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Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

[ 33 ] faces with their

[ 33 ] faces with their hand, 'jn token of ,their kind reception of them; they al[o carried it lovingly to-Mercy, and bid . them all welcome into their. Mafler's hOufe (I). After a while, becaufe fup~r was not ready, the In­ !erpreter took ~hem ipto his * Significant ~ooms, and fhewed th~m what' Chriflian) Chrifliana's huiband, had feen Come time before. Here therefore they Cawthe man in the cage, the man and his dream, the man' that cut his way through-his enemies, and the, picture of the big~ . gell: of all, together with' the rell: of thOle

Chri!liana's prayer a­ ",.iorr the frov. xxx.8. .(theSpi- iTalk about thl: Spide~. [ 34- ] frotn above, with the ceIeIHaltrown in his band; it is to 1hew~ that he'aven is but as a fable t~ fame,' .and th:tt things here, are counted the only things fubfta.ntial. Now, whereas it was alfo {hewed thee, that the man could look no way but downwards;, it is to let thee know that' earthly things, when they 'are with po'wer upon men's minds, quite carry their hearts away fr od. ChrijJ. Then faid Chrijiiana, Oh,)' e Jv~r me' trom this muck-rake, '. Inter. That prayer, faid the Interp,'eter, has lain by tilt it is ~lmo£l: rufty; Give me not riches, is fCilrce the prayer of one in ten thoufand. Straws and fticks, and duft, with moft, are the great things now looked after. With that 4fercy anq 9/Jrijlia71a wept, and faid, It is, al!1s! tpo true (l}l), .. ,When the Imerpreter had fuewed them this, he had ~hem into the very beft rooni in the hOILfe (a-very, brave. mom i~ was,); fa he bid them look rQund about, and fee jf they could. find any thing profitable there. 'ffhen they loo~ed round and round: for there was nothing to be feen but a very grea~ [piqer on the w",n : and that they overlook'd.· . 1v.[ercy. Then faid Mer~y, Sir, I fee nothing:. but Chrijtimza held her peace. Inter. But, [aid the Interp,'eter, look again: {he therefore looked again, and [aid, Here is not any thing but an ugly fpider, who hangs by his hands upon the wall. Then~ faid he~ is there but one fpider in all this fpacious room? Tlien the water ftood in Chriftiana's eyes, for {he was a woman quick of apprehenfion : and'!he (aid~ Yea, to~d) there is more htn~. yea, anq fpiders~ (m) Reader, didft thou, like there piqus pilgrirps, never /hed a gcnerol.\S t~ar, for thy bare and diiingelluous conduct towards thy Lord, in preferring the {Ecks and finws of this world, to the uorearchable riches oJ Chri'fi, and the f.lvation of tby immortal foul?.Q this is natural to us all! and though , made wife unto Calvation, yet, this folly cleaves to our old natute fiiB. Let llle thought humlllc U5, anQ make uS weep before the Lord.

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine
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