

Mr. Robert J. Corsiglia ’63

Mr. Joel T. Daly ’88

Mr. Leo J. Domzalski ’51

Mr. Rajinder Singh Duggal • ’70

Mr. John T. Dygdon ’50

Dr. Fritz Fahrni • ’70

Mr. David Hansen ’84

Mr. Henry H. Koci ’45

Mr. Joel D. Krauss ’71

Mr. Stuart Levine ’71

Dr. & Mrs. Henry R. (’52) Linden

Mrs. Natalie Linden ’96

Mr. Thomas F. Lysaught ’66

Dr. Keith E. McKee ’62

Mr. Richard P. Menaul ’51

Dr. William A. Nash ’46

Mr. Madhavan K. Nayar • ’68

Mr. Steven M. Odre ’77

Mr. Narayanan Sankar • ’67

Mr. Tim J. Scale ’86

Mr. Robert Wm. Schmidt ’36

Mr. Harold A. Smith ’55 &

Mrs. Patricia A. Turner-Smith ’54

Mr. Scott M. Sonoc ’77 &

Mrs. Marsha C. Williams

Dr. & Mrs. Carl S. (’68) Spetzler

Ms. Dianna J. Uchida ’92

Mr. William A. Van Santen, Jr.* ’61

Mr. Michael J. Wayte ’61

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous ’46

Anonymous ’72

Anonymous ’77

Mr. Gerald Ajemian ’50

Mr. Constant Loomos Alexander ’64

Mr. Dorman D. Anderson ’67

Mr. Harry M. Anderson ’44

Dr. Robert John Anderson ’64

Dr. Hamid Arastoopour ’78

Mr. Gary L. Bailey ’86

Mr. James J. Baumbich ’69

Mr. Edward R. Bedrosian ’54

Mr. Harold A. Bergen ’50

Ms. Lois A. Bey ’50

Mr. George Bixby, Jr. ’42

Mrs. Christine Borwankar ’86

Dr. Rajendra P. Borwankar ’84

Mr. Abdon J. Bray ’50

Mr. Richard H. Broun ’56

Mr. Philip J. Brust ’61

Dr. Michael J. Burke ’82

Mr. Edward M. Burnes ’77

Mr. Joseph G. Burnett ’51

Mr. Vincent M. Cabras ’52

Mr. Michael J. Cap ’73

Mr. Arlington W. Carter, Jr. ’61

Ms. Mary E. Cassinelli ’81

Mr. Ronald W. Clarke ’82

Mr. James D. Coleman ’49

Mr. Philip W. Conway ’48

Mr. Bernard James Costello ’63

Mr. William G. Crimmins ’78

Mrs. Deborah S. Crown ’88

Mr. Richard D. D’Ambrosia ’01

Mr. James Norman Davidson ’61

Mr. Dirk S. Denison ’85

Dr. Bart A. Di Liddo ’56

The Honorable Barbara J. Disko ’73

Mr. Joseph M. Dooley III ’88

Mr. Clifford J. Doubek ’49

Mr. Gerard J. D’Souza ’73

Mr. George R. Edwards ’67

Mr. Robert E. Engdahl ’49

Mr. Stephen B. Engelman ’76

Mr. John Farquhar ’49

Mr. Harris W. Fawell ’52

Mr. E. Garnet Fay ’68

Dr. Jay A. Fisher ’63

Mr. Steven B. Fisher ’87

Mr. James G. Flood ’40

Mr. Richard G. Flood ’76

Mr. John G. Fogarty ’99 &

Kendra B. Pohn ’98

Alan A. Fox ’79 & Elaine S. Fox ’75

Mr. James V. Franch ’71 &

Mrs. Barbara Franch ’70

Mr. A. Norman Freeman ’40

Mr. Richard X. French ’48

Mr. Robert B. Fridstein ’39

Mr. James J. Gatziolis ’73

Mr. Roger J. Gendron ’55

Dr. Shailesh B. Godambe • ’75

Dr. Vinod Goyal ’81

Mr. Jeffery T. Grade ’66

Mr. Ira E. Graham ’50

Dr. Lois Graham ’59

Mr. Gordon A. Greenberg ’80

Mr. John M. Gregg ’52

Mr. Richard A. Gregory ’64

Mr. William J. Griffin ’88

Mr. Philip G. Haag ’63

Ms. Dolores K. Hanna ’52

Dr. Marc R. Hannah ’77

Dr. Donald W. Hansen ’48

Dr. James P. Hartnett ’47

Dr. M. Zia Hassan ’65

Dr. Philip John Hatcher ’85

Mr. Martin F. Hauselman ’60

Mr. Warren A. Heindl ’48 &

Mrs. Margaret C. Heindl ’59

Mr. Andrew B. Henderson ’38

Mr. David D. Hill ’01

Mr. Robert D. Hoel ’70

The Honorable John N. Hourihane, Sr. ’67

Mr. Soo Chang Huh • ’78

Mr. Warren Hutchings ’41

Mr. Stanley P. Hutchison ’51

Mr. Michael D. Ilagan ’98

Mr. Frederick N. Jacob ’29

Mr. Robert Jacob ’70 &

Mrs. Roberta Washlow

Mr. Steven K. Jambois ’82

Mr. Alfred M. Jaques ’59

Dr. Martin A. Javinsky ’63

* denotes Trustee, italics denotes deceased

• denotes Committee of 100 Distinguished International Alumni


Mr. Jerry G. Jelinek ’49

Mrs. Marilyn Wolff John ’62

Mr. William V. Johnson ‘66

Ms. Arlene Adams Juracek ’72

Dr. James A. Kargol ’74

Ms. Loretta R. Kargol ’73

Mr. Jeffrey A. Karp ’79

Mr. Howard H. Kehrl ’44

Mrs. Helen T. Higgins Kelly ’84

Mrs. Gertrude P. Kerbis ’54

Dr. Stothe Peter Kezios ’56

Mr. John B. Kincaid ’63

Mr. Daniel S. Kirschner ’98

Ms. Barbara Dana Klein ’78

Mr. Rodger G. Knaus, Sr. ’36

Mr. Theodore L. Koenig ’83

Mr. Henry T. Kohlbrand ’73

Prof. Kenneth T. Kristl ’84

Mr. Stephen K. Krull ’90

Dr. Kishor M. Kulkarni ’68

Mr. Robert M. Ladevich ’43

Ms. Cynthia Burt Lafuente ’88

Mr. Ronald M. Lake ’73

Mr. Edward M. Landa ’44

Mr. Saul L. Langsam ’74

Mr. Paul E. Larsen ’50

Mr. Terrence J. Lavin ’83

Mr. Joseph Lee • ’72

Mr. Samuel Levin ’51

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin B. (’53) Levine

Mr. Bruce M. Lewitas ’91

Dr. Daniel V. Lezotte ’89

Mr. Thomas J. Lindem ’54

Ms. Janice E. Linn ’82

Mr. Jan Lorenc ’79

Mr. Michael J. Maggiano ’74

Mr. William P. Mahoney* ’61

Mrs. Linda S. Manning ’72

Dr. Sander I. Marcus ’69

Mr. Robert D. Marotta ’74

Mr. Charles E. Marshall ’63

Mr. William B. McCain* ’53

Dr. Carol A. McDonough ’79

Mr. John M. McLaughlin, Jr. ’70

Mr. Russell V. Meloche ’62

Mr. Raymond E. Micheletti ’51

Ms. Lynn L. Miller ’94

Mr. John F. Mitchell ’50

Lieutenant Thomas Muenster, U.S.N. ’95

Mr. William A. Mulac ’54

Ms. Judith W. Munson ’76

Steven Naumann ’88 &

Adrienne B. Naumann ’84

Mr. Robert F. Negele ’45

Mr. Joseph W. Nelligan ’58

Mrs. Marlys H. Newcome ’48

Mr. Ernest W. Nordquist ’50

Mr. Lloyd W. Norkus ’41

Mr. Burton S. Odelson ’72

Mr. Mutsuo Okabayashi ’59

Mr. Clifford W. Olsen ’77

Mr. Kevin E. O’Reilly ’92 &

Mrs. Elizabeth O’Reilly ’92

Mr. Thomas S. Orr ’87

Mrs. Ellen L. Otis ’69

Mr. William O. Parker ’46

Mr. William W. Parks* ’44

Mr. Carl H. Pasquarelli ’80

Mr. Charles E. Pease ’59

Mr. Kerry R. Peck ’78

Captain Lyle E. Pellock, U.S.N. ’56

Mr. Veikko K. Peltola ’55

Mr. Tomas L. Petkus ’80

Dr. Mayari Sargent Pritzker ’01

Mr. Edward R. Rabe, Jr. ’73

Mr. David E. Rapoport ’81

Mr. Anil Kumar Reddy ’98

Ms. Dale Anne Reiss ’68

Mr. Norman D. Rice ’39

Mr. Sidney Robbins ’37

The Honorable Richard R. Rochester ’59

Mr. W. David Romoser ’70

Mr. Ben M. Roth ’75

Mr. Stephen B. Ruben ’73

Mr. Dennis E. Rupert ’79

Mr. Mazin F. Safar ’83

Mr. Roy Sahlstrom ’45

Mrs. Diana Chapa Sandoval ’89

Mr. Robert M. Sarnoff ’68

Mr. Jack F. Schmidt ’45

Mr. Louis G. Schwartz ’72

Mr. Charles C. Shrader ’71

Mr. Junzo Shuto ’66

Mr. Thomas T. Singer ’53

Ms. Mary Anne Smith ’77

Mr. & Mrs. Hans O. (’58) Sorensen

Dr. William J. Stanton, Jr. ’40

Dr. Stephen D. Steinhaus ’87

Mr. Hugh A. Strickland ’59

Dr. Carl L. Strodtman ’43

Mr. Gene R. Summers ’51

Mr. Robert A. Surrette ’97 &

Mrs. Melissa Masters-Surrette ’99

Mr. Thomas G. Tinor ’84

Mr. Leonard A. Tokus, Jr. ’63

Mr. Gary D. Van Dis ’76

Mr. Thomas Vasil ’51

Mr. Howard R. Verduin ’50

Dr. Candace E. Wark ’88

Mr. James R. Waterson ’55

Dr. Paul L. Wattelet ’62

Mr. Joel D. Weisman ’69

Mr. Roy W. Wessel ’42

Ms. Marcia J. Williams ’86

The Honorable Bernard B. Wolfe ’37

Mr. Edmund J. Wolff ’65

Mr. Edgar Lowell Yee ’75

Prof. Geri J. Yonover ’83

Prof. Manlai You ’77

Dr. Kenneth J. Zdunek ’91

Mr. Edmond N. Zisook ’52

Mr. Raymond J. Zmaczynski ’59


$25,000 or more


Mr. Austin A. Adams

Mr. William C. Bartholomay*

Mr. Alvin L. Gorman*

Mr. Dalton L. Knauss

Mr. John H. Krehbiel, Jr.*

Mr. Robert C. Pew III

Dr. Fay Horton Sawyier

Al & Lila Self*

Dr. Mohammad Shahidehpour

Mr. Ralph Wanger*

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (2)

Dr. Bahman Atefi*

Mr. Ronald Lee Bliwas*

Lew* & Marge Collens

Mr. James E. Cowie*

Mr. Bruce Dahnke

Mr. Bryan R. Dunn*

Mr. Andrew J. Filipowski*

Mr. Arthur P. Frigo, Sr.

Mr. Marshall B. Front*

Mr. Theodore E. Hanson*

Marilyn G. & Donald* R. Hollis

Shirley & Dick* Jaffee

Mr. Patrick J. Kelly*

Mr. James W. Kiley*

Mrs. Mary Ellen Lane

Mr. Desmond R. LaPlace

Mr. John W. Madigan*

Mr. James A. McClung*

Mr. Richard M. Morrow

Dr. Allan S. Myerson

Mr. Ken Nah

Ms. Penny M. Newberg

Mr. Dennis Roberson

John I. Schlossman, FAIA

Carole* & Gordon Segal

Ms. Paula A. Sneed*

Mrs. Erna S. Tracy

Mr. David J. Vitale*

Priscilla A. (Pam) Walter*

Mr. Norman H. Wesley

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. Charles R. & Judith C. Bauer

and Family

Mr. Thomas H. Beeby*

Mrs. Virginia B. Cherry

Ms. Jane H. Deuble

Sam & Betsey Farber

Mr. Donald E. Goss*

Mr. Vinod Gupta

Mrs. Marguerite DeLany Hark

Ms. Kaarina Koskenalusta*

Chow & Irene Lam

Ms. Kay Lauren

Prof. Nancy Marder

Mr. Archibald McClure

Mr. Vincent A. Naccarato

Mr. Richard S. Pepper

Mr. Sidney L. Port

Mr. Mamon Powers, Jr.

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (3)

Mr. Vijay Adapala

Mr. Joseph M. Antunovich

Mrs. Sadie Berkson

Heather Bilandic Black*

Mr. Robert Blaich

Mr. Kenneth L. Block*

Mrs. Eleanor Bolz

Mr. Calvin A. Campbell, Jr.*

Ms. Charlotte Cherry

Mrs. Ann R. Clarke

Mr. Richard J. Conviser

The Honorable Richard M. Daley

Mr. Dean Denges

Mr. Arun Deva

Mrs. Adrienne Doppelt

Dr. Jack E. Edwards

Mr. Sidney Epstein

The Honorable David A. Erickson

Prof. Dale E. Fahnstrom

Dr. Jerry J. Field

Bob & Miriam Filler

Mr. Ronald H. Filler

Mrs. Frances L. Flood

Dr. Glen O. Geist

Mrs. Myron Goldsmith

Mr. James Hackett

Mr. Donald Hackl

Mr. John F. Hartray, Jr.

Mr. James Hill, Jr.*

Dr. Margaret H. Huyck

Helmut & Deborah Jahn

Prof. Serope Kalpakjian

Ms. Gertrude Kasakoff

Mr. Michael Keiser

Ms. Anne G. Kimball

Prof. Harold J. Krent

Mr. Clinton A. Krislov

Mr. Thomas E. Lanctot*

Mr. Robert D. Laurent

Mr. Edward A. Leach

Mr. Christopher Lee

Mr. Lawrence F. Levy

Mrs. Eileen C. Mahoney

Mr. Judd D. Malkin

Mr. Robert J. Manning

Mr. David L. McCormick

Mr. Edward B. Miller

Prof. Chol-Hong Min

Dr. M. Ellen Mitchell

Mr. James L. Nagle

Mr. John D. Nichols

Dr. Donald A. Norman

Mrs. Dorothy O’Reilly

Mr. Philip W. Palmer

Mr. Theodore F. Perlman

Mrs. Rita B. Pivan

Mr. Albert B. Ratner

Mrs. Audrey Ratner

Mrs. Alice D. Rissman

Mr. Donald H. Rumsfeld

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Sahlstrom

Mr. Martin Sandoval

Mr. Edgar J. Schoen, Jr.

Mrs. Suzanne B. Schoen

Mr. James E. Searing

Dr. Carlo Segre

Mr. Hoken S. Seki

Mr. Bernard F. Sergesketter*

Mr. Paul Shang

Ms. Keith Ann Stiverson

Mr. James H. Stone

Mr. Vincent A. Tenuto

Mr. Kent Walczak

Mr. George Yamada

Mr. Mark Ziven

Personal and Family Foundations

$25,000 or more

Bill Bartholomay Foundation

The Borra Family Foundation

Robert E. & Adele M.

Boydston Foundation

Dek Foundation

Dornick Foundation

Helen M. Galvin Charitable Trust

The Hardison Family Foundation

Morgenstern Family Foundation

MPG Foundation, Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999

Robert and Virginia

Cornog Family Foundation

Filipowski Foundation

Marshall B. Front

Family Charitable Foundation

Jocarno Fund

Martin & Mary Kilpatrick

Educational Foundation

Madigan Family Foundation

Morrow Charitable Trust

Renee & Edward Ross Foundation

The John G. Searle Family Trust

Segal Family Foundation II

$5,000 - $9,999

CDM Foundation

The Norman & Edna

Freehling Foundation

The Kara Foundation

George H. Zendt Charitable Trust

$1,000 - $4,999

Howard and Carol Bernick

Family Foundation

Castaways Foundation

Chapin-May Foundation of Illinois

DHR Foundation

The Melvin & Susanne Gray Foundation

The John E. & Jeanne T.

Hughes Foundation

Edward & Susan Leach Charitable Trust

Perlman Family Foundation

Corporations and Foundations

$25,000 or more


The Acorn Foundation

All Cell Technologies, LLC

Alphawood Foundation

Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd.

Bank One, Inc./JPMorgan Chase & Co.


The Buchanan Family Foundation

Calamos Asset Management, Inc.

The Capital Trust Company of Delaware

Chamberlain Group, Inc.

The Chicago Bar Foundation

Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc.

The Coleman Foundation, Inc.

Commonwealth Edison Company

Arie & Ida Crown Memorial

DiTommaso-Lubin, PC

Fidelity Investments

Charitable Gift Fund

Gas Technology Institute

Global Energy Market Solutions, Inc.

Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Limited

Hyosung Corporation

IDEO Product Development

International Components Corporation

Law School Admission Council

Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois

The John D. & Catherine T.

MacArthur Foundation

McCormick Tribune Foundation

MPC Products Corporation

Pfizer, Inc.

Primavera Systems, Inc.

Response Scientific, Inc.

Searle Funds at the

Chicago Community Trust

The Starr Foundation

Steelcase, Inc.

Cyrus Tang Foundation

Texas Instruments, Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999

Achievement Rewards for

College Scientists Foundation, Inc.

Alion Science and Technology Corporation

American Air Liquides

America’s Food Technologies, Inc.

AMSTED Industries Foundation

Aileen S. Andrew Foundation

Blue Mountain Production Company

Elite Electronic Engineering Company, Inc.

Engineered Materials Solutions, Inc.

Exelon Corporation

Exxon Mobil Foundation

Firefly Energy, Inc.

Franczek Sullivan P.C.

Global Quest Foundation

Historic Boulevard Services

* denotes Trustee, italics denotes deceased

• denotes Committee of 100 Distinguished International Alumni

50 51

Huff & Gains, Ltd.

Institute for Diversity in

Health Management

International Design School for

Advanced Studies

Jackson, Lewis, Schnitzler & Krupman

Kamco Plastics, Inc.

LaSalle National Corporation

MacCabe & McGuire

Manarchy Films, Inc.

Mattel, Inc.

Microsoft Corporation

Motorola Foundation

Motorola, Inc.

C.E. Niehoff & Company

Omron Electronics, Inc.

Col. (IL) James N. Pritzker

Charitable Distribution Fund

RF Integrated Corporation

Science Applications

International Corporation

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

The Tawani Foundations, Inc.

Tooling & MFG Association

Education Foundation

Union League Civic & Arts Foundation

WMS Gaming

$5,000 - $9,999

Abbott Laboratories Fund

The Allyn Foundation, Inc.

Altria Group, Inc.

Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.

The Boeing Company

Boeing World Headquarters

Canadian Consulate General

Chicago White Sox

Computer Associates International, Inc.

Energy Research Center of

the Netherlands

Ernst & Young Foundation

Executives’ Club of Chicago

Fuel Cell Technology

Graham Foundation for

Advanced Studies of Fine Arts

Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge, Inc.

Holland & Knight

Illinois Fraternal Order of Police

Johnson Controls Foundation

Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Becker,

Levin and Tominberg, Ltd.

The Otto W. Lehmann Foundation


Pepper Companies, Inc.

Rice Foundation

Seyfarth, Shaw

Stickler & Nelson PC

Technology Dynamics, Inc.

TurbodynamX, Inc.

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

William Blair & Company Foundation

Wilton Industries, Inc.

Wisconsin Energy

Corporation Foundation, Inc.

Wright State University

$1,000 - $4,999

A. Eicoff & Company

A. Epstein & Sons International, Inc.


AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc.

The American Endowment Foundation

Arcadia Products, Inc.

Argonne National Laboratory

Ascher Brothers Co., Inc.

Asher, Gittler, Greenfield, & D’Alba

AT&T Foundation

Baum, Sigman, Auerbach, & Neuman

Berry Electric Contracting Company

Bisco, Inc.

Blake Industries, Inc.

Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.

Burke Educational Foundation

Carmell Charone Widmer

Matthews & Moss

Center for Powder

Metallurgy Technology, Inc.

Chemint Innovation, Inc.

The Chesapeake

Life Insurance Company

ChevronTexaco Foundation

Chicago Community Trust B. A. Eckhart

Connelly Electric Company

Corn Products International

The Dow Chemical

Company Foundation

Education Assistance, Ltd.

Electrical Manufacturing &

Coil Winding Association

Elkay Manufacturing Company

Enbridge Energy Partners

Former Agents of the FBI Foundation

Friedland & Marcus

General Electric Foundation

GIM Electric Co., Inc.

Gurtz Electric Company

Harvest Bible Chapel Glen Ellyn

Hill, Taylor and Co.

Homestead Electric Company

Illinois Education Association

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

The Institute of Electrical and

Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Jacobs, Burns, Orlove,

Stanton & Hernand

Jamerson & Bauwens

Jewish Federation of

Metropolitan Chicago

Johnson & Johnson

Family of Companies

Johnson & Lee, Ltd.

JWP/Hyre Electric Company of Indiana, Inc.

Katten Muchin Zavis Rosenman

Katz, Friedman, Eagle,

Eisenstein & Johnson

KDK Management, Inc.

KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation

Life Church

Local Union #705 International

Brotherhood of Teamsters

Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl


The Marmon Group, Inc.

The Marmon Group Scientific Foundation

Marty Manning Scholarship Fund

Mechanical Services, Inc.

Meckler, Bulger & Tilson

Meites, Mulder, Burger & Mollica

Meredith Corporation

MTH Industries


Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation, Inc.

Nowak & Associates, Inc.

Odelson & Associates

O’Hagan, Smith, & Amundsen

Peck, Bloom, Austriaco & Mitchell, LLC

The Perkins & Will Partnership

Philips Electronics

North America Foundation

Piper Rudnick

Power Jacobs Joint Venture, Inc.

The Procter & Gamble Fund

Reuters America, Inc.

Robin Potter & Associates

Safeco Life & Investments

Schiff Hardin, LLP

Scurto Cement Construction, Ltd.

Sedco/Shamrock Electric, Inc.

Sodexho Campus Services

Sonoc Architects & Associates, Inc.

Thomson West

Thorne Associates, Inc.

Tiffiny Decorating Company

Trainor Glass Company

Trench-IT, Inc.

The Trico Foundation

Vedder, Price, Kaufman & Kammholz

Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon

Wonderlic, Inc.


Estate of Lolita S. Armour

Estate of Patrick J. Bell

Estate of Edward I. Bradshaw

Estate of Irma & Anton Brust

Estate of Mark L. Dannis

Estate of Elsie A. Dreffein

Estate of Frank M. Dupay

Estate of Edna L. Gaul

Estate of John E. Goodlett

Estate of William J. Hufschmidt

Estate of Edmund F. & Julia C. Mansure

Estate of Bernard L. Messinger

Estate of Oluf G. Oberg

Estate of Frederick R. Pfeifer

Estate of Isadore S. Prenner

Estate of Barbara Riel

Estate of H.B. & Julia Roberts

Estate of Rudolph A. Rueff

Estate of Max J. Schinke

Estate of Betty E. Surganty

Estate of Frances Swineford

Estate of Samuel R. Todd

Estate of Erna S. Tracy

Estate of Charles F. Voytech

Estate of Sylvan L. Ziven

Frank Wakely Gunsaulus Society

Living alumni and friends who have

made provisions in their estates for a

future gift to the university

Anonymous (2)

Anonymous ’26

Anonymous ’42

Anonymous ’44

Anonymous ’50

Mr. Rudolph H. Abler

Mr. Larry P. Adams ’76

Mr. Harold R. Ames ’50

Dr. William F. Andrews ’47

Mr. Vernon Armour

Prof. Leslie Axelrod

Mr. Robert Babbin ’52

Mr. William C. Bachtel ’46

Dr. Bernard S. Baker ’69

Mr. Lynn A. Beardsley

Dr. Michael J. Belcher ’73

Mrs. Sadie Berkson

Mr. Aristide E. Biciunas ’62

Mr. Kenneth L. Block

Mr. Roland B. Boertitz ’39

Mr. Robert E. Boydston ’49

Mrs. Bernice P. Brandel

Mr. Abdon J. Bray ’50

Mr. Howard W. Broecker ’66

Mr. Irving X. Burg ’38

Mr. F. Jack Burr, Jr. ’67

Mr. Hershel W. Butcher ’61

Mrs. Isabelle Camras

Dr. James W. Carlin ’62

Mr. Eugene R. Carr ’59

Mr. Thomas A. Carter, Jr. ’31

Mr. Donald W. Cassil ’82

Ms. Anne M. Clark ’71

Mr. Milton A. Collick ’33

Dr. Joanne A. Collins ’70

Mrs. Emilie W. Conterato

Mr. Edwin P. Crabbe, Jr. ’62

Mr. Richard A. Curtis ’62

Mr. George E. Danforth ’40

Mr. Donald R. Dann ’56

Mr. Edward Bruce Davis ’70

Ms. Charlotte E. Decker ’53

Mr. Phillip E. De Vore ’67

Dr. Ray S. Dewey ’55

Mr. Lawrence H. Dickelman, Jr. ’59

Ms. Mary W. Donner

Dr. Florence W. Dunbar ’69

Mr. James F. Durham ’62

Mr. G. Stuart Elliott ’74

Mr. John Otto Enander ’45

Mr. John C. Erb ’76

Dr. Carl A. Erickson ’37

Mr. Dimiter Etimov

Mr. Henry R. Fallerius ’50

Mr. Harry C. Fehr

Mr. Paul F. Fenlon ’51

Mr. Dominick Filomeno ’60

Mr. Russell C. Fischer ’60

Mr. Morgan L. Fitch, Jr. ’43

Mr. James V. Fitzpatrick ’50

Mr. Edward L. Flom ’54

Mrs. James G. Flood

Mr. Irving M. Footlik ’39

Miss Etha Beatrice Fox ’39

Mr. Robert B. Fridstein ’39

Mr. Joseph R. Friedman ’37

Mr. Thomas R. Fritsch ’62

Mr. Martin G. Gabriel ’47

Mrs. Esther L. Geisler

Mr. Vernon L. George ’44

Mr. N. R. Geti ’61

Mr. Bruce W. Glawe ’75

Mrs. Betty Golant

Mr. Carl J. Grant ’54

Mr. Robert F. Gudmundsen ’40

Mr. Desmond Z. Hadhazy ’64

Dr. Fred C. Hardtke, Jr. ’53

Mr. George Y. Hasegawa ’59

Mr. James C. Heap ’60

Mr. Harry S. Heifetz ’71

Mr. Paul F. Herrmann ’53

Mr. Carl Joseph Hertlein, Jr. ’70

Dr. Dennis W. Hetzner ’75

Mrs. Ingred Hibbeler

Mr. Edwin G. Hoffmann ’34

Ms. Barbara Hudson ’91

Mr. Warren Hutchings ’41

The Honorable Stewart C. Hutchison ’34

Mr. Theodore H. Irion ’34

Ms. Laurel A. Jasek ’88

Mr. Arthur B. Johnson

Mr. Philip Johnson

Mr. Robert W. Johnson ’77

Mr. Norbert O. Kaiser ’63

Mrs. Gertrude P. Kerbis ’54

Mr. Robert W. Kerney ’48

Dr. C. Michael Kerwin ’67

Mrs. Lisa F. Kittler

Mr. Herbert L. Kluska ’67

Mr. Rodger G. Knaus, Sr. ’36

Mr. Leonard J. Koch ’43

Captain Robert H. Koehler ’47

Mr. Richard A. Kovach ’64

Mr. Hymen H. Krass ’37

Mr. Robert M. Krause ’31

Ms. Edith Kucaba ’46

Dr. Lorenz A. Kull ’63

Ms. Ingeborg Lane

Mr. Alfred R. Leisering ’52

Mr. Burton A. Lewis ’48

Mr. Robert W. Lindgren ’50

Dr. Edwin J. Loutzenheiser, Jr. ’39

Mr. David A. Lucht ’65

Mr. William K. Luckow

Dr. Robert W. Lyczkowski ’70

Dr. Donald R. MacFarlane ’52

Ms. Margaret Mack

Mr. James S. Makiyama ’63

Mr. Roger K. Marach ’70

Mr. John H. Markell ’43

Mr. Glen P. Matsuda ’76

Dr. Raymond R. Mayer ’57

Dr. Richard M. Mc Avoy ’65

Mrs. Fred W. McCloska

Ms. Marcette A. McCrary

Dr. Keith E. McKee ’62

Mrs. Dolores E. Meinke ’55

Mr. Richard P. Menaul ’51

Dr. Jean E. Michels ’42

Dr. Vanita C. Misquita ’98

Dr. Sheldon Mostovoy ’68

Mr. Homer E. Myers ’60

Mr. George R. Myrtle ’81

Mr. Hiroshi Nakajima ’79

Mr. Robert F. Negele ’45

Dr. Herman W. Nelson ’47

Mr. Julius Nemirow ’70

Mr. Glenn T. Newkirk ’60

Mr. Robert F. Nussbaum ’66

Mrs. Dorothy Ogilvie

Mr. Paul E. Oleksa ’64

Dr. John G. Olin ’61

Dr. Roger B. Orensteen ’56

Mr. John H. Ormond ’51

Mr. Robert F. Overmyer ’59

Mrs. Sandra S. Pakin ’65

Mrs. Margaret G. Parker

Mr. William W. Parks ’44

Mr. Erik Paulsen ’49

Mr. Roger L. Peterson ’60

Mr. William J. Plichta ’57

Dr. Harold C. Potter ’63

Dr. Robert J. Potter

Lieutenant Arthur D. Rathjen ’62

Dr. Leonard Reiffel ’53

Dr. Vanice E. Rhodes-Billups ’68

Miss Margaret L. Ronayne ’37

Dr. Robert B. Rosenberg ’64

Mr. Harold D. Ross, Jr. ’44

Dr. Charles J. Ryant, Jr. ’47

Mr. Herbert M. Sachs ’58

Dr. John P. Sachs ’52

Mr. Roy Sahlstrom ’45

Mr. Dick K. Sato ’62

Mr. Frank H. Sato ’64

Dr. Fay Horton Sawyier

Dr. Lajos Schmidt ’54

Mr. Robert Wm. Schmidt ’36

Mrs. Suzanne B. Schoen

Mr. James A. Schoke ’48

Mr. George L. Sensibar ’50

Mr. H. Paul Shields ’58

Mr. Lionel Shub ’48

Mr. Carroll K. Simons ’33

Mr. Leonard D. Singer ’66

Mr. Edmond C. Squifflet ’57

Mr. William B. Stanczyk ’65

Mr. Edward J. Starostovic, Jr. ’58

Mr. William R. Stephens ’72

Dr. Carl L. Strodtman ’43

Mr. Steven E. Stroh ’64

Mr. James T. Struck

Mr. Robert Talman ’49

* denotes Trustee, italics denotes deceased

• denotes Committee of 100 Distinguished International Alumni

52 53

Mr. Harry Tankus

Ms. Dian M. Taylor

Dr. Kenneth E. Taylor ’66

Ms. Diann M. Taylor-Symonds ’83

Mr. Elmer P. Tepper ’69

Mr. Ernest E. Ternovits, Jr. ’61

Mrs. Marilyn M. Ternovits ’67

Drs. Eleanor (’64) &

C. Frederick (’79) Tolson

Mr. William K. Turner

Dr. Arthur Uhlir, Jr. ’48

Mr. Thomas Vasil ’51

Mr. James R. Waterson ’55

Mr. Peter Wendt ’74

Mr. Andrew H. Weston ’32

Mr. Robert C. Wiese ’49

Mrs. Katherine Wilcox ’57

Mr. Arthur L. Wildermuth ’38

Mr. Louis A. Willis ’63

Mr. Walter A. Willmann

Mr. Michael J. Wilson ’37

Mr. Peter Winel, Jr. ’37

Dr. Raymond W. Winkler ’45

The Honorable Bernard B. Wolfe ’37

Mr. Charles A. Wright

Mr. Frank Joseph Yankiewicz

Dr. Abe M. Zarem ’39

Mr. Robert L. Zilligen ’47

Mr. Albert Zimmerman ’43

Mr. Raymond J. Zmaczynski ’59

Mies van der Rohe Society

Individuals and corporations that have

made gifts to support the restoration

and revitalization of IIT’s

Mies-designed buildings

$25,000 or more

Exelon Corporation

Mr.* & Mrs. John W. Rowe

$10,000 - $24,999

ABN AMRO North America, Inc.

Aon Foundation

Mr. Norman R. Bobins

Mr. Randall C. Hampton*

Eileen & David C. (’71) Hovey

LaSalle National Corporation

Sharon Fairley Rogers &

John W. Rogers, Jr.

Mr. Ralph Wanger*

$5,000 - $9,999

Bank One, Inc./JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Chicago Board of Trade

Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

Mr. Zuhair H. Fayez

Gilbane Building Company

Harris Bank Foundation

Mr. Frederic Hickman

Hekmat E. & Chandra K. • (’57) Jha

Dirk Lohan*, FAIA

Mesirow Financial

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Nagle

Mr. Richard M. Morrow

Mr. Seymour H. Persky

S & C Electric Company

Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP

Helen & Richard L. Thomas

Richard and Helen

Thomas Family Foundation

U.S. Equities Realty, Inc.

Winston & Strawn

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous ’44

American Transmission Company

Andrew Hollingsworth, Inc.

Arcadia Products, Inc.

Mr. David A. Armington ’73

George K. Baum & Company

Edward A. and Lois L.

Brennan Family Foundation

Mrs. Yasmin Byron

Chapman & Cutler

Mr. Michael Clune

Clune Construction

Mr. Sham Dabadghao

Mr. Dirk S. Denison

De Stefano & Partners

Mr. William S. Donnell ’99

Mr. Craig J. Duchossois*

Mr. Michael P. Dvorak ’98

Mr. Richard Gray

Mr. Michael Hogan

Illinois Education Association

Helmut & Deborah Jahn

Mr. Anthony A. Jaras ’67

Ms. Arlene Adams Juracek ’72

Mr. Khalil A. Khan

The Aga Khan Foundation

Lavin Family Foundation

Mr. Daniel Levin ’31

Levy Security Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation

Michael E. Murphy Foundation


Mr. Madhavan K. Nayar ’68

Ms. Judith Neisser

Neisser Family Fund

Mrs. Muriel Kallis Newman

Mr. M. E. Oppenheim

REX Electric, Inc. & Technologies

Ms. Janet L. Rogatz

The Schiff Foundation, Inc.

Schiff Hardin, LLP

Mr. Harold Schiff

Mr. David Alan Schultz ’98

The Scion Group, LLC

Mr. & Mrs. William Smithburg

Mr. Michael A. Tenuta ’80

Mr. Harry L. Terhune ’75

Unitech Systems, Inc.

Mr. John Vinci, FAIA, ’60

Ms. Cynthia E. Vranas ’01

Wachovia Bank, National Association

Mr. Joseph J. Yohanan ’58

Mr. Samuel Zell & Mrs. Helen Zell

Zell Family Foundation

These lists are current as of December 2004.

If errors or omissions exist, please let us know.

Contact IIT’s Stewardship Office at 312.567.5015

or visit, click on Support IIT, then

click on Contact Us. We appreciate your support.

IIT BOARD of trustees


Chairman of the Board

Robert A. Pritzker ’46

President and Chief Executive Officer

Colson Associates, Inc.


Lewis Collens

Chairman of the Policy Committee

Robert W. Galvin

Chairman Emeritus

Motorola, Inc.

Vice Chairman of the Board

Craig J. Duchossois

Chief Executive Officer

Duchossois Industries, Inc.

Vice Chairman of the Board

David J. Vitale

Chief Administrative Officer

Chicago Public Schools


Robert W. Galvin

Chairman Emeritus

Motorola, Inc.

Robert A. Pritzker ’46

President and Chief Executive Officer

Colson Associates, Inc.

M.A. Self


Allen Financial, Inc.

Board Members

Bahman Atefi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Alion Science and

Technology Corporation

William C. Bartholomay

Vice Chairman

Willis Group Holdings, Ltd.

Thomas H. Beeby

Principal and Director of Design

Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge, Inc.

John P. Calamos


Calamos Asset Management, Inc.

S.R. Cho • ’95


Hyosung Corporation

Lewis Collens


Illinois Institute of Technology

Martin Cooper ’57

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

ArrayComm, Inc.

Robert A. Cornog ’61

Chairman, President & CEO (retired)

Snap-on Incorporated

James E. Cowie

General Partner

Frontenac Company

Craig J. Duchossois

Chief Executive Officer

Duchossois Industries, Inc.

Bryan R. Dunn

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kinship Corporation

Andrew J. Filipowski

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Silkroad Technology, Inc.

Marshall B. Front


Front Barnett Associates, LLC

Michael P. Galvin ’78


Galvin Enterprises, Inc.

Robert L. Growney ’82

Edgewater Funds

Randall C. Hampton

Executive Vice President

LaSalle Bank, N.A.

Richard M. Jaffee


Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Norbert O. Kaiser ’63

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kamco Plastics, Inc.

Edward L. Kaplan ’65

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Zebra Technologies Corporation

Patrick J. Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

D.P. Holdings, Inc.

James W. Kiley

Managing Director-in-Charge

Robeco USA, Inc.

Jules F. Knapp

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Grisham Security Doors

Kaarina Koskenalusta

President and Chief Executive Officer

The Executives’ Club of Chicago

Thomas E. Lanctot


William Blair & Company

Bruce C. Liimatainen ’77

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A. Finkl & Sons Company

Dirk Lohan, FAIA


Lohan Anderson Architects, LLP

Victor A. Morgenstern ’64


Oakmark Funds

Anita M. Nagler ’80

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Harris Alternatives, LLC

Walter Nathan ’44


RTC Industries, Inc.

Adrian Nemcek ’70

President and Chief Executive Officer

Motorola Global Telecom Solutions

Sam Pitroda • ’66


C-Sam, Inc.

J.B. Pritzker


The Pritzker Group, LLC

Ellen Jordan Reidy ’81


America's Food Technologies, Inc.

Victor H. Reyes



Greenberg Traurig, LLP

John W. Rowe

President and Chief Executive Officer

Exelon Corporation



John R. Schmidt


Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw

Tanya Solov ’89

Director of Enforcement

Illinois Securities Department

Carl Spetzler ’68


Strategic Decisions Group

Federico Vidargas ’76

Managing Principal

Nadel Architects, Inc.

David J. Vitale

Chief Administrative Officer

Chicago Public Schools

Priscilla Anne Walter


Gardner, Carton & Douglas

Ralph Wanger


Wanger Asset Management, L.P.

Craig M. Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Opti-Pay Technologies

John A. Wing

Life Trustees

Vernon Armour

Harold A. Bergen ’50

Heather M. Bilandic

Kenneth L. Block

Robert D. Cadieux ’59

Calvin A. Campbell, Jr.

Alvin L. Gorman

Donald E. Goss

Theodore E. Hanson

Albert K. Hawkes ’54

Robert L. Heidrick

James Hill, Jr.

Donald R. Hollis

Robert M. Janowiak ’61

John H. Krehbiel, Jr.

Richard A. Lenon

Homer J. Livingston, Jr. ’66

Gordon R. Lohman

William P. Mahoney ’61

Dr. Thomas L. Martin, Jr.

William B. McCain ’53

Robert B. McDermott

Werner E. Neuman ’49

William W. Parks ’44

Robert J. Potter, Ph.D.

Robert L. Raclin

The Honorable Ilana D. Rovner ’66

Dr. Lajos Schmidt ’54

Carol Browe Segal

Bernard F. Sergesketter

Charles H. Shaw

Raymond C. Tower

William A. VanSanten, Jr. ’61

Honorary Trustee

Mrs. Lester Armour


& advisors


Federico Vidargas* ’76, President

Managing Principal

Nadel Architects, Inc.

Hamid Arastoopour ’78

Dean, Armour College of Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology

Michael Baer ’71

Psychologist, President/ Owner

Psychological Services

Dawn Barton ’00

Engineer, Pizza Division

Kraft Foods, Inc.

Amy Lee Basic ’82

Vice President

Basic International Inc.

Robert Cornog* ’61

Chairman, President & CEO (retired)

Snap-on Incorporated

Jay Fisher ’63

Director, Ed Kaplan

Entrepreneurial Studies

Illinois Institute of Technology

Robert Footlik ’68


Footlik & Associates

Barbara Franch ’74

Deluxe Video Services, Inc.

William Glynn ’71


Korshak, Kracoff, Kong & Sugano, LLP

Burt Harris ’61

Vice President

Mail It, Inc.

Albert Hawkes ’50


Software Engineering Associates

Lucy Hynes ’88

Senior Electrical Engineer

City of Naperville

Arlene Juracek ’72

Vice President, Energy Acquisition

Exelon Energy Delivery

Norbert O. Kaiser* ’63

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kamco Plastics, Inc.

Kelley Kinsella ’86

VP ACE US International


Karl Klessig ’63

Chief Executive Officer

Ingeo Systems, Inc.

James Klouda ’50

Director of Engineering & Research

Elite Electrical Engineering Company

Kevin Louie ’89

Senior Data Technology Specialist

Science Applications

International Corporation

Linda Manning ’72

Founding Member

Groupe Manning, LLC

Vanita Misquita ’98

Director of Overseas Programs


William Nash ’46


Consul-tech Engineering

Ashok K. Natwa ’73

Product Engineer Manager

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Robert Negele ’45

Monica Ptasinski ’85

Industrial Designer

E-MAX Instruments, Inc.

Raj Rajaram • ’91


Complete Environmental Solutions

Ken Ratliff ’97

Dominion Resources

Ellen Jordan Reidy* ’81


America's Food Technologies, Inc.

Diana Chapa Sandoval ’89

Property Manager &

General Contractor

Lucent Technologies, Inc.

Anil Saxena ’93

Manager of Culture and

Communications Strategy Team

Discover Financial Services

Tanya Solov* ’89

Director of Enforcement

Illinois Securities Department

Scott Sonoc ’78


Sonoc Architects & Associates, Inc.

Al Underys ’77

Director of Technology & Development

Finkl & Sons

Ewa Weir ’84

Vice President of Project &

Development Management

Jones Lang LaSalle



Thomas Beeby*, Co-Chair

Principal and Director of Design

Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge, Inc.

James Nagle, Co-Chair

Nagle Hartray Danker

Kagan McKay Penney

Robert Babbin ’52

Babbin & Associates

Robert L. Barnes, AIA


Knight M+W Zander

Carol Ross Barney, FAIA


Ross Barney & Jankowski

Mary Elizabeth Spies Droste

Thomas K. Fridstein, FAIA, FIBA


Dr. K. Michael Hays

Graduate School of

Design Professor

Harvard University

Donald R. Hollis


DRH Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Ralph Johnson

Perkins & Will

* denotes Trustee

• denotes Committee of 100 Distinguished International Alumni

56 57


Jong Soung Kimm • ’64


SAC International, Ltd.

Christopher Lee

Johnson & Lee, Ltd.

Daniel Levin ’31


The Habitat Company

Dirk Lohan*, FAIA


Lohan Anderson Architects, LLP

Andrew Metter, FAIA

A. Epstein & Sons

Victor A. Morgenstern* ’64


Oakmark Funds

Seymour Persky

Parliament Enterprises

John I. Schlossman

Elizabeth Angèle Taft Smith

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Richard Solomon


Graham Foundation

Steven G. M. Stein


Stein, Ray & Harris

John Syvertsen

OWP&P Architects, Inc.

Allen Turner

Pritzker & Pritzker

Joseph Valerio, FAIA

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, Inc.

Thomas R. Walker

President and Chief Operating Officer

UBM, Inc.

Martin F. Wolf

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

& Associates, Inc.




Bruce C. Liimatainen*, ’77, Chair

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A. Finkl & Sons Company

Robert F. Anderson


Robert F. Anderson & Associates, Inc.

Bahman Atefi*

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Alion Science and

Technology Corporation

Robert A. Cornog* ’61

Chairman, President & CEO (retired)

Snap-on Incorporated

Michael R. Fink ’90

Vice President and

Senior Civil Engineer

A. Epstein and Sons International, Inc.

J. David Hellums

E.D. Butcher Professor and Chair,

Department of Bioengineering

Rice University

Arlene A. Juracek ’72

Vice President, Energy Acquisition

Exelon Energy Delivery

Linda S. Manning ’72

Groupe Manning, LLC

James Ondyak ’79

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Silliker, Inc.

Robert H. Page

Emeritus Professor, Department

of Mechanical Engineering

Texas A&M University

Leonard Reiffel ’53

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Exelar Corporation

Carl S. Spetzler* ’68


Strategic Decisions Group

Subodh K. Toprani ‘82

Chief Executive Officer

Zetta Core, Inc.

Henry J. West ’65

Senior Vice President

The Marmon Group, Inc.

Kenneth J. Zdunek ’91

Vice President and Director

Motorola, Inc.



Kevin O’Reilly, ’92, President

Law Offices of Kevin E. O’Reilly

The Honorable Peter Birnbaum ’83

President & CEO

Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.

The Honorable Elizabeth Budzinski ’88

Circuit Court of Cook County

Joan Eagle ’83


Michael, Best & Friedrich

Tarek Fadel ’03

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

AdaptiGroup, LLC

Jean Grommes Feehan ’66

Attorney At Law

Feehan & Grommes

John Fogarty ’99


Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella

Dan Kirschner ’98


Corboy & Demetrio

John Locallo ’86


Amari & Locallo

Paul Miller ’00

Legal Counsel

Governor’s Office of

Management and Budget

The Honorable Stuart Nudelman ’72

Circuit Court of Cook County

Kerry Peck ’78

Managing Partner

Peck, Bloom, Austriaco & Mitchell

John Power ’76


Power & Cronin, Ltd.

David Rapoport ’81

Rapoport Law Offices, P.C.

Steven Rizzi ’88


Weinberg & Rizzi

Joe Schmidt ’73


Michael, Best & Friedrich

Denise Staniec ’84

Law Offices of Denise Staniec

Bob Surrette ’97


McAndrews, Held & Malloy

Carolyn Thomas ’96

Cook County Public Guardian

Deputy of Administration

Vanessa Weathersby ’90

Senior Human Resources

Consultant & Counsel

Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank



John R. Schmidt*, Chair


Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw

Laurel G. Bellows


Bellows & Bellows

Gerald Bepko ’65

Chancellor Emeritus and

Trustee’s Professor

Indiana University School of Law,

Indianapolis Campus

Sadie Berkson


Peter Birnbaum ’83

President & Chief Executive Officer

Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.

Deborah Cole ’96

DG Cole Law

James Currie ’75

Chief Operating Officer

The Egg Factory, LLC

Thomas A. Demetrio ’73

Named Partner

Corboy & Demetrio

The Honorable Barbara Disko ’73

Circuit Court of Cook County,

Law Jury Division

Ronald Filler

Senior Vice President,

Futures Department

Lehman Brothers, Inc.

Michael P. Galvin* ’78


Galvin Enterprises

Jeffery T. Grade

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sunrise Lifestyle Centers, LLC

James L. Kaplan ’71

Managing Partner

Kaplan & Sorosky, Ltd.

Anne Giddings Kimball


Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon

Janice E. Linn ’82


Attorney & arbitrator

Thomas Lysaught ’66

Vice President (retired)

GTE Directories Corporation

Barry Maram ’71


Illinois Department of Public Aid

The Honorable Edward F. Masters ’72

Edward F. Masters, Attorney at Law

Judith Munson ’76

Senior Consultant/ORISE Fellow

CDC/Public Health Law Program

Roy C. Palmer ’62


Ward Parkinson ’97

Vice President and Director

Ovonyx, Inc.

Victor H. Reyes



Greenberg Traurig, LLP

The Honorable Ilana D. Rovner ’66

U.S. Court of Appeals for

the Seventh Circuit

Robert Sarnoff ’68


Sarnoff & Baccash

Louis G. Schwartz ’72


L.G. Schwartz Co., Inc.

Hoken Seki

Sussex Enterprises, Inc.

Bernard R. Tresnowski ’98

Legal Assistance

Foundation of Chicago

William Van Santen

Of Counsel

Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer

Priscilla Anne Walter*


Gardner, Carton & Douglas

Robert J. Washlow ’70

Chairman of the Board &

Chief Executive Officer

Lawson Products, Inc.

Robert W. Webb ’70

Senior Vice President

and General Counsel

The Marmon Group, Inc.

Degee Wilhelm ’02

Ungaretti & Harris

The Honorable Warren D. Wolfson

Illinois Appellate Court




James E. Cowie, Chair

General Partner

Frontenac Company

Patricia E. Berg ’73

Associate Professor, Department of

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The George Washington University

Medical Center

Randall Hampton

Executive Vice President

LaSalle Bank

Terrence Heng

Senior Vice President (retired)

Motorola, Inc., Global Software Group

Anita M. Nagler* ’80

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Harris Alternatives LLC

Theodore Roseman

Vice President, Scientific Affairs

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Joleen S. Willis ’94

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Law, Compliance and

Government Relations




John P. Calamos* ’70


Calamos Asset Management, Inc.

Martin Cooper* ’57

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

ArrayComm, Inc.

Robert L. Growney* ’82

Edgewater Funds

Edward L. Kaplan* ’65

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Zebra Technologies Corporation

M. A. Self*


Allen Financial, Inc.

* denotes Trustee

• denotes Committee of 100 Distinguished International Alumni




Rob C. Pew, Chair

Chairman of the Board

Steelcase Corporation

Robert Blaich

Blaich Associates

Chris Edwards ’94

Design & Technology Consultant

Sam Farber

James Hackett

President and Chief Executive Officer

Steelcase Corporation

Dr. Marc Hannah ’77

Bill Hill



Larry Keeley


Doblin, Inc.

Victor Chung Wing Lo • ’73

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Gold Peak Industries

Vince Naccarato

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Wilton Industries, Inc.

Walter Nathan* ’44


RTC Industries, Inc.

Donald A. Norman

Nielsen Norman Group

Mutsuo Okabayashi ’59


Kaigai Fine Wines, Ltd.

Sam Pitroda • ’66


C-Sam, Inc.

Jim Searing

Ernst & Young, LLP

Carole Browe Segal*



Bryan R. Dunn*, Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kinship Corporation

William C. Bartholomay*

Vice Chairman

Willis Group Holdings, Ltd.

Bruce Bonecutter, Ph.D. ’80

Network Manager & Facilities Director

Illinois Department of Human Services

Andrea Fink, Ph.D. ’84

Clinical Psychologist

Terrence J. Koller, Ph.D. ’80

Executive Director

Illinois Psychological Association

Diane Krause-Stetson

Executive and Career Coach

Lead Your Life, LLC

George M. Langlois, Ph.D. ’89


Organizational Strategies, Inc.

Linda Liang, Ph.D. ’76

Managing Director

Organizational Resources, Inc.

Sander Marcus, Ph.D. ’69


Friedland & Marcus

Jaci Jarrett Masztal, Ph.D. ’88

Vice President & Managing Director,

Southeast Region

Burke Strategic Consulting Group

John C. Scott, Ph.D. ’85

Vice President and Partner

Applied Psychological Techniques

Stephen D. Steinhaus, Ph.D. ’87


HRA -- Human Resource

Alignment Consulting, Ltd.

David J. Vitale*

Chief Administrative Officer

Chicago Public Schools



Marshall M. Bouton


The Chicago Council on

Foreign Relations

Nick Butler

Group Vice President for

Policy Development

BP p.l.c.

S.R. Cho* • ’95


Hyosung Group

Victor Chu


First Eastern Investment Group

Lewis Collens*


Illinois Institute of Technology

Vladimir Dlouhy

International Advisor

Goldman Sachs Europe, Ltd.

Jamshyd Godrej • ’72

Chairman and Managing Director

Godrej & Boyce

Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Kaarina Koskenalusta*

President and Chief Executive Officer

The Executives’ Club of Chicago

Andre Kudelski

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kudelski Group

Christine Lagarde

Chairman, Executive Committee

Baker & McKenzie

Göran Lindahl


Sony Europe

Yuzaburo Mogi

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kikkoman Corporation

Sam Pitroda • ’66


C-Sam, Inc.

Robert A. Pritzker* ’46

President and Chief Executive Officer

Colson Associates, Inc.

John W. Rowe*

President and Chief Executive Officer

Exelon Corporation

Claude Smadja


Smadja & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Ajva Taulananda ’73

Vice Chairman

Charoen Pokphand Group

of Companies

Long Yongtu


Boao Forum Asia Headquarters


Honorary Board Members

Florence Knoll Bassett ’41

Honorary Director

Philip Johnson, Honorary Director

Phyllis B. Lambert ’63

Honorary Director

Founder, Director & Chair

Canadian Center for Architecture

Governor James R. Thompson

Honorary Chair,

Board Chair through December 2004


Winston & Strawn

Board Members

John W. Rowe*, Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer

Exelon Corporation

Virginia Bobins

Civic Leader

John H. Bryan

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Sara Lee Corporation

Lester Crown


Henry Crown and Company

Sondra Berman Epstein

A. Epstein & Sons International

Frederic Hickman

Partner (retired)

Hopkins & Sutter

David C. Hovey ’67


Optima, Inc.

Helmut Jahn

President & Chief Executive Officer


Hekmat E. Jha

Vice President

PSM International Corporation

Patrick J. Kelly*

Chief Executive Officer

D.P. Holdings, Inc.

Ronald E. Krueck ’70


Krueck & Sexton Architects, Inc.

Dirk Lohan*, FAIA


Lohan Anderson Architects, LLP

Seymour H. Persky


Parliament Enterprises, Ltd.

Robert A. Pritzker* ’46

President and Chief Executive Officer

Colson Associates, Inc.

John W. Rogers, Jr.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Ariel Capital Management, Inc.

Sharon Fairley Rogers

Civic Leader

Franz Schulze

Lake Forest College

Maria Smithburg

Artemisia, Inc.

Richard L. Thomas

Chairman (retired)

First Chicago NBD Corporation

Allen M. Turner


Pritzker & Pritzker

John Vinci, FAIA, ’60


Vinci | Hamp Architects, Inc.

Robert A. Wislow


U.S. Equities Realty


Dennis Scully, ’72, Chair

Executive Vice President

Elkay Manufacturing Company

Daniel A. Dixon, Vice Chair

Director of Technical Services

Molex, Inc.

Adarsh K. Arora •

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lisle Technology Partners

Michael Basilia

Information Director, Americas

BP Chemical Company

Mark H. Bergren ’82

Product Management Director,

New Products & Services

Lucent Technologies

John P. Calamos* ’70


Calamos Asset Management, Inc.

Bruce Chrisman

Associate Director for Administration


David A. Dunn

Senior Vice President

Professional Service Industries

Glenn Ferrell ’98

Director, Process Engineering

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company

Henry S. Lee

Vice President and Director Sales &

Marketing, Global Software Group

Motorola, Inc.

Emil Martinec ’50

Madhavan K. Nayar • ’68

Company Leader

Unitech Systems, Inc.

Peter Nolan


The Rice Foundation

Philip A. Roberto ’80

Vice President, Corporate

Planning & Business Development

Elkay Manufacturing Company

Rae Rupp Srch


Village of Villa Park

Richard Valentin ’59

Guest Engineer

Argonne National Laboratory




Robert L. Growney* ’82, Chair

Edgewater Funds

Alvin L. Gorman*

Chairman of the Board

Power Construction Company, LLC

Donald E. Goss*

Melvin Gray

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Graycor, Inc.

James Hill, Jr.*

Managing Partner

Hill, Taylor & Company

60 61

Norbert O. Kaiser* ’63

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kamco Plastics, Inc.

Jeffrey Karp ’79

President and Chief Operating Officer

Power Construction Company, LLC

Richard Lindsey ’76


Bear Stearns Securities Corporation

Rosemarie Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

ABS Associates, Inc.

Ellen Jordan Reidy* ’81


America's Food Technologies, Inc.

Carl Spetzler* ’68


Strategic Decisions Group

James Stone


Stone Management Corporation

Richard H. Tucker


Tucker Development Corporation

Craig M. Watson*

Chief Executive Officer

Opti-Pay Technologies


Robert W. Galvin*

Benny Goodman

Frank W. Gunsaulus

Grant L. Hansen ’48

Samuel I. Hayakawa

Henry T. Heald ’66

Ludwig C. Hilberseimer

Max Jakob

Martin Kilpatrick

Weymouth Kirkland ’01

Allen C. Lewis

Edwin H. Lewis

Henry R. Linden ’52

Karl Menger ’83

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Thomas A. Moran ’93

Thomas J. Moran ’50

Richard B. Ogilvie ’49

Donald F. Othmer ’23

Harris Perlstein ’14

Walter Peterhans

Robert A. Pritzker* ’46

Grote Reber ’33

Leonard Reiffel ’53

Robert Lee Roderick ’48

Herbert A. Simon ’53

William A. Simon ’35

Harold L. Stuart

Lowell Thomas ’16

Dorothy Thompson ’12

Maynard P. Venema ’32

John I. Yellott ’48

Abe M. Zarem ’39


Office of the President

Lewis Collens


Office of the Provost

Allan S. Myerson

Provost and Senior Vice President

University Senior Staff

David E. Baker

Vice President for External Affairs

John P. Collins

Vice President for Business

and Finance

Elizabeth J. Hughes

Vice President for

Institutional Advancement

David McCormick

Vice President & Director, IIT Research

Institute Life Sciences Group

Mary Ann Rowan

Vice President for Graduate Enrollment

Mary Anne Smith ’77

Vice President and General Counsel

Darsh Wasan

Vice President for International Affairs

Philip Danforth Armour, Sr.

Alex D. Bailey ’03

Joseph M. Bailey

Florence K. Bassett ’41

Julia A. Beveridge

Rowine H. Brown ’61

Fanny Butcher ’08

Alfred Caldwell ’48

Marvin Camras ’42

George N. Carman ’30

James D. Cunningham ’44

Lee De Forest

Beatrice P. Delany ’42

Lloyd H. Donnell ’68

Marshall D. Ewell

William F. Finkl ’18

Max M. Frocht ’68

Photo Credits

Covers and all infrared photography: Mark Stevens

People of IIT portraits: Lisa Predko

Other photos: Bill Biderbost, Lisa Predko, Mark Stevens

Published by the Office of Communications & Marketing



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