THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

THE REV. THOMAS CONNELLAN, - The Gospel Magazine

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be done to make easier the last veal's of those faithful workers, who,

from their slender stipends, cannot be expected to make adequate

provision for old age and infirmity. IT IS HOPED SOON TO MAKE A


men in the time of sickness or trouble, and also to secure them a small

pension in their old age. In the meantime this object is commended

to the generous sympathy of the Christian public, and contributions

in aid are earnestly invited."

The severance of Norway from Sweden made an important advance

last month. All the Referendum returns have now been received.

They show that 368,200 persons voted in favour of the dissolution of

the Union and 184 against. At the last general election to the Storthing

only 236,641 votes were polled. Thus it seems probable that a peaceful

finale will be attained.



ME}fORIAL OF CHARLES HEMINGTON (late Pastor of the Old Baptist

Chapel, Devizes). By the Rev. J. K. POPHAM. With Portrait.

Pp. 144. Cloth, Is. 6d. (postage 3d.). London: Farncombe & Son,

30, Imperial Buildings, Ludgate Circus, E.C.

The memory of the beloved man of God whose labours-mainly

at Devizes-are dealt with in this volume, is fragrant in the soul of

the author of this review in connection with an incident dating back

as far as 1871. It had to do with a visit of brotherly sympathy paid

by Mr. Hemington in London, during the severe illness of the writer,

the consolation and cheer of which are gratefully cherished to this

day. Our beloved friend, so far as we remember, was then in town,

preaching at Gower Street Chapel. And it was while on a visit to

the metropolis-thirty-four years later-that he suddenly heard the

home-call from the lips of his Lord and Master. The Memoir of this

faithful witness and diligent servant of Christ is very instructive as

illustrating the various operations of the Holy Spirit, alike in the

sinner's call by grace, and in His wonderful methods of qualifying

instruments for "the work of the ministry, and for the edifying of

the Body of Christ." Mr. Hemington's long and fruitful ministry is

worthy of the study of all pastors of souls. The meek and humble

spirit in which he lived and laboured is eminently suggestive and

stimulating. . His gifts as an expositor of God's Word were exceptional,

his discourses being rich in edification, distinctly spiritual, entirely

free from any approach to that levity which too often mars the gravity

of the Gospel message in the present-day pulpit, and withal profoundly

and sympathetically experimental. Charles Hemington was born at

Over, Cambridgeshire, in 1830. The circumstances of his conversion

by God's sovereign grace are narrated by Mr. Popham in the words of

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