Light beams tend to radiate from a light source in all directions—

from 1 to 360 degrees in all dimensions of space. The sun or even a

good old-fashioned light bulb clearly demonstrate this tendency.

While the inclination to scatter is useful in many applications, it is

the enemy of the photographer seeking to control the direction

and intensity of light.

To reduce light scatter, photographers use reflectors, which gather

beams, headed in the wrong direction and redirect them toward

a subject. Unfortunately, many of the common reflector configurations

now available are either unwieldy or inefficient.

That’s why we have created the Mola reflectors. Mola’s unique designs allow you to get

more work out of less light. Designed by a photographer for photographers, the Mola

reflectors captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. It is shaped to intercept

all paths of light, no matter which direction they leave the flash tube, and redirect them

toward the subject. This is a big improvement on most softboxes, which can only focus

a portion of the light available.


Mola reflectors create an even core

of light surrounded by a smoothly

graduated-feathered edge, about

a half a stop difference from the

center to outer edge. Because the

Mola reflects lights natural shape,

the natural pearly aura of complexion

highlights are accentuated,

and have an unusual opportunity

to precisely control the intensity of

specular highlighting.

Mola reflectors also have many

built-in features designed to simplify

and speed up handling. The Euro

and Demi’s shallow profile takes up

less valuable studio space, while

making it easy to balance on a

stand or boom.

The Mola Mantti is the largest

reflector of all four designs,

measuring 43.5” in diameter

with a shallow profile just 9.5”

deep. The Mantti reflector is

Mola Softlights most recent

design. Its purpose is to create

a high efficiency, broad

source by compressing the

body of the Euro reflector by

25% and enlarging its surface

area by 30%.

The Setti heightens the light energy and concentrates

the light to produce greater contrast along

with a harder edge unlike that of the Demi, Euro

or Mantti.

To create different effects, light feathering can

be easily modified by using the front nylon diffuser

in conjunction with the interior PAD diffuser or the

optional opal diffusion glass.

Mola Inc. • 27 Crossovers Street • Toronto • Ontario • M4E-3X2 • Tel: 416-899-4487 • Fax: 416-690-0243


Lightweight and unbreakable - this new

Perforated Aluminum Diffuser allows light

to be redirected from the flash tube back

into the reflector as well as allowing a

small amount of light to pass through the


The PAD allows air to pass through the diffuser

for greater circulation. Opal Diffusion

Glass is now an accessory.

The “Sympl” clip speed ring mounting system

allows a wide array of speed ring inserts

to be mounted to any Mola reflector.

The Sympl clips create uniform compression

holding the speed ring firmly to the

back of the Mola reflector. This system also

makes changing speed rings quick and

easy if you should change strobe brands,

unlike most softlight reflectors which mount

their speed rings permanently.


This new handle combines a new stand adapter and a handgrip

in one, which evenly distributes the weight of the reflector, balancing

and stabilizing the reflector solidly over a light stand or


The Mola Softlight Family:

• DEMI 22.0”

• SETTI 28.0”

• EURO 33.5”

• MANTTI 43.5”

Mola Inc. • 27 Crossovers Street • Toronto • Ontario • M4E-3X2 • Tel: 416-899-4487 • Fax: 416-690-0243

General Information & Orders:

Mola Inc.

27 Crossovers Street • Toronto • Ontario • M4E-3X2

Tel: 416-899-4487 • Fax: 416-690-0243


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