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Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

-t 23 j Now, thought 1,

-t 23 j Now, thought 1, it is fulfilled which is written, se Twb M~tt.XJ:1,. women-{hall be grinding together, the one {hall be taken, 4[' and the other left."- I had much aoo to forbear crying out, Undone (a). And afraid I was to knock any more; but when I looked up to what was written over th~ Gate, I took courag.e~· lalfo thought that I mufr either knock again, or die: fo I knocked, but I cannot tell .how; for my PartI.p. ; fpirit now frruggled between life and death. - Chrift. Can you not tell how Yl:lu knocked? I am fure Chrillial1 r. n.. k le h h r. d' d .thinks Iter your noc s were 10 earneu;, t at t e, very lOun ma e compaoioo me 11:art; I thought I never heard fuch knocking in all prays be~t¥. my life; I thought you would 'come in by a violent hand, ~:~t~~:IZ. or take the kingdom by frorm. Mercy. Alas! to be in my cafe, who that fo was, could but have d0! You faw that the door was lhutupon ine, and there,was a moft cruel dog thereabout. Who, I fay, that was fo faint-hearted as I, would not have knocked with all their might? But pray, What (aid my Lord unto my rudenefs? Was he not angry with me? Chrift. When he heard your lumbering noiCe, he gave a wonderful innocent [mile: I believe what you did, pleafed him well, for he !hewed no fign to the contrary. But I marvel in my heart, why he keeps fuch a dog; had I known ~hat ~efore,.I lhould not have had heart enough to have ventured myfelf in this manner. But now we are in, we are in,- and I am glaa with all my heart. (4) See what proper ufe a gracious foul makes of the doClrine ofeleClion. Here is 00 replyiog ar;aio1l Gud : IlO tailing in quefiion his fovereign right to receiyor to rejeCl. No: all that thi~ poor humble heart thought, Now isJul­ 'lied wbat is written, " One /hall be taken, and the other left." Iffo, what had /he to fay? No impeachment of the Lord'; dealings; but only, t am unaont. But yet, on feeing what was written over the gate, " J(oock, and it /hIli be opened j" from that, and Dot from any fight of wotth or worthinefs in herfelf. \Jut ruined IS /he found herfelf, loll as /he felt herfe1f, /he was encouraged to knock again, or to cry aod pray more vehemently than ever. Here is a blelted eXlmple of deep humility; and of,holy boldnefs, excited by the llivine ward. • • '. 'e'J thou l\lined linner, and dll Iikevoife.· . E M,r.,_ 1 Chrift PleJ fed with loui: aod refilc!s 1 prayer.. I

,.. " 0,Merey, ,I,:w~1l a~"if,y., ... ' . , "} " rI"he child-, ~ D'o fo, raid ,the children, and perCuade ,him' tol1ang ren'are afra'cl h'" ,'.y 'd h '11 b" l-.. l-.. fthtdO/k 'Iq!, ~Qr yve:af6 arql e "Vi Ite·US":WJ.Le..n.W~..%l-Y--~c::.e.. ~ Se ilt,1afr: he c~me down to them .again,,~and. 'Met'cf fell to the grbund 'on'her [ace, before himT;Hid ~or!hip-, . • . pd, and {aiq,. Let my Lord 'lccept the (acrif1ce' of prai(c which I now,pffer unto him.wj~h·the calve~,Qf 111Y lips. , :, So he faj~',unto her, "Pea:ce.Pe to thee, ~fraJ1d ,up." 'je,.;xii',I,:.But {he,continued liPon her face, ,and (aid, " Righteous. Me.'cy ex- 0 L ' ' Ik pofiulares a- '}rt thou, ord, when Lpl~a-d wIth thee, let me ta boutt~eclb$' with·of thy ju4lgments: Wherefore dQft th.ou keep ... fa cruel a dog in thy yard, at 'the fight of which, fuch WomeR and 'children, 'as ,we, ar;;'~ready tu-fl-y from, the -gateJor fear'!';' ; .',' : , ~ " . ~ , Devil. , He anCwered, amI (aid, " That dog has another,owner.; he 'alft;> is c1o,fe in another man's gmund, only my ·PartI. p.22. pilgrims-,;hear ;his bar,king: 'he'pelongs to the' caflle which you Ce~ tbere ',at a difta-nce, but CHi come up to the walls of thispJace. He has frighted m:lllY al~ honeWI?ilgrim , from worJe, to better, by the great voice Of his roaring. Indeed, he that owneth him, u'Olh not .keep Aiin out of ..ny good~w:jll to me or mine.,' ont with in-terlt to keep'the ,pilgrims fi'om coming to me, and that they.m:ay,be afr:aid 'to"come and, knock at this Gate. of entrance. Sometimes ~ check 10 he carnal fear of the pilgrims. alfo .he bas brpken out, and has worried (ome that I loved; but I tah: all at prefent patiently. I ,,1(0 give my pilgri'ns tim~jy help, fo that thex are _n'ot u-e1ivered up to his power, to do to them what his doggifu ll,ature ~would him to. But what! my yurchafed one, I trow, hadf!: thou known never (0 much- beforehand, tho~ ~oulddl: not have been afraid of a dog'. , ," The beggars that go from door to 'door, wil1~ father than they willlofe a fuppo(ed alms, run the hazard of the bawl!ng,. b~rking, and biting too of a dog; and ihal1 , , a dog .( , 1

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