Autumn 2013 Catalogue


Welcome to our autumn 2013 catalogue. Whether you’re

looking for savvy business writing, musical musings, the best

of British humour or sporting excellence, we have something

here to tempt you.

Our lead title is Classic FM’s most ambitious publication yet.

A magisterial book of days, The Big Book of Classic FM packs

1,000 years of classical music into 366 days, with a page

dedicated to musical treats and tidbits for each day of the

year. Beautifully illustrated and produced and supported by a

major on-air advertising campaign, it is sure to be top of every

classical music lover’s Christmas wishlist.

Our business list continues to grow, with Out of the Blue by

antitrust lawyer Mike Pullen and risk consultant John Brodie

Donald. Perhaps best described as the businessman’s Black

Swan, it examines how unexpected events such as regulatory

intervention or cyber crime can destroy even the biggest, most

successful companies, and suggests how they can best react

in the face of such crises.

Dog lovers are catered for with Secrets of a Pet Nanny,

former diplomat Eileen Riley’s memoir about giving up a

jetset lifestyle in favour of looking after other people’s dogs.

By turns affectionate, witty and sincere, it’s a must-read.

Meanwhile sports fans can look forward to Hoppy on Golf, in

which veteran golf journalist John Hopkins brings together a

selection of his best writing from the last 35 years, as well

as the paperback edition of Andy Farrell’s award-winning

collection, The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers.

We hope you enjoy these, and more great new titles, as well

as our growing backlist, which features award-winning and

bestselling books from a range of genres.

Prices, covers and specifications are subject to change.

j u l y

Chris parry

Super Highway

Sea Power in the 21st Century

Pub date: 25 July 2013

Price: £20

ISBN: 978-1-90873-984-1

epub: 978-1-90873-985-8

Genre: Current Affairs

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 234x156mm

Extent: 224pp

Rights: World

In Super Highway, maritime strategist and

former Rear Admiral Chris Parry argues that

in the second decade of the 21st century,

the sea is set to reclaim its status as the

world’s pre-eminent strategic medium.

Parry makes the case that the coming years

will witness a ‘scramble’ for the sea,

involving competition for oceanic resources

and the attempted political and economic

colonisation of large tracts of international

waters and shipping routes.

With space travel no longer on the agenda,

the sea (the physical equivalent of the


As the world begins to

realise the significance

of the seas, who will

rule the waves in the

21st century?

World Wide Web) is effectively the

world’s final undiscovered frontier and

the potential arena for a classic ‘Great

Game’ between the major powers and

developing states.

AUTHOR Chris Parry joined the Royal Navy as

a Seaman Officer in 1972. Promoted to Rear

Admiral in 2005, he then became the MOD’s

Director of Developments, Concepts and Doctrine.

He was appointed a CBE in 2004. Now retired

from the armed forces, he heads a company

which specializes in geo-strategic forecasting.

a u g u s t

J. Edward Chamberlin


How Islands Transform the World

Pub date: 1 August 2013

Price: £14.99

ISBN: 978-1-90965-338-2

epub: 978-1-90965-339-9

Genre: History / Historical Geography

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 216x135mm

Extent: 224pp

Rights: UK and Commonwealth,

excl. Canada

A celebration of the island,

real and imagined, barren

and beautiful, large and

small, and the story of

our planet

Ever since the dawn of human history,

islands have been at the heart of our desires

– and our fears. Drawing on anthropology,

literature, biology, art, philosophy and earth

science, Island tells the groundbreaking

story of humans and islands throughout

history, and celebrates islands as a central

part of the world we live in.

With a unique cross-disciplinary approach,

encompassing everything from the wonder

of an island’s flora and fauna, to the

geological roots of island formations, via

references to popular culture, poetry and

literature (including Prospero, Gulliver,

Robinson Crusoe and The Count of Monte

Cristo), Chamberlin tells the vivid and

absorbing tale of how islands have shaped

human history, society and culture and

celebrates islands for all their worth, whether

real or fictitious, as a central part of the

human narrative.

AUTHOR J. Edward Chamberlin is Professor Emeritus

of English and Comparative Literature at the

University of Toronto. He is a Fellow of the Royal

Society of Canada and has lectured around the

world. He is the author of Come Back to Me My

Language; Horse; and If This Is Your Land, Where

Are Your Stories? He lives in British Columbia.


Eileen Riley

Secrets of a Pet Nanny

A Journey from the White House to the Dog House

a u g u s t

Pub date: 8 August 2013

Price: £11.99

ISBN: 978-1-90965-322-1

epub: 978-1-90965-323-8

Genre: Pets / Humour

Format: Trade Paperback

Dimensions: 216x135mm

Extent: 224pp

Rights: World

Laugh-out-loud stories

of canine antics from an

American diplomat turned


Aged 28, Eileen Riley had an enviably

glamorous life; her globe-trotting career

as a diplomat took her from the corridors

of power at the White House to postings

in Cameroon and Papua New Guinea, and

finally, London – where she decided to jack

it all in to become a professional dog-sitter.

As you do.

In fact her diplomatic skills were to prove

invaluable in her new career. Secrets of a

Pet Nanny is a fabulous and very funny

collection of tales about the dogs she has

looked after, from pedigree puppies to rare

Tibetan terriers. Riley is a true dog devotee

but that does not prevent her casting


a caustic eye over her charges – and their

devoted owners. Part dog memoir, part

outsider’s perspective on the eternal relationship

between the English and their

dogs, this is sure to appeal to animal-lovers

of all stripes.

AUTHOR Eileen Riley is a professional pet nanny

and journalist based in London. Born in America,

she took diplomatic postings in Cameroon,

Papua New Guinea and Washington, before

moving to London and quitting diplomacy in

favour of looking after other people’s dogs. She

lives in south west London with her family, and

regular canine guests.

s e p t e m b e r

Rob hutton

Romps, Tots and Boffins

The Strange Language of News

Pub date: 19 September 2013

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-90965-343-6

epub: 978-1-90965-344-3

Genre: Humour / Language

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 178x111mm

Extent: 144pp

Rights: World

A wincingly witty

compendium of the many

weird and wonderful words

and phrases only ever used

in newspapers

You may not recognise the name, but if

you have ever picked up a paper you’ll

have come across ‘journalese’. Essentially,

it covers words and phrases that are only

found in newspapers. How else would our

intrepid journalists be able to describe a

world in which late-night revellers go on

booze-fuelled rampages, where tots in peril

are saved by have-a-go heroes, and where

troubled stars lash out in foul-mouthed


When Rob Hutton began collecting examples

of journalese online, he provoked

a ‘Twitter storm’, and was ‘left reeling’ by

the ‘scores’ of examples that ‘flooded in’.

Romps, Tots and Boffins will catalogue the

highs and lows of this strange language,

celebrating the best examples (‘test-tube

baby’, ‘mad cow disease’), marvelling at the

quirky (‘boffins’, ‘frogmen’) and condemning

the worst (‘rant’, ‘snub’, ‘sirs’). It will be

a ‘must-read’ ‘page-turner’ that may ‘cause

a stir’, ‘fuel controversy’, or even ‘spark’

‘tough new rules’ in newsrooms.

AUTHOR Robert Hutton has been UK political correspondent

for Bloomberg since 2004; previously,

he worked at The Mirror and Financial Times. Arguably

his most notable contribution to journalism

has been the introduction of the ‘news sandwich’

to the political lexicon. He lives in south east London

with his wife and sons.


s e p t e m b e r

elizabeth thomson


An Awfully Big Adventure

Pub date:

26 September 2013

Price: £25

ISBN: 978-1-90965-313-9

Genre: Theatre

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 210x290mm

Extent: 240pp

Rights: World

A richly illustrated book to mark 40 years of

the Chickenshed Theatre Company

In 1974, musician and composer Jo Collins

met Mary Ward, a teacher and director.

With a shared belief in harnessing the

creativity in everyone and anyone, they

started a theatre company. In a chicken


The rest, as they say, is history. Forty years

on, Chickenshed is a unique theatre company

that makes beautiful, challenging, pioneering

and inspirational theatre, and the concept

of inclusion that seemed so obvious to Jo

and Mary is now an international movement

with a mission to change the world. Supported

by prominent figures from the arts

including Judi Dench, the company’s ability

to bring together young people from all

backgrounds, races and abilities has changed

many lives.

Chickenshed charts the story of this incredible

theatre company, to commemorate its

40th anniversary.

AUTHOR Elizabeth Thomson has written for

newspapers and magazines around the world.

A contributor to The New Grove Dictionary

of Music & Musicians, she is the co-editor of

critical anthologies on John Lennon, Bob Dylan

and David Bowie. She has lectured at Liverpool

University’s Institute of Popular Music and been

a Visiting Fellow of the Open University Sixties

Research Group. A frequent broadcaster, Thomson

is a founding editor of BookBrunch, the daily

newsletter and website for the book trade.


S e p t e m b e r

john hopkins

Hoppy on Golf

The Best of John Hopkins

Pub date: 26 September 2013

Price: £20

ISBN: 978-1-90965-318-4

epub: 978-1-90965-319-1

Genre: Sport / Golf

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 234x156mm

Extent: 320pp

Rights: World

A lifetime of classic

writing on golf, by

veteran sports journalist

John Hopkins

For more than 35 years, John ‘Hoppy’

Hopkins covered the biggest stories in golf,

from Major Championships to Ryder Cups

and amateur competitions.

Collected together here for the first time

are the very best of his articles, covering a

huge range of golfing stories, from the most

memorable of the 120 major championships

he covered to his writing on amateur

tournaments including the Walker Cup and

the Presidents’ Putter, as well as profiles

and interviews with the finest players to

grace the sport.

The articles are arranged month by month –

giving a unique perspective on the golfing

calendar, the changing seasons and stories

throughout the golfing year.

Perfect reading for John’s many fans, and

a fascinating portrait of the game’s recent

history, Hoppy on Golf is the ideal gift for

any golf fanatic.

AUTHOR John Hopkins was the golf correspondent

for The Times and The Sunday Times and

writes for a number of golf magazines. In 2008

John was awarded ‘Sports Internet Writer of the

Year’ by the Sports Journalist Association. In

2013 he was awarded the lifetime achievement

in journalism award by the PGA of America, one

of only two non-Americans ever to be honoured

with this title.


o c t o b e r

Darren Henley, Sam Jackson & Tim Lihoreau

The Big Book of Classic FM

1000 Years of Classical Music in 366 Days

Pub date: 10 October 2013

Price: £30

ISBN: 978-1-90965-326-9

Genre: Classical Music

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 252x198mm

Extent: 416pp

Rights: World

A beautifully illustrated

page-a-day guide to the

year in classical music

The Big Book of Classic FM is a fully

illustrated book detailing each day of the

year in classical music – the perfect coffee

table companion for any classical music

lover. Entries contain original illustrations,

landmark events taking place on that day,

profiles of the great composers, recommended

listening, and much more.

day of the year, musical quotations and a

host of other material.

The perfect gift for classical music aficionados

and a highly accessible introduction

for anyone new to the genre, this beautiful

book is an indispensible guide to take you

through a year in classical music.

From the birth of Chopin on 22nd February,

to the premiere of the Eroica Symphony

on April 7th and the death of Mozart on

December 5th, every day reveals a fascinating

new musical milestone. Each entry

pulls together facts, figures and noteworthy

events – including biographies of the essential

composers, suggested listening for each


AUTHORS Darren Henley is Managing Director of

Classic FM and the author of several books including

the Sunday Times-bestselling The Classic FM

Hall of Fame.

Sam Jackson is Managing Editor at Classic FM

and the co-author of The Classic FM Hall of Fame.

Tim Lihoreau is Creative Director of Classic FM

and the co-author of The Classic FM Hall of Fame.

O c t o b e r

stephen potter

The Theory & Practice of


or The Art of Winning Games Without Actually Cheating

Pub date: 24 October 2013

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-90965-314-6

Genre: Humour / Sport

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 178x111mm

Extent: 128pp

Rights: World English

A reissue of the classic

manual on how to triumph

at games of skill, without

actually cheating

There have been many books written on

games, play and the right tactics. This is different.

Gamesmanship is the art of winning.

gives examples of successful gamesmanship,

which continues to be practised by sportsmen

around the world.

When playing sports or games, there are

times when even the best of us can find ourselves

up against superior opponents, with

little hope of winning while playing within

the spirit of the game. Gamesmanship is the

practice of resorting to sly tactics that, while

of course remaining well within the rules,

might be considered a little underhand.

Stephen Potter’s classic manual is a

hilarious look at the ways to disrupt an

opponent’s rhythm, from throwaway remarks

to put them off to using body language to

induce overconfidence. His tongue-in-cheek

humour sublimely straight-faced, Potter


The ultimate in polite psychological

warfare, Gamesmanship will appeal to

any sportsman open to bending the rules –

without actually breaking them – in pursuit

of victory, and is a timeless comedy of

English manners.

AUTHOR Stephen Potter (1900-1969) was an academic,

producer and author, best known for his

classic The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship

and sequels. He taught at Birkbeck College,

before joining the BBC as a writer/producer in

1937. After World War II, Potter wrote the series

of bestselling books which made his name. He

lived in Aldeborough, Sussex and died in 1969.

N o v e m b e r

Jeremy archer

From Father to Son

Advice on Life from Military Men

Pub date: 7 November 2013

Price: £11.99

ISBN: 978-1-90965-334-4

epub: 978-1-90965-335-1

Genre: Military History

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 198x129mm

Extent: 160pp

Rights: World

Collected life lessons and

words of wisdom from

military figures through

the ages

From Sun Tzu to Winston Churchill, military

experience has provided both men and

women down the ages with a wealth of

sage advice and wise council, not only on

wartime strategy, but on lessons for living

a good life; from the moral and political

dimensions of conflict, to leadership, work,

marriage, family and friendship.

Historian Jeremy Archer has delved into his

personal archives to compile an absorbing

and illuminating collection of advice from

military figures through the ages, from

great generals and military strategists, to

wartime leaders, soldiers, writers and poets.

Ranging in tone from the heartfelt – such as

letters of advice written from fathers to sons

– to more light-hearted instruction, Jeremy

Archer’s collection of military wisdom

provides a wealth of wise words, humorous

anecdotes and witty bon mots, as well as

life lessons learned by military figures that

still resonate strongly today.

AUTHOR After serving in the British Army for ten

years, Jeremy Archer now lives in London and

works in the City. An enthusiastic historian, he

has written on the subject of Christmas from a

number of angles. His most recent title, A Royal

Christmas, looked at how the Royal Family have

celebrated Christmas over two centuries.


d e c e m b e r

d e c e m b e r

Mike Pullen & John brodie Donald

Out of the Blue

How Companies Can Handle the Unexpected,

From Government Regulation to Cyber Crime

Pub date: 5 December 2013

Price: £25

ISBN: 978-1-90965-330-6

epub: 978-1-90965-331-3

Genre: Business

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 234x156mm

Extent: 224pp

Rights: World

Out of the Blue is a guide for every CEO,

Board of Directors and Counsel faced with

an unexpected major crisis. Donald and

Pullen provide a strategic guide on how to

handle this potential Armageddon. Forget

about the old crisis manuals, this is about

the real dangers facing companies today

– the ones they don’t see coming. Looking

at some of the biggest corporate disasters

of the last 15 years, this book spells out

the lessons to be learnt from the mistakes

of others and examines what steps to take

to get through regulatory and reputational

crises and come out the other side with both

reputation and company intact.

Outlining why dealing with such disasters

is not just a matter for lawyers, Out of the

The essential guide to

dealing with corporate



Blue explains why you need the full spectrum

of PR, shareholders, stakeholders and

government on your side. A must-read for

executives in all industries.

AUTHORS Mike Pullen is head of international

trade and a partner in competition law at DLA

Piper. He specialises in European Union competition

law and advised a number of eastern European

governments on their accession to the EU

and his views have been sought by institutions

around the world.

John Brodie Donald is head of DGIR, The D

Group’s research operation. He has worked as a

geopolitical risk consultant with Aegis and later

trained as a mediator with both CEDR and FMC.

He has over 20 years experience in financial

services in the Far East and Europe.

n e w i n p a p e r b a c k

andy farrell

The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers



Pub date: 4 July 2013

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-90965-342-9

epub: 978-1-90764-236-4

Genre: Sport / Golf

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 198x129mm

Extent: 312pp

Rights: World

Winner of Golf Book of

the Year, British Sports

Books Awards 2012

The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers is a fascinating

and knowledgeable history of golf told

through the most talented men and women

to have ever played the game.

From Old Tom Morris, via Walter Hagen and

Ben Hogan, legendary figures such as Bobby

Jones and Jack Nicklaus, to contemporary

greats including Tiger Woods and Rory

McIlroy, Andy Farrell recounts the lives and

achievements of the sport’s leading lights

through engaging text, fascinating anecdotes

and insights into the development of

the game across the decades.

Arranged by era and with additional sections

on the greatest ever drivers, bunker

players and putters, The 100 Greatest Ever

Golfers is the ideal pick-up-and-dip-in book

for all golfing aficionados, whatever their


‘Enjoyable and informative’ The Times

‘I recommend it wholeheartedly’

The Independent

‘Hugely entertaining’ Irish Examiner

AUTHOR Andy Farrell is a highly experienced

golf journalist who was golf correspondent of

The Independent and The Independent on Sunday.

He writes for a number of golf magazines and

other publications, including the Open Championship

Annual. He was honorary secretary, and

later administrator, of the Association of Golf



s c i e n c e

n a t u r e


ISBN: 978-1-90873-934-6

epub: 978-1-90873-955-9

Popular Science




Rights: World



Natural History




Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-991-9

Natural History




Rights: World



f i n a n c e

Elliott & Thompson’s growing business and economics list covers

a wide range of topics, from The Branded Gentry, an illuminating

look at thirteen British entrepreneurs who made their names into

brands, to The Mess We’re In, a pertinent analysis of politicians’

responses to financial crises since 1919. The Game, an insider’s

guide to the world of finance, is newly available in an updated

paperback edition, while Jewels in the Crown goes behind the

scenes of Tata’s acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover.





epub: 978-1-90873-977-3

Business and Finance




Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-983-4

Business / Motoring




Rights: World



f i n a n c e



epub: 978-1-90873-979-7


Hardback, 211x148mm, 320pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-900-1

Reference / Current Affairs

Hardback, 216x135mm, 224pp

Rights: World




epub: 978-1-90873-946-9

Business / Personal Development

Paperback with flaps, 234x156mm, 256pp

Rights: World


f i n a n c e



epub: 978-1-90873-907-0

Economics / History / Current Affairs

Hardback, 234x156mm, 288pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-911-7

Business / Entrepreneurship

Paperback with flaps, 216x135mm


Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-229-6


Paperback with flaps, 216x135mm,


Rights: World


m u s i c

We are proud to publish a range of bestselling titles in

partnership with Classic FM, including John Suchet’s

acclaimed illustrated life story of Beethoven, the Sunday

Times-bestselling The Classic FM Hall of Fame, and the essential

introductory guide to classical music, Everything You Ever Wanted

to Know About Classical Music ... But Were Too Afraid to Ask.



epub: 978-1-90873-988-9

Classical Music / Biography

Hardback, 246x187mm, 288pp

Full colour

Rights: World, excl. North America



epub: 978-1-90764-250-0

Classical Music

Hardback, 211x148mm, 224pp

Rights: World, excl. ANZ


m u s i c



epub: 978-1-90873-285-2

Classical Music

Hardback, 256x196mm, 256pp

Full colour

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-209-8

Classical Music

Hardback, 198x129mm, 192pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-919

Classical Music

Hardback PLC, foiled,

178x111mm, 224pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-213-5

Classical Music

Paperback, 198x129mm, 336pp

Rights: World


m u s i c


e have also teamed up with other partners in our music

list. The Show Must Go On, a memoir of the London

Symphony Orchestra’s groundbreaking tours of 1912 and 2012,

is published in partnership with the LSO in 2013, and with XFM

we produced the full-colour coffee table book The XFM Top

1000 Songs of All Time.



epub: 978-1-90873-981-0

Classical Music

Hardback PLC



Rights: World



Popular Music

Hardback PLC


480pp, Full colour

Rights: World


h i s t o r y

p o l i t i c s

There’s great variety in Elliott & Thompson’s growing history and

politics list: Scapegoats is a fascinating and deeply human

account of thirteen victims of military injustice, while rising Israeli

politician Yair Lapid’s Memories After my Death is a poignant political

memoir of his father. Sir Don McKinnon gives a frank account of

his time as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth in his memoir

In The Ring; and in A Dangerous Delusion, Peter Oborne and David

Morrison make an impassioned case against military action in Iran.



epub: 978-1-90873-969-8

Military History




Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-990-2

Politics / Current Affairs




Rights: World


h i s t o r y

p o l i t i c s



epub: 978-1-90764-294-4

History / Memoir

Hardback, 234x156mm, 288pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-232-6


Hardback, 234x156mm, 368pp

Rights: World, excl. North America



epub: 978-1-90873-927-8

Political Memoir

Hardback, 234x156mm, 288pp

Rights: World


h i s t o r y

p o l i t i c s



epub: 978-1-90764-225-8

Political Memoir

Paperback, 198x129mm, 416pp

Rights: World, excl. North America



epub: 978-1-90873-923-0


Hardback, 234x156mm, 288pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-243-2

Politics, Hardback,

198x129mm, 224pp

Rights: World, excl Estonia,

Romania and Turkey





epub: 978-1-90764-241-8


Hardback, 178x111mm, 112pp

Rights: World, excl. ANZ



epub: 978-1-90873-975-9


Hardback,178x111mm, 112pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-915-5


Hardback, 178x111mm, 112pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-931-5


Hardback PLC, 198x129mm,160pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-238-8


Hardback, 178x111mm, 224pp

Rights: World


s p o r t



Sport / Golf

Hardback, 246x189mm, 224pp

Full colour

Rights: World



Sport / Golf

Hardback, 246x189mm, 224pp

Full colour

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-234-0

Sport / Cricket

Hardback, 234x156mm, 288pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-230-2

Sport / Football

Paperback, 216x135mm, 224pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-212-8

Sport / Cricket

Paperback, 198x129mm, 224pp

Rights: World


f i c t i o n : t h e d a v e h a r t s e r i e s

Dave Hart is an investment

banker. Detestable and

motivated by greed, he

revels in his notoriety. He

is also a fast-living,

wickedly funny character

who despises other bankers

– all of them that is, except

for the stunning (and stunningly

brilliant) Laura ‘Two

Livers’ Mackay.

Shining a satirical light

onto the financial world,

the adventures of Dave

Hart – from saving Africa

to becoming embroiled in

the credit crunch – are both

outlandish and yet disturbingly

close to reality. An

incorrigible and charismatic

individual, Dave Hart is the

antihero for our times.



epub: 978-1-90764-204-3

Paperback, 198x129mm, 160pp

Rights: World, excl. North America



epub: 978-1-90764-205-0

Paperback, 198x129mm, 192pp

Rights: World, excl. North America



epub: 978-1-90764-206-7

Paperback, 198x129mm,192pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90764-208-1

Paperback, 198x129mm,192pp

Rights: World




epub: 978-1-90764-244-9

Paperback, 198x129mm,192pp

Rights: World

f i c t i o n : m a p p

l u c i a

Lucia on Holiday and Major Benjy are

recent additions to the Mapp and Lucia

canon, based on the immortal characters

first created by E.F. Benson. Perfect

reading for followers of Benson’s original

novels and sure to be equally loved by

new fans, these are pitch-perfect and

deliciously enjoyable social satires of an

England long gone but not forgotten. The

planned trilogy will be complete with the

publication of Au Reservoir in 2014.

Author Guy Fraser-Sampson is a bestselling

author and longstanding Mapp and Lucia fan.

His other books for Elliott & Thompson are

Cricket at the Crossroads and The Mess We’re In.



epub: 978-1-90873-971-1


Paperback,198x129mm, 192pp

Rights: World



epub: 978-1-90873-252-4



Paperback,198x129mm, 224pp

Rights: World

“Lucia is back! This is a wonderful

new adventure for our magnificent

heroine, written with all the style

and humour of Benson himself. A

triumph. Uno, due, tre … read it!”

Alexander McCall Smith

“More Mapp and Lucia – what

bliss! Major Benjy on the rampage

– what joy!”

Gyles Brandreth

“As you read Guy Fraser-Sampson’s

sinuous narrative and needle-sharp

dialogue, Tilling suddenly takes

shape all around you … Benson

himself would have loved this book,

and so will you”

Tom Holt

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