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Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

~ I. p. 3· ,\ , ames.1

~ I. p. 3· ,\ , ames.1 .. ~3, 4, 'zS; '. :hriftiana's ream . ..ulc.e xviii. !3' [ 6 J -brance the ~efl:le[s groans, the brinilh tears, and relfbemoaning .of her huf9an~l, a,nd how {he. did harden her beart 'againfi all his intreai:ies, and loving perru~tions (of and {~)f\s) to gq with ~im ; yea, there was not any' thing that q~r!Jlianeitl~erfq.iiil to her, or did b,efOFe ber, all the while that his b~rdep did .4tlng on .!)is bac~, btlt it returllt;d U'p. '-"7 ~ . ('1 Here fee, ~b~t lhofe wh'CI cr"e11y al)d u9.~indlY treat their, godly r~.. !ations and friend. on account of their reJigiori,~muft come 'to, feel iri the bitternefs'of their fp'i~it; :;nd grohe ~nder in the fl/rrow of thett f

in which were recorded the fum of her ways, and the r;:rimes, as the thought, looked 'Very Mack upon her. fhen fiie cried out aloud "in her-lieep, Lord have mercy upon me, (ljinnet (g); and the little childrenheard her. , After this, Lhe, thought Lhe faw two very ill-favoured ones ftanding by her bed-fide, and [aying5 ." What ~~a.t.,i;It " fuaU we:dO with this, woman f For ilie cries out' for the quiilt" ' " mercY' waking alid fleeping: jt the he fuffered togo h:~ce of cc on as Lhe begins, we lhall lofe her as we have_ ioft her cc hufuand. Wherefore .we muQ, by fome way, feek t6 " ta1ce her off from the thoughts of what Lha~l be here- " after, dfe all ,the world cannot help but liie wili be" " come J1pllgrim!' . _. . " Now the awoke in a -gtea~ fweat, alto' a tremhling Was upOn her;. but after a while the fell to {jeeping ag~in~ t And then Lhe thought Lhe faw Chrijii4n her hu{bal!d in a place of bfifs among many immortals, with a harp in his hand~ ftanding and playing UpOR it _before (')Oe that fat on a throne, with a' rainbow ab~ut. his head. She (aw arfo ,~s it he bowed' hiS head with' his face to the paved work that was under his P'rince"s feet~ faying" i heartily thank my J.ortl and Ki'ng Jor hringing me, into ibis place.' Then lhouted a: company of them' that 7ttood round abejlt and. harped with their harps: but no-mart living could tell what they (aid, except Cbrij/[an and his companion~, _, _ Next morning', when the was up,naa ptayed to God, and -t~lked-with' het children a w1)i1e, one knocked hard' ~t the door; to whom ilie fpake oilt, faying, if thou £iJmeji in God's name;' tome i'd. So he [aid Amen; and (g) .This is,the v~ry firft c.ry of lI1l awakened /In'ner, merry far the loft am miferable: and no fooner are the linner's eyes opened to fee his ruined defperate aate, and to cry for morey, but the god of this world; wh'o hitherto had blinded the eyes, and kept the heart fecure by prefumpt;on, NOW oppofes the' tinner"s progrefs to a throne of grace, to a God of-mercy, and to the Saviof er the loft, Satan does not e.lily part with his prey. But Jefus the thong mali' atmed with altiliglity power and everlafting lQve, w.,ill conquer and cal£ , ~m ~t. Tllat is the fillllU's mercy, er_C&ll1a:.el!ti be. ravecl-. C" - Dpened t Hei~:Iif gainff dif. c:ourage.. ment.

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine
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