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July-August - The Gospel Magazine

The Gospel Magazine 141

Saviour of men but, "How then shall they call on him in whom they have

believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And

how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shaH they preach, except they

be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel

of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" (Romans 10:14-15). May God

help us all. Amen.



The Da Vlnel Code On Trial. Filtering Fact from Fiction. Stephen Clark. Bryntirion

Press. pp. 32. £4.50. ISBN I 85049 2093. Da Vlnel. A broken Code. Brian H. Edwards. Day

One Publications. pp. 94. £2.50. ISBN I 846250196.

These two short books are both concerned with Dan Brown's by now notorious bestseller, The Do

Vinci Code. Your reviewer found with some relief that he would not need to go out and buy a copy

of this work, as the plot is well summarised in 5tephen Clark's longer critique. Both writers are

Christian ministers: Brian Edwards is a well-known writer of long-standing, whereas this appears to

be Stephen Clark's second publication.

Both cover similar ground, explaining for the general reader and less-informed Christian, the

shortcomings of the Gnostic "gospels" from which Mr. Brown, and the writers of"The Holy Blood

and the Holy Grail" before him, have derived their preposterous ideas. pointing OUt clearly where

they have played fast and loose with the facts of history and defending the NewTestament writings

as the authentic account of the life and teaching of Jesus.

The showing of the film will perhaps provide opportunities for personal an~ corporate witness

to unbelievers who have seen it (at least that is what those cathedral authorities that have unwisely

made their premises available to the film-makers seem to be arguing). Both these books can be

recommended as useful tools in this respect. Brian Edwards' book is more clearly set out with

textbook headings and sub-headings that assist with the presentation of the arguments. That by

Stephen Clark, a former lawyer. adopts a more scholarly format with numerous footnotes and will

appeal to the reader who wishes to delve more deeply into the subject.


New Testament Commentaries, Volume I - Romans to Epheslans. Geoffrey

B. Wilson.The Banner ofTruth Trust. pp. 680. paperback. £9.50. ISBN 0 851518 98 2.

This popular commentary is based on the ASV (190 I) and quotes the NIV in places. A glance at

Romans 6 shows the author is a Baptist. The book is designed for the Christian who wishes for

straightforward. clear help in understanding the Scriptures in a non-technical fashion. It comments

verse by verse, but not on every single verse individually. Nor does it attempt to give all possible

meanings and interpretations. It does not shirk issues. nor is it simplistic. and avoids undue


The aim is to put a useful working commentary into the hands of the Christian who wishes

to understand God's Word himself, or to lead a Bible Study or preach. It fulfils this, and at an

affordable price.

Commentaries are of one of two types - devotional and warm, or technical and cold. Ideally.

these two are combined. However, not everyone likes the same approach - some like the

devotional, preaching. style, whilst others seek for a commentary with exact meanings and

grammatical constructions.This book seeks to combine the two.

Like all Banner books, the content, print and presentation is excellent.


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