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THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have

dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over

every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

We cannot but view Adam as a typical character. We cannot forget

that in the dominion which he exercised over the great creation around

him, there was a kind of foreshadowing of the kingdom and dominion

of the Lord Jesus Christ; that time when God shall again bless His

creation, when the curse shall be removed, when there shall be a

restitution, a putting right again, of all things.

But the subject which comes under our consideration now is,

Adam in another aspect; it is his character and conduct as having a

bearing upon our own experience, and as being reflective of the

character of man; therefore it is Adam in the lower and in the degraded

aspect that we are about to consider, he being here also a type of the

things with which we are conversant in our own breast. We think it

right to give you a little sketch of the fall of this extraordinary man,

and there are four points of view in which I wish to consider this



Now, it is in these four points of view, as it appears to me, that his

character is presented in the Word of God, and in each of these there

is a great deal which reflects our own experience and our own conduct.

First, as to th-e temptation of Adam, here is something which every

child of God understands; we live in the very atmosphere of temptation.

. Take the oldest Christian, the man who has been longest

buffeting against the world, against the flesh, and against the devil,

and he will tell you that the history of each day is but a turning over

one of the pages in this mysterious book of temptation.

Now, here again I must subdivide this head of our subject. There is

no larger field than that of temptation; there is no more intricate

subject; there is nothing which more commends itself to our own

experience, if we are servants of God. We shall, therefore, speak of

him who, in this case, was the great agent of temptation-the devil.

It may be useful for us also to speak of the time in which temptation

was brought to bear upon Adam, the place in which he was tempted,

and the instrumentality which the devil used for his temptation. This

is a mystery which you and I can never fathom, but it is a mystery

upon which the Word of God throws some light. What had the devil

to do in that region of blessedness, where man seemed to roam in ease

and quietness, in the sunshine of the Lord's countenance ~ I cannot

tell what he had to do there, nor can I tell what he had to do in such a

place as I read of his being in the 1st chapter of Job, nor can I understand

his appearing in such an aspect as that of which I read in the

2nd chapter of Job; but one thing I learn from Scripture, that this

spirit, though he is not infinite, yet through the multitude of the hosts

of spirits which he has at his command, their subtlety, and the rapidity

of their movements, he makes up for that attribute of omnipresence

which he never had; and thereiore we find Scripture saying, "Your

adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he

may devour."

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