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July-August - The Gospel Magazine

The Gospel Magazine 119

During the few weeks I spent with Bill in Belgrade the lamp of his witness

shone brightly in the blackness of Serbia's Godless hardness, Bill's Christlike

kindness and love he manifested during his stay, seasoned my life with salt I

needed so much and brought me to the conviction of sins. After I saw Bill off at

the airport and came back to my empty flat, I cried bitterly and asked God to

forgive me my sins. My true life has begun.

Jesus has healed all my wounds and my broken spirit and strengthened me. He

has been nourishing me and meeting my every need. He has blessed me beyond

my wildest dreams. His love and goodness are humbling and overwhelming. I

have finally found the pillar of truth I could hold on to and the peace of heart

which passeth all understanding. Jesus Christ is my Saviour, my Life, my best

Friend, the One who came down from unspeakable glory of Heaven, shed His

blood on the Cross and went to Hell laden with my sins and then rose again to life

and Heaven where He is preparing a place for me and all who believe in Him.

Now, when I have hard times, I am glad, as Jesus purifies my heart and destroys

parts of myoid self. Before I knew Christ and His w,onderfullove, life was a walk

down a dark tunnel with no light at the end. Now, there is a light at the end of the

tunnel and it is brighter every day. I am not afraid of leaving this world, as I know

that at the end of that tunnel I will see my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, Your will be done! Amen.

[Since writing this, the editor received this from Mrs. Edwards: "I have some

wonderful news: my mother, whom I have often spoken to, this morning appears

to have become a child ofGod. She said she is 'a new baby', but is also already

trying to witness to an elderly lady she A:nows (so my father has to listen to it as

a result; tool"1




J. E. NORTH (Totton, Hants.)

IN this article I want to consider three things: 1. The Life of Augustus Montague

Toplady; 2. The origin of Toplady's hymn, "Rock ofAges"; and 3. The Scripture

basis upon which the hymn was written.


Augustus Montague Toplady was born at Farnham in Surrey on 4th November

1740. His father, Major Toplady, died in May 174] of yellow fever at the siege of

Cartagena. Toplady was baptised at Farnham Church on the 29th November of

that year. We can pass over his childhood for there is little of importance for us to

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