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ever experienced-a night spent in a solitary place with Him

who was able to bless, and did bless. The late saintly and gifted

Adelaide Newton-author of one of the most spiritual expositions of

the Song of Solomon-has left some singularly helpful observations

on this eminently experimental subject. She says :-" There is

f:>omething very remarkable in God's dealings by night with His

servant Gideon; after He had appeared to him during the day,

'the same night' the Lord spake to him, bidding him cut down

Baal's grove; and Gideon 'did it by night' (Judges vi. 11-29).

Again, in the matter of the fleece of wool, God interfered for him

by night; and 'God did so that night" (Judges vi. 36-40). And

yet again in chapter vii. 9, etc.: 'While the host of Midian lay

in the valley,' it came to pass the same night that the Lord said

unto him, Arise, get thee down into the host.' And providing

with His Own inimitable tenderness for the natural timidity of

Gideon's character, He added, that if he feared to go alone, he

might take his servant with him. They we:p.t, and when they

came to the host, one man was telhng his fellow his dream concerning

the 'cake of barley bread'-which prepared Gideon for

the work God had for him to do. Finally,' in the beginning of

the middle watch,' the wondrous victory was wrought-a.!l being

done by the light of 'lamps,' in the darkness of the night. How

often the Lord Jesus now gives victory to His Gideons during these

silent bours of night when others sleep! It is little known how

God is preparing His servants during sleepless nights for wondrous

victories over their spiritual foes; but many such nights are passed

alone with God." Again, the same heavenly-minded writer remarks

on God's nocturnal dealings with Solomon-" After Solomon

had been to the tabernacle to worship, 'in that night did God

appear to him, saying, Ask what I shall give thee.' And it would

seem as if it were in calling to remembrance God's dealing with

himself that he prayed on behalf of others on the opening of the

house of prayer that he had builded, saying, ' Let thine eyes be open

upon this house day and night,' to hearken to the supplications of His

people by night as well as by day. And it is beautiful to observe

God's mode of answering this prayer, as if' willing more~abundantly'

to assure him of acceptance, He confirmed His word of promise

by again appearing 'to Solomon by night,' saying that His eyes

and His heart should be indeed there perpetually! How comforting

to the believer to know that He who never slumbers nor

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