News & Notes - Auroville

News & Notes - Auroville

News & Notes - Auroville


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<strong>News</strong> & <strong>Notes</strong><br />

30th November 2013………………..A weekly bulletin for residents of <strong>Auroville</strong>………………..Number 525


(Mother first reads out for All India Radio the message she intends to broadcast for February 21, 1968, on the occasion of her<br />

ninetieth birthday.)<br />

"It is not the number of years you have lived that makes you old. You become old when you stop progressing. As soon as you feel<br />

you have done what you had to do, as soon as you think you know what you ought to know, as soon as you want to sit and enjoy<br />

the results of your effort, with the feeling you have worked enough in life, then at once you become old and begin to decline.<br />

When, on the contrary, you are convinced that what you know is nothing compared to all that remains to be known, when you feel<br />

that what you have done is just the starting point of what remains to be done, when you see the future like an attractive sun shining<br />

with innumerable possibilities yet to be achieved, then you are young, howsoever many are the years you have passed upon<br />

earth, young and rich with all the realisations of tomorrow. And if you do not want your body to fail you, avoid wasting your<br />

energies in useless agitation. Whatever you do, do it in a quiet and composed poise. In peace and silence is the greatest strength."<br />

MOTHER’S AGENDA, 8 November 1967<br />

MOTHER<br />

One or two days ago, I don't know, there was a sort of general vision of this striving of the earth towards its divinization, and<br />

someone seemed to be saying (not "someone": it was the witness-consciousness, the consciousness observing, but it gets<br />

formulated in words - very often it's formulated in English and I have a kind of impression that it is Sri Aurobindo, his active<br />

consciousness, but sometimes it gets translated into words only when it enters my consciousness), and these last few days, it<br />

was something saying, "Yes, the time of proclamations, the time of revelations is past - now, on to action."<br />

Proclamations, revelations, prophecies, all that is after all very comfortable, it gives a sense of something "concrete"; now it's<br />

very obscure, there is a sense that it's very obscure, invisible (it will be visible only in results far, far ahead), and not<br />

understood.<br />

Not understood, of course ... Someone, C., wanted to translate <strong>Notes</strong> on the Way and A Propos into Hindi, in one volume. He<br />

spoke with R. about it, and R. wrote to me, "People don't understand anything," and he feels "the human language is unfit to<br />

express that, so how will it turn out in a translation? - A platitude. It would be better to wait." I fully agree, I told him it would<br />

be better to wait. But it gave me the exact measure. Because R. and C. are people who are expected to understand, and they<br />

clearly don't understand anything. And then, Nolini was here, I gave him the letter to read, and he said, "Oh, yes!" - For him too<br />

it's the same thing, he hasn't understood! So it's general. Because lots of people quote to me what I said, or experiences they've<br />

had, explanations they give "in accordance with" those <strong>Notes</strong> on the Way, and every time I see that they haven't understood<br />

ANYTHING. So it seems to me to be a general incomprehension.<br />

(silence)<br />

It belongs to a region which isn't yet ready to be explained, manifested in words. It's obvious, I see it clearly, you know: it's<br />

because they are all quite nice, full of respect, that they don't allow their mind to say, "This is drivel," but for them it belongs<br />

to the incomprehensible. And as a matter of fact, insofar as it's truly new, it is incomprehensible. What I say doesn't correspond<br />

to a lived experience in the one who reads.<br />

I see clearly, so clearly the little work, like this (gesture of reversal), which would turn the thing into a prophetic revelation! A<br />

little work, a slight reversal in the mind - the experience is wholly outside the mind, so what can be said about it is ... (Mother<br />

shakes her head). Precisely because it's not mental, it's nearly incomprehensible, and for it all to become (oh, it's so visible),<br />

for it all to become accessible, it would take just (same gesture) a slight reversal in the mind, and then it would become<br />

prophetic. But that ... isn't possible. It would lose its truth. Well, it's on the way.<br />

MOTHER’S AGENDA, 15 November 1967<br />

MOTHER<br />

The<br />

Ponder<br />

Corner<br />

“Love, joy and happiness come from the psychic.<br />

The Self gives peace or a universal Ananda”.<br />

Sri Aurobindo<br />

Ref. Letters on Yoga, vol 2, p.1078<br />

Cover drawing by J.Pavitra IV STD<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />



Participatory Working Groups’ & a ‘New<br />

Selection Process for the Working<br />

Committee and AV Council<br />

Dear Community,<br />

The Study group for ‘Participatory Working Groups’ & a ‘New<br />

Selection Process for the Working Committee and AV Council’<br />

recently had a joined meeting with the Working Committee, AV<br />

Council and RAS.<br />

We came to the following understanding to:<br />

1. Postpone the RA for a decision on the proposal called<br />

previously for Saturday the 30th of November.<br />

The new date will be announced after the 3rd General (Info)<br />

Meeting.<br />

2. And to call for a 3rd General (Info) Meeting on Monday 9th<br />

December 2013 in the Unity Pavilion, 4 - 6.30 pm.<br />

In the previous 2 GMs the proposal was presented in detail, while<br />

now we want to give space for question and answers only and<br />

to work all together on a final proposal. There will be no<br />

presentation of the proposal in its entirety.<br />

3. The Working Committee & AV Council have confirmed that<br />

they will continue with their service until the selection for a<br />

new WC and AV Council has been finalized and the new working<br />

groups are ratified and in place.<br />

RAS team<br />

Housing assets available for transfer/new<br />

stewardship:<br />

Creativity - 70 sqm, apartment, 1 bedroom<br />

Ami - 2 floors house, 137 sqm, for a family<br />

Prayatna -97 sqm, 2 bedrooms apartment<br />

Auromodel - there are 2 different houses of 3 floors with big<br />

garden<br />

For details please look in AV net - the icon with the house on the<br />

right column [tel. 2622658, housing@auroville.org.in]<br />

TDC - L’avenir d’<strong>Auroville</strong><br />

TDC - L’avenir d’<strong>Auroville</strong> has decided to bring the following Site<br />

& Building applications to the <strong>News</strong> & <strong>Notes</strong> for feedback.<br />


1. Velu, Cultural Zone( Near TLC), Change of Roof -<br />

temporary roof (tiles or corrugated sheet)<br />

TDC asks for Feedback from the residents of <strong>Auroville</strong> is<br />

welcome within two weeks from the date of publication. If<br />

anyone wishes to have detailed information when building<br />

applications are published, feel free to contact TDC - L’avenir<br />

d’<strong>Auroville</strong> office: 262-3568 or come personally to the Building<br />

Application section.<br />


There is light at the end of the tunnel<br />

<strong>Auroville</strong> Energy Products (AEP) is happy to announce the launch<br />

of its solar street, park and path light products. All units are<br />

based on highly efficient LEDs backed up by compact and light<br />

weight Lithium batteries. Due to the new battery technology the<br />

new street lights could be shrunk to a single all-in-one unit and<br />

comes with a 5 year warranty. The lamp is made of long lasting<br />

aluminium die cast housing and has a motion sensor which<br />

conserves energy by auto dimming the lamp when there is no<br />

activity. We have installed a range of demo models along the<br />

sunlit path to our work shop, behind Auromode in Auroshilpam.<br />

Please feel free to have a look (best viewed after sunset) or<br />

contact us for more information under 2622581<br />

(aep@auroville.org.in).<br />

HT cable laying update<br />

Dear community,<br />

Following our last communication on the routing of the HT cable<br />

-see our posting " Crown infrastructure" dated August 30th which<br />

appeared both on Auronet and N&N- we want to update you on<br />

our proposal.<br />

As stated before, it is the view of L'avenir/TDC team that the<br />

best technically, cheapest and least damaging route for this<br />

cable is through Centre Field following broadly the line of the<br />

Crown. (See the rationale explained in the above mentioned<br />

posting).<br />

We have come up with an option that fully avoids buildings and<br />

stays outside people's living spaces, simply by looping around<br />

Tapas and Txuma's place in Centre Field and around part of Joy<br />

Guest House. (Please see the map posted on Auronet and on the<br />

board at TDC office, Town Hall 2nd floor)<br />

This option is seen by us as the most consistent with the brief<br />

that was given to us by the community when our team was<br />

formed, that is to try and reconcile diverging approaches in the<br />

community regarding planning and development, leave time for<br />

consensus to emerge, while staying true to the community's<br />

decision to respect the basic framework of the master plan of<br />

which the Crown is a key element and while allowing much<br />

needed infrastructural progress that will make all our lives easier<br />

to occur.<br />

It is also consistent with the Crown Ways approach that<br />

welcomes the existence of a Crown but sees it primarily as an<br />

urban landscape rather than a road with the usual traffic issues<br />

it brings.<br />

Please note that the TDC is fully aware of the importance of<br />

mobility studies - one is now underway - prior to taking any<br />

decision regarding the opening of new accesses.<br />

We want to proceed rapidly as we are working to a deadline and<br />

AVES needs to start with the work promptly. We are<br />

therefore submitting this proposal for 2 weeks feedback to the<br />

community.<br />

Sincerely, TDC/ L'avenir<br />


La Piscine re-opens its gate to bicycles!<br />

Please do not push the gate open with your tires and take care<br />

not to scrape the paint!<br />

However…we request, that before bringing<br />

your bike inside, you dismount and manually<br />

open the gate to its maximum open position.<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />

Close the gate after entering and exiting.<br />

Please park your bike on the left side of the gate as you enter.<br />

Thank you!<br />


Clarification!<br />

Dear Friends, This is to clarify that AVDZINES at Town Hall will<br />

remain as a graphic / print studio. The new project proposal that<br />

was published a few weeks back will just be an extension and<br />

will mainly be a place to house offset printing, binding, framing<br />

and other related works.<br />

Avdzines team<br />

Revival of Saturday Markets at Solar Kitchen<br />

With the main guest season about to start, there is a growing<br />

feeling that we should once again start having weekly Saturday<br />

Markets outside the Solar Kitchen, commencing around 14th of<br />

December and continuing to early March. Anyone interested in<br />

this and who would like to have a display table at the market<br />

(available from the SK complex or on hire from an outside<br />

contractor), should contact us at Prisma, so we can determine<br />

how many tables are needed. A small charge is likely to be made<br />

to cover overhead costs such as hire of extra tables. (In the<br />

event of rain there would be no market that Saturday.)<br />

Prisma (ph.2622296; e-mail prisma@auroville.org.in)<br />

A V A I L A B L E<br />

Office spaces available inside Aurelec premises:<br />

The following conveniently located office spaces with full<br />

infrastructure are available for rental:<br />

1) 108.46 sqm. on the ground floor with provision to put<br />

air-conditioner either by tenants or ADPS.<br />

2) 44 sqm. on the ground floor with air-conditioners<br />

3) 34 sqm. on the first floor with air-conditioner<br />

Interested people may contact Mr. Siva at Aurelec in person, or<br />

by phone 2622293/94 or e-mail adps@auroville.org.in<br />

Dogs looking for a new family<br />

Mason<br />

Sweet female village-Labrador dog born<br />

the 17th of September, (11 weeks) well<br />

fed since pregnancy, grown in a<br />

protected environment, in excellent<br />

shape, is looking for a new home.<br />

Please call Marc 9442006807 or<br />

Anne 9488084684<br />

If anybody is in need of a mason (bricklaying, wall plastering...)<br />

please let me know as I know somebody looking for work.<br />

Petra 8098958679<br />

Furniture and stuff<br />

One water filter, one 58cm Samsung Monitor (2 years only), one<br />

tempura, one Indian folding bed, one rosewood chair, one iron<br />

library, 1 cane bed + mattress latex, 1 pedestal table and various<br />

kitchen items. Please contact Regina 9894545043 noon to 2 pm<br />

and 9894390674 7 to 9 pm only<br />

Aqua Dyn waterfilter<br />

Aqua Dyn Waterfilter, new condition with blue light, looks for a<br />

new home. Call Nicole 91 599 303 84 or n.a.remy@hotmail.com.<br />

Thank you.<br />

Laptop and camera tripod<br />

Lenovo/Ibm laptop computer, dual core processor, 2Gb ram<br />

memory, French keyboard, very good condition, no scratch, with<br />

linux ubuntu system and softwares installed. Also, a pro. camera<br />

tripod is available, please, contact Uriel to see/test the product<br />

(904 723 99 64)<br />

Toshiba Hard disk drive 500GB<br />

Dominik has a new Toshiba external Hard disk ''2,5 with 500 GB<br />

(Space for around 300 Movies). If you are interested just call:<br />

9585849017.<br />

Someone going to Berlin / London<br />

I am looking for someone travelling either to Berlin or to London<br />

before the 10th of December. I would like to send a very small<br />

packet for my daughters studying there. My phone numbers: 0413<br />

2622307 and 9626 9151 99 or email to srimoyi@auroville.org.in.<br />

Thanking you in advance. Srimoyi<br />

A Super XL moped<br />

Green color, in good condition, PY licence plate. Contact Anand:<br />

986 562 3504.<br />


Kirtan walahs<br />

Dear Musicians,<br />

We are looking for more musicians who would like to play and<br />

lead kirtans. Do you play the guitar, or drums, or harmonium?<br />

Would you like to join us as we practice and get our first regular<br />

programs together at Pitanga? We would love to have you join<br />

us!<br />

You can contact me at laurawhite@auroville.org.in or by text<br />

message only at 90476 51166. Hari bol! Laura W.<br />

Small cycle<br />

Cycle for 3-year old to borrow for a month or so, ideally one of<br />

those small ones with no pedals. Would give it back after the<br />

month and get a bigger one then.<br />

Thanks! Olivers mamma Petra 8098958679<br />

Volunteers<br />

I am looking for volunteers to help with the cooking for Peas vs<br />

Pills, preferably by those who have already attended the seminar<br />

or who are well versed with cooking for large numbers of people.<br />

We will be forming a team soon after the 6th of Dec. If you are<br />

interested and can commit for these 4 Sundays - 29th Dec, 26th<br />

Jan, 23rd Feb and 16th March to cook at Quiet please do send an<br />

email to nandita@sharan-india.org or phone 0413 2622637 from 9<br />

am – 5 pm and give your name and contact no so that I can call<br />

you for the meeting. Thank you. I look forwards to meeting you<br />

soon. Nandita<br />

Laptop and battery help<br />

My laptop works very slowly and collapses very easily. I would<br />

like it if somebody could teach me how to clean, format and<br />

start again installing the programs and maintenance of the<br />

antivirus...these are mysteries of technology for me!!<br />

In case somebody have a Panasonic lumix photo camera - DMC-<br />

TZ2O Battery or charger, mine are broken I need to test what's<br />

wrong or I can buy yours if do you have an extra one.<br />

Anna 8110847941<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


Some specifics books<br />

Dear Friends, my name is Gaurav, I am an Indian filmmaker. I am<br />

in process of procuring a few dozen books for my ongoing<br />

research on the topic of Citizen Activism- the central theme of<br />

the feature film I am working on. Though the list of books is<br />

long, I am mentioning a few below, which I think might be<br />

available around here.<br />

Books by Sri. Aurobindo: The Human Cycle, Life Divine, Bande<br />

Mataram, Karmayogin, Letters on himself and Ashram,<br />

Foundation of Indian Culture- Renaissance of India, Ideals of<br />

Human Unity, War and self determination.<br />

Apart from these I am also looking for:<br />

Collected works of Raman Maharishi<br />

God Talks to Arjuna- Paramhansa<br />

Dhampadda- by Osho, 12 Volumes<br />

Gita Darshan - by Osho, 8 Volumes<br />

Greening of America- Charles A. Reich<br />

The Perennial philosophy - Huxley<br />

India after Gandhi - Ram Chandra Guha<br />

Indian Philosophy Vol 1 & 2 - Radha Krishnan<br />

If you have an extra copy of any of these books and are happy to<br />

pass it on to me for my research, please let me know. I will keep<br />

the circle of giving, going ahead.<br />

Thanks, Dr Gaurav Chhabra (Ph: 9787897947, email:<br />

medimedia@gmail.com)<br />

Material for Meera Youth Camp,<br />

We would like to thank again the volunteers who came to help in<br />

Meera Youth Camp on last Sunday. We have built a new capsule<br />

on our own, with the help of the villagers! This gives us a new<br />

room for a volunteer for only 1500rs a month! The volunteer who<br />

helped the most to build it is actually staying there, and it gives<br />

her a beautiful feeling of achievement. She has built her own<br />

house and will give it to the next volunteers who will join the<br />

community and help it to become self-sufficient.<br />

Now we ask the community of <strong>Auroville</strong> to keep in mind that this<br />

small community on the beach needs help and support.<br />

We need:<br />

Material to make new houses (kajulinas, pakamaran, leafs,<br />

bamboos….) / Staff for the kitchen (mainly pans (big, small,<br />

sauce…) plates, glasses, knifes…) / Furniture for the rooms and<br />

kitchen (shelves, desks, chairs, mattresses…) / Cycles to be used<br />

on <strong>Auroville</strong> - Anything which can be useful. And please come<br />

over to check our projects and see our enthusiasm (especially on<br />

Sundays) Michael 9626012318<br />

Thank You so much!<br />

Meera Youth Camp Community” - Michael<br />

LOST & FOUND<br />

We have a full box of found keys as well as some glasses at the <strong>News</strong> & <strong>Notes</strong> Office. Edts<br />

The symbol of Mother and Sri Aurobindo(lost): Combined, in<br />

gold (not filled, open model) with a tiny amethyst in the center.<br />

Somewhere between Anusuya- Sangha- Arka, a few weeks<br />

ago....If anyone found it, I would be generously grateful and<br />

happy.<br />

Contact: aikya@auroville.org.in / 9488084952 or 2623063<br />

Bunch of 4 keys (found): Last Saturday between Samasti and<br />

eucalyptus corner including TVS bike. Pass to the office of<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong><br />

2 dogs (lost): Our two dogs, the brothers Raja and Ram, are<br />

missing since more than a week. Small/medium size, light brown<br />

with dark back, both wearing a collar. Any info about their<br />

whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Jaap, Ravena<br />

9486534350<br />


House sitting 1<br />

Dear Friends,<br />

I am Loli, I'm Persian. I have come to <strong>Auroville</strong> aspiring to be a<br />

volunteer in one of the <strong>Auroville</strong> schools. Right now I am staying<br />

with friends of mine near <strong>Auroville</strong> but I want to shift to an<br />

<strong>Auroville</strong> community and explore more about the place before<br />

applying for being a newcomer. I am looking for a house-sitting<br />

opportunity for the next few months. It would be great to hear<br />

from Aurovilians who would be happy to offer the same.<br />

Thanks, Loli, Phone: +9191 6760 9495 Email: lefa20@gmail.com<br />

House sitting 2<br />

Hi, I'm a returning volunteer guest unable to find a room or place<br />

in the guest houses during the months of Dec-Jan. I need a single<br />

place or house sit Dec 25 onward until the end of March. No keet<br />

structures please. I'm currently house sitting and volunteering<br />

part-time for Future School, and the Mantrimandir. Also, I am<br />

looking for a bicycle to use/take care of. Thank you!<br />

robertdemito@yahoo.com. Robert<br />

T A X I S H A R I N G<br />

December 5th: I would like to share a taxi on Dec 5 th evening at<br />

Chennai airport. I will reach at 8 pm. From abroad, and the taxi<br />

can be shared either way. Please contact me by email:<br />

sigrid@auroville.org.in Sigrid<br />

December 6th: I am leaving <strong>Auroville</strong> 4 pm in the afternoon for<br />

Chennai Airport. Who likes to share a taxi? Please contact Nicole<br />

91 599 303 84 or n.a.remy@hotmail.com. See you!<br />


December 7th. Leaving <strong>Auroville</strong> around 3 pm for Chennai<br />

airport. Both ways sharing available. Please contact<br />

sylas@auroville.org.in or phone to 2622987.Thank you<br />

December 16th: I will arrive at Chennai airport on December<br />

16th at 2.15am with Emirates from Dubai. If you are arriving or<br />

leaving on a flight near this time and want to share the cost of<br />

the taxi, let me know by e-mail to evm.lang@gmx.net. Thanks<br />

Evmarie<br />

Looking for new Team Members<br />

people with animals and nature with the goal of holistic healing<br />

of the self, and the larger whole. Our vision is a diabetes free<br />

SHARAN stands for Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to India. By helping people make informed food choices we hope to<br />

Animals and Nature. SHARAN has the mission of reconnecting reverse diabetes and a host of other diseases without medicines.<br />

5<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]

We are looking for new Team Members. The posts currently<br />

available are<br />

1. Creative Media Director<br />

2. Event Co-ordinator<br />

3. IT Director<br />

4. Marketing, communications and customer relations<br />

professional<br />

5. Personal Assistant to Director<br />

To learn more about SHARAN go to www.sharan-india.org.<br />

To see the job descriptions and to apply, go to: http://sharanindia.org/news/sharan-jobs/<br />

Teaching opportunity at Aikiyam School<br />

Dear Ones,<br />

We of Aikiyam School (located in New Creation) would like<br />

to continue offering our students the opportunity to learn the<br />

Hindi language. Since July they have been practicing reading and<br />

writing, as well as learning songs in Hindi, with a volunteer who<br />

is now leaving. The schedule would be Monday through Friday for<br />

one hour in the afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. If you know<br />

Hindi and would enjoy sharing your knowledge with young<br />

people, we would love to hear from you.<br />

If you are interested and available for this teaching opportunity,<br />

please contact us at aikiyamschool@auroville.org.in, or by phone<br />

at 2622358.<br />

Thank you, Aikiyam Support Group with Shankar, Principal<br />

Extras for theatre play,<br />

This year <strong>Auroville</strong> is organizing a theatre play written by Sri<br />

Aurobindo: “The Viziers of Bassora”.<br />

Aryamani, the play director, is looking for volunteers to play in<br />

some scenes where we need a crowd of people as extra/walk on<br />

(no text or very short text).<br />

If you are interested please come and meet us any day in the<br />

Bharat Nivas Auditorium (back entrance) by 7 pm (except Friday,<br />

we go to Unity Pavilion).<br />

Saturdays 7 pm Bharat Nivas are for special rehearsals with<br />

crowds of Volunteers, please come we need a lot of people!<br />

The play will be performed on 14 th ,15th and 16th of Dec.<br />

Thank you, Theatre Group”<br />

A U R O V I L L E R A D I O<br />

Hello dear listeners,<br />

We hope that you have enjoyed the week that has just passed as much as we have. At <strong>Auroville</strong>Radio we have covered<br />

general meetings on important issues, such as conflict resolution, but also had our spirits lifted through fire, music and<br />

light. Further, you can listen to Deepanam school students talk about their work on an <strong>Auroville</strong> mobility survey. Click<br />

the links hereunder, or visit the website itself, and Enjoy!<br />

Collected Poems - Sri Aurobindo (Arts &<br />

Culture 25/11/2013)<br />

I have rendered a few poems from the book Collected Poems of<br />

Sri Aurobindo and I am having a great time discovering the multifaceted<br />

grandeur of Sri Aurobindo's poetic genius. I am<br />

interested in sharing with the listeners my voice-adventure of<br />

trying to feel and render the poetry of Sri Aurobindo. -[English, 6<br />

Minutes]<br />

Participation, Piano Recital (<strong>News</strong> 24/11/2013)<br />

Discoveries of Fire, a Fire and Light performance at the Visitor<br />

Centre, is postponed to Friday the 29th at 8pm. On Saturday<br />

November 30th, between 10am to 4pm at Unity Pavilion in<br />

International Zone, we are all invited to Residents' Assembly<br />

Decision Making Event, where the proposal "Participatory<br />

Working Groups" and the connected selection process are works<br />

in progress. -[English, 10 Minutes]<br />

Amayama (Arts & Culture 23/11/2013)<br />

Malu, Joem and Sebastian, making up the heart of Amayama<br />

band, performed last night, with guests, at the Sri Aurobindo<br />

Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in<br />

International Zone. It was a great evening of dance and joy! -<br />

[English, 67 Minutes]<br />

Fire, Light, Music (<strong>News</strong> 20/11/2013)<br />

On Saturday and Sunday "Discoveries of Fire" will be performed<br />

by 11 <strong>Auroville</strong> Youth, at 8pm, Visitor Centre. Written by the<br />

youth themselves, the performance, through spinning of fire and<br />

light, tells the tale of the voyage of fire throughout the history<br />

of humanity. -[English, 9 Minutes]<br />

You can listen to all of the programs and more on www.aurovilleradio.org. All the recordings are also available on CD or ready to be copied<br />

on your memory stick at the <strong>Auroville</strong>Radio premises. We are based in the Town Hall complex, just opposite to the Financial Services. For<br />

more info call 0413-2623331 or email contact@aurovilleradio.org<br />

H E A L T H<br />

Homeostasis, immune system: the miracle (part2)<br />

It is not the disease that makes us sick<br />

If our system of defense and homeostasis are not respected, our<br />

organism will not be able to defend itself against external<br />

attacks (pollution, accidents, microorganisms...) or internal<br />

disturbances such as cell degeneration - the cause of cancer -,<br />

and will fall sick.<br />

Micro-organisms are part of the environment that contains them<br />

(air, soil, water, skin, foods, animals, infected individuals) and<br />

the majority of them are non-pathogenic, they cause no disease<br />

in normal circumstances. (The virus of rabies and the plague<br />

bacillus are rare examples of “always” pathogens for humans)<br />

They only become pathogenic if: - Too big concentration of<br />

micro-organisms (lack of hygiene)<br />

- Directly access deep tissue (example: a deep wound)<br />

- Low immune system +++<br />

A healthy person is a patient who is unaware<br />

If we look a bit closer, we are never in a state of perfect<br />

balance, our homeostasis is continually in process of adjustment<br />

to the actions of the everyday and our body is constantly in<br />

search of equilibrium. It is in a permanent state of nearimbalance.<br />

When the extent of this imbalance is moderate and<br />

stable, we can say that we are in good health.<br />

This state of imbalance concerns us first. Since it concerns our<br />

own body and our live, we are responsible, responsible for its<br />

strengths and weaknesses. However, we are not the only factor<br />

that causes this imbalance; it is inherent in the movement of<br />

life, its imperfections, to maneuver errors, we shouldn't feel<br />

guilty about it, it will not help, only responsible.<br />

Let’s take our health in our hands<br />

It is crucial to participate in our health, consciously and<br />

voluntarily.<br />

It is for us to re-learn the simple and natural gestures to<br />

unblock, clean and invigorate our body on a daily basis. It is<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


essential to inquire and absorb information that will eventually<br />

become part of ourselves, and put it into practice.<br />

Then we need to ask ourselves, every single day, about how we<br />

feel and to take it into account.<br />

"I feel good": my mind and my body are relaxed; I feel my body<br />

because energy circulates freely in my usual area of health.<br />

"I don't feel very well": I am out of balance; I have to act...<br />

before “I feel bad”<br />

Whatever the state of health of our body, number of<br />

"alternative" therapies - naturopathy, ayurveda, classical<br />

homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, phytotherapy, energy<br />

treatments etc. - have been proven beneficial long before<br />

allopathy... which continues every month to withdraw from the<br />

trade an increasing number of its miraculous medicines that turn<br />

out to be dangerous after 2, 5, 20 years and even more, of good<br />

and loyal service.<br />

While it is still possible to restore our balancing and defense<br />

capabilities, we can prevent and cure ourselves by simple and<br />

totally natural means as long as we will have faith in the healing<br />

power of our own bodies. Intention and Faith are the main<br />

actors of our healing (and we can even say that they are often<br />

sufficient)<br />

"Disease, without exception, without exception is the expression<br />

of an imbalance”<br />

"The disease is the result of a disharmony, a lack of<br />

receptiveness towards the divine Forces. If you cut the relation<br />

of Energy and Forces that support you, (doubt, bad mood, lack of<br />

confidence), it is to movements of this kind that we should<br />

attribute the cause of disease, and not to microbes» Mother<br />

"Which is not recognized by Nature cannot be by our body”<br />

Submitted by Marie Noelle<br />

Jade Beautysalon<br />

Welcomes you for professional Treatments, NEW lighttreatments<br />

for Skinproblems, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing and many<br />

things more. Please call for appointment 809 876 0113, Felicity<br />

<strong>Auroville</strong><br />

With love Julia<br />

Appointments with Michael Z.<br />

I am again available for homeopathic consultations.<br />

Quiet Healing Center (tel. 262 2329 / 948 808 4966) - Tuesday -<br />

Saturday for Aurovilians, Newcomers, guests.<br />

Kailash Clinic (tel. 262 2803) - Monday afternoons - Aurovilians<br />

and Newcomers, only. Meetings by appointment only.<br />

T R A V E L<br />

Latest <strong>News</strong> from Travelshop / Inside India<br />

Oman Air introduced one way and one month return fares to London valid for departure until 15th April14. To Paris and Frankfurt until 31st<br />

December.<br />

Emirates tactical fares to Europe are extended until 31st March 14. Tickets have to be issued before 30th December 13.<br />

Kuwait Airways special fares to USA and Europe (baggage allowance 40Kg) are valid for travel until 19th December.<br />

On Sri Lankan offers to Frankfurt, London, Rome and Paris for outbound until 31st March 14 only limited seats are available.<br />

Black out periods apply on all offers. Kindly book early to avail our special discounts.<br />

We strongly advise to always check the departure timings before heading to the airport, especially for return flights. Our office times:<br />

Monday to Saturday 9:00 – 13:00 and 13:30 – 17:30hrs - travelshop@auroville.org.in, domestic@inside-india.com<br />

Inside India-The Travelshop, Kuilapalayam, Tel 2622 604, 2623030, 2622 078<br />

G R E E N<br />


Calling Rain – on Cloud Seeding & Ancient Knowledge<br />

‘Cloud seeding’ – artificially<br />

provoking clouds to precipitate into rain - was first demonstrated<br />

in the USA in 1946, when a scientist dumped 3 kg of dry ice from<br />

a plane into a cloud, which promptly resulted in rain. Further<br />

experiments followed, the new technology spread rapidly and<br />

was embraced by India in 1951, when Tata Inc. created rain over<br />

the Western Ghats by seeding clouds through ground-based silver<br />

iodide generators.<br />

In the 80s and early 90s, extensive cloud seeding was done in<br />

Tamil Nadu to combat severe drought. More recently, Andhra<br />

Pradesh carried out one of Asia’s largest such programmes. And<br />

from last year, the technology is widely used in drought-stricken<br />

areas of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat.<br />

Today cloud seeding is practiced on every continent in over<br />

30 countries. And although humans have affected weather<br />

patterns for millennia through deforestation and uncontrolled<br />

growth of cities, for the first time an actual industry has<br />

developed to change the weather directly.<br />

How it is done: Chemicals are dispersed by airplane –<br />

including micro-lights - or by devices located on the ground.<br />

They commonly are sodium iodide, dry ice (solid carbon dioxide),<br />

sea salt (in warmer climates), liquid propane (to reduce fog in<br />

airports), or desiccated ice-nucleating bacteria. A new<br />

technology under research is infrared laser seeding.<br />

Uses of cloud seeding: Its most obvious purpose is to avert<br />

droughts, an increasing challenge world-wide. Other uses are the<br />

prevention of hailstorms, even of cyclones and floods (by<br />

inducing rain early on), or suppressing dust storms and massive<br />

fires. Artificial rain is also used to ‘clean’ the air of pollution and<br />

This column speaks of human efforts to bring down rain when it fails to fall…<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />

smog: China ‘created’ rain to improve the air quality during the<br />

2008 Olympics in Beijing, and earlier this year Indonesia<br />

considered cloud-seeding to reduce the calamitous smoke caused<br />

by the Sumatra forest fires. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster,<br />

Soviet pilots seeded clouds to remove radioactive particles from<br />

clouds before they could reach Moscow.<br />

Recent ambitious ‘weather modification programmes’<br />

aim at altering entire climates: The U.A.E. is creating regular rain<br />

storms in the Abu Dhabi desert, where it never used to rain. China,<br />

increasingly plagued by pollution and acute water shortage, and<br />

the largest user of cloud seeding, aims at reducing summer heat by<br />

increasing cloud mass, and saving on energy required for the<br />

cooling of buildings.<br />

Finally there are lucrative reasons to cloud-seed, for private<br />

enterprises like farms or hydropower stations, and snowpack<br />

creation for skiing resorts as in USA and Alberta (Canada).<br />

A double-edged sword: Beyond the immediate benefit of local<br />

rain, too little is known yet about the wider impacts of this costly<br />

technology. Major problems are the toxicity of the chemicals used<br />

for environment and human health, and unwanted effects such as<br />

uncontrollable precipitation over wide areas, snowstorms,<br />

tornadoes, flooding etc. Other concerns are rain suppression - one<br />

region ‘taking away’ the other’s rain - and years of droughts and<br />

fires following an excessive drying up of the air. The industry lacks<br />

efficient regulation, as the only international legislation is a treaty<br />

forbidding cloud-seeding for hostile purposes.<br />

Ancient Art of Rainmaking: Traditional societies all over the<br />

world have known different ways of calling rain. Even if partly<br />


obscured through time and labelled superstitious by scientific<br />

minds, some of these customs are still very alive, and draw on a<br />

timeless knowledge. Traditions in Africa, the Americas, Asia,<br />

Australia and Europe vary in their forms, but share universal<br />

elements, and may well hold seeds for the future. Essentially a<br />

rainmaker is someone who knows how to enter into conscious<br />

communication with the Forces of Nature that determine the<br />

weather. While this capacity can be a gift, an inherited trait (as<br />

in the matrilineal Rain Queen in South Africa), and often induced<br />

by rituals and/or special substances, a rainmaker usually<br />

undergoes a long and rigorous training, and observes a lifestyle<br />

of purity that allows him or her to maintain a closeness to the<br />

powers that make the Weather.<br />

In ancient Tamil tradition, three kinds of people were apt to<br />

call the rain: a perfect king, a pure woman, or a santron (a wise<br />

and selfless advisor to the community). A well-known classical<br />

poetess affirms that “the existence of one man of perfection is<br />

sufficient to get the rain for the survival of the people of the<br />

whole world”!<br />

China, where the government is planning to boost its massive<br />

cloud seeding programme by five times to an unimaginable 280<br />

billion tons of yearly precipitation, had in ancient times an<br />

enlightened way to bring about rain: In times of drought or other<br />

calamities, a sage would be called in to advise the people on what<br />

was amiss in the society, and how to collectively recover the<br />

harmony that would inevitably restore Nature’s balance.<br />

Such subtler methods are being increasingly rediscovered. A<br />

modern-day rainmaker in the USA uses the thorough training he<br />

received from an Ojibwa medicine man in combination with a<br />

sophisticated ‘Wilhelm Reich’ rainmaking device to achieve<br />

astounding results, through a technology that has neither the<br />

exorbitant cost nor the problematic effects of cloud seeding. His<br />

website makes for fascinating reading.<br />

We in <strong>Auroville</strong> are privileged to have access to numerous<br />

accounts of Mother’s experiences with the forces behind the<br />

Weather. And while our soil is thirsting for monsoon rain, we have<br />

the prayer given by Her, which has brought about the heavenly<br />

grace again and again:<br />

Rain, Rain, Rain, we want the rain.<br />

Rain, Rain, Rain, we ask for rain.<br />

Rain, Rain, Rain, we need the rain.<br />

Rain, Rain, Rain, we pray for rain.<br />

Further reading: Mother’s Agenda. www.rainmakerrainmaker.com,<br />

internet on Reich’s rain machine.<br />

The Green Column appears bi-weekly as an initiative of the <strong>Auroville</strong> Green Center. We invite everyone to share any green topics, for a<br />

healthy <strong>Auroville</strong>, bioregion & planet Earth!<br />

For AV Green Center (avgreencenter@auroville.org.in) Jasmin, Lisbeth & Bridget<br />

About ACT being forced to discontinue free buses to Pondy<br />

For about two decades SAIIER provided free transport to Pondy, in spite of all odds and risks: two trips in the morning and one in the<br />

afternoon, weekly; during the tourists’ season, supplying two or three buses at the time. When SAIIER discontinued the offer, for legal<br />

reasons, the ACT team kept alive this free service; some passengers did not pay because of their tight economic situation or as a matter of<br />

principle – but others paid, in support of this indispensable transport.<br />

For most Aurovilians the first stop was the Samadhi where Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s bodies rest; some spent long time in<br />

meditation, and eventually afterwards ate at the Ashram Dining Room. Others visited friends, or sick people admitted somewhere; or had X<br />

rays and tests done, consulted specialists and so on. I have seen Aurovilians carrying on the ACT bus trunks, suitcases, gas stoves,<br />

computers and other cumbersome items, even a bicycle. Besides the psychological and spiritual issues, do we realize how much money we<br />

saved, through that bus – not to mention in terms of pollution and congestion?<br />

Many adults took regularly the bus, for years. The senior Aurovilians too, starting from Mahalingam (the Tamil translator of Sri Aurobindo,<br />

over 90), so dear to the Mother that she paid for his family to keep him at the Ashram! Two seniors boarding the bus every time are no<br />

more, but they enjoyed their trips till the end. The SAIIER and ACT free buses, quite full, were even more packed on Saturdays and<br />

holidays, when our students joined. Add the volunteers, who work here for free, and the guests (often paying exorbitant prices to the<br />

guesthouses), and what that service meant to so many people is obvious even to the deaf and blind.<br />

From last July to October the ACT was allotted a monthly subsidy of Rs. 38,000; afterwards the BCC/FAMC cancelled that meagre help too.<br />

With the paying trips (mainly visitors in Pondy boarding the bus to go to the Matrimandir) the ACT raises 35.000/40,000 every month. But as<br />

their yearly expenses are 13 lakhs, without a prompt intervention they will close down the entire ACT service, including the Matrimandir<br />

trips.<br />

Private cars as a status symbol? Motorbikes since one’s teens, machismo? Taxis for those incapacitated or too old? This cannot be the<br />

answer. And if on top of this cynical scenario we point out that, by the Mother’s will, the Sri Aurobindo Society provided two Pondy bus<br />

trips a day, in special occasions even three, it is legitimate to ask: what have we done with the Mother’s provisions for <strong>Auroville</strong>?<br />

To suppress the two weekly free trips to Pondy is the last stroke of the systematic work of dismantling all that the Mother had put in place<br />

for a city to be inhabited, and run, by those of whom we hardly speak: the “honorary voluntary workers” – “willing servitors of the Divine<br />

Consciousness”, in Mother’s parlance. But if, even worse, the BBC/FAMC fail to understand the necessity for the Pondy bus altogether, and<br />

the ACT is forced to close down, as I was told, 1) it is an outrage to the spirit of <strong>Auroville</strong> and the Mother’s guidelines 2) it unmasks the<br />

bluff of our pretension of inhabiting an ecological city 3) it exposes a financial-economic system gone so astray, after 45 years, that we<br />

cannot even ensure the collective transport to the Matrimandir, not to mention that of the residents. Then what our ‘values’ are will be<br />

known to all, with irreparable damage.<br />

Truth! The best reply is the SAIIER free bus gone last Sunday to Pondy for the sole purpose of us visiting Sri Aurobindo’s room. The rain was<br />

pouring but we cheerfully boarded the bus; at every stop more Aurovilians, of all ages and ethnicities, joined, filling almost entirely the<br />

large bus, as it happens at every darshan trip. Nonagenarian Mahalingam was present, beaming like usually, he too braving the rain.<br />

A big thanks to SAIIER! Long live to <strong>Auroville</strong>!<br />

Submitted by Paulette<br />

8<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]

A dream takes shape – Part 3 – The land of milk and honey<br />

Part 2 see <strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong>16th November 2013 [523].<br />

Is clean and healthy drinking water a luxury item in the future? Recently I watched a video about the water situation in Santa Cruz, USA<br />

reporting consecutive years of low rainfalls and the alarming lowering of well levels. At times water had to be rationed. The local<br />

governments are aware that salinisation of groundwater is an irreversible damage and has to be avoided at any price.<br />

Looking for alternatives like lowering the water consumption (increasing awareness), recycling of waste water for irrigation and harvesting<br />

of rainwater is all considered, researched and in the process or already implemented. And although urgent actions are needed it doesn't<br />

really address the important question: How to get, make, secure more water? In many cases the water problem has long ago exceeded the<br />

question of only maintaining the present consumption. The wells have reached their maximum capacity long ago, similar in AV.<br />

Is a return to a simpler lifestyle the answer? And if a growing population adds an additional load on the water demand? Recently worldwide<br />

rain is either way too much or not enough – at least from the human point of view. But if the weather is out of control, all the above<br />

measures to preserve and collect water will fail to solve the water shortage or secure even the present situation. Beginning of this year it<br />

rained in the south of Spain within 24 hours 30% of the yearly average rainfall and that after a very long dry summer! I looked out of my<br />

window and thought I was in India in the heaviest monsoon ever. Recent floods all over the world show clearly that the weather is “out of<br />

control”. If it ever was under control :).<br />

In many coastal areas in the south of Spain water is channelled over long distances from the mountains to the high density areas (towns)<br />

with industry, agriculture and tourism. These systems worked fine for the last 500 years (since the Arabs introduced them) but already<br />

since 2 decades fights over water-rights are common. Claro, much of the “further developments” might be questionable but nevertheless<br />

one fact remains: there is less and less water available. The rivers are running dry. It is amazing to see a plentiful river in the mountains<br />

and then hardly recognize it, trickling into the sea. In some cases the rivers don't even reach the sea any more. But AV has neither<br />

mountains nor a river nearby. What alternatives are then left for AV not only to secure the present water supply but eventually get more?<br />

How can we grow without more water? Can we afford to depend on rainfall only while wells are depleting? What does the rest of the world<br />

do to solve this crisis?<br />

Juergen, Creativity<br />


No meditation at the Matrimandir Amphitheatre on Thursday 28 th November<br />

Thursday weekly meditation<br />

Listening to Savitri read by Mother with Sunil’s music<br />

Timing: 5.30 to 6.00 pm (weather permitting)<br />

Let’s enjoy the beautiful open space, the glow of the setting sun and heavenly music in the very center of <strong>Auroville</strong>!<br />

Dear Guests, please carry your Guest Card – please no photos there.<br />

Access only for the Amphitheatre from 5.15 pm. – 6.oo pm. Thank you!<br />

Amphitheatre Group<br />

I N V I T A T I O N S<br />

An invitation to all the teachers and facilitators in the field of education to meet and aspire<br />

and connect collectively to” The Dream.”<br />

Saturday the 7 th of December for all the <strong>Auroville</strong> and Outreach Schools<br />

At the Unity Pavillion.<br />

The programme is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.<br />

9 am to 10.15 am. Reading “The Dream” followed by a sharing where we express gratitude for all that has manifested in <strong>Auroville</strong> .<br />

10.15 am. To 10.30 am tea break<br />

10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Hearing “ The Charter of <strong>Auroville</strong>” read by The Mother, followed by a sharing where we each express ‘ one step<br />

that we can take in the future in the field of education to further manifest The Dream. This can be a step an individual can take, or it can<br />

be something we need to add to our school curriculum or it can be something we need to co-create educationally to manifest “The Dream”<br />

or something dear to your heart/mind.<br />

11.30 am to 12 pm. Conclusion<br />

Our aims 1) To aspire together to manifest The Dream. 2) To connect, feel and be part of the larger whole picture –pre crèche/<br />

kindergarten to high school 3) Be grateful for all that has been achieved 4) To see what steps emerge to further manifest “The Dream”<br />

educationally.<br />

If you wish to come and have not yet let us known, please do so by the 2nd of December. It would help us to organise this gathering<br />

well. mitadg@gmail.com<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


Laying of the Foundation Stone for the new <strong>Auroville</strong> Farewell Facility<br />

5 December 2013<br />

The designated location is south-west of the new, up-coming <strong>Auroville</strong> Institute for Integral Health, on the edge of Mahalakshmi Park.<br />

Everyone is invited to participate from wherever they may be on that morning.<br />

Bio Region tour<br />

Date: Saturday 7th December 2013<br />

Time: 12pm till 7.30pm<br />

Meeting point: 11.45am at Lively Boutique, Kotakkarai Plaza<br />

• Begin in Munnur<br />

• Enjoy lunch at a village home<br />

• Discover the village of Munnur with its church and ancient temple<br />

• Visit a traditional family of potters who will demonstrate their craft<br />

• Finish the day climbing the rocks to Perumukkal’s12th-Century temple for tea and an opportunity to meditate while the sun sets over<br />

the magnificent Kaluveli landscape.<br />

Please contact us on 0413 2623806 or at mohanamprogram@gmail.com<br />

Tour will only take place once a minimum of 10 bookings has been received.<br />

We aim to run this tour every Saturday, dependent on number of bookings received.<br />

Contribution amount is confirmed on enquiry.<br />

Transportation will be arranged according to the number of people.<br />



A residency and group show by visiting artists<br />

4 - 12 December, 2013<br />


Open daily 9 – 5 (Closed on Sundays and public holidays.)<br />

Artists would be working in the campus and happy to meet other artists from <strong>Auroville</strong> and Pondicherry.<br />


Thursday 28th November (9 am): we open to the public<br />

Saturday 30th: Talk with the artists (3 pm)<br />


Wednesday 4th: Opening (4.30 pm)<br />

Saturday 7th: Talk with the artists (3 pm)<br />

Thursday 12th: Talk with the artists to end the exhibition and "farewell tea" (3 pm)<br />

List of participants: Mr Da Cunha Cédric, Mrs Valérie Abella, Mr Elango A., Mrs Fath Christiane, Mr Kandappan, Mrs Aurélie Lemille as<br />

Aurellll, Mrs Supriya Menon Meneghetti, Mr Ramesh Payeri, Mr Sugumaran A.<br />

T A L K S , S EMINARS<br />

Kirlian Photography<br />

I have come to <strong>Auroville</strong> for the third time to attend the Matrimandir and Sri Aurobindo Ashram. My field of interests includes teaching and<br />

research/development work in bioinformatics and computer science. My recent research is dedicated to Kirlian photography techniques and<br />

their applications. A Kirlian aura camera manifests the human’s aura or energy field, measures personal vibrations, moods, mind power<br />

potential, hidden skills. It can be used to measure how effective some developing environment, or any therapy, or training really is. Now<br />

innovative version of the Kirlian technique is under development. I guess that <strong>Auroville</strong> is a right place for the Kirlian photography project.<br />

These innovative technologies can provide a base for creating new high-tech services and businesses in this field that will result in<br />

considerable long-term economic and social benefits. I propose to establish a kirlian service to take pictures before and after the<br />

Matrimandir meditation, to support every clinic or healing or meditation centers, to run training courses. A Kirlian devices production for<br />

home uses could be established too.<br />

I am interested to found out the right partner for Kirlian project.<br />

Kirlian photography is a part of more significant child project named as the SIXTH RACE’S CRADLE that is aimed at children’s salvation,<br />

development and education during this period of epic change, when the Aquarius era that is coming is accompanied by extreme natural<br />

disasters.<br />

We are going to present a lecture on this topic with demonstration of innovative Kirlian photography techniques during this week. For more<br />

information please contact us. Everyone who able to assist in the project is welcome.<br />

Valery: kentvalery@yahoo.com +91 810-660-1012 Dr. Valery Kent Submitted by Alok Mallick<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />



Change of Timing<br />

Please note the change of timing for the play VIZIERS OF BASSORA at the Ashram theatre. On the 1 st of December<br />

It will begin at 7.30 pm and NOT at 8.00.<br />

Classical Piano Recital<br />

Performed by Maestro Biago Andriulli<br />

<strong>Auroville</strong>. Pitanga Hall<br />

30 th November 8.pm<br />

C L A S S E S , W O R K S H O P S<br />


Just so you know, we've been Meeting every Friday @ sawchu @<br />

6.00pm<br />

It's not a class or a show, just some crazy people having some fun<br />

together. No contributions, no booking required. Just, come!<br />

Preferably with sporty shoes & sporty clothes ... & maybe a<br />

health insurance ;) Everyone's welcome!!!<br />

Dinesh 7598394358<br />


Psychosynthesis is first and foremost a dynamic, even a dramatic<br />

conception of our psychological life, which it portrays as a<br />

constant interplay and conflict between many different and<br />

contrasting forces and a unifying center which ever tends to<br />

control, harmonize and use them. Psychosynthesis is a synonym<br />

for human growth, the ongoing process of integrating all parts,<br />

aspects, and energies of the individual into a harmonious,<br />

powerful whole. Like most natural processes, this one can be<br />

enhanced and facilitated by awareness, understanding, and<br />

specific techniques.<br />

Part 1: who is at home?<br />

Sunday 1st December from 9am to 6pm<br />

Part two: the journey into my true self<br />

Sunday 8th December from 9 am to 6 pm<br />

registration ulrichroper@gmail.com or phone 9443619852<br />

venue: Tibetan pavilion<br />



All instruments and voices are welcome. The class is guided by<br />

Daniel and Trinity. Butterfly Barn Sve Dam every Thursdays @ 3-<br />

430pm.<br />

For more info 8940470292<br />



In a protected setting which invites both creative exploration<br />

and the coming into contact with the essence of who we are<br />

within, and in our multiple aspects. Awakening the creator<br />

within, the workshop are open to everyone. Animated by Trinity,<br />

@ Butterfly Barn Sve Dam every Wednesdays 3:30-6:30pm.<br />

Contact 8940470292<br />


Guided by Upahar and friends In Butterfly Barn, On Monday, 2nd.<br />

December, 5-7pm<br />

Come and join us for sheer celebration of life & joyful<br />

connection with divinity, through heart songs and mantras…<br />


Introduction Course with Brigitte Schoebi<br />

Dates: 16 - 20 December 2013 (5 days)<br />

Timings: 2 - 5 PM (15 hours in total)<br />

Quiet Healing Center (2622329 - 9488084966)<br />

Foot reflexology is a natural therapy that involves pressure on<br />

reflex points in the foot to cure or prevent diseases. The therapy<br />

is based on the premise that areas on the foot correspond to<br />

organs in body: reflex points encompass all vital organs. Focused<br />

pressure on these points stimulates the corresponding organ,<br />

thereby removing blockages in the energy flow.<br />

The benefits of foot reflexology are manifold: calmness and<br />

serenity, improved blood circulation, increased energy and<br />

balanced emotions among many others. It is appropriate for all<br />

ages as well as for a variety of ailments. Not only soothing to<br />

sore feet, it can benefit most other body aches and pains.<br />

This 15-hour course is for beginners and offers an introduction<br />

into the therapeutic art of holistic foot reflexology.<br />

No previous experience is required.<br />

Brigitte M. Schoebi lives in Switzerland and has been practicing<br />

Holistic Reflexology for the past 20 years. During the last two<br />

years she has also given courses in this field, integrating<br />

Traditional Foot Reflexology, Grinberg Method, Metamorphic<br />

Massage, Lemniskate Massage, Reiki, and Art therapy.<br />


Learning through the Body with Brigitte Schoebi<br />

Dates: 23 - 27 December 2013 (5 days)<br />

Timings: 2 - 5 PM (15 hours in total)<br />

Quiet Healing Center (2622329 - 9488084966)<br />

This 15-hour course is for students, who have participated in the<br />

introduction course, and for foot reflexology therapists, who are<br />

interested to further develop their skills.<br />

Foot reflexology is a natural way to stay healthy and to learn<br />

through the body by paying attention to its reactions and<br />

messages. Many people are out of touch with their body, except<br />

when there is pain. Reflexology stimulates the zones on the feet,<br />

which are connected to the organ that is weak or not working<br />

well. It is a technique for people, who like to rely on nature and<br />

are aware of the fact that the healing forces are within us.<br />

Holistic reflexology goes a step further by adding personal<br />

growth through the body. Behind the symptom there is a<br />

capacity, which is not fully used or even forgotten. When this<br />

energy is blocked, it has consequences on the mental,<br />

emotional, social and spiritual level. With an enhanced energy<br />

flow, we can expect the various symptoms to disappear, develop<br />

our hidden potential and live our lives more fully.<br />

Brigitte M. Schoebi lives in Switzerland and has been practising<br />

Holistic Reflexology for the past 20 years. During the last two<br />

years she has also given courses in this field, integrating<br />

Traditional Foot Reflexology, Grinberg Method, Metamorphic<br />

Massage, Lemniskate Massage, Reiki, and Art therapy.<br />


Promote and preserve the Sanskrit Language and make it<br />

available to all. Conduct Researches into Sanskrit for Benefit of<br />

All Mankind.<br />

11<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]

Come discover the most eternal language of the soul.<br />

We offer for beginners and intermediate students.<br />

Please<br />

sri@auroville.org.in.Mobile:9345400559.9751394347<br />

Sri Sanskrit Research Institute Team<br />


contact:<br />

In the session we shall work and play with body-consciousness,<br />

diaphragmic breathing, sound-projection, conscious articulation<br />

of the vocals, and - most important - to develop the deep inner<br />

listening to each other from the soul.<br />

Let’s make the prayer of The Mother, ours too:<br />

“O My sweet Lord, teach me to be the instrument of Thy Love”.<br />

On Saturday, the 30th of November - from 3:00 – 4:30pm -<br />


Led by Kayananda<br />



4th December (Wednesday), 'Introduction to the Integral Yoga'<br />

• Overview with multimedia presentation<br />

• Practice in Daily Life<br />

• Introduction to the Reference Books<br />

• Life of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother<br />

• Questions and Answers<br />

Focus this week on: 'The Vision and the Way'<br />

Time: 9 am to 12 Noon<br />

These Workshops are conducted every Wednesday morning, each<br />

week with a different focus.<br />

6th December (Friday), 'Discovery of the Soul'<br />

• Complimentary Concentration Exercises<br />

• Creative Arts, Interactive Games<br />

• Visualisation<br />

Time: 9 am to 12 Noon<br />

These Workshops are conducted every Friday morning and<br />

consists exclusively of practice sessions. It will help to come with<br />

some prior study of the Integral Yoga. To have an overview of<br />

the subject, it is recommended to first attend at least one of our<br />

Wednesday morning workshops.<br />

Place: Savitri Bhavan<br />

Led by Ashesh Joshi<br />

Contact: 9489147202, 2622922<br />

No Registration required (except for groups)<br />

Fees: Voluntary Contribution<br />

All are welcome<br />

For details on the Integral Yoga and the upcoming workshops:<br />

please visit www.integralyoga-auroville.com<br />


At Cripa with Margherita<br />

Saturday 07 December: 9.00 10.30 am beginners 11.00 am 12.30<br />

pm not beginners<br />

Sunday 08 December: 2.00 3.30 pm beginners.3.30 5.00 pm<br />

not beginners<br />

Call for Registration: 9585335776<br />

Margherita, Italian professional dancer and dance teacher, she<br />

grows for 4 years at the Dance Academy of Teatro alla Scala,<br />

Milano (La Scala Ballet School). She has been dancing with<br />

several choreographers at Teatro alla Scala, with Susan Kikuchi<br />

and Adria Ferrali from Marta Graham Dance Company New York,<br />

Olivia Kwong, Roberto Fascilla and Caterina Buratti (Katherine<br />

Dance Company).<br />

She got a degree in Educational Science from Università Bicocca<br />

di Milano and a Ballet Diploma issued by Alidanza, CONI (Italian<br />

National Olympic Committee) and Libertas. She has worked as<br />

dance teacher and educator in several school and country: Italy,<br />

Seoul (South Korea), Ubud (Bali), Cambodia (Phonm Penh).<br />

Margherita would love to start a regular modern jazz dance<br />

classes for all levels at Cripa every Thursday from 4.45 to 6.00<br />

pm.<br />

The Class will start from the 12 th of December.<br />

Call for more information 9585335776.<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />

I would love to meet other dancer and musicians to create all<br />

together a show and a performance as well, mixing modern jazz<br />

dance and ballet with other kind of dance, art and with<br />

musicians as well.<br />


Discover the Secrets of Your Body Language…and notice the<br />

difference!<br />

By Sandhi Spiers<br />

Ever wondered why your body language is so powerful?<br />

The fact is: Communication consists of 7% words 33% tonality<br />

and 60% body language! Yet body language is mostly<br />

unconscious...and that is where our ‘blind spots’ show up. (We<br />

usually are the last ones to notice them...) That is because<br />

body language originates, and is read by, a part of the brain that<br />

never reaches consciousness. It’s not part of the cerebral cortex.<br />

And here’s the surprising news: it works faster than the cerebral<br />

cortex. That means that body language is expressed and read<br />

before conscious thought: People will read much more about you<br />

than you may realise because who you are speaks louder than<br />

what you say!<br />

If you want to communicate more effectively knowing how to<br />

read and use your body language consciously is<br />

empowering. Becoming consciously empowered is the purpose of<br />

this journey. A journey like no other...from the unconscious to<br />

the conscious to learn how to read and communicate with your<br />

own body language powerfully: True communication is the<br />

response you get.<br />

Behind the Mask features of some of the most cutting edge<br />

mask workshops available today. Under the mask you will<br />

develop a heightened sense of time & space, leading to a<br />

profound sense of presence; a presence that may unlock the keys<br />

to make changes where they are wanted and needed the most.<br />

This work is transformative because it moves, touches and frees<br />

you. Sensing your purpose, coming from a place of wonder you<br />

can allow for eye & heart opening breakthroughs, experiencing<br />

deep and freeing insights into hidden the messages of your body<br />

language: Fun, Magical , Dynamic and deeply moving.<br />

About the facilitator:<br />

Sandhi Spiers has been working with the neutral Mask for over 15<br />

years whereby he developed the ' Behind the Mask ' workshops.<br />

During this time period, he began intensive studies with eastern<br />

Masters. His background includes Theatre & Drama Action Work,<br />

Emotional Expression, Yoga & Meditation, Inner child work,<br />

Psychology and NLP. His style is humorous and subtle yet<br />

creating powerful changes in perceptions and behaviours.<br />

When: Monday, 9th - Tuesday, 10th of December 2013<br />

Where: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, International Zone, <strong>Auroville</strong><br />

Time: 9.30 am - 5pm<br />

Dress: All white or black, loose, comfortable clothing.<br />

Please bring a hand held mirror. Contribution is requested.<br />

For more info call: 0413 2622401.To register please contact:<br />

Kalsang@auroville.org.in<br />

Please confirm your attendance now as the workshop is<br />

limited to 12 participants only<br />


LEELA Willkommen zum Spiel der Selbsterkenntnis<br />

Ahora puede jugar al Leela Español<br />

Come discover the game of your life.<br />

The karmic dice will help you to<br />

understand your evolutionary path and<br />

will guide you to your divine being.<br />

This universal tool, 2000 years old, you<br />

will play your role on the large board of dharma.<br />

Finally a game where everyone is a winner!<br />

Every Sunday, 9.30am, at Svedame, Butterfly Barn<br />

(Please park outside of community). Bring small object that<br />

represent yourself and notebook. (In English, German Spanish<br />

and Français)<br />

And also in your home with your friends for private session<br />

Contact Véronique j. for informations : 948 85 12 678 Under<br />

Lilaloka activities<br />



Dance & Drawing is preparing for the<br />

beginning of Margazhi offering a month of<br />

Kolam making in Douceur<br />

A pedagogic approach to the world of Kolam<br />

Drawings<br />

Learn to create, understand its<br />

technical,metaphorical and spiritual<br />

content.<br />

Includes Materials and a Tea break<br />

Kolam Drawing Workshop for Beginners<br />

Theme: ‘Kodu Pulli’ the LINE connecting the DOT<br />

On the 5 th Thursday and 6 th Friday of December<br />

9:00 to 12:00am<br />

Kolam Drawing Workshop for Intermediate<br />

Theme: ‘Kodu Pulli’ Peacocks and Krishna<br />

On 6 th Friday and 7 th Saturday 3.00pm to 6.00pm<br />

Minimum participants 5 and max 8.For more info and<br />

registration:Call: Grace 9841412550.Email:<br />

allgrace@auroville.org.in<br />



On December 6th, Friday at CRIPA (Kalabhumi) at 5.00 pm<br />

(duration about 1 hour)<br />

Deeply resonating sounds of this unique musical instrument from<br />

Russia help us tune with the inner resonance and discover the<br />

inner experience. The program begins with a brief introduction<br />

and a performance by Vera Lipen.<br />

Next, aspiring to the inner unity through sounds, we invite you to<br />

play the bells with us and create a meditative sound space<br />

together.<br />

Donations are welcome to support the project.<br />

Reminder: Tuning to Harmony workshop with the Russian Singing<br />

Bells this Friday, 29th at 5pm at CRIPA<br />


agree.<br />

<strong>Auroville</strong> Bamboo Centre runs many<br />

workshops throughout the year for<br />

visitors who book and pay for the<br />

courses. We do have various conditions<br />

that we hope you understand and<br />


The importance of Bamboo as an Eco-friendly raw material<br />

capable of meeting many needs and is gaining global acceptance<br />

among many people.<br />

Being a natural gift to mankind, bamboo is very popular due to<br />

its multipurpose use, fast growth, easy propagation, soil binding<br />

properties and short gestation period.<br />

The <strong>Auroville</strong> Bamboo centre offers training to individuals and<br />

groups in:<br />

Bamboo Construction<br />

4th to 7th December<br />


18th to 21st December<br />


Bamboo Furniture<br />

12th to 14th December<br />


-4 days - TRAINING PROGRAM ON<br />

-4 days - TRAINING PROGRAM ON<br />

-3 days - TRAINING PROGRAM ON<br />

The program will consist of learning inputs: theory,<br />

instruction, demonstration, and practical work.<br />

Flexible training dates offered to groups. Contact: 0413-<br />

2623806<br />

aurovillebamboocentre@auroville.org.in,<br />

www.aurovillebamboocentre.org<br />


Opening the Gateway to the Village -<br />

Program for December 2013<br />

Village Tour<br />

Sunday 08/12/13, Saturday 15/12/13,<br />

Sunday 22/12/13, Saturday 28/12/13<br />

Meeting Point is the Lively Boutique, Kotakkarai plaza at 9.30 am<br />

(please bring your bike)<br />

Come and enjoy the authentic village experience and celebrate<br />

cultural heritage!<br />

Contribution requested from Guests & Volunteers.<br />

Local Cooking Class<br />

Saturday 07/12/13, Saturday 14/12/13, Saturday 28/12/13<br />

Learn to make these delicious local dishes and learn how to<br />

make flower drawing. Meeting Point is the Lively Boutique,<br />

Kotakkarai plaza at 9.30 am (please bring your bike) We will<br />

finish around 1:00 pm.<br />

Contribution requested from Guests & Volunteers.<br />

Village Home stay<br />

Do you want to experience India on the rural village level?<br />

Join our village-home stay program. Local authentic Tamil<br />

families offer the possibility to stay with them and experience<br />

their way of living, their culture.<br />

Please register for all the programs in advance by contacting<br />

0413 2623806 or Mohanamprogram@gmail.com.<br />

Please visit: www.mohanam.org or<br />

www.harmonyvillagepromenade.weebly.com<br />

S C H E D U L E S<br />

New Creation Dance studio for December’2013<br />

Monday: 5-6pm: Pilates Basic (Ane)<br />

Tuesday: 7.30-8.30am: Pilates basic (Ane).5-6pm: Aerobics (Bobby)<br />

Wednesday:5-6pm: Pilates Body Motion (Sabine & Philipe).6-7pm: NIA Holistic Dance and Fusion Movement (Sabine & Puillipe)<br />

Starting Dec 25 th .<br />

Thursday: 5-6pm: Fitness (Bobby).6-7pm: Bollywood/Odissi (Tejas).7-8pm: Salsa (Raja)<br />

Friday: 5-6pm: Aerobics (Bobby)<br />

Saturday: 7.30-8.30am: Pilates basic (Anne) 5-6pm: NIA Holistic Dance and Fusion Movement (Sabine & Philipe)<br />

Starting Dec 21 st .<br />

Sunday: 5-6pm: Beginners Aerobics / Fitness (Bobby)<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


S A V I T R I B H A V A N<br />

December 2013<br />

Exhibition<br />

Remembering Sri Aurobindo’s Passing<br />

Photographs and texts<br />

December 1-10, in the Hall<br />

FILMS<br />

Mondays 6:30 pm<br />

December 2: “The Mother on Sri Aurobindo”<br />

The Mother said about His work: “What Sri Aurobindo represents in the history of the earth’s spiritual progress is not a teaching, not even a<br />

revelation; it is a mighty action straight from the Supreme.” Duration: 22:00min.<br />

December 9: “The Traveller and The Worlds – Part One of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Savitri’ “<br />

Video of the talk given by Shraddhavan on 13th of August 2013 as the<br />

4th Dr. M.V. Nadkarni Memorial Lecture. Duration: 63min.<br />

December 16: HOME – the Earth - our home - is a miracle and a beauty.<br />

Film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand shows the beauty of the Earth from sky and wakes us up to<br />

become more conscious and careful with our beautiful blue home. Duration: 94min.<br />

December 23: “Morton Lauridsen – Shining Night” –<br />

A feature about a great living composer with his compositions such as<br />

“Lux Aeterna”, “Soneto de la Noche”, “O magnum Mystery”. Duration: 74 min.<br />

December 30 : Meditations on Savitri – Book 3: The Book of the Divine Mother - Cantos 1-4<br />

Film by Manohar of Huta’s paintings, illustrating passages from Savitri read by the Mother<br />

and accompanied by her own organ music. Duration: 32min.<br />

Regular Activities<br />

Sundays 10.30–12 noon: Savitri Study Circle<br />

Mondays 5-6pm: The Integral Yoga in Savitri, led by Dr.Ananda Reddy<br />

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 3-4 pm: Yoga and the Evolution of Man, led by Dr. Jai Singh<br />

Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays 4-5pm L’Agenda de Mère – listening to recordings with Gangalakshmi<br />

Tuesdays 4.45-5.45pm: ‘Mudra Chi’ led by Anandi<br />

5-6 pm: Savitri study in Tamil, led by Sudarshan<br />

5.45–7.15 pm: OM Choir (details below)<br />

Wednesdays 5.30-6.30 pm: Reading the Life Divine, led by Shraddhavan<br />

Thursdays 4-5 pm: The English of Savitri, led by Shraddhavan<br />

OM Choir<br />

The voice that chants to the creator Fire,<br />

The symbolled OM, the great assenting Word (Savitri p.310)<br />

In 1961 the Mother gave the adesh to Narad to bring down a new music. She said that one must go far above words and bring down the pure<br />

Music. Mother told us to sit in a circle and have no preconceptions as to what we would sing but to be silent and let the music descend in<br />

us. The OM Choir aspires to bring down the New Music for the New World in a collective body. We sing only OM, the creative and<br />

effectuating word after starting with warming-up and voice exercises. Till end of March 2014 Narad will be with us and work with us.<br />

Full Moon Gathering<br />

Monday December 16th 7.15-8.15pm in front of Sri Aurobindo’s statue<br />

Digital Library: multimedia facilities for individual study<br />

Savitri Bhavan offers individual computer access to a large range of audio-visual materials. All the recordings of courses, guest lectures and<br />

special events held at Savitri Bhavan are available, as well as much more. Aurovilians, visitors and volunteers are invited to make use of<br />

this opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the aims and ideals<br />

underlying the experiment of <strong>Auroville</strong>.<br />

Office, Exhibition, Reading Room and Digital Library are open Monday to Saturday 9–5<br />

Everyone is welcome<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


Programme for December 2013<br />

Y o g a - I y e n g a r<br />

Āsanas introduction-beginners Mon 07.30 - 09.00 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas (*) intermediate Mon 17.15 – 19.00 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas all levels Tues11.00 – 12.30 Angela<br />

Pranayama regular Iyengar practitioners Tues 17.15 – 19.00 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas all levels Tues 15.30 – 17.00 Angela<br />

Āsanas for women all levels Wed 07.45 – 09.15 Angela<br />

Āsanas(*) advanced Wed 17.00 – 19.00 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas for women intermediate – advanced Thurs 07.30 – 09.00 Tatiana<br />

Restorative Āsanas esp. for elderly people Thurs 15.30 – 16.30 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas introduction-beginners Thurs 17.00 – 18.30 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas for the spine all levels Fri 08.15 – 09.30 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas all levels Fri 17.15 – 19.00 Angela<br />

Āsana- open practice (*) intermediate – advanced Sat 08.00 – 10.00 Tatiana<br />

Āsana introduction-beginners Sat 11.00 - 12.30 Tatiana<br />

Āsanas all levels Sat 16.30 – 18.00 Angela<br />

(*) = Open to Aurovilian & Newcomers only<br />

Y o g a - A s h t a n g a - V i n y a s a<br />

Ashtanga – Vinyasa (*) regular practitionners Tues, Fri 06.30 – 08.15 Alain<br />

(*) = Open to regular practitioners only<br />

Y o g a - m i x e d s t y l e s<br />

Āsanas (*) for teenagers Mon, Wed 16.00 – 17.00 Natascha<br />

Yoga Therapy all levels Mon, Wed, Fri 08.30 – 10.00 Gala<br />

Vinyasa flow beginners Mon 17.30 – 18.30 Jane<br />

Vinyasa flow all levels Weds 07.00 – 08.30 Jane<br />

Yin Yoga (Restorative) all levels Thurs 17.30 – 18.45 Jane<br />

Hatha Yoga all levels in French Mon 10.30 - 11.30 Sylvie<br />

Yoga Nidra all levels in French Tues 15.30 - 17.00 Sylvie<br />

Hatha Yoga all levels in French Thurs 08.30 - 10.00 Sylvie<br />

Āsanas for children 7-9 yrs. Sat 10.00 – 11.00 Gala<br />

Yoga in Tamil (*) all levels Sat 16.00 – 17.00 Muthu<br />

O t h e r E x e r c i s e s<br />

Discovery of the energy body children, 7-9 yrs. Sat 11.00 – 12.00 Gala<br />

M a r t i a l A r t s<br />

Aikido all levels Tue/Thurs 06.00 – 07.30 Surya<br />

Aikido beginners Tue 18.00 – 19.00 Surya<br />

Aikido beginners Sat 06.00 – 07.30 Surya/Cristo<br />

The timings of Children classes are not mentioned here. Contact Cristo 2622356, email: cristo@gmx.fr<br />

W o r k s h o p<br />

Kaya bodha: 3 workshops in The Art of Body awareness with Hans - 3rd, 4th and 5th December<br />

6.30am Anirveda: self defence, 10.00am Mula: Body awareness, 16.30pm: Prana: Chi Qong<br />

Please pre register with reception, see details below<br />

4th and Thursday 5th a: 3 workshops Body 4th and Thursday 5th December<br />

H e a l t h C a r e a t P i t a n g a<br />

Homeopathy & Bach Flower Remedy, Marika Mon, Fri: 09.00 – 12.00 Tue, Thurs: 15.00 – 17.00<br />

For the following therapies & treatments please book your appointment on phone, 2622403/2622994<br />

Ayurvedic Marma Massage with Umberto, Cranio Sacral Therapy with Elena, Electro magnetic Therapy with Vera, Energetic Therapy and<br />

Life Coaching with Vani, Facial Treatment with Svetlana, Reiki with Betty, Releasing through Awareness – with Rosa, Shiatsu - with<br />

Natacha, Thai Yoga Massage - with Juan.<br />

Wednesday December 25th is holiday (Christmas )<br />

Pitanga – Cultural Centre, Samasti Community.<br />

Open Monday – Saturday 8.00 – 12.30 and 14.00 - 18.00<br />

(0413) 262 2403 - pitanga@auroville.org.in<br />

Classes in Verite December 2013<br />

Days Drop-in Classes Timings Facilitator<br />

Sunday Group Meditation 9 am – 12 noon Pierre<br />

Monday - Friday Maitree Yoga - Vinyasa Flow (until Friday Dec 20) 7 am - 8.15 am Shivi<br />

Monday (starts Dec 23) Pilates Body Motion 4 - 5 pm Philippe& Sabine<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


Monday (starts Dec 23) NIA Holistic Dance 5:15 - 6:15 pm Philippe& Sabine<br />

Tuesday (starts Dec 24) Beats of Soul: Conscious Dance 5 - 6:30 pm Philippe& Sabine<br />

Wednesday Nadabrahma Meditation 5 - 6:30 pm Atmaja Anand<br />

Thursday (StartsDec 26) NIA 52 Moves 9 - 10 am Philippe& Sabine<br />

Thursday Dance Space 5 - 7 pm Dariya<br />

Friday Qi-Yo Yoga 5 - 6:30 pm Petra<br />

Friday (starts Dec 20) Pilates Body Motion 4 - 5 pm Philippe& Sabine<br />

Friday (starts Dec 20) NIA Holistic Dance 5:15 - 6:15 pm Philippe& Sabine<br />

WORKSHOPS in Vérité - December 2013 (Registration required)<br />

Fri-Sat, Dec 6-7 Intro to Holistic Health Through Traditional Yoga Training & Modern Science 9 am- 4:30 pm Soundiram<br />

Friday, Dec 13 Fate or Choice (Family Constellations) 9 am- 4.45 pm Yuval<br />

Friday, Dec 13 Aviva for Men 2 - 4:30 pm Bogi & Zsolti<br />

Mon-Fri, Dec 16-20 Perceptible Breath 9 am- 4:45 pm Marion<br />

Thu-Sat, Dec 19-21 South Indian Drumming 10am12:30 pm Kadir<br />

Friday, Dec 20 Aviva for Men (follow up session) 2:30 - 3:30 pm Zsolti<br />

Saturday, Dec 21 Henna, Hands & Healing 5 - 7 pm Krupa<br />

THERAPIES in Vérité - December 2013<br />

Therapist Modality Contact for appointment<br />

Krupa Art Therapy krupa@auroville.org.in 9486287495<br />

Zsolti Ayurvedic Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage 8940695720<br />

Please note: The Fish pond in Vérité is closed to the public, due to health concerns, animal rights and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.<br />

Thank you for your understanding<br />

Please contact Vérité: 0413 2622045 or programming@verite.in<br />

See the regular events section for on-going classes. Contributions requested from guests/volunteers<br />

(Volunteer reduction by advance application only).<br />




Ayurvedic massage, Lomi Lomi massage &<br />

Cranio Sacral<br />

Whole body Massage<br />

Oil massage<br />

Acupuncture<br />

Body Logic, Soft massage and<br />

Deep Tissue massage<br />

Reiki mind Therapy, Foot reflexology,<br />

Courses of Reiki and Ayurvedic massage.<br />

(Also individual)<br />

Yogic Healing<br />

Therapeutic Massage<br />

Foot Reflexology,Lomi Lomi & Vedic Astrology.<br />

Psycho Spiriyual Tarot, Deconditioning Self-<br />

Inquiry, Innervoice Dialogue,Graphology<br />

Thai massage<br />

Siddha Treatment ( Discover the traditional<br />

Medicine)<br />

Dermatologist<br />

SILVANA by appointment 9047654157<br />

FLORENCE by appointment 9486363708<br />


by appointment 9994208068<br />

PEPE by appointment 9943410987<br />

GIANNAKA by appointment 9487629648<br />

BASU - by appointment<br />

9443997568<br />

Vikram-by appointment 9843948288,<br />

0413 2622952<br />

ANTARJOTHI By appointment 0413-<br />

2623767 or Email : antarcalli@yahoo.fr<br />

Mark by appointmemt 8940001088<br />

mark@auroville.org in<br />

Dr.Charles -90034 60706,<br />

Shivaraj - 93454 54232<br />

Dr. Nishanth -9489147078<br />

Monday to saturday<br />

2 hour session (Ladies only)<br />

Monday, Wednesday and Friday<br />

After 7th of December<br />

Monday to Friday 8 to9:30 am<br />

& 6:00 to 7:30 pm.<br />

Saturday & Sunday Mornings<br />

By appointment<br />

Also in French.<br />

Monday, Wednesday and Friday<br />

From:10:00am to 1:00pm<br />

By appointment<br />

Dr.Lakshman -9489147073<br />



Hair dressing ONGKIE appointment 9843930178 Monday to friday<br />

Hair dressing Mimi appointment 9489694626 Monday to friday<br />

Hair dressing Yuval appointment 7639291546 Monday to friday<br />

Hair dressing Ladina appointment 9787337465 Monday to saturday<br />

Face Massage & Cleaning, manicure, pedicure,<br />

MEHA by appointment 9443635114<br />

Monday to Saturday<br />

threading, waxing, henna & hair coloring .<br />




MARK – 89400 01088 mark@auroville.org.in<br />

Damien- 9047722740<br />

Sunday 8:00 to 10 :00 am –Open class<br />

Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday -<br />

Intermediate session upon availability<br />


<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />



NEW SCHEDULE OF CLASSES – December-13<br />

New Classes starting up at the Language Lab ><br />

We are happy to welcome Michelle from France, who is a long-term volunteer in <strong>Auroville</strong>, as a French teacher at<br />

the Lab for the next 3 months. She is really dynamic and is looking forward to teaching a light, fun course based on<br />

a wonderful method we acquired at the Lab recently. It’s much lighter and less “universitaire” than our tried and tested French in Action,<br />

but it covers all the same ground, starting from Pronunciation of French vowels and consonants, introductions, daily language and<br />

interactions, actions, colours, countries, descriptions, directions, emotions, family life, food and drink, greetings, leisure, people, places,<br />

quantities, shopping, student life, Telling time, the Calendar, the Weather, Traveling and Well Being. Each student will get a book which<br />

will be the basis of the course, and there is audio as well, which you can work on! Michele wants the course to be really fun and for people<br />

to really enjoy learning French.<br />

You need to register and make a commitment for 3 months. (This is what we had done for Grace’s English class for Beginners earlier this<br />

year and it worked well, so we’re doing it again for the French….). The class is only one hour twice a week so its eminently do-able… for<br />

all those people who have been wanting to learn French for years – you know who you are - here is your chance! Get ready to learn<br />

French like a Rocket with Michele!<br />

Please contact the Lab immediately to register because the class starts Monday Dec 2. It will go through to end Feb.<br />

Ezra continues Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced English classes as well as an Intermediate Writing Class.<br />

Mita continues Beginners English twice a week and Isabel and Elvira continue Spanish Beginners and Intermediate classes three times a<br />

week.<br />

Premalatha continues Tamil Beginners classes three times a week: On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 to 4pm.<br />

Maya continues German Beginners and Pre-Intermediate classes twice a week.<br />

Chandrima remains available for both Hindi and Bengali in addition to Sanskrit.<br />

Please contact the Lab immediately if any of these classes interests you, and please register BEFORE joining the classes. If you don’t see<br />

your language or level in this list, contact us anyway, because based on demand we can organise other classes.<br />

New students are requested to fill out the forms and register BEFORE attending any classes.<br />

We have excellent university-level video and audio study materials and software in our mediatheque, which enable self-study and guided<br />

study in various languages. Going somewhere and want to get a little introduction to the language of the place you are going to, or simply<br />

have an urge to learn something new? : Come and spend some time in the Lab. We crossed the 100 languages barrier and now over 102<br />

languages are available and we have some excellent new audio and video materials in different languages. All are welcome to discover<br />

these wonderful resources. Raj, Mano and Parthippan will help you familiarize yourself with the mediatheque.<br />


English<br />

Beginners (Group 1) 5:00pm - 6:00pm Tuesday, Thursday Mita<br />

Beginners (Group 2)<br />

5:00pm - 6:00pm<br />

Monday<br />

Wednesday. Friday<br />

Ezra<br />

Beginners (Group 3) 10:00 – 11:00am Tuesday, Thursday Ezra<br />

Intermediate<br />

3:00 – 4:00pm<br />

Monday<br />

Wednesday Friday<br />

Ezra<br />

Intermediate Writing 3:00 – 4:00pm Tuesday Thursday Ezra<br />

Advanced 4.30 – 5.30pm Tuesday Thursday Ezra<br />

FRENCH Beginners 3.00 – 4.00pm Monday Thursday Michelle<br />

GERMAN Beginners 5.00 – 6.00pm Monday, Wednesday Maya<br />

HINDI<br />


Beginners, Intermediate By Appointment(Open) Tuesday Thursday Chandrima<br />

TAMIL Beginners 3.00am – 4.00pm Tuesday Wednesday. Friday Premalatha<br />


Beginners 10.00am – 11.00am Tuesday. Thursday Elvira<br />

Pre-Intermediate<br />

10.00am – 11.00am<br />

Monday. Wednesday<br />

Friday<br />

Isabel<br />

Intermediate<br />

11.00am – 12.00pm<br />

Monday. Wednesday<br />

Friday<br />

Isabel<br />

We always welcome donations of materials, textbooks, dictionaries, CDs, and software for language learning. Teachers who want to work<br />

with us on the long-term with these materials are welcome to contact us.<br />

We would like to remind everyone that free copies of the Audio CD of Mother’s Prayers and Meditations, read in the original French by 24<br />

Aurovilians, are available at the Lab. Anybody who wants one, can have one, so please come by. For those who want exposure to French,<br />

it’s wonderful to have this play in the background.<br />

Our CD to learn the Tamil Alphabet is also available, for Rs 299/-.<br />

The Tomatis Centre has also opened up recently after a break of a few months. All those waiting for Listening Tests or to start Tomatis<br />

programs for either language learning or therapeutic purposes are requested to contact us now. The direct Tomatis phone number is<br />

2623088 and you can also phone the Lab to request an appointment. You can visit our website www.aurovillelanguagelab.org and click on<br />

“Tomatis Method” and then “Presentation” for a presentation on what the Tomatis Method is and how it works.<br />

The Language Lab is open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm.Location: Shakti Community, next to the Pyramids, on Last School Campus<br />

Phone: 2623 661, 9585207962 Email all@auroville.org.in<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


FILMS<br />

CINEMA<br />

C I N E M A - Bharat Nivas - AUDITORIUM<br />

FRIDAY 6 DECEMBER – 7.30 PM (Film show starting at 7.45<br />

sharp)<br />


Directed by, Peter Brook, France, 2002<br />

Stars: Adrian Lester, Jeffery Kissoon, Natasha Parry, Scott<br />

Handy, Shantala Shivalingappa.<br />

Synopsis: Inspired by William Shakespeare's play. Hamlet, prince<br />

of Denmark, discovered by a revelation of the spectrum of his<br />

father, that the king (his father) was murdered and that the<br />

killer is none other than the usurper of the throne. Hamlet thinks<br />

only to avenge the murder. At that blends a love affair between<br />

Hamlet and Ophelia, daughter of Polonius.<br />

Peter Brook joins his passion for Shakespeare and two domains<br />

he has been exploring for many years: theater and cinema. He<br />

shoots his staging of the play at Bouffes du Nord (Paris) in 2000<br />

and tackles the different visions a theatre man and a filmmaker<br />

can have concerning staging.<br />

Original English version, with French subtitles - Duration: 2h.12<br />

In collaboration with the Embassy of France, New Delhi<br />

big-hearted man who struggles to raise two African lions that he<br />

loves like his own family. In the first of many unexpected twists,<br />

the lives of these two men collide when Terry's male lion escapes<br />

its pen and is found attacking cars on a nearby highway. The film<br />

courageously exposes the shocking reality behind the multibillion<br />

dollar exotic pet industry with stunning photography,<br />

inspiring storytelling and unprecedented access into a world<br />

rarely seen, right in our own backyard.<br />

Before the movie at exactly 16:30 you are welcome to join us for<br />

a full tour of Sadhana Forest and an update of our most recent<br />

work!<br />

After the film you are welcome to join us for a free 100% vegan<br />

organic dinner!!<br />

Free bus service to the TOUR OF SADHANA FOREST and the ECO FILM<br />



Free bus service to the ECO FILM CLUB - DEPARTURE SOLAR KITCHEN:<br />

18:00 and RETURN FROM SADHANA FOREST: 21:30<br />

The bus service is operated by Sadhana Forest. For more information<br />

about the bus service please contact Sadhana Forest at 2677682<br />

or 2677683 or sadhanaforest@auroville.org.in<br />

At Savitri Bhavan<br />

“The Eco Film Club<br />

Sadhana Forest, December 6th, Friday at<br />

7.00pm<br />


2010 – 96 minutes. Directed by Michael Webber. Winner of 6<br />

International Film Festival Awards<br />

The Elephant in the Living Room takes viewers on a journey deep<br />

inside the controversial American subculture of raising the most<br />

dangerous animals in the world, as common household pets. Set<br />

against the backdrop of a heated national debate, director<br />

Michael Webber chronicles the extraordinary story of two men at<br />

the heart of the issue - Tim Harrison, an Ohio police officer<br />

whose friend was killed by an exotic pet; and Terry Brumfield, a<br />


Monday, 2nd of December 2013, at 6:30pm.<br />

Cinema Paradiso<br />

MMC Auditorium<br />

Film programme 2 December 2013 to 8 December 2013<br />

See The Paradiso Schedule on the last page of <strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong><br />

On the 5 th of December 1950 Sri Aurobindo left his body. The<br />

Mother said: “Sri Aurobindo is here, as living and as present as<br />

ever and it is left to us to realise his work with all the sincerity,<br />

eagerness and concentration necessary.” And “What Sri<br />

Aurobindo represents in the history of the earth’s spiritual<br />

progress... is a mighty action straight from the Supreme. ...Sri<br />

Aurobindo has come on earth... to open concretely the route<br />

towards an imminent and inevitable future”.<br />

Duration: 22 min.<br />

After the film will be a meditation and we can dwell on what is<br />

the Supreme Divine’s “imminent and inevitable future”.<br />

Important information about <strong>News</strong> & <strong>Notes</strong> (Absolute deadline for submissions or cancellations: Wednesday 11 am)<br />

The contents of <strong>News</strong> & <strong>Notes</strong> are a reflection of the growth process of this community towards its ideals of harmony, goodwill, discipline<br />

and truth. Editing of submissions, mainly for reasons of space and clarity, is done according to an established policy.<br />

Disclaimer: The views expressed on these pages are those of their respective authors or work groups and do not represent the position of<br />

the editors or of the community as a whole. The <strong>News</strong> & <strong>Notes</strong> serves as a channel for the publication of material coming from trusted<br />

sources within <strong>Auroville</strong>. The editors cannot be held accountable for any alleged misinformation given or offence caused. In case of any<br />

dispute, the <strong>Auroville</strong> Council may be consulted and publishing of disputed material suspended.<br />

<strong>News</strong> & <strong>Notes</strong>, Media Centre, Town Hall. Phone: 2622133, email: newsandnotes@auroville.org.in<br />


Kipaak Farmer's Cafe, AuroAnnam Farm is open from Wednesday to Saturday.<br />

Opening time- Wednesday - Thursday - 11 am - 9pm –<br />

Documentary movie/ movies- 7pm onwards serving North East Indian Food<br />

Friday - Saturday- 11 am - 11 pm –<br />

Live Music with serving organic North East Indian Food - 7pm<br />

Please bring your own instrument if you want to perform<br />

Contact- 2623391, 8940108632.Thanks and regards, Mawite<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


Cinema Paradiso<br />

MMC Auditorium<br />

Film programme 2 December 2013 to 8 December 2013<br />

We bring you a NEW series – Music Is the Best!<br />

The films featured in this series are part of the ongoing Av Goo Goo Muck Project (facebook: AV Goo Goo Muck) that has brought to AV<br />

the history of rock ’n’ roll class in the Future School, the happenings music at the Youth Centre and much more are yet to come!<br />

Quoting Frank Zappa, “information is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom; wisdom is not truth; truth is not beauty; beauty is not<br />

love, and love is not music. Music is the best!”<br />

Rock historians believe that rock and roll was one of the first music genres to define an age group. It gave teenagers a sense of belonging.<br />

This involved absorbing the music via radio, records, jukeboxes, TV programs and also extended to films, clothes, hair, cars /motorbikes,<br />

and a distinctive lingo. The contrast in culture between the parents and the youths exemplified by rock and roll made the older<br />

generation constantly worry about issues such as juvenile delinquency and social rebellion especially since rock and roll culture was shared<br />

by different racial and social groups.<br />

Music is the Best series- Monday 2 December, 8:00 pm<br />


USA, 2008, Dir. Darnell Martin w/ Joshua Alsher, Tony Bentley,<br />

Biography-History-Drama, English w/ English subtitles, 109mins,<br />

Rated: R<br />

This film, directed by the TV veteran, documents the compelling<br />

true-life story of the Chicago record label that had helped the<br />

world discover legendary artists such as Muddy Waters, Howlin'<br />

Wolf, Little Walter, and Chuck Berry. Founded in 1950 by<br />

Leonard Chess, Chess Records quickly gained a reputation as<br />

home to some of the most talented and influential blues artists.<br />

But giving these musicians an opportunity to bring their music to<br />

the world was no easy task, because along the way there was<br />

enough sex, drugs, and rock & roll to ensure that things were<br />

never boring.<br />

Music is the Best series- Tuesday 3 December, 8.00 pm<br />

• CRY BABY<br />

USA, 1990, Dir. John Waters w/Johnny Depp, Amy Locane Polly<br />

Bergen, and others, Comedy-Musical, English w/ English<br />

subtitles, 85 mins, Rated: R<br />

The film is a parody of teen musicals and centers on a group of<br />

delinquents in 1950s Baltimore, Maryland - who call themselves<br />

"drapes" and their interaction with the rest of the town and its<br />

subculture as the "squares". "Cry-Baby" Walker, a drape, and<br />

Allison, a square, create upheaval in their town by breaking the<br />

subculture taboos and falling in love. Think Grease but with<br />

freaks and weirdoes surrounding the attractive main characters.<br />

A deliberate exercise in ultra-bad taste! “To me, bad taste is<br />

what entertainment is all about. But one must remember that<br />

there is such a thing as good bad taste and bad bad taste.”<br />

J.Waters<br />

Music is the Best series- Wednesday 4 December, 8:00 pm<br />


UK, 1979, Dir. Franc Roddam
w/ Phil Daniels, Lesli Ash, Philip<br />

Davis , Drama,-Music, English w/ English subtitles,117 mins,<br />

Rated: R<br />

London, 1965 - an array of young talented British actors bring<br />

back London's 1960s Mods and Rockers. Set against the<br />

soundtrack of The Who's 1973 mighty concept album<br />

"Quadrophenia", in the film working-class Jimmy is drug-induced<br />

Mod, who hates his job and is misunderstood by his parents. By<br />

night he comes alive, with the all-nighters, his pills and his<br />

scooter-riding friends. Life can’t get any better. However,<br />

there's the Brighton scooter run, where both Mods and Rockers<br />

converge, ending in the battle of the cults on Brighton Beach.<br />

What goes up must come down, and with Jimmy’s come-down<br />

begins with his downward spiral into paranoia and isolation, and<br />

the four-faceted mindset, quadrophenia.<br />

Music is the Best series- Thursday 5 December, 8:00 pm<br />

• CBGB<br />

USA, 2013, Dir. Randall Miller w/ Alan Rickman, Malin Akerman,<br />

Justin Bartha , Drama-Music, English, 101mins, Rated:R<br />

This film, named after the venerable punk-rock nightclub in the<br />

NY city, follows the story of Hilly Kristal's club which was<br />

conceived as a venue for Country, Bluegrass and Blues to what it<br />

ultimately became: the birthplace of underground rock 'n roll<br />

and punk. When Kristal had difficulty booking country bands in<br />

his club he opened his doors to other kinds of rock music, only on<br />

one condition – the groups could only play original music. He<br />

lived by the credo and supported the artist at whatever the cost.<br />

Kristal became well known as the godfather of punk giving<br />

breaks to bands such as Blondie, Television, Ramones, Talking<br />

Heads, Dead Boys and The Police.<br />

International - Saturday 7 December, 8:00 pm<br />

• YI DAI ZONG SHI (The Grandmaster)<br />

Honk Kong, 2013, Dir. Wong Kar Wai w/ Tony Leung, Ziyi Zhang,<br />

Mandarin-Cantonese-Japanese w/ English subtitles, Rated: PG<br />

This is an epic action feature inspired by the life and times of<br />

the legendary Kung Fu master, Ip Man, the person who trained<br />

Bruce Lee. The story spans the tumultuous Republican era that<br />

followed the fall of China's last dynasty, a time of chaos, division<br />

and war that was also the golden age of Chinese martial arts.<br />

The feature is filmed in some stunning locations including the<br />

snow-swept northeast and the subtropical south of China.<br />

Children’s Film - Sunday 8 December, 4:30 pm<br />


Denmark, 2012, Dir. Michael Hegner w/ Thure Lindhardt, Nicolaj<br />

Kopernikus, Signe Egholm Olsen, and others, 80 mins, Animation-<br />

Comedy-Family, English, Rated: G<br />

Ivan Olsen is plagued by bullies at school, constantly pursued by<br />

a gang whose greatest pleasure is filling his pants with water.<br />

Then he gets taunted by his unsympathetic dad. Ivan can hardly<br />

believe his luck when a friendly witch mixes a magic potion that<br />

makes him "the best at everything" for one single day.<br />

PLEASE NOTE: Sunday 1, December 2013 – Part II of the<br />

classic ‘Sound of Music’ will be screened – instead of The Lion<br />

King 1½. The latter will be rescheduled on a future date.<br />

Ciné-Club - Sunday 8 December, 7:00 pm<br />


USA, 1980, Dir. Michael Cimino w/ Kris Kristofferson, Christopher<br />

Walken and others 219mins, Drama-War, English w/English<br />

subtitles, Rated: PG.<br />

Please check the timing Based on events in 1890s Wyoming, in<br />

this film Sheriff James Averill attempts to protect immigrant<br />

farmers from wealthy cattle interests. He also clashes with a<br />

hired gun, Nathan Champion, over the woman they both love,<br />

Ella Watson. Both men find themselves questioning their roles in<br />

the furious conflict between wealthy landowners and the<br />

European immigrants attempting to build their lives in the<br />

American frontier.<br />

Rating codes we often use are from Motion Picture Association of<br />

America (MPAA): G=General Audiences, PG=Parental guidance<br />

suggested, PG-13=Parents strongly cautioned, R=Restricted<br />

(equivalent to Indian rating: A i.e. for Adults), NR=Film Not rated,<br />

Rating awaited, or Rating not available.<br />

For scheduling programs at MMC/CP venue: please email us at<br />

mmcauditorium@auroville.org.in . Thank you for not bringing<br />

food/drinks or wet items or your pets into the auditorium. Please<br />

use the hooks at the entrance to the main hall for wet/ personal<br />

items.<br />

We appreciate your continued support. Thanking You, MMC/CP Group<br />

- Account# 105106, mmcauditorium@auroville.org.in<br />

<strong>News</strong>&<strong>Notes</strong> 30 th November 2013[525]<br />


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