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THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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Look at the history of our blessed Lord. The very moment He

enters upon His ministry, the first region of trial into which He is

introduced is that of temptation. The whole Scripture abounds with

instances of the temptations of the devil, and warnings against them.

At the last, when this world shall specially come under the dominion of

the Lord Jesus Christ-at that time when "at the name of Jesus

every knee shall bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and

things under the earth, and when every tongue shall confess that Jesus

Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father; "-at that time Satan

must be bound, or temptation would be still presented to those who

are bowing down before the Lord. After that period, after the thousand

years are expired, you remember that Scripture tells us he shall

be again let loose. I do not think these are figurative expressions;

I believe they are realities; I believe they shall happen just as the

Holy Ghost has written them. After he is let loose, mark the occupation

in which he is immediately engaged! He goes to the four corners

of the earth, to deceive the nations; and it is only when that spirit is

cast down, and for ever put away, that there shall be freedom from

temptation. Here, then, was the great agent of temptation; and we

think it important to press this upon the minds of God's people, for I

believe in our every-day experience we too little realise the nearness

and subtlety of the temptations of the wicked one.

We shall now say a word as to the time when temptation came to

Adam. It was when he was in peace, when he was in the height of

prosperity, when he could hold converse with God. You see what a

lesson is taught us here. Do not think that when God's people have

their interest in Jesus, their oneness with Jesus, and their security as

to their eternal inheritance sealed to their souls by the Holy Ghostdo

not think that they are then put beyond the reach of temptation.

Nay, I do believe that the higher the soul rises in the apprehension of

God's presence, and in nearness to Him, just in that proportion will

temptation be presented to the mind. I take as my argument the

history of our Lord Jesus Christ; He is presented in all His journeyings

as " The man of sorrows." But it has often struck me in reading

His history, that that which constituted the great element of sorrow

in His life and experience was, constant converse with temptation,

whilst He walked through the atmosphere of this evil world; that it

was the continual presentment of that which was contrary to His

Father's will which made him emphatically" The man of sorrows."

So that we learn, in the first place, as to the time in which Adam was

tempted, that there is no season of privilege-no, not even when the

soul is drinking most deeply into the things of God-when Satan may

not be busy with us. And the people of God know this. The child of

God could tell many tales of what has passed through his own breast,

when he has been in converse with heaven, when he has been in prayer.

Many a child of God has gone through temptation, when God has

spoken through the Word, of which none but those really acquainted

with the subject could form any idea.

But now, let us say a word as to the place in which Adam was

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