THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine


The Gospel Magazine. 515

xx:. 16). Oh, how blessed it is to realise that however base we

may be, the grace or GOD in CHRIST more than meets our

condition. Where sin abounded grace did not only abound, but

"did much more abound!" Oh, let us, beloved in the LORD,

ever be found in the lowest seat at His table, until He bid us

higher, both in spiritual experience on earth, and in the glory of

His Kingdom presently. May our simple, sincere, and constant

desires find utterance in such words as these:-

" JESUS, for Thy mercy's sake,

Keep me in Thy school of grace;

Though I'm only fit to take,

Day by day, the lowest place!

" Sweet the lessons of Thy school,

And the lowest place how sweet,

When I yield me to Thy rule,

When I seat me at Thy feet.

" Shall the learner dare rebel,

Shall the weak disciple mourn,

If Thy words seem hard to spell,

And Thy thoughts too deep to learn 1 "


PREACHING one day before Henry VIII, Latime.r stood up in the

pulpit, and seeing the King, addressed himself in a kind of soliloquy,

thus, "Latimer, Latimer, Latimer, take care of what you say, for the

great king, Henry VIII, is here; "-then he paused, and proceeded,

"Latimer, Latimer, Latimer, take care what you say, for the great

King of kings is here."

BLESSED Lord, we thank Thee, that amidst all our unworthiness

and departures, like Israel, Than hast not withdrawn our Sabbaths,

nor made the sun to. go down upon our prophets. Still there is in

our midst the blessed Word of Thy Gospel, the means of grace, and

the cry proclaimed every returning Lord's Day; "He that hath an

ear tD hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches."

And though in the present hour Zion be ploughed as a field, and the

mountain of the Lord's hous,e lie low; yet Thou hast said that Thou

wilt visit Thy people in the latter day, and gather them together as

the sheep of Bozrah. Do, Lord, as Thou hast said: and hasten the

auspicious hour,· when "a little one shall become a thousand, and

a small one a strong nation;" for Thou hast said, "I the Lord will

hasten it in his time."-Rev. Dr. Hawker.