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THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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men that they must not steal. that they must not swear, that they must

not bear false witness against their neighbours; but we mean, trampling

on the wlwle revelation of Gait,. so that we bring it before the Lord's

dear people as a word of warning: nothing brings us so near the.(\dge

of committing Adam's sin as not believing the record. If we would

really honour the Lord, it must be by believing the testimony which

He has given concerning His Son. It is just the same thing whether

we dishonour the I,ord by eating the fruit which He has forbidden us

to touch, or by disbelieving the precious message which He has revealed

for the salvation of the souls of sinners. Whatever revelation God

has made, it is our duty to receive it simply because God has spoken.

So much as to the sin of Adam.

We now come to speak: of Ada-m guitty,. and the passage which I

read to you as our text opens out to us the. whole of this subject. It

presents hiJn, in the first place, under the influence of fear. We have

often told you that that which keeps the soul away from God; that

which prevents us from really rejoicing in the Lord, is not keeping the

answer of a good conscience towards God by Jesus Christ, through the

sprinkling of His blood. The very moment th~ law has more influence

on the mind than the Gospel, at that very moment there will be alienation

from God. "I was afraid," is the language we take up when the

law comes to us. "Let us come boldly to the throne of grace," is the

spirit that fills our breast when the Gospel is opened out to us.

There was, in the next place, alienation from God; there was a

desire to hide from the presenc(' of God; there was unfitness for communion

with God, and there was alsp a distaste for that communion.

This was the effect of sin. It was the complete overthrow of that even

balance of mind which existed before the introduction of sin. Here

was a desire to depart from the Lord; just as you remember when the

Apostle Peter was struck with the amazing power with which he came in

contact, he cried out, "Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, 0

Lord." It is the law that drives us away from God; and therefore it

is that the whole language of the Gospel, as addressed to God's people,

is, " Be not afraid." Look to the Lord Jesus Christ! Have the blood

sprinkled on the heart and conscience, and then boldnes8 and freedom,

access and liberty, are the privileges of God's people.

Look, again, at the folly which was manifested in Adam guilty. We

have seen that he was alienated from God, fearful in his mind; and

now we have him foolish; we see him trying to hide himself from God.

We have told you that Adam was a kind of centre, from whence

radiated the evil which we see in Adarn: expanded: I mean in the

whole world around us; and you find this spirit of foolishness exhibited

by men on every side. Look at men trying to screen themselves

from the presence of God, trying to bury every thought of God in the

world, in the businesses of life-trying, it may be, to cover themselves

with a righteousness of their own. The Gospelleadil God's people to

desire to come into His presence; the Gospel teaches us this prayer­

"Make Thy face to shine upon Thy servant." The law is all condemnation;

the Gospel is all light, and liberty, and joy in the Lord.

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