Proforma for submitting special package proposal. - Ministry of Rural ...

Proforma for submitting special package proposal. - Ministry of Rural ...

No. J-ll 060/2/20 13-RH (A/C)

Government of India

Ministry of Rural Development

Department of Rural Development


Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi,

Dated 23 rd July, 2013

The Secretaries (RD)lHousing,

All States/UTs

Managing Director,

Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation,


Managing Director,

Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation, ..

Bangalore " (


for submitting special package proposal under lAY-regarding.




I am directed to circulate herewith proforma indicating documents/information

required from the State Government concerned for availing special packages under lAY

(copy enclosed).


All Secretaries/Commissioner

of Rural Development of States/UTS are requested to

furnish the proforma duly filled in while submitting the request for sanctioning of the special

package under lAY for consideration of the Empowered Committee. A copy of this

proforma is also being uploaded on our website.

States are requested to share this with their

DRDAs and field functionaries in charge of implementing lA Y.


(S.R. M~tr}-:r\\1

Under Secretary to the Government of India

. Tel. No. 23070978


for Special Projects

1. Purpose for which project is proposed and justification (with reference to lAY guidelines):

2. Target group:

3. Project area:

4. District wise details (Table 1)

S. No Name of District

No of beneficiary

S. Documents to be attached:

i. Certificate that all beneficiaries are Below Poverty Line families and have been identified.

ii. Certificate that the State commits to release the State share within 15 days of receipt of central


iii. Certificate that the beneficiaries have not got housing benefits under lAY/State housing

scheme/any other Gol scheme earlier.

iv. Certificate that the project would be reported under the Special Project category in AwaasSoft.

v. Certificate that all beneficiaries have land/ land has been allotted by the State Government.

vi. A certificate from the district Magistrate/Collector of the district for which financial assistance is

required under special package.

vii. A certificate that there are no special packages account of which are yet to be settled which have

been sanctioned three financial years prior to the current financial year.

viii. Certificate that the beneficiaries have been included in the permanent lAY waitlist.

ix. The details of total allocation of fund under 5% lAY amount already utilised and the balance

amount available may also be indicated in check list.

6. District wise details regarding normal lAY (for districts in Table 1)

SI District Previous year Current year

No Financial Target Utilization Target Financial Target Utilization Target

Allocation (Nos) (Rs. In achieved Allocation (Nos) (Rs. In achieved

(Rs. In lakh) (Nos) (Rs. In lakh) (Nos)




7. District wise details regarding ongoing Special projects under lAY (for districts in Table 1):

District Year of Purpose Financial Target Utilization Target Whether

sanction for which Allocation (Nos) (Rs. In achieved UCs due

it was (Rs. In lakh) lakh) (Nos) have





(Authorised Signatory in State Government)

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