K to 12 Transition for PEIs


K to 12 Transition for PEIs

K to 12 Transition for Private

Education Institutions

Atty. Joseph Noel M. Estrada

August 27, 2013

• Elementary

• High School

• Junior High School= 4 years

• Senior high School= 2 years


= 6 years

=6 years

• Total 12 years


• Delivery of Enhanced Basic Education

• Teacher Education and Training

• Teacher Qualifications and Hiring


Schools are NOT ALLOWED TO

DEVIATE from the order of sequence

and duration as provided by law.

Schools are allowed to adopt their

own structure for monitoring learning

and teaching systems.

primary consideration: compliance

with national educational policies,

plans, and standards (Sections 21-22,

BP 232)

Teacher Education and Training

Current DepEd teachers;

Teachers in the private schools

New teachers or graduates of the current

teacher education curriculum;



Subject area coordinators;

Instructional school leaders;

(ALS) coordinators, instructional managers and

learning facilitators, in this manner:



• National Competency-Based Teacher

Standards (NCBTS).

• In-Service Training

• Pre-service Training of Graduates

–CMO 30, Series of 2004, or

–CHED Memorandum Order No. 52,

series of 2007,

–or earlier versions of the curriculum.

Duly Recognized Organizations Acting

As Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs)

Purpose of Teacher education & training


Ensure that the enhanced basic

education program meets the demand

for quality teachers

This mandate is directed to Teacher

Education Institutes (TEIs) covered by

CHED Memorandum Order Nos. 30, Series

of 2004, and 52, Series of 2007, and

includes all other entities that may

hereafter be allowed by DepEd and CHED

to educate and train teachers.


• refers to organizations, other than schools or

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs),

contracted out by the DepEd for a fixed

period, to provide teacher education and

training for purposes of retooling the

graduates of the teacher education

curriculum, and only in such areas where

there is a shortage of trained teachers.

Temporary Nature

It is apparent that these organizations’

role in training new teachers might

diminish or rendered unnecessary,

once existing TEIs or HEIs have aligned

their Teacher Education curriculum

with the enhanced basic education

curriculum under the K-12 Law.

Notwithstanding R.A. 7836

• Graduates of Science, Match, etc.

• Teacher Volunteers admitted by


• Faculty of HEIs

• Technical-Vocational Teachers

• Experts

• Address shortage of qualified LET applicants

• qualified LET applicants- meant licensed


• DepEd/PRC; and Private Schools determines


• Conditional Qualification- passing the LET

• Survives Transition Period

“Qualified LET applicants shall also

include graduates admitted by

foundations duly recognized for their

expertise in the education sector and

who satisfactorily complete the

requirements set by these


• Not in SBN 6643

• Not in HB 3286

“In case of a conflict between the

statement/amendments stated in this Joint

Explanation and that of the provisions of the

consolidated bill in the accompanying

Conference Committee Report, the provisions of

the latter shall prevail”

• LET Condition does not apply

• Volunteers admitted/trained by


–Written LET is Waived, NOT

Academic Qualification

• “Foundations, as used in this section, refer to

non-profit organizations, which are not

operating as educational institutions,

contracted out by DepEd for a fixed period, to

provide volunteers to teach in basic education

in areas where there is a shortage of qualified

teachers. The DepEd shall issue the guidelines

and procedures for selection and eligibility of

these organizations to qualify.”

• Alternative Source of Teachers

• Flexibility of DepEd (Fixed period,


• DepEd to promulgate guidelines

Graduates of Tech-Voc

• Executive Order No. 83 Series of

2012, or the “Institutionalization of

the Philippine Qualifications

Framework (PQF)”

• 8 Descriptors

• Harmonize with K to 12 Curriculum

• National Certificate from TESDA

• In-Service Training

• LET is waived

Faculty of HEIs

• Bachelor’s or Master’s?

• CHED as the lead agency to determine

Minimum Academic Qualifications of


• MORPHEI- Master’s; except PE and

Music; or professional license for a

bachelor’s degree in cases of dearth of

Master’s Degree Holders

• Minimum Academic Qualification of

Faculty CANNOT be separated from

Requirement of Full-Time Status;

• Joint Order Requires compliance

with MORPHEI Qualification to be a

full-time faculty.


• Increasing the amount of assistance may be

done through the implementing guidelines of


• New GASTPE Law to extend assistance to

Kindergarten and SHS?

Repealing Clause

Laws, decrees, executive orders and

rules and regulations, are repealed or

modified only insofar as their

provisions are inconsistent with the

provisions of the K-12 Law.

• Succinctly put, those prior laws are

still good laws as long as these are

not in conflict or do not run counter

to the K-12 Law.

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