Skyridge Middle School Staff Directory - Camas School District

Skyridge Middle School Staff Directory - Camas School District

Skyridge Middle School Staff Directory

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Last Name Name Job Title Extension E-Mail Address

Albert Tonia Teacher 75754 Tonia.Albert

Allen Sarah Teacher 78020 Sarah.Allen

Altmiller Josh Teacher 75773 Joshua.Altmiller

Anderson Brenda Teacher 78515 Brenda.Anderson

Baldwin Whitney Teacher 79138 Whitney.Baldwin

Baxter Aurora Psychologist 78306 Aurora.Baxter

Becker Maegan Teacher 79119 Maegan.Becker

Blair David Teacher 78138 David.Blair

Boyd Tammi Parapro Tammi.Boyd

Buckley Bridget Teacher 78106 Bridget.Buckley

Bunch Bryna Nutritional Services Bryna.Bunch

Burton Jonathan Teacher 79112 Jonathan.Burton

Button Kay Athletic Secretary/Recep 79113 Kay.Button

Condon John Teacher 79111 John.Condon

Constien John Teacher 75753 John. Constien

Cooper Gayle Teacher 79104 Gayle.Cooper

Cooper Kim Teacher 79114 Kim.Cooper

Crews Renay Attendance 79841 Renay.Crews

Crum Paul Custodial 75758 Paul.Crum

Doherty Connie Dining Supervisor Connie.Doherty

Esser Mark Teacher 79121 Mark.Esser

Fletcher Sue Cashier 79135 Sue.Fletcher

Foster Bob Athletic Coordinator 78187 Robert.Foster

Garner Joy Teacher 79117 Joy.Garner

Geiger Sherrie Teacher 79133 Sherrie.Geiger

Gilman Raeleen Teacher 79129 Raeleen.Gilman

Givens Ed Teacher 79102 Ed.Givens

Gomez Sally Nutritional Services 79170 Sally.Gomez

Hackworth Lesa Teacher 79160 Lesa.Hackworth

Helland Karen Nutritional Services 79171 Karen.Helland

Hofmann Ann Teacher 79096 Ann.Hofmann

Holbrook Cheryl Teacher 78456 Cheryl.Holbrook

Holst Dee Dining Supervisor DeLynda.Holst

Houston Rick Teacher 79132 Rick.Houston

Hunting Brenton Teacher 79097 Brenton.Hunting

Husemann Cindy Cashier Cindy.Husemann

Ireland Jennifer Teacher 79109 Jennifer.Ireland

Jackson Tamara Nutritional Services Tamara.Jackson

Jenkins Jenna Parapro Jenn.Jenkins

Killorin Kara Nurse 78203 Kara.Killorin

Kosaki Traci Parapro Traci.Kosaki

Koty Nancy Teacher 79127 Nancy.Koty

Larsen Shannon Parapro Shannon.Larsen

Loren Jessica Counselor 79110 Jessica.Loren

Mancini Richard Teacher 78426 Richard.Mancini

Mantz Traci Teacher 79137 Traci.Mantz

Mattson Renee Teacher 79131 Renee.Mattson

Last Name Name Job Title Extension E-Mail Address

Mattson Robert Teacher 78188 Robert.Mattson

Michaud Joe Counselor 75759 Joseph.Michaud

Miller Katrina Parapro Katrina.Miller

Miller Teresa Tech Specialist 78050 Teresa.Miller

Moran Star Teacher 79134 Star.Moran

Morrisey Tiffany Teacher 78171 Tiffany.Morrisey

Oltmann Marilyn Parapro Marilyn.Oltmann

Osgoo Beth Teacher 75512 Beth.Osgood

Panell Chris Teacher 79099 Chris.Panell

Pappas Connie Librarian 78293 Connie.Pappas

Parks Raeleen Teacher 79129 Raeleen.Parks

Richards Laura Teacher 78619 Laura.Richards

Roberts Kaetlyn Teacher 75751 Kaetlyn.Roberts

Romano Jeanette Teacher 79107 Jeanette.Manwell

Roy Michelle Teacher 78638 Michelle.Roy

Sample Lisa Nutritional Services Lisa.Sample

Schmid Lorraine Parapro Lorraine.Schmid

Siehl Vickie Custodial 78883 Vickie.Siehl

Siewert Heather Teacher 79105 Heather.Siewert

Simms Tamara Parapro Tamara.Simms

Smith Aaron J. Principal 79139 AaronJ.Smith

Smith Aaron V. Teacher 79162 Aaron.Smith

Smith Michaell Teacher 79124 Michaell.Smith

Soohoo Gail Registrar 78047 Gail.Soohooo

Stanger Jeannie Administrative Assistant 79108 Jeannie.Stanger

Stevens Sandy Nutritional Services Sandy.Stevens

Strawn Dean Dean of Students/Teacher Dean.Strawn

Vail Karen Parapro Karen.Vail

Waring Carolyn Health Assist 78292 Carolyn.Waring

Watts Rik Maintenance Rik.Watts

Weakley Melanie Teacher 79123 Melanie.Weakley

Westfall Bruce Teacher 79098 Bruce.Westfall

White Clair Teacher 79100 Clair.White

Wilderman Lisa Teacher 79118 Lisa.Wilderman

Williams Clint Associate Principal 79140 Clint.Williams

Williams Eric Custodial Eric.Williams

Williams Peggy Fiscal/ASB Secretary 79128 Peggy.Williams

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