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i77°· - The Gospel Magazine


398 Tat GOSPEL-MAGAZINE. nifefi:Jy proved by what is faid before; yet by this place I gather, that the apo£Ue hath efpeciaIJy and of purpofe only taught this, that Jefus Chril1:, God and man, is only our prophet and priel1:, to declare and work our falvation. exhorting us now to learn,carefully fo grelt a myftery. Now let us confider further this exhortation, to fee what profitable things we have to learn in it. Where we are firll: c"lJed holy brethren, we may fee in thefe words a good image of the church of Chrift: brethren, as is {ard, noteth our"unity with Chrifi: our head, by the participation of his Spirit; fo the church is a people grafted , .... into Chrifi:, that is, made members of Chrill:, and fanc-, tified with his Spirit. This is our knowledge of the. church, which is true aod catholic; it is not in any obfervation ;> • of ti'me, of place, of perron ; but where thi~ brotherhood is a people joined to the Lord Jefus, ana fanClified by him, there is the church. To talk of any places it is great folly; Chrill: will not have his church to ce known by country or kindred,. or refpeCl: .of perfons; but on~y by t~is, that they are grafted in him, and made a ho­ Iy brotherhood. And here let us learn what is true holiners, el'en to be ,made partakers of the holinefi that is in Chrill:; for he hath fa'H2ified himfelf for us, and is made unto us our fanClification of God, without whom we are flelli and blood: the cogitations of our heans bent to evil, and all our righteoufnefs as a defiled cloth. For . if the angels, that are greater than we in all power and excellency, cannot jull:ify themfelves in his fight; what can we do, ~s Eliphas faith, that dwell in houCes of clay, whofe foundation is in the du!t, and who fuall be dellroycd before the, moth? The Lord' hath no need of our wor~5, nor they fuall ever come in account before him; for if one man could do all that all flefh hath ever done, ye1Jlill 1r:: might fay, he were unprontable. The great juftic.c, fortitude, temperance, libe~ality, and all other virtues,

.- The Rev. Mr. DEER.JNG on the HEBREWS. 399 virtues, which fo abounded in fame of the Gentiles; what have they to glory iri them? Nothi'ng at all before God, except they fay, as Paul witneffeth of them, \Vhen we thought ourfe!ves wife, we were very fools. And why was all their d .ing nothing worth? Becaufe tbey fought their righteoufnefs in themfelve~, 2nd were not of the brotherhood of Chrift, to feek all their holiners in his perfon. Even thus, dellrly beloved, a'nd none otherwife, it is with all jufl:iciaries in the world, whether they be Gentiles, or whether they be Papi-fts, in their righteoufnef, they are defiled, and in thei~ wifdom they are made foolilh; if they feek their hol nefs in . dtemfe1ves, or juftify the work which ' their, h!1\ds have brought forth. ,And let no man, b~, 'he ever fo holy, if he were as good as Paul, exempt himfelf; for Paul himfelf confeffeth this with us, That whatfoever he cou).d do, hi would account it but as dung, that he might have the righteoufnefs, not that which was of himfelf, but that which was by faith in Jefus Chrm; that he might be of this brotherhood, and, as he faith, that' he might be found in him. This is the true rule, of holinefs; otherwife to, talk of our grandfathers and ,father~, loll h~t' good works they hav,e done,' it is to thew forth our own igno~ance in the faith of Chrifl. For what have our fathers done, but So~ crates, Ariftides,Scipio, Fabricius, and a thoufand among the Gentiles did as much? or, if they had done never fo much, if they had given all their goods to the poor, and their bodies to the fir~, what then? except they had been brethren wml Jefus Chrifl:,f one with him, and fought for their righteoufnefs by faith in him, they had no holinefs in them. And I marvel how this being fo p1ain, fo many yet can - be deceived to love {till that idolatrous nation, which teacheth them to glory in their own . works: ilnd let no man think we flahder them, or that they give not this glory to ~heir own works; for· their own wordi tefiifyagainl1:them, 'they have named it diftinctly, , ,.' I

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