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Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

[ 11 ], vented

[ 11 ], vented Chrifiiana from a fuller interceding for her, by knocking at the Gate l!erfelf. And {he knocked then f0 loud, that ilie made. Chr.ijliana to frart. ' Then- faid the Keeper of the Gate,.Who is Jhrre ? And Chrijliona faid, It is my friend.' . ~ So' he opened the Gate and looked out, but Mercy. Mercy faints' was fallen down without in a [woon, forilie fain,ted~, and " was afraid that no gate' would be.opened to her. Then he took her- by: the hand, and [aid, Da1Pfel, I bid thee ari[e. 0, Sir, [aid ilie, I am fai[1t; ther~ is [came Ufdeft. in me. ' But he, anfwered, that one fajd, _" When my: J6riah ii. 7. [-oul fainted within me, I remembered the Lord, and my' , prayer came unto thee, into thy holy temple.'" Fear not, but frand upon thy feet, and tell me wherefore tho,l,l irt come. ! I Mercy. I am come for tpat unto which I was never in- The ca,,,feof' vited, as my friend Chrijliana was. H~rs Was frpm the ~er fainti/l&. King, and mine was but' from her., Wherefore I prefume (y). Did {he defire thee to come with her to this place? Mercy. Yes; and, as my Lord fees, I am come. And if there is any grace or forgivenefs of fins to fpare, I be­ ~ feech that thy poor handmaid may be partaker thereof. (yl Mercy',! cafe is not lingular.' Many have fet Ollt jull: as the did, and have been di{coura~ed by the fame rea:on as the was Some are wrought" 011 ' by on'e means, and fame by another. She, as 'many have been, was encou. raged to ret out in the ways of the Lord, by her neighbo~r a~d f~jena. Hence the, as many ~tpers .1io, have thought there was 'llQ caufe to con~lude that /he was effeClUllly called b'y the Lord, but it was only the effeCl of human power, or moral fuafion, and therefore doubted and fainted left the Iholi!d not meet ' with acceptance, But her very do.ublS, fears, and dillrefs proved tbe eanietl-. nefs of her heart, and tile defire ,of her foul after the S.\'iour; and alfo, that his attraCling'lovo and gracioY, power had a hand in the -worl,. Well there. fore mi~ht Mr. Bunyan eaU upon hi, readers, at her gracious reception by Chrift: MARK THIS, ye poor doubting, fearing, trembling fouls, who are halcing every Itep, and fearing you have not fet out aright, hear what ChdWt angel [aid~ and be not difcouraged. Fear not, for ye [co"k Jefu!) Ma~t.x~viii. 5. I J. •• Then ~.' ,

~ark this, Song i. z. ( 22 ] Th~ he took lier again by the harid,.and led hel' gelidy in, and faid, I pray for all them that believe on .me, by what-meahs.foevel' they come unto me. Then faid he to thofe·that ftood by, Fetch fomething, and give it Mercy " to fmJ.~l o,.n.,~?}ere;bYI~o:ft,f¥,~er fai~tin~~::Sothey fetoh'a her.a'btl'nJle Of-mjrrfl;:"a'wflile;aft~t,The was revived: :.:', ~ 'A)yE!:'i!~W\)V!

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine
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