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Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

ercy ,ubts of teeptance.

ercy ,ubts of teeptance. [ 16 r hire thee, and thou lhalt go along with me as my fervant. Yet we will have all-things in common, betwixt thee and me, only go along with me (q). ' ','Mercy. But howlhal1 I be afcertained_that I alfo fhould be entertained-~ad I this'hope from one that can tell, I would ,nJake no flick at all, but would go, being helped 'by him ,fhat can heIp, thC'ugh 'the way was never fo tedious (r). ' prillia,na Chrijt~ WelI, loving Mercy, I will tell thee what thou' ll~~:s ~:~e, ·{halt do; g'o ,with me to the Wicket-gate, and there I will r hicn is further inqui,re for thee,; and if there' thou lhalt riot hnft, and, , h ro;",fe, meet Wit encouragement, I will be content that thou ) inquire return to thy place; I alfo will pay thee for thy kind- K~ , nefs which thou {heweft to me and my children in the accompanying of us in our way aS'thou doft. ' , , Mercy. Then ~ilI .I go thither, and will take what ercyprays. lhall follQw; and the Lord grant that my lot may there fall, ev:en as the King of heaven iliall have his heart upon me (s). .' , :hrilliana ChriJtiana was theH glad at her heart, not only that lhe' ladof Mery's compay. with this poor maid to fall in love with her own had a companion, but alfo for that lhe had prevailed falvation. ... (q) Such i. the true fpirit of real pilgrimt;they do not love to eat their precious mOl'fel alone, They ~i/h others to know precious Chrift, and to become followers of him with themfelves. 0 how happy are they, when the Lord is pleafed to draw the hearts of allY of their fellow-linners to himfelf! , (r) Though Chriftiana clearly faw and knew her calling of God, yet Mercy tlid not: therefore {he is in doubt about it. ] uft fa i~ is with many at their £rl1 fetting out, Hence, they are ready to fay (and I have met with many who have fai~), that they could even wi/h to have had the moft violent convictions of lin,: and to have been as it were /hook over the mout!' of he!!, that,they might have had a greater certainty of their b~iDg called,of God. Eut this is fpeaking Iln,advifedly. Better to take rhe apolHe's advice:

' .. " j ~ 6.lJurdu:{.d k.radp. (Jhr~kr:(!}~"~~~7~d& If/offi3Ad/ru~ " ' ". I

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine
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