July-August - The Gospel Magazine


July-August - The Gospel Magazine

The Gospel MaRazine 113

They will learn the secret of contentment with things as they are, and cease to

desire perpetual bad changes for the worse. Contentment will come in all the

places it is not now: in marriage, in looking after children, with wages, with

difficult employers, with intolerable circumstances, yes, even with death itself.


We are to accept God's Word, which is not just written to those sinful people so

long ago, but to us now. It is true, as Isaiah says in chapter one, we were sick

through sin, there was no soundness in us, "but wounds, and bruises, and

putrifying sores".

But God said, "the people who dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity".

It is so simple! The Lord Jesus said to the paral.ysed man on his bed, "Son, thy

sins are forgiven thee", and he got up, carried his bed and wal.ked. Likewise He

said to the woman who anointed his feet, "thy sins are forgiven". He told her to

"go in peace", and she did. The secret is naked faith. Believe, and thou shalt be

made whole. Trust, and be a new creature, no more conscience of sins that are

past. God grant grace.





I RECENTLY burnt my arm on the cooker when I was taking a hot dish out of the

oven. The burn was painful for a whil.e and the scar looked very ugly. But

eventually the burn healed and the scar is now hardly visible.

That simple healing of a burnt arm or a scraped knee is evidence of our loving

and powerful God, who made us, who sustains our life and who is the source of

all healing. The means used may be an aspirin or antiseptic cream, but the healing

is aU from God.

One of God's special names is Jehovah Rophi - the Lord who heals. Moses and

the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea miraculously on dry land. God saved

them from the Egyptian army chasing them. They walked for three days into the

desert. No water was available. They were all so thirsty. When they came to a

place called Marah, they thought their problem was solved when they found

water. But no, the water there was bitter and undrinkable.

They complained to Moses, "What shall we drink?" Moses cried out to God for

help. God showed him a tree, which Moses took and threw into the water. The

water was then made sweet. Their thirst was quenched.

God made a promise at this time to the children of Israel. "Tf you will listen to

me, and do what is right and obey my commandments, you will not suffer from

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