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THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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bestow; His ability to grant" exceeding abundantly above all we

can ask or think," and His promise to " supply all our need according

to His riches in glory," which are inexhaustible, unfathomable, and


Very gratefully fell the words of that sweet hymn in public worship

recently upon the writer's heart:

"Behold the throne of gra.ce ;

The promise calls me near;

There Jesus shows His smiling face,

And waits to answer prayer."

Now, beloved reader, may this exhortation of our text encourage

our hearts to plead at the mercy-seat, and there prove the power of

our prayer-hearing and answering God. These three little words

were given the writer as her motto for the year 1905, and daily in

sweet experimental knowledge has the Lord, under a variety of scenes,

experiences, and circumstances, given the soul her rich portion in

proving Him.

" Prove Me now"! What a gracious invitation of our heavenly

Father to His believing Israel. What a tender provision to the soul

in whatever circumstances and exigencies it may be called to

travel. 'When in trial, "Prove Me now" comes from the he:ut of

the unfailing Jesus, who is the promised Refuge of every tried believer.

And when surrounded by mercies, prove Me now is the word of His

covenant, as coming from the heart of Him who delights to bless.

In affliction, sorrow, suffering, or bereavement, under any cross which

lies in our pathway, "Prove Me now" is the word of His grace, which

supports the soul as she recalls His character under past experiences,

where Ebenezers have been raised to His faithfulness.

And when all things are serene and smooth, and the pathway trodden

is in sunshine, may the heart respond again to the gracious words

"Prove Me now," lest when our souls be lifted up, and our mountain

stand strong, we forget the Lord that made us and Who only keeps us.

Dear child of God, whatever be our lot or position, may we seek

grace to "prove" the Lord in it all. May our posture be ever that of

the Bride as seen coming up out of the wilderness, leaning upon,

proving the strength of, her Beloved.

May the ear of faith be quick to catch His voice, and the eye of

faith be fixed, "looking unto Jesus;" the hand ready for His service,

the feet kept running the way of His commandments, and the heart

responsive to His gracious words-" Prove Me now." Thus the soul

shall never be disappointed of her hope, nor shall her expectation

be cut off.

"They who once His kindness prove,

Find it everlasting love."

Once again hear the words of thy heavenly Father, "Prove Me now,"

as the darkness deepens and the descent into" the valley of the shadow"

is made with faltering steps. Here may the soul discern the sweet

whisper of His voice, "Prove Me now," "even unto death."

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