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I have always known what I wanted in life. I have envisioned every

important part of my life: a great family and a life of possibilities. I knew

when I grew up I wanted to make this world a better place and help

others succeed!

At 14 years old, my sheltered life collapsed. My father died unexpectedly

and I realized that we can lose our dreams in a split second. Life

without my dad would never be the same, but our family had to go on.

When I was 17 years old, my mom, my brother and I moved from Poland

to Canada. It was a new life with new possibilities. It was a difficult

adjustment, but my dreams were becoming a reality.

I set out to help others, become a wife, a mother and a successful

businesswoman, and enjoy life with the people I love while giving

back to the world. Suddenly, I was diagnosed with ulcerate colitis. This

disease almost took my life. Being very sick changes your life forever,

but thank God for one amazing surgeon who saved my life and three

years later I am alive. I met the man I was meant to share my life with,

but unfortunately the damage of my illness made it impossible for me to

have children. Through my determination and faith, on March 3, 2006

I got a call that I was going to be a mother. It was the best birthday

present ever. On October 24, 2006 I gave birth to my miracle baby

boy, Maksymilian. Looking at this little angel, I saw what faith in your life

can do. Finally, after so many challenges in my early life, all my dreams

were coming true. I had become a wife and a mother; however, there

was still something more for me to accomplish. In January of 2009, an

opportunity with Arbonne came my way when I hosted a Presentation. It

sounded too good to be true, but I believed the rest of my dreams would

m o n i k a s z p i g i e l

Arbonne Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Monika Szpigiel Region; London, ON

come true if I committed, worked hard, booked my activity and did my

three “asks” a day. It was a simple plan that required my full attention.

I started to believe again that I would be able to find my calling in life,

find that business that would allow me to be independent and also help

others. The businesswoman I knew was inside of me started to develop.

I am enjoying my life and all the benefits that come with being part of

Arbonne. It is the best company, with the best pure, safe and beneficial

products and an exquisite team of people.


Monika with her Why: son, Maksymilian and husband, Robert.

Monika with her great friend, EAM Evona

Kolecki, at Areas in Paradise.

Monika with President Rita Davenport on the

ASAP 2009 Cancún trip.

success strategy:

Have a vision, commit,

believe with passion,

and go after your dreams

— success is waiting for you!

One year later, I am in a position I never imagined I would reach in such

a short amount of time. It has definitely been a busy year for our team

and for me personally, but it was worth every sacrifice we had to make.

Being a Regional Vice President still feels surreal. I started this business,

not because I had to, but because of my passion for the products, my

love for people and my dream of helping others. My motto is, “It’s for

you.” This is what drives me and motivates me every day. Arbonne is

definitely for you and me, and everybody who wants the best in life.

I want to say thank you to my husband, Robert. It has been a challenging

year for us. You had a hard time seeing Arbonne as a good fit for

our family, but I am so glad you do now. It’s been the best journey of

growth and development, and I am so glad you can clearly see what

Arbonne has provided us. Arbonne is my dream job, my passion, my

means to being the best I can be for our family and for others! Thank

you for all that you do for us.

“It’s for you,” Maksymilian! You are my Why and my angel, and I’m so

blessed to have you. Mama loves you!

To my mom, Maria: You have been my biggest supporter since day

one, and you told me every day that I have what it takes to go to

the top. I could not have done this without your help. To my brother,

Michal: Looking at you, I see our father, and you remind me to follow in

his footsteps. His business mind, work ethic and love for life has been

passed on to us. I know Tata (Dad) is so happy and proud of both of us.

Monika and the team at her Mercedes-Benz Car Presentation on May 21, 2010.

To John Darraugh: Thank you for your support and dedication and for

everything you do to see us succeed.

To President Rita Davenport and everyone at the U.S. Home Office: You

are everything Arbonne stands for — a pure soul, a safety net for the

Consultants and a benefit to all of us who follow your great leadership.

You show us every day that Arbonne is a gift to share with others.

To my friends, Clients and Preferred Clients: Without you, I wouldn’t be

where I am today. Thank you!

Finally, a big thank you to our team, the Monika Szpigiel Region — an

amazing group of people with the biggest hearts and commitment to our

business. You are exceptional and I am so blessed to be part of your life.

We do what we love to do: promote the best products and opportunity

with passion. At the same time, we are helping others change their lives

and start dreaming again. Remember, it’s for you.


To my sponsor, Executive Area Manager Carole Metron: Thank you for

introducing me to Arbonne and for making me realize that this is what I

was meant to do in life. To ERVP Jen Paxton, a dear friend and amazing

woman: I have to say that because of your big heart and never-ending

support, experience, knowledge and vision, I became a leader myself.

To ENVP Sonya Shields: You’re truly an example to others. I have been

so blessed to get to know you as a friend and to learn from you. You

have a vision for seeing others’ success and this is what makes you

one of the best leaders in Arbonne! To my good friend, Executive Area

Manager Evona Kolecki: You have shown me the meaning of an ACE

through your hard work, determination and business mind. Thank you

for all that you do for others.

Monika’s miracle son, Maks.

Monika with sponsor, EAM Carole Metron and ERVP Jen Paxton at

CNTC 2009 Vancouver.

The Arbonne Independent Consultant featured in this EOA has achieved the rank of

Regional Vice President. The average number of active Arbonne Independent Consultants

who achieved this rank and average compensation is described further in the Independent

Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) available at > The Company

> Corporate Information > 2009 Independent Consultant Compensation Summary.

The testimonial in this EOA is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent income

projections. The results discussed in this EOA by the featured Arbonne Independent

Consultant are not typical and should not be relied upon by prospective or current

Arbonne Independent Consultants as an indication of what they should expect to earn.

Actual results for each Arbonne Independent Consultant will vary depending upon

individual effort, time, skills and resources. Arbonne makes no guarantees regarding

income. Arbonne is a product-driven company that strongly encourages the use of its

products before becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant.

E Y E O N A R B O N N E | January 2011

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