THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine


534 The Gospel Magazine.

Quick reels the bursting earth,

Rocked by a storm of wrath,

Hurled from her sphere;

Heart-rending thunders roll,

Demons tormented howl,

Great God! support my soul

Yielding to fear.

0, my Redeemer, come!

And through the frightful gloom

Brighten the way.

How would our souls arise,

Soar through the flaming skies,

Join the solemnities

Of the great day!

See! see! the Incarnate God

Swiftly emits abroad

Glories benign!

Lo ! 10 ! He comes, He's here;

Angels and saints appear,

Fled is my every fear,

Jesus is mine !

High~on a flaming throne

Rides the eternal Son,

Sovereign august !

Worlds from His presence fly,

Shrink at His majesty;

Stars, dashed along the s1."y

Awfully burst.

Thousands of thousands wait

Round the judicial seat,

Glorified there.

Prostrate the elders fall

Winged is my raptured soul

Nigh to the Judge of all;

Lo! I draw near.

0, my approving God,

Washed in Thy precious blood,

Bold I advance;

Fearless we wing along,

Join the triumphant throng,

Shout an ecstatic song

Through the expanse!

""""'-'--'--":2c.. ~___'--'"-~


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