THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

The Gospel Magazine. 5119

letter to the Peers on the subject, prepared by the Imperial Protestant

Federation, was not sent out. There is evidently some mystery about

this Bill. I can only guess; but I am inclined to think that it was

not received favourably by the Roman Catholic English Bishops.

How could they approve of the proposed new Declaration, in which

the King would swear that he believed all the formularies of the Church

of England to be in accordance with God's Word, when they denounce

the Infallibility of the Church of Rome, the Mass, and Transubstantiation

~ It is certainly remarkable that no reason has been publicly

given by Lord Llandaff for not bringing on his motion for the Second

Reading of his Bill. We have, however, no reason to regret his





(A letter to a Friend, dated 1811.)

THE Providence of the Lord extends itself to everything, but there

is a special Providence over the children of God (1 Tim. iv. 10). The

providences of God to the children of God are sanctified providences, soul

providences; they are ordinances to them, instruments of good to

their souls. The providences of God to His children are promises

fulfilled (Psalm xxv. 10). The providences of God to His children

are the fruits and answers of prayer. The providences of God steer

the children of God heavenwards. Again, the providences of the Lord

combine and join their forces, for the good of every sincere single-hearted

believer (Rom. viii. 28). My friend, this I trust is your happiness, that

you are under the eye and conduct and tuition of a fatherly and special

Providence. Let us answer the call of Providence, which is to watch,

pray, and believe; and let us expect good things from a good God;

and great things from a great God, through our faithful and dear

Mediator, who ever lives to make intercession for us.

I suppose you may have heard that our friend Mary Tomkins is

gone to her eternal rest; she died triumphantly. "Oh," said she

upon her death-bed, "what things have I seen!" Ann Kemp asked

her, "Hath the Lord given thee a glimpse of heaven ~" "I cannot

tell," said Mary, "whether it be neaven or not, but joys, joys, such

things as never mortal eye beheld. I have fought the good fight."

And so she went on in heavenly expressions. Oh, what cause have

we to bless the Lord that she who was affiicted and tossed with so

many temptations in her life-time found joy and comfort in a dying

hour. The Lord was nearest to her when she needed Him most.

My wife remains as formerly, I hope through the goodness of God

not worse. I desire the continuance of your prayers for us. Our

other friends at S-- are well, and so at H--, only Goody Abbot

is affiicted as formerly. The Lord be with your spirit. No more,

but our love. In haste, I rest, ·your affection.ate, faithful friend in

Christ, J. M.

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