Comments on the Future Land Use Map - City of Greenville

Comments on the Future Land Use Map - City of Greenville

“The transit oriented development – much support. Mixed use regional – I’m not to

much a fan but understand in some cases it may be necessary. Greenville could benefit

from moving away from this type of growth.”

“I am very pleased to see planning to encourage walking, cycling, and mass transit and

lesson our use of private vehicles.”

“The introduction of mix-use community is a good addition. Mix use is the big thing that

is helping development. Good start. It will help Greenville grow with the times.”

“I like the new land use zoning that includes mixed use development. I like the transit

oriented commercial nodes that could be a precursor to the development of a light raid

metro system that may connect Mauldin to Travelers Rest.”

“Overall, I believe this is a great draft. Although I am surprised to see the CBD so

confined. Are the immediate plans to grow up instead of out? It seems to me that there

will be much more redevelopment and or gentrification than new development. I realize

this is a draft model but with an influx of 100K+ people within 10-15 years, one would

assume for there to be exponential growth within the CBD and surrounding areas. It is

amazing to see the tremendous impact economic development has made in this area. I

applaud all of you! I know this meeting is geared toward “planning and zoning” but that

is the first few steps to developing. I am extremely interested and want to continue to be

involved in the sculpting of this beautiful city. I would like the opportunity to speak with

someone regarding getting involved in Greenville’s Economic community. I have a BA

in Econ and would like to rekindle my education in real life situations.”

“The recommendations look good.”

“Looks good so far. I will study it further over the next few weeks. Thanks!”

“I really like the new land use classifications on the future land use map. They really

reflect and advocate the theme committees’ goals and objectives. The land use

classifications on the future land use map also reflect the existing and future development

patterns that optimize sustainable development. Good Job!”

“I think the TOD district at CU-ICAR needs to allow for Research and Development,

Labs, and maybe some light manufacturing uses (proto type assembly, etc.). Maybe it

does but the description of allowable uses in the write up is a little vague.”

“Why is there a proposal to destroy homes and convert Bradley Blvd, which is just off of

Wade Hampton, into an area of commercial development? Right now there is so much

unused/undeveloped property with Wade Hampton frontage that this whole idea seems


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