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THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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"Great i3 Thy faith/ulness."-LAM. iii. 23 ..


we adore Thee,

We bless Thy precious name,

That Thou abidest faithful,

That Thou art still the same

As when Thy children saw Thee,

And heard Thy loving voice,

"Behold My hands,-and touch Me;

Oh, fear not,- and rejoice! "

We cried to Thee for succour,

We looked for light t Thee;

Thy smile our souls has gladdened

With holy radiancy!

And now with quickened footsteps

We'll run our heavenly way

Until the shadows vanish,­

Until the break of day!

We've sat beside the river,

And tasted of Thy grace;

We long to drink the fountain,

And see Thee face to face!

Sweet, sweet have been the moments

That we have spent in prayer;

But oh, the holy worship

Wherewith we'll praise Thee there!

Come let us blend our voices

With yonder choirs above;

Swell, swell the mighty anthem

Which tplls that "God is love! "

Soon shall the fainting warrior­

Soon shall the pilgrim band-

Have fought the last great battle,

Have reached the promised land!

-Almighty Lord, we bless Thee!

Eternal Father,-SoD,

And Holy, Holy Spirit--­

Mysterious Three in One!

Thou hast done mighty marvels

Before our wondering gaze;

We've learnt that Thou art faithful

.In.all Thy,words and ways!


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