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Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

[ 45 ] When they were

[ 45 ] When they were ~turned out o.F ,the ,g'arden from th~ iJath, the Interpreter took tBem, and,-looked upon them, ;l11d faid unto,them; Fair as the moon. Then'he 'Called for-the Seal. wherewith they ufed to "be Jeafed that are wafuc:d fin his- :Blltb. So 1the ,S£(Jlwa'S hrougjut,_:an:cUie fet his mark .tJllOtl them, tl!at theyinight be knowncin the,places whit.her they were' yet to, gO. Now the .Seal lW,a5 the contents',noJum of the.patrover which the:ch,il... ~r~ of ..Jfcae)' did eat.- Exod. xiii. '8, -9Y 10. when 'they came out of the'iand cif Egy'p't; ahd "~he mark was"kt between ·their ,~yes. ~Qis 'Seal, greatly a94ed ,to

4-6 1 tsuf garin~n(s for,there people: fo he went and fe~t:neJ out white railueirt) .alld laid it down before him; fo he: commanded them to- put it on (c); "it was fine linen, white' and clean." When the women .were tnus' adorned;' they feemed to be. a teiror.oOe to' the othet ;' for that they' could not fee'th'at glory each one in .herfelf, Whrch they c'6uId fee ir{ eadr oth'er~ Now therefore they began tlZl ~em each other 'Better thlfn' themfelve-s'/ " For Y011' aTe fairer than I am~!' fai:d Oh'e;-:- an

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine
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