Studies on the connections between ... - Helda -

Studies on the connections between ... - Helda -

thanexpected. Ithankmy supervisors andcoauthorsforpatience andhumane attitude

— we all are simply humans and face problems from time to time.

I express my gratitude for collaboration and friendship with PhD Amar Hamed, a

colleague from Kuopio, who passed away just two months ago. Thank you Amar for

these years.

Last I want to thank my family and relatives for support, especially during the difficult

times. Encouragements personally and via internet were important for finalizing

the thesis this spring/summer. I also have to give my acknowledments to music and

handcrafts, those are often needed to keep things in balance! I am most grateful to my

husband Jaani for support, patience, belief in my abilities even on bad days, and for

all kinds of practical help — this, I guess, may be called love.

In Kumpula, Helsinki, October 2013

Sanna-Liisa Sihto-Nissilä

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