Gymnastics Endowment cover.tif - Washington

Gymnastics Endowment cover.tif - Washington

Letter from the Chairman

It is an honor to serve as the chairman for the campaign to endow the Army

men’s gymnastics program. This endowment provides the best avenue for the

United States Military Academy to continue to be a leader in a sport that has

served West Point well and has continually ranked among the nation’s best.

Army has produced four national champions and an outstanding number

of Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference winners. Army’s letterwinners have

chosen, in numbers significantly higher than the USMA norm, to serve a full

career in the military.

For 81 years, the Army gymnastics team has been one of the more consistently

successful teams the Army Athletic Association supports. The endowment

campaign is designed to ensure that resources remain available to continue this

tradition of excellence for Army Athletics. Our hope is that you will join us in

this very worthwhile endeavor.

Neal Creighton

Major General (Ret.)

Class of ’53

(Retired President/CEO, McCormick Tribune Foundation)

(AOG Distinguished Graduate Award 2005)

(Gymnastics Letterman: ’51,’52, ’53)

(Assistant Gymnastics Officer Representative: ’61, ’62)

(Senior Gymnastics Officer Representative: ’63)

Honorary Chairs

Kevin B. Anderson ........................................Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, USMA

LTG (Ret.) Daniel Christman ....................... 55th Superintendent USMA, Class of 1965

LTG (Ret.) Austin Betts ..................................................................USMA, Class of 1934

Bart Conner .......................................... Three-time Olympic Gymnast, Television Analyst



The United States Military Academy is renowned for its historic and

distinguished reputation as a military academy, and as a premier leaderdevelopment

institution in the nation. Included among the Academy’s “Long

Gray Line” of graduates are some of our nation’s most famous and influential

men: Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, George S.

Patton, Omar Bradley, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower and H. Norman


Army’s gymnastics program, which boasts 29 All-Americans, four national

champions and 62 Eastern champions, along with three Rhodes Scholars and an

astronaut, is proud to announce the start of a five-year fund-raising campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $5 million by April 2010 when Army hopes

to, once again, host the NCAA Men’s Division I Gymnastics Championships.

This campaign, which marks the first time that Army athletics is looking to

endow an athletic program, is focused on generating, through donations, enough

revenue to guarantee that gymnastics remains a key part of the Army’s future

intercollegiate athletics lexicon.

You are receiving this information because, as a friend of the U.S. Military

Academy, or as an Army gymnastics alumni, we would like to offer you the

opportunity to participate. We believe the time is right to undertake this effort

and ensure that the gymnastics legacy — which began in 1926 at West Point—


Endowing the Program

Endowment appears to be the wave of the future at colleges across the

nation. One only needs to look as far as the new outdoor track and field facility,

the new tennis center, or the myriad of other world-class facilities permanently

endowed at the Academy to realize the positive impact on athletic programs and

their recruiting efforts.

Army gymnastics is permanently housed in the Lou Gross Sports Center,

a state-of-the-art gymnastics training venue made available largely through the

generous gifts of Mr. Lou Gross and

other friends of Army gymnastics.

With this superb training facility, the

time for endowing the program and

guaranteeing it in perpetuity is NOW.

photo by Jon Malinowski

Lou Gross Sports Center


photo by Jon Malinowski

Campaign Director

Doug Van Everen, Ph.D.

Army’s gymnastics program has ascended to new

heights since Doug Van Everen took over the program in

1990. Last year, the Army mentor led the Black Knights

to their first ECAC title in 43 years, along with earning its

second straight bid to the NCAA Championships.

One of the most respected coaches in the profession,

Van Everen was chosen the ECAC and East Regional

“Coach of the Year” in 2005. It was the third time he was

recognized regionally and second time by the ECAC.

Vice Chair – Campaign Committee

MG (Ret.) John Longhouser (President, MTC Technologies Inc.) .. Class of 1965

The Endowment Campaign Committee

Lou Gross (Lou Gross Sports Center) ............................................... Class of 1954

MG (Ret.) Neal Creighton (Chairman, Endowment Campaign) .... Class of 1953

COL (Ret.) Punch Jamison (Cslt RAND Corp.) ................................ Class of 1949

Mr. Jon Aaronsohn (Consultant and private investor) ................... Class of 1961

COL George Rhynedance (U.S. Army) ............................................ Class of 1980

COL Christopher Fulton (U.S. Army) .............................................. Class of 1981

COL Jim Knowlton (Chief of Staff – Army Athletics) ..................... Class of 1982

LTC (Ret.) Barry Robella (Prof., Defense Acquisition Univ.) .......... Class of 1969

LTC (Ret.) Arny Ferrando (Prof., Department of Surgery UTMB) .. Class of 1978

Christopher Adams (Dir. Mktg. – Flight Safety Int’l) ...................... Class of 1982

Ned Crossley .....Faculty member (34 yrs.) and former Head Gymnastics Coach

Nathan Pine ..................................................................Assoc. AD/Army Athletics

William Hicks .................................................................. Fundraising Consultant


Army Athletic Association

One of the responsibilities of the Army Athletic Association is funding

intercollegiate athletic programs at the Academy. They do this largely through

the revenue generated by the program and generous donations from the many

friends and alumni of Army Athletics.

Defense budget monies are not used in any significant quantity to

fund Army Athletics.

Though Army Gymnastics is not currently at risk as one of the Academy’s

intercollegiate athletic programs, this fund-raising effort will generate the revenue

required to supplement operating costs of the gymnastics program. This will also

significantly reduce the program’s need to rely on the recurring budget challenges

facing the Army Athletic Association.

Army Athletic Association Allotment

35% of the Army Athletic Association

budget comes from USMA funds.

65% of the Army Athletic Association

budget comes from generated funds*

* Generated funds include,

ticket revenue and the Army Athletic Association gift shop


Gymnastics at West Point

Army Gymnastics sports a proud tradition at West Point that began in 1926

and remains just as vibrant and strong today.

The gymnastics opportunity at West Point has attracted a steady flow of high

caliber student-athletes. Quality gymnasts, motivated by the desire to serve the

nation, continue to choose West Point in significant numbers.

Three Army gymnasts have been

awarded a Rhodes Scholar with Dan

Helmer, USMA Class of 2003, the most

recent to be honored with his selection

in December 2004.

Army has had four national

champions in Robert Sears (USMA ’39),

Ray Belardi (USMA ’39), Jon Claybrook

(USMA ’52) and Jon Aaronsohn (’61),

along with recent All-Amercia picks

Imad Haque (USMA ’04), Ben Hayward

(USMA ’99), Dustin Greenhill (USMA

’03) and Brian Lee (USMA ’05).

2005 All-American Brian Lee

Lee was recently selected for Army’s World Class Athlete Program, where he

is training for the 2008 Olympic Trials.

A Legacy of Leaders of Character

photo by Jon Malinowski

One of the Military Academy’s mission tasks is to produce leaders of character

for the U.S. Army and the nation. Army gymnastics has certainly produced its

share as 51 percent of former gymnasts have stayed on active duty in their career

path, retiring after 20 or 30 years for a full military career, while others have

served both in and out of the military in virtually every agency and corner of the

government. Still others have become doctors, lawyers, educators, astronauts,

consultants, and corporate executives.

Additionally, the team has produced 35 general, 156 colonels, and over 190

field-grade officers of lower rank.


Gymnastics and the Army

Austin Betts (USMA ’34)

Captain of 1934 team …two-time Eastern champion … captured all-around

title and horizontal bar in 1934 … has enjoyed a highly successful military career

… built air fields and air bases in China during World War II ... became associate

director of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, birthplace of the atomic

bomb ... assigned to Army General Staff as Chief, Atomic Energy Branch, where

he led the study of ballistic missile defense ... appointed director of Defense

Advanced Research Projects Agency until his retirement in 1970 ... named Senior

Vice-President/Operations at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio,


Woody Spring (USMA ’67)

Astronaut (Space Shuttle Mission) … one of first men

to walk in space … served as a mission specialist on STS-

61B, which flew Nov. 26 thru Dec. 3, 1984 … responsible

for launching three communications satellites and performed

two EVAs (Extra Vehicular Activity) … following

his retirement from NASA in August 1988, Spring spent

the next five years directing the Army Space Program Office

in Washington, D.C. … he retired from the Army in

1994 and is now an aerospace consultant.

Army Gymnasts Who Attained Rank of General

General of the Army (ret.) John Wickham ’50

General of the Army (RTA, ret.) Vichitra Sookmark ’59

Lt. Gen. (ret.) John L. Ballantyne ’54

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Austin W. Betts ’34

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Richard D. Lawrence ’53

Lt. Gen. (USAF, ret.) William Martin ’39

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Beverley Powell ’36

Lt. Gen. (USAF, ret.) Craven Rogers ’57

Lt. Gen. (ret.) James Starling ’60

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Howard Stone ’55

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Roland B. Anderson ’38

Maj. Gen. (USAF, ret.) William M. Charles ’54

Maj. Gen. (USAF, ret.) William A. Cohen ’59

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Neal Creighton ’53

President, Westminster College;

Director National Museum, U.S. Army, AOG;

Distinguished Graduate Award

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Charles Denholm ’38

Maj. Gen. (USAF, ret.) Jay T. Edwards ’54

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Waldo Freeman ’64


Maj. Gen. (USAF, ret.) Thomas R. Griffith ’63

Maj. Gen. (ret.) David Hale ’67

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Richard D. Kenyon ’57

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Roger Lilly ’39

Maj. Gen. (USAF, ret.) Harrison Lobdell, Jr. ’46

Maj. Gen. (ret.) John Longhouser ’65

Maj. Gen. (USAF, ret.) James E. Paschall ’46

Maj. Gen. Bruce Robinson ’70

Maj. Gen. (ret.) John O. Sewall ’58

Maj. Gen. Bruce Scott ’72

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Elmer Yates ’41

Brig. Gen. (ret.) David Cameron ’50

Brig. Gen. (USAF, ret.) Ralph Hallenbeck ’43

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Robert Koch ’47

Brig. Gen. (ret.) William Louisell ’51

Brig. Gen. Florencio F. Magsino

(Foreign cadet, ’51 – Philippine Army, ret.)

President ,Philippine Nat’l Defense Center

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Anthony Trifiletti ’64

Brig. Gen. (ret) George E. Wear ’44

The Endowment Process

This will be a broadly-scoped effort to raise enough money to fully endow

the program. Each contribution will recognize and celebrate the team’s consistent

record of success over the years. The campaign committee will actively solicit

donations from individuals, corporations, and other friends of Army Gymnastics

through the duration of the campaign. We strongly encourage all those interested

in the effort to contribute generously to this worthy cause – guaranteeing the

future of the Army Gymnastics program.

The Endowment Fund

A tax-exempt fund specified for the endowment has been set up through the

Association of Graduates and approved by the Superintendent. Every donation

brings us a step closer to our goal of self-sufficiency, and guarantees the Army

Gymnastics legacy in the future. Every pledge makes a difference and the

preservation of this team will ensure the gymnastics opportunity at West Point

will continue for generations to come.

Checks to be made out to: “West Point Fund”

Memo Section add: Gymnastics Endowment Account # S-500-M

Donor Recognition

Each donor will be appropriately recognized for their contribution and their

name will be displayed by the gymnastics team in an appropriate place of honor.

The Association of Graduates will place a recognition plaque in the Lou Gross

Spors Center’s award center.

Contact Information:

Neil Creighton:



Doug Van Everen

Head Coach – Gymnastics

U.S. Military Academy

639 Howard Road

West Point, NY 10996

O: 845-938-3802

C: 914-879-4597



“Army Gymnastics has a proven record of excellence in the Army and at

West Point. We have an opportunity to continue this legacy in the future. By

undertaking this effort, we will be able to keep this proud tradition alive for

many years to come.”

Doug Van Everen

Head Coach & Campaign Director

“Ensuring the future of the program depends on the efforts

and contributions of many individuals. We hope that you will take pride

in preserving the Army Gymnastics tradition and generously support the


Neal Creighton, Class of 1953

Endowment Chair

“The Army Gymnastics team is an excellent program that continues to attract

and produce great leaders for the U.S. Army and the nation.”

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Daniel Christman

Honorary Chair

55th USMA Superintendent


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