05-07-1903 - Village of Pinckney


05-07-1903 - Village of Pinckney


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Notice—Bead W. C. T. U. column

on page 4.


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i •

is a good time to select your Wall

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mtmmmmmm toio iv


E. O. Mackinder lost a valuable cow

the past week.

Paul Curlett-of Dexter is the

of relatives here.

Mrs. H. W. Hicks is visiting

sister in Owos^o.



Rev, H. W. Hicks was called

to Corunna Tuesday on business.

L. VV. Richards of Bay City was in

town over Satniday and Sunday.

Mrs, S. S. Smith of Stockbrid^e,

called on friends here last Friday.

The Livingston Co. Teachers

association will be held at Howell

May 23.

Cbas. Acker and wife of Iosco were

quests of M. Wilson and wife

Saturday and Sunday.

A. Boylan of Chilson was the guest

of his son Frank and family of this

place the first of the week.

Mrs, Fred Mylne of Dexter was the

guest of her grand parents and other

relatives here the last of last week.

Mrs. ftlame Watson, who has been

spending the winter m Flint, was a

guest of Mrs. J. A. Cad well this week.

The Stock bridge and Pinckney

High School Base Ball Teams cross

bats at StJckbridge; Saturday May 9.

The Anderson farmers club will be

held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.

Greiner Saturday afternoon, May 9.

Supper will be served.

Will Moran has purchased this

territory for the sale of farm rights

Young Men's club business meeting

to build cement posts. The posts put compauy, presented Mr. and Mrs. tonight at 8:30—important.

up by Will Moran are O. K.

Montague with a beautilul dining Regular meetings Saturday, 8-10,

Itreally looks as it Chelsea was to" table-, •

strictly for members only. Applications

for membership should be made

have a peat factory. Flans'have been Tt was with reurret that the time of

drawn for such a plant and the work the departure approached, but the in writing to the president*, G. W,

is expected to be done by Sept. 1. guests left for their respective homes Mylne.

T. Birkett says that many of the

wishing for their ho^t and hostess

The Boys club met Friday evening

peach buds were frozen by the cold

many more joyful wedding adversaries.

snap and are dropping. He thinks

the show for a big crop of peaches is

very slim.

Mrs. Chris. Brown of this place and

Abram Boyer of Carson City were

married at the latter place last

Wednesday, April 28. They will

make it their home here.

N. H. Caverly drives a pair of fine

horses these days. One was purchased

of Geo. Black of Anderson and the

other of James Harris. They get over

the ground in great shape.

Congregational Church.

Conducted by Rev. G. W.Mylne.

Morninsr service at 10:30 subject of

sermon ''Immortality a Present Possession."

Evening at 7:30—special music

by the Choir and male voices, also organ

selections by the pastor from the

"New Congl. hymnal" "Belshalzzar's


Worship and sermon Thursday at


Preaching at North Hamburg at

3 p. m. topic by request ''Lessons

frcm the buffalo Tragedies." All cordially

invited to attend,

Thi< church issues a special invitation

to strangers and eausual visitors"

to make it their Sunday home.

• • i a* •

Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary

A pleasant social affair took place

at the Mpntague Bros., on Friday,

May 1,1902.

The occasion was Mr. and Mrs. A.

A. Montague's twenty fifth anniversary,

and about ninety friends tendered

tbem a surprise in commemora*

tion of the event. Mr. and Mrs.

Montague/8 ever-present , hospitality

was safficent to overcome the effects

of the complete surprise and they ex»

tended to their -friends a cordial

greeting aadjjnned in making thp


She pimd him by with a glassjr atart—

She pasMd hiai with a haaffhtyair—

With a withering look the paiaod him—

Aa much as to say thare war* "othtrt," she coees«d~

With her noae at an an*]*, her eye to th« west,

She passed him and cast him a look that'll last him.

Mebb© she knew he was a married man and had no license to rubber—4t

mebbe his clothes didn't fit him; you never can tell what it is that inspires a

anub; nine timeB out of ten it's clothee. We're not. going to argue with th«

sage who said clothes do not make the man, but don't let's forget that the

aage was plodding in one century while we are automobiling in another.

Good clothes may not make a man, but they do give him the ong-tree to the

pink tea„

The making of good clothes is our business; we take the mt

The Royal Tailors, of Chicago, do the cutting and the tailoring.

^^fe&Si » ^w^v




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We make ladies' skirts, too, man-tailored to measure at a big sarins'in pnoa>

Ladies should make a note ox this.

K. h. CRANE, Local Dealer, Pinckney, Mich.

brought and served a delicious dinner.

During the pleasure of the afternoon.

Mrs. C. W. Hait, in beba f of the


At a regular meeting of Livingston

Lodge No. 76, F. & A. M, Tuesday

evening May 5, the following resolutions

were adopted:

WHEREAS:—The Supreme Ruler, in His

infinite wisdom, has taken from our midst,

our beloved brother, Ira V. Reeves; therefore,

be it

RESOLVED:—That in the death of our

brother, the community has lost an upright

citizen, the family a devoted brother and

the lodge a true and loyal member

RESOLVED;—That in this hour of sorrow

and affliction, we extend to the bereaved

family our truest and deepest sympathies.

RESOLVED:—That these resolutions be

entered on the records of the lodge; that a

copy be sent to the family; and that the

same be published in the DISPATCH, and

be it further

RESOLVED:—That the charter of onr

lodge be draped in mourning, for a period

of thirty days.


•Corn. [ F. G





and elected the following officers:

President, G. W. Mylne.

Vice Pres., Fred Read.

Secretary, Ruel Cad well.

Treasurer, Rex Read.

Custodian, Glenn Richards.

| Sentinel, Percy Morteuson.

j The club is composed of members of

| tha Cong'l Sunday schooi and meets

, Friday evenings 7 to 9.



The change of time of the! evening

west-bound train to an heur and:

twenty minutes later or 8.-02 whi}*)

it will make it considerable better fo»"


some thinps it will make it very disa ; ^'

greeable for others. The bal) crantev^j.

who wish can go to Detroit, $ee a ball

game and home the same djay as it

will give another hour in Detroit.

To the mail and express!- man it •

mean* later hours. Mr. Btliggs the

drayman wishes us to state* that he

will not .make \he train unless absolutely

necessary. Anyone) wishing

him to get anything for then) on the

late train are requested to notify him

and be will make the trip. •

OiJr Store Never Was Jta Inviting

If you want to buy furniture

Come and look around

If you want to see what is new

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If you do not want to buy no matter

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Yaii fire Welcome in Either Base

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We Study the Furniture Business -

Brokaw & Wilkinson.-





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•rv. ,^,-4^

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&< -P-

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t- ' * : . • .

'at ; .„ ^.*v:



, O. CkaVsi a ncua tautut, ft*

Block. Des/Motnee, Iowa, has du>

msdtolnsw for the eyes that peourn

at home and cure Ca.aract»>


&e ani IHflaff o» is BandptiT>U3bek

v a« "tO-pase



• ^ v , ^ , r : ^

..1 .T. :.*•


\> "V

• ,* :^ 'in • •tfrJHpinwp^*^,**


< v. . ^JPc^?fei^Wccuf^J?uf Ooce hi the Pages.

W^ow^prev^nt^ia si^M and ]:tained imthe SJtolecJ^heenV^ted,

Btb weak ayes atron*. Wri Oofs',

, *ftt*qt>e* in Negro Cabins. T Uoit ebtitled'«Curioatt^^e,Bl^e;'

«*». e.today for his book.

but by whom wh?^ ;o^%her»| 1st Hot



• ,'?i

generally known, "best's pabUca.

tt to said by etperts that the finest,. •»«*}«

*siftaue,' colonial furniture in this Spanish

da,•.- fearing^ usujnation, owed

of ft has been discovered in the cabv , the Airesl °' -^6

supposed wo,uw-be

feis of aged negroes who ware formerly

slaves. When these rare, carved crown he was thrown into an old BTIS-

usurper, *nd by order of the Spanish

old pieces of mahogany ^ers dlsooT-* pn< called the place of aknlls, situated

ored by their masters they were often in Madrid, where he^ijras conflned^-for

«iven to the negroes, not understanding

the valuation of teen thai would paniQn than, the xata. /nice and

thirty-three years, with ; no other pom-


*oome later. A richly carved mahogany

sideboard was found recently in

» chicken roost In one of the southarn

*t*tea. This wis bought by a dealer

for a small sum and after it was re-

!• I. • •

Oo Your Feet Achs and Burn?

. Shake ln[tor your shoes, Alien's Foot-

Vase, a powder for the feet ^It makes

tight or Wew Shoes feel Easy. Cures

Swollen, Hot, Sweating Feet, Corns

Sfltd Bunions, At all Druggists and

Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FUSE.

Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. T.

~ "-. ', ': r * v

What the World Ow©« Every Man.

The world owes to eytay man a living,

says Chauncey M. De&ew, provide

od Tie hat the industry and jfletermina-J

4km to collect it. The world owes to

*snrery man more pleasure than pam;

jnore good than' bad; more gain than

lostf; more happiness than sorrow;

*aore success than failure; more love

than hate; more friends than enemies;

bat it.rests with the man himself

"whether he collects that debt, for the

jsrorld holds fast to the good things

"which it possesses and lets free the

tad; and it is only by labor and energy,

only by determination and character

that the debt which the world

owes to every one is collected.

Haifa Catarrh Cure

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In crying over spilt milk, a man stors

eitbagh to claim it was or earn.


TJee Red Cross Ball Blue and keep them

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A square meal at a swell

«/osts a round sum.


To Gore a Cokt in One day.

Ttifrr 7-"Tft H T n ^«^""» Quinine Tablets. All

-tracgist* refund money if it fails to care. 26c

The lance is to be ildne away wKh In

4fee Russian fcfttiy.

; . • | i n i - ,.. , ..,• ,

You can do your dyeing in half an

femur with . PUTNAM FADELESS


As our inclinations, so oor opinion*.—


Pteo's Cure caaoot be too hiitbly spoken of as

4k«arto«n.-J. W. O'Basrav SS8 Third Ave.,

a*,. tfiMHMpuite.Mfttti., Jan. a. looa



active virtue is worth 10

•s^p ft 3a*fr$



V.T "m*,


* . • • • > ' •




* ..."»..

»' idea "The vast

loss of the present season among

herds of the Western ranges," said

Mr. Moore, "emphasizes the necessity

of trying to infuse hardier blood into

American cattle."

A creed 3s a


chart and not a .com-

EVERETT, MASS.—I received the

sample of Doan's Pills and they stopped

all my trouble of pain in the back,

from which I have suffered for two

years. »1 em a sole-leather cutter, &ud


being on my feet and lifting heavy

Grain jm the Hands Of *arme*e. J dies all day, appreciate the help

A recent report of the stat.istl' Doan's Pills have given me. I feel

clan of the department of agriculture like a new man.—GEO. A. BURGESS,

shows Cbe amount of wheat remaining

in farmers* hands on March 1 to

108 Belmont Street.

have eete'mbanrt 764,900,000 bushels

or 24 J per «ea* of last year's-crop, fir. Lorts, Mo.—Received sample,

as compared with 28.? per cent of the and- am on my first bottle from the

crop of-1 law est hand «n March V druggist—they helped me wonderfully.

I had a feeling of wanting to

. 1902, and MJ» per cent of the crop of

1900 on head em March 1, 1901. urinate all iho time, end trouble in

The con la sarmers* hands is estl passing, burning and hchtng. That is


• .eT3Hg^g^s1t9eBf*ir '^Pspsa^sK ^rm

* ^BSSsWmwgyessw'sWT*.

fPfU^fi%. Catarrh itom


TpO the woman oj jaaeieat Israel not to

I become a mother was regarded aa

-*-. the greatest of earth*/calamities,

ro become a a1c«ber--iDore espeeiaBy the

fflotheretlistreag, healthy bey--was the

height of glefy ior the faithful woman Of the

food did Bibto^ajMb Even now, when «3»

r«raity is aot vsa|eemed a» oi yere^.the

aether of healthy c|uldcen i* an obiect of.

admiration, ana sometimes envy, by her

aeighbors. As compared , wi^h ancient

peoples, the average American woman has

a low appreciated of motbferhooA There

i are, however, a' great many exception* to

tbi*statement - • ' >• -

The acoompaayiDg letters from grateful

women who have been madeauong, healthy

and happy mclpera need 00 addep word* of

ou/i to make them convincing. Catarrh had

weakened and Impaired their entire system*.

Peruaamade thefn sound erid wefl.

Mrs. h. M. Gr4flhh, ArcO, Idaho, writes:

"Your medicine did me a wonderful

amount of good. It cured me of barrenness.

I am 30 yeare old and never had any

children; but since beginning your medicine



Wdle* Mrs. 1^ McCotWrts.

. ... . - • • • • . . i ••

Mrs. W. McBoberts, writes to Dr. Hartman from Delano, Mies., the following:


Doctors. B. Hmrtmma, Colombo*, Obtoi

Door Sir:--" I fool perfectly weU of cmUrrb. 1 did as yoUdirectedme

to mod took Peraam dad Mmnmtta. The third of Motidi f gmre birth to m

10 pomad bmby girt mod we are both wett and happy. I am very thankful

toyoo, and Peruna tared my IMo. I recommend H to ereryone and eaa*t

praiae it enough.

"1 send yon my own and my babya picture. • She la so sweet and

good,—she is a Peruna baby, ihave such good health now. i do ail my

Housework and take care of my baby 9 and feel so good.

"There aid throe or four of mynelgbbota using Peruna now* since It

did nie so much good. They were just run down, and they think it Is

line. It Is so good to give strength."—Mrs. W. McRoberts.

I gave birth to alO-pbund baby girL Shots [kept getting worse. One day a neighbor

now six months old and weighs 25 pounds; j woman brought ine voar book, the "Ills of

My friends were all sui^ri^- Some would, Life," and wanted me to take your med

not believe it until tkey came to eee me. iciaev 1 told her that I had given np all

" My husband says he never saw such a hope of ever getting well. I had tried so

change in any one as there was in me after much medicine My neighbors thought I

I had taken three or four bottles of Peruna was nearly dead with consumption.

I am stronger than I have been since I was "Finally I concluded that I would make

quite young. Cod bless you and your medicine

forever, lean not tell you all. My

letter is too long already; but I will say

Peruna cured me. I never saw or heard of

anything half so good I can never thank

you enough for yoiu kindnesa 1» cases of

la grippe it works like a charm. It cured

my baby when other medicines failed. She

was real had with la grippe.''—Mrs. L. M.


Mrs. "E. E. Thomas, Alpna; Mo., writes:

" I have used your Peruna and Manalra.

1 had been doctoring for several vears. but

a last trial. So my husband got me a bottle

of Peruna and Manalin. 1 commenced

taking them according to directions. That

was two years ago. A year ago last November

I gave birth to a 10-pound baby

boy, who is well and hearty; and I am

doing my own housework. I can never

give Peruna too great praise. I think it is

the best medicine I ever heard of."—Mrs.

B. E. Thomas.

If yoU do not derive prompt and satisfactory

results from the use of Peruna, write

at once lo Dr Hartman, giving a full state-


To prove the beating and

cleansing power of ir»xtkie

ToUet Antleeptle we will

mail a large trial package

with book of instructions

absolutely free. This is not

a tiny sample, but a large

package, enough to convince

anyone or its value.

Women all over the country

are praising Paztine for what

it has done in local treatment

of female 111», curing

all inflammation and discharges, wonderful as a

cleansing vagi mil douche, for sore throat, nasal

catarrh, as a mouth wash and to remove tartar

and whiten the teeth, Send today; a postal card

will do

Hold by druggist* or sent postpaid by wa> 50

eenta, large box. Sat isfaction goaraatead.

TELE K. PAXTON CO., Boston, Maes.

S14 Coloaobos Ave.


Aching backs are eased. Hip, back, and loin pains,

limb swellings and-dropsy signs vanish.

They correct urine with brick dust sediment, high

colored, pain in passing, dribbling, frequency, bee]

wetting. Doan's Kidney Pills remove calculi and

ravel. Relieve .heart palpitation, sleeplessness,

izzines8,headache,. * * A . nervousness.


Consult our Physician by mail: medical advice free.


E^ceopt coat of tnaili&f. Wo will aond our op load Id

GOLD MKDAJL COOK* BOOK, contairUo* owor 1.00^ otvfo.

fislly proporod roespea, to oay lady who will ao&d sis oight

ooata In atampa »Ad the tuamoa mod a^droaaoa of two houao*

wlwoo who would aiao tlsto OAO of thoao boofca> Ad4roaa

W^«0BUrXK^llOUT CO.* Mlonoopolia, Mintu. aMafeoro of


received sample of Doan's Pills and

they are all that ie claimed, they relieved

a pain in my back, and did all

that was represented.— C. C. RAT,

R. F. D. No. 1.



tell the good of Doan's Kidney Pills

until he tries them for a week back.

I tried everything and got no relief

until I used Doan's Pills.—J. X.


WRST BRANCH, MICH. , April 11 th. —

Many thanks for the sample of Doan's

Kidney Pills. We had tried many

remedies with little benefit but found

Doan's act promptly, and hit the case,

which was an unusual desire to urinate

—had to get up five ami six times of

a night I think Diabetes was well

under way, the feet and ankles

swelled. There was an intense pain in

the hack, the heat of which would

feel like putting one's hand up to a

lamp chimney. I hare used the free

trial and two full boxes of Doan's Pitts

with the satisfaction of feeling that I

am cured. They are the remedy pai

excellence.— B. F BALLARD

*UH «0i»

ment of your case and he wjll be

give you his valuable advice gratis. .

Address Dr. Hartman, President of

Hartman Sanitarium, Cetumbus, Ohiev

Thio Trade Mem

appears on Ooofclof atsVeeotbJghesl amis,

"Klean, Kool KltetwB Klutfl

laored. _.

can be.done on the L *i»i&K&i





Tat Beaten Way more wheat!

* "" ~iaailalaaj|



portion to tbeftaNawTTBe i

northerly latttodela which |

wttl oema to perreenontftfce l


SOU*, la the East. Artaaajitr areatairjatmOaaatw

190S, I.SS7.SSS a«re». TUM, UQa, ir7^7»4*eiT


toe ooljr eaarge tor wnleb tot!*** makta* SaWf.

Abundance of water and foel, feofMSac mth

cheap. Rood era* for.aaMare fta*hay* •**&•'

a taficieat ralniail, and a eMsaats gtrtotaa r

aad «deo.aate tttacm of growth.

%i8end to the fcUowtnttor aa Atlas __

Uteratore. and alto tor eeniftcate grvtea ree«e>dqcod

freight aftd. paaasairer rataV, ew.* «SjLa

Sapertateodeat et Immigration, Ottawa. T*asahT,

or NX. V. Melanee, No, a Areano Theatre 7' '

Detroit, Mich., or J. Grlere, Baolte Sta. Marie,

the aatbotUed Canadian QoranuiMat * —



W. N. U.-DETTW3IT-NO. 1^-todS


•':*" +••**• .4., Vi

• V>. »'•*•'• V*S«

•*.• . • • >

;'••• ~'


* , .. . • • ^- .

•>;•-., .--jr.

V- '**!



' • * , '


f 1 *

• ' ' • *


' r ,*>

-. • '.J \





if- '"


: ^ - •





f' .j)"" « |—|i«wil»i»[»u » mp was * In sunk, ^ S! the M ***?* water

come up. Swinging and smiling, Bob

came wltWn four feDt of the curWngt

greeted him with, "Howe, old boy, ; making fourteen feet of water in the

how arc you?" and with this the > well instead of two feet the first year.

steward of the boarding club swan:;.:' This practical test and additional experiments

strengthened my belief that

hU tiviu and lot the hard hand of

1 I'M' -•hip descend vigorously upon

as Irrigation increases, spreading water

over the surface of the land, the

(uu! of youii'-t Howe's back.

underflow would increase proportionately.

This water would eventually

;;vaks of variegated I-OI.-TS

emerged in sharp streaks form waterways, seepage courses and

; . i>arls of the pie iiend's co!-

M il almost a counterpart in

rav o

< K

ic rising sun.

. •• .• ti i.i.i to explain, but La Fol-

- i\.l !.iiu sliortTsaving:

''.':.;'s all riglit. I understand.

1? t~



JI n»* iipi

*^»n 11 ^ i'i.—^t«>—if*^*^—

M state of Washington,

on motion of William P. Van Winkle, soltcitor

for complainant, it i^ ordera I that the defendant

enter his appearance in this causw on or

before four months from the datst of this order,

and that within t .v«nty days tlie complainant

find Its way to or near the surface of cause this order to bo publi.-diu:! in the PISUKthe

lowlands or plains and possibly I NEY nis!>ATc«, said ptibiicatiju to he continue!

Several hundred miles distant from the j o»cei u each week for six w>»e'«s lx succession.

mountains. To prove this I have found

STKATWS F. Sanaa, circuit Jud^e.

medicine could he procured or ti physican

summond. A reliable remedy

meaning from two to four miles more,

for these, diseases should !>e kept af

-gewell Ford in "Sonet Nine." tain to be more than pleased with the

band, The risk is too jjreat for anyone

to take. Chamberlain's Colic.

result. For sale at 25 cents per box

A man living on a farm near here

F. A.Sigler.

Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has

came in a short time ago completely

undoubtsdiv saved the live* of more

doubled up with rheumnii-m. I XCURSIONS people and relieved more pain and

handed him a bottle ot Chamberlain's


suffering than any other medi2ine in

Pain Balm and told him to use it RE MARQUETTE use. It can always be dapendad upon .

treely aad if not satisfied after using

For sale bv F. A. Sigler.

it ho need not pay a ceiit for it. says GRAND RAPLDS SUNDAY, May 17

C. P. Rayder, of Pattens Mill, X. Y. Train will leave South Lyon at 8:36 FIJI the Place Well.

A few days later he walked into the A. M. -See posters, or ask agents tor Where one man is called to be a hero

store as straight as a ^riiicr anJ handme

dollar saving, give me another

particulars. T-20. ,

on some great scale 10,000 men are

J called to be courteous, gentle, patient.

uottle of Chamberlain's Piin Halm.

I want, it in home all the tim« for it

cured me. Foi' sale l)v f\ A..Sigler.

An Odd Fiek.

One of the oddest fishes that ever

•warn in any sea is that knowu to naturalists

under the unattractive name ot

ophiocephalus. A species of it is found

In the sea of .Galilee, where it builds a

nest which for beauty of design and elegance

of "workmanship excels the efforts

of the majority of feathered nest

Guilders. Its favorite spot for building

la in an old root or rock projecting under

the water, and the material consists

of seaweed, grass and leaves.

The Wastes Of The Body

Every seven days the h'ood, mucles

and bones of a mm ot avampe si*:e

loses two potmds of wornout tissue.

This waste cannot he replenished and

the health and strongh kept up without

perfect digestion. When the

stomach and digestive organs fail to

. perform their functions, the btrengh

lets down,'health gives away, and disease

sets of). Kodol Dyspepsia (lure enables

the "stomach and digestive ergata

to digest and assimilate all of the

wholesome, food that may be eaten into

the kind of blood that rebuilds the

tissues anil protects the health and

streagb ofjthe mind and body. Ko~dol

Mr. .Joseph Pominville, of Stillwater,

Minn., after having spent $2,000

with the best doctors for stom;u:h,

without relief, was advised by hi>

drusrgist, Mr. Alex. Ricdard, to try a

box of Chamberlain's Stomach and

Liver Tablets. He did so, and is a

well man today. If trouhl d with

indigestion, bad taste in the mouth,

lack of appetite or constipation, give

these Tablets a trial, and you are cer­

a good supply of water In wells from

ten to thirty feet by digging in the bed

or near dry waterways until gravel is

reached. In some cases a well fron;

three to Ave feet in diameter will give

a sufficient supply ot water.

In other instances I have sunk w

from eight to twenty feet In dlamet^rT

This, of course, depends on conditions,

flow of water and amount desired. If

is often the case that the underflow of


171*3 Solicitor for Oouplain&nt.


Is the place to

Get Good Heals at Right Prices,


these dry streams ia sufficient to yield j One of our Dinners

a valuable farm supply.

In almost every neii/hliorhood

someone has died Irom an attack of

colio or cholera morims, of'ttn he to re

Made Yumig Again

j There are conspicuous virtues which


"One of Dr. KIDJI'* New Life Pills reputation, nr.d there are quiet

, . , . , , , ' , , , i virtues, the virtues of private life,

each night lor two wee.es has put m ej wWch make charactei , It l9 not every

m my 'teens 1 again writes I); H. Tun-1 man's duty to fill a large place, but it is

er of Dempseytown, Pa, They're the! every man's duty to fill,his own place

best in the world far Liver, Stomach : well.-Cliristinn Evangelist.

and Bowels. Purely vetfwtable.

Never gripe. Only OA

WANTED-The Subscription

}S, at • Sigler's

Drug Store.

due on the DISPATCH.

Bcha Dell.

Brown Horse, 16¾ hands high, splendid action and 6ne disposition.

Sired by Ambassador, he by George Wilkes, he by Humbletoiian 10. Ambassador's

dam was bv American Clay M.

CiM-lotta, dam of Koho Dell, is by Tremont, ft sire of speed, he by He!mo 1 it, 04,

he by Alexander's Abdallah lo, lie by Hainbletonian 10. Charlotta is a so dam of

Gertude A. 2:17}.

Echo Dell's grand-dam, Belle Boyd, is by Louis Napoleon, he bv volunteer, he bv"

Hambletonian 10. Belle Boyd is the dam of White Oak 2:22}. May Watson, 3d dam

of Echo Dell is the dam of Aurelian 2 :33, who sired r„ast Hope 2:11|.

Echo Dell's sire was a sire.of speed, while Echo Dili's first, .second and third dam s

were all producers of speed. He i* bred in the purple and has size, style and action.

Echo Dell is proving himself by his get to be one of the wry. best sires in Michigan

of'htgh action and splendid style, large size and superbly finished colt,,*;

Will make the season of 19U8 at the proprietor's stables, West Putnam

TERMS:-$10.00 To Insure Mare in Foal.

Accidents and escapes at owner's risk. Any person breeding a m%re to this horse

and disposing of the same before foaling time, or no^returning regularly for trialj will

cares Indigestion, Dyspepsia and all be held for full insurance j money t — -

stomach troubles. It is an ideal

'spring tonic. So!4 by all Druggists.

AG. WILSON, Prop., Anderson, Mich.



and be

V " V -"X •



N. H. Caverly,


A Weak



(if* »»,.»• utn Lyou.

f» itf^'S



*;.. •.



"V •



. * • / •









• - * •






"• .*-)]) at'

"" A&tartUagTeat



S^^ft 1 *



T- ?^*3

of M|nopjw^4 r>^»»fl« »

.«.. teat JPttJ&W >tf v a wonderful cur.e.

. fnpdoon in barns and elaewher*

fctvi sot Infrequently been the source

ft* •arloua accldenta. An Ohio Tanner

jwiiiliondent baa designed a door with

• flew to proyiaattug

any snob

fjaeaiencea. Aa

MJftted in the

«s*, & fe a plank

A A are

of plank

tO the ' A TKAPDOOB.

and swing back out of the

lilies not in use. These come

9 againft the batten* of the door

Wten it is raised and are hooked flnn-

S7 to It There is no danger of falling

this trap.

• • * - •




It It jaj4 tbainotliini f W i* except

fctkand tMM, put that iftdM*.". a|toga^her^

true, Or. King's New |Ht<

jcovefjrfor Cpnip^ption it "if a tore

Jwte lojr alljlung and throat 'troubles

ftt * ^ ^ Patent was attacked

VwitiTy^ttttnem«rrhageB 4 caused by

'lacerattoo of the stomach. I ^ad| thousands can testify to Ibat Mrs

- oftei| found Electric Bitters excellent ""

llpflr sjmte stomach and liver troubles

ao I ; perecribe them.. The patient

" gai ned trom tbrirrBViks^^a* sot^d

an in^ck in 14 months. 1 ' Electric

Bitters are poeiUyely guaranteed for

* Oysjwpeia, Indigestion, Constipation

and^idaey troubles. Try them. Only

fiOofttBigier's drurstore.

A Card.

. I, the undersigned, do hereby aprree

to retund the money on a oO cent bottle

of Greune's Warranted Syrup of

Tar it it failes ro cure your cougb or

cold. I also guarantee a 25 cent bottle

to prove satisfactory or money refunded.


Will R. Darrow.

Seen on an Ostrich


It is no uncommon, thing to see a

m|lle ostrich strutting about followed

by three or four distinct broods, all of

different sizes. When the incubating

process is completed, the cock bird

leads his young ones off and if he

Meets another proud papa engages In

ft terrific combat with him. The ranftilshed

bird retires without a single

sJiek, while the other, surrounded by

tts> two broods, walks away triumpiantly.


bottle 1.^**1--r of Dr. r\_ King's v._ «..New - r\ Discovery

then cured me absolutely/' Its infallible

for Croup Whooping Cough.tJrip

peiimonia and Consumption. Try it.

It's guaranteed by F. A. Sigler

Druggist. Trial bottles free. Sag-.

uiar sizes 50c. $1. 00.

Gtvrs Himself Away*

After preaching on the occasiOB of

the reopeniiig of a restored church the

bishop thanked the churchwarden, an

old farmer, for.his share in the good

work. "And I must thank your lordship

for your sermon,*' was the reply,

"but I could'not help thinking, as you

talked about sin, that your lordship

must have boon a little wildisli yourself

when you weiv « young man*"

A Uttle Early Riser

now and then, at bed time will cure

constipation, Biliousness and liver

troubles. DeWitts little Early Risers

ate the farrous little pills that cure by

arousing tbe secretions, moving the

bowels gently, yet effectually, and giving

such tone and strenpb to the

glands of the stomach and liver that

the cause of the trouble is removed entirely,

and if tbe n?e is continued for

a fe\»days. there will b« no return oi

the complaint. Sold l>y all druggists.





And is making the season of 1903

in the vicinity of.Pinckney, AnderBOUT"Gregory,

Plainfield and

Unadilla, being driven on the


"Will stop at any farm or

arrangements tan bs made by seeing

or writing the owner.



TO INSURE, $12.00.



Pinckney, Mich.


''yum mi



Vf •


• ; ' > •

'.;•'-*>., .

* /tup.

* • • »


'>?. • ,•,*<


: .i /:

leveral young- men were sitting

iionnd * tabfc fa. the' cafe of a club woa.'V

t» New York; Some one.' introduced and she'll have yon, too." ?

tbe subject of matrimony in order to Bon*,with heat "The. minx noi (.

.•tart Cutler Hartsough gabfcJUig, for jset »t she would delay you. hut

iucitaey, Michigan

tu> aecoau-ciaaa matter.

Advertising rateb iuau» itnown on application.

iiuBiueBB Cam*, 94.00 per year.

l'ebtn ana w«rri«K« uuucea puoiianed tree.

Anuuunc«iuent«ui. entertainments way be paic

lor, u ueaueu, uy ^intnuiium tne ufflce witn tick

ets ul aumiaeiun. in c»*eticket*are ut. OTOQXH

to me umce, regular rates will Decnargt .

All inattei iuluc»inuUubC4iamn wmoe -^or &^

«u at o cents per iiue or iracUon inereut, lor eac^

LUAK, rtiou. vr nere uo time i a apecint) u, all uu lice «

win oeiuserteu until uruereu aiacounuuea, anu

*moeunJUtfeuior»vcruinfc'iy, fdfA.ucunu^t

ut aUTer^iaeiueui* JlLi&i reacn tmsouiceae eaxlj

a» iUJtBKAi morning to insure anineertion tit*

•ame wee it.

y OH 2*2£I.Y 1JJV G I

iuail us arancueu, a itpeuiaity. tVu uaroaiiauaa

aiiu tuuimebttiiyittd ui A'yp«, etc., rfutcu duaole

UH iU eJttCULtf «U Kiuda ul Wutit, aucu oo*e

rauipieie, l'uAtvrs, riu^iaiiiuKw, am IACWU*, ^int

ileaUh, otateiuenu, caxus, AUCLIUU i>iiia, eiu.,tii

euperier atyiea, upon iue»norte*t uoiiue. t'ut«>»i

a 1 , a»goou worit can DH uoae.

TJtiil VlLLAUh


VILLAUt U^^JUtrta.

i'uKBiniSNT . . M .......M


IKLSTKKB CHae. Love, F. L. AuUro* J,

(Jeo. Kettaondf. ?. \JC, Jac^ooa,

F. A. »i ler, E.VV . i^ouueu/.

CL&UH. .^. MM .£>. A. liioWL.

TliKAbCKKK ,-.. J . A. JidAJn

A3ar.s8on.............u» UM. >>' • -i. Can

Ol'UtKX (. JaiHlBBlONJtB....

J. 1'aih.t'i

ila.Ai-lHOi'FIO*H ...Dr. 11. f . Zl^kei

&TT0H.NU1 _........„ ... >nM nM ,.....V>. .1. v. ai 1

JiABaiiALL,...^. .MM. ....~~. » ^. ufil^ai.


f __.-

^4liTUODiaT iil'ISOOl'ALi CULltCH.

J! Kev. H. W . Hicks, paeiur. servicob ovei.

dunday morning at 10:au, *ua nvotj a una a;.

evening at T:uo o'clock, Prayer meeting iuui^

tiiiy eveuingb, buuday scuooi at cLoao ot iujfu

u lr ; service. Misa AUav VANFL-JST, 6upt.


J Kev. G. W. MyLue pat*tor. Service ove».

Sunday morning at iu:du aua every aaumj

evening at 7:uc o'ciock. Prayer uieeUng Tuur:

diiy evenings, sua day acnool at elude ut uior',

tun service. Kev, K H. Crate, &upt„ Aloctu

i eeple S»ec.


O Rev. M. J. Comiaeriortl, i'aator. iervict:

every Sunday. Low uiaao at7:icocloti

hlglinxaus wxtadermon at S.iOa. ni. Oaiecbieu

ata;0op. iu., v«8per8anaben*dictioa»t 7 :io p.u


rnhe A. O. H. Society ot this place, meets ever)

X third Sunday imue b't. -Matthew tlall.

John Tuomey and M. T. Kelly, County 1 elegates

f\^,H& W. C. T. U. meets the first Friday oi ea>-ti

X month at-J:3C p. tn, at the home oi L>r. Li. F.

Mgler. Everyone interested ia temperance is

coadially invited. Mrs. Leal Siller, Pres; .Mr .

htta Durtet 1 , Secretary.

f -

'| A he C. T. ^ «na ti. society ;)f this place, U'^H

JL every third saturuay evening in the fr. iiai

•ttrew Ua'il.

Jonu Uonobue, i resident,


JV Meet every Friday evening on or j^iore t u i

o. cne moon at their hall In the Sw&rtliout b\ug

Visiting brot tiers are cordially inviteu.

>. i". MOKTKNSOI sir lxni«nt Oomi.&ndp

Llvia^dton Lodgt, Xo.7*5, F A A. M. Kegulai

Communication Tuesday evening, on or-beiure

tuetull oi the moon. Kirk VaotVinsle, \\. M


~RDliIi OF EASTERN ^TAR uieetseach moaUi

the Friday evening follo.ving the regular F.

A A.M. meeting, MUS.EXMA. OKANK, W. M.


jir»t TnuMday eveumg oi ouch MODtn in the

.aaccahee nail. C. 1.. liriine* V. C.


and 3rd Saturday of eacUiontn at 3:80 p iu. a

tfo X. H. hall. Viaitioni a.sters cordially m i

vited. JDUA SIQLKR, Lady Com.



F. L. Andrews P. M,

»Ms»Nifts> CARDS.

attended to day or night,

rincknay, Ml«h.



«;A2l calls prompt)

Office on Hain »tr


when yon thihl 6o# >bWe yoa %r*

apt to pnrcb, a*e4or 76o the oniimM&T

siniversiaWy snown^and.* r«sn4y"»hM

has had the largifct>»ieb« s^y mti*

cine in the world since 1360 Jo* the

cure and treatment of Co»*umpiM»

and Ihvoat and Ln»» tronhles mH\%*

out losing its great popularity all

these years, yon will be thankfuli wt

c»ried~ y cur^^" aTTenttgr to Hotcbee's

German Syrup. There are so aat»y

ordinary rough remedied J»«^e by

druggisU aid otitis Ifcfit are che^p

and gocd /ci li^bUoldgperhaps, tut

for severe Coughs, 'Bronchitis; Croup

— and especially for Consumption,

where i* difficult expectoration and

coughing during the nights and

mornings, there is nothing like German

Sjrup. Sold by all druggists ia

the civilized world.

G. G. GREEN, Woodbury, N. J,

Site AdTlaMML

He—I'm in love with a charming gto,

and I'd like to ask your advice.

She—I'm willing to help you ail I ean.

He—Well, would you advise me to

propose to you?

Brass pins were first made by the

Baracens in Spain in A. D. 800 and

were brought to England by Catharine;

if Arragon, wife of Henry VIII.

The Ex-Bays.

Recent expe nments 3 , by pratical tests

and examination with tbe aid of tbe

X-Ray, estab lish it as a fact that Catarrh

of tbe st omacb is not a disease

of itself, but that it results from results

fiom repeated attafiks of indigestion.

" How Can I Cure My Indigestion?

1 ' Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is caring

thousands. It will cure you cf indigestion

and dyspepsia and prevent or

cure Catarrh of the stomach.


digests what, you eat—ma^es the

stomach sweet. Sold ail Droggist.




Satisfaction Guaranteed. No

nhai'sre for Auction bills. . .

Postoffice address, Cbelsea, Mii-bigan

Or arrany^'rj^nL- iniJ« at this office.


Cure indigestion, constipation, dizziness

and bad breath. Cau bo taken with absolute

safety by a child or adult. They are


"Dr. HALS'S Household PiUs cured roe

of a very severe liver trouble of many

years stand ing. I would not be without

them if they cost ten times the price,"

—Mrs. Taylor Baird, Biairsvilki, Pa.

•'We make frequent use of Ih\ HALS'I

Household Pills in my family and consider

them the best Liver Medicine we ever

used."—Mrs. S. M. Sperry, Hartford* Ct.


vegetable, easy to take and easy to set,

never gripe or sicken in any way. We

guarantee them to give perfect satisfaction

or money willingly refunded.


at all druggists or delivered by us, any*

where the mail goes, on reselpt of nrlce,





the proper functions, aci the pity

of lo ia ..hut "ev/ remediw prove sat*

: '.•-•tory. I; !s w



i^T^tfrinsriir 'aaWiii ..-^,^, ..,: •' iViSiiiimTaa-l MtilSlnllliitfrtliii

S!S +

"**'1L- .*.. ^-V « #


* -

' • ••'• > - .

• • -i' v.' 1 '

, ^ : . ^ - - •" ; * \ . . - ; ^ - ^ - - - : ^ . ^ ^ - ¾ ^ ^ ^ ^ ••''•.'- ^ r : - : " . ; ; - ^ ^ ^ ^ , / ^ ^ / : ^ ^ ^ , - : ,//. •>--/-•- -.-. A .- •..- -/^-: • •• :/-;'..- >-.* * > w *•.- , - ' -/• •?•••. / • * > . •>.• *• .


•tKr • '


M l *


urn* -

• --.>»

FfV/^,„ '< V /-- •'«''':

1'.- »v h -'(

ii-.-. -• ••-»

r x ->A.vV-,:.:

- / ^ - - - ^ / . ^ : / •••:•'


• .-i -t*-^- 1



I^A»i«l»wi, F«^

"W •"•ff


• >

' $ ,'•

^:.-- v.

* / ••• • '•

J.,'. •


; fx


••.,• •.'.« " •

• • • • . ' * * • . "

•..-v -.'

w. »


Hey** • -

mTr* *


mfae-i. -


^^ ' -«. - ',

^"'i^it' •' •* m-

&wS .'•"*' *» ,v

S&V: •*/- -•

BBMaf. >?'•»." , ,

•Jifc''^''' ...*'•'>••

1¾¾¾ •- •'

lv - v

anW - -A

& • "

..IT,"- 1

1 '

tf you «ut«r firom "c*t fear" take

a dow of catnip.

Grre even Ruasell Sage his due.

He haa not sworn off his taxes.

hand, he received the British king. His

holiness was dressed in robes of white

and a red velvet cape bordered with

ermlue. Even King Edward paused

a moment upon seeing the pontiff in

his white garments. Th> pope's face

was the color of ivory, but he moved

without aid and with no apparent difficulty.

Prom his entire person there

seemed to emanate sentiments of benevolence

and spirituality. The king

and the head or the church clasped

hands and exchanged a sfew words in

French, King Edward passed within

the papal apartment, the door was

closed and the pope and his guest

were left alone.

Condemns Bltlea

The Army and Navy Register, which

for many years has been an ardent

supporter of Lieut-Gen. Mljes, condemns

Gen. Mlles's recent report of

atrocities In the Philippines. "In considering

the conditions In the Philippines,

It should be considered that we

have had in the Islands 139,000 m.Mi

and 6,000 officers. The so-called atrocities

were committed by not more than

twelve officer.;. This is a small percentage

and might well justify silence

when we consider that the subject has

been and is still the object of official

investigation. It was a mistake to

have touched on the matter in this official

way unless something more deft/

nite could be given, and it Is to be regretted

that Gen. Miles should have

been betrayed Into such an expression."

Forest fires in the Adlrondacks were

quenched by snow storms on Friday;

St. Lo«I»» Gi^a* Day,

The dedication of the great exposi

an epoch in the history of that hustling

town which will be the scene, of

the greatest exposition known to the

world. President Roosevelt and ex-

President Cleveland rwere the central

KIUs4 hr fkime


TiclnHy of Roiuui Uk% about 12 miles

northeast; •

'. l^>'-

JJ.SpatwJ^otCadttk^Ade^rty game m shed in t^


• • « . '

warden. Spafford came at,once to All of the stock of.the-. J&M&mi&i£


Frankfort and gave hlmsolf 4jp< He Sugar CSo. has bfen Jakj*. r *-r••• ;- *


claims self-defense. The story orthe The Socialists polled^ votes at th*

tragedy is that Spafford and a fellowoJBcer

eaugbt M. »h»lbjr : we*- -^',.$'-:

David Jewel and Steyern Winters oa broken into, but the burgjaifcjgj* «nlr»i*- *

reaent ejection .in Benslavijowiry.< ^:*': v >-^^

Round Lake ttshtng. The officers .went LJ5 ceut;%

•'TW.| Tjraverse, iron works,•"lirhlSfei? ;; • r^^'•

he went ashore closely' followed-by the we^dertroi^bv fire wjTb«' rehSE •

llshermsa. A melee «MU0d.itt< wWtfb ffZSf W ^ ^ f * f t f f i f N

/ - ;•:. * * • :

fists and. apears came into play, 'JJhei « xfifcT'&ittUk

Warden was finally thrown down and Lr.'ar^;***.^!


pinned to the - earth with a 'spear

^rougb^ h|s, poftt, in vWcU.posWon;:he T

7 ^

: /-;:iSr-.^v*.

di»w - a. revolver 'and shpV the bnUet

hotel au|,A v^:r/|-

takitlg effect In McLain's spine, killing

him Instantly. . , • '

A OitKrVoiHinw.'

Has remorse for the murder of his

parents driven John HaTtn^an, of Ben*,

nington, insane? He w^nt »uddei>ly

insane and was placed in Qwosso jail,

where he paces his cell, muttering constantly

to himself: . "I did it. i got

the stuff. Yes, yes, I'm the man!"

About six years ago he lived with his

aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hartman.

on their fine large fasm near

Lalngsburg. Mrs. William Roehm,

wife of an Owosso stock dealer, also

lived at the house. The old people

died ttuddeniy, the death of the elder

Hartman being followed by that of

his wife in a few months, both poisoned.

Arrests followed, but proof

was not strong'enough, and Hartman

over to the Circuit Court.

Port Huroa'n Finance*.

The controller of Port Huron reports

funTuTr^"^^^^ S .!;«*£? S.l^^^lL^i 6 ??!?!

the exposition commission. The cere- ^08 fVH!? 3 ;' '?\ SJ Wll f L P i r ,S?"i

monies were held in the liberal arts J ot « l bonded indebtedness, including

building. Over 60,000 people crowded "**J! fl -l )le '? m •-pecIaT assessments


all the cIvHized .__ , , ^ , . , ,

the words of dedication wero spoken slve of the unexpended balance in the

ae«t,- including' public 1 lmprovemeot

weather was raw and cold.

expenditures. The total receipts, not

including returns from the sale of

bonds, aggregated $202,770.50.

The Destruction of Prank.

The terrible disaster which cain«

VIII Be M«*e&

upon the little town of Frank ID

southwestern Alberta and killed at Tho votes on the proposition to•',remove

the Review and Herald plant

least one hundred and twenty people. # t-*^„ A -o IA~ ^-« ^,,^1,^

is not the end, as u»tion the town bv flood is threat- Old """""""J [^J^%^P^nJ^S^ut^

morning, auu ox 6,n* iw

ened with destruction I?w at by h!l;h flood. Vh. Wednesday 1.867 were morning, favor and of of turning 2,2*4 cast the

Man's river, which ?D M m m A ^ l^nt over to the general conference

center of the tow L \i ?J mm S-SF ^ n»«l uavlng it taken to some state In

the fallen rocks to the height oi ., . Many of the votes for retlon

nearly 100 feet, and the entire valley " ^ . . ._ . ,, . ..

above the town is flooded for miles moval ~«J ^,pe "% ,?f^?«2

A big body of water is pressing with lhe general conference committee took














ate more than 1,400 stockholders, but

less the river shall find, another ehan

g00tl most cure of their to « holdings et possession. are very Thcro small.

nel. Should thin impromptu dam; "? iK^^«?i e "nI« rl X RS^f

break the eutlrc village will be swept l stflrt or back a new

*W P rlu^»C ofaway.

It was not an enrthquako or

fice to take tho place of the Review

explosion as at first supposed that

and Herald.

Overwhelmed the town, but the opening

of the earth for three-quarters of a

Tax Levy Win Illegal.

;ulle, and many feet In width. When That the state JboafcL of assessors

tho whole" northera 'face" of Turtle l>«»ued a wrong method in determining

the rate for the taxation of rail-

mountain slipped from its place and

-•ountless thousands of tons of rocks ways and kindred corporations is the

and earth were thrown over the town.

The.cause of smallpox has been

demonstrated by Dr. Win. T. Councilnan,

professor of pathoWy in the

Harvard medical school, to be a micro-

>rganlsm representative of the lowest

'orin of animal life.

Recent Happenings Shown In Caricature.


Jtrbtise was tfuHt 3» J

rietamqra i* \o n»Vi»

depdt which wllTbe wip;

on*J^ Bbfft pj«tces need

Tw'ehtj,ifariners of'B

Montcalm c\J.; Mye >f,

cdmphny to : bul!Mlln^¾


: '-^ • •'••'. ••'•< « r

*frft An* Johns; of




Haekley & imrae's dock by Muskegon

unanimous decision of the Supreme pake, slipped in and was drowned.

Couri, which on Friday, granted, the Only 12 retail saloons, ate open in.

mandamus prayed for by the Detroit St Joseph as compared with* 1ft dpernted

last year. Mayor Starr's.promise

board of education, requiring the assessors

to reconvene and determine a

new rate, which will be higher. When

reconvened the average rate must be

made from a computation of _the assessment

made by the local assessors.

This will materially Increase the,.rate

oyer that previously fixed.

A Bold Holdup.

One of the boldest hold-ups in the

history of Monroe county was made

Sunday evening when tSeorge Scott, of

Waltz, Was held up by two men at

Carleton, when leaving church with

his sister. After giving Mr. Scott a severe

beating the robbers took; $1,000

that he had in his possession and made

good their escape. It is believed that



Tf v «S»-

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k : - SHAFTS iXMContlmitfl.)

H ojurejiot' for such things, lam

^WtM'^l' CpmettE be ;4xot my

:.jjwir ChwaMfttaw,win y '.-•' - \&&r# aeqt jthe great eiBtrs^c* gabs*

£ $&:,

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••iK*-^ •'*•

MfrV, •'.',

HnLlv • l',-'

K'ft^ HBsVy

jj-.» : :. -• \'. .""

B^ff** » *v

Siji-' V ' '''

KP'W..- • ,v

& • ' ; & ' . ' • :

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'-^v!..,*yv*-.V'' "'* ; V - rV 'Vv •'.. .. '-.^ .• : :.J»I.



a !•*•• • mi' »•< •*-

v [Original.]

"BUndftta, what a btautlful beard

you wear."

"Glad you like lt, M said Blinders,

lighting up. "I don't value it very

highly myself."

"What* 11 you take for it?"

"Tuke for it? Why, wsat could It

bluest uuy one but me?"

"That isn't the question. You say

you don't value it. I would like to

buy it."

"When would you w#ut it?**

"Buyer thirty—which, being interpreted,

means any time within thirty


"What '11 you give?"

"A hundred dollars."

"By Jove, that's a good sum!" And

Blinders began to think what he could

do with a buudred dollars.

"Oh, I see your game!" he said presently.

"You'll call for it by sections.

That would leave me in a beautiful

to, wouldn't it?'

"I'll call for it all at once.*

After rummaging his brain to find a

catch somewhere Blinders gave me a

mil of sale for his beard—to be called

for anywhere within thirty days or j

forfeit double the price.


Now there was a reason for all this j

which Blinders did not understand. He

was the wealthiest bachelor in the

town as well as the stingiest One day

a number of ladies came to me and

asked'me if I could suggest a plau by

which they could get a donation out of

him for a benevolent enterprise. I told

them I would think it over.

Blinders was a pushing fellow not

only in business, but socially. He was

a self made man, which was to his

credit, but he didn't know what the

word modesty meant His assurance

in making his way into "society" was

only equaled by his embarrassment

whenever he blundered into a breach

of etiquette. He was in constant terror

lest he should appear in some unfortunate


The ladles were getting up a ball for

the benefit of their charity and had appointed

me one of the floor managers.

I wrote requesting that my name be

dropped and Blinders' put on in its

stead. This was done, and Blinders

was so delighted that he at once sent

the ladies a check for $10.

"You are very bright" said the president

of the society to me. "It Is a

wonder that we didnt think of that


"Possibly Mr. Blinders' donation may

be far more worthy of hit social elevation,"

I replied, "than a niggardly

$10. Let us wait"

On the night of the ball Blinders was

on hand resplendent in evening dress,

wearing the lowest cut white waistooat

straw colored gloves and a pale

green necktie that some wag had told

him was the very intoat thing for, h»i)«-

•No Indian chief decorated with stovepipe

hat and soldier coat had ever

borne himself more proudly. I watched

him till his self satisfaction had

reached its height; then, putting on

my hat and coat, I went out. Ten minutes

later an attendant handed him a

note from me written from a neighboring

barber shop demanding his


There was a look of extreme anxiety

on his face as he came in; but, attempting

to master it, he came up to

me with a laugh and, slapping me familiarly

on the back, said confidently:

"If s very cute of you, old fellow, awfully

cute. Of course you don't want

your property now. You want a bottle

of champagne, and you shall have it.

besides a good supper after the ball.

And now I must hurry back. The

president has done me the honor to say

she can't get on without me."

"It won't take long. . Sit down in the


"You really don't mean that you are

in earnest? Think how I would look

going back clean shaved."

"You don't need to lose your beard.

There is the forfeit, you know."

"Good gracious, man, the forfeit is


"It only rests with you, Blinders," I

said resolutely, "to give me your beard

or pay the forfeit"

He looked into my eye and saw that

I was not to be cajoled or browbeaten

or in any way deprived of my advantage.

The alternative flashed through

his mind, and his love of money for a

time prevailed. He determined to remain

away from the ball for the rest

of the evening.

"All right," I said. "What excuse

will you give?"

"Suddenly taken ill."

I smiled.

"I suppose you'U knock down that

story and"—

"The whole thing will be all over the

ballroom in ten minutes."

He turned pale.

"What '11 you take to settler he


"Will Blinders, 1 don't want your

beard or your money. Write a check

payable to the president of the society

for $200, and 111 call It square. You can

then finish the evening In a position

far which yon«re to well fitted wlthtvt

so sudden a transition, and v your

Ifttcallty will he totnded by every one.

A* far me, I'll keep ths aJtajr mum.'



111'I J" mm

• III •—*•



chagk ftoo siy po^kjftftojNt* v

SUsdeis and I returns* to **»)»&

room arm in arm and ass** ststighfrfee

the president. *

"Mr. Blinders' mc4esty," I said to

her, 'It as great as bis generosity. Be

desires through me to present your society

with a check tor $200."

I handed bar ths check. Casting a

tJds glance at Blinders, I wss astonto

set on his race a look of eon-




'» A":' i

1 • * > •


•«k •« 41

V."# J

i . , >r



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