Sommer Kollektion 2010 - Boot Doc


Sommer Kollektion 2010 - Boot Doc


Facts and Philosophy

It is not sufficient to

differentiate the huge

diversity of human feet

merely by size. In order to

find the correct shoe fit, it

is necessary to offer different

basic forms, adaptable

materials, and above all, shoe

footbeds that are individually

fit to the person and his or her

needs. With the help of a newly

developed photo-scan technology,

it is now possible to quickly

Every foot

is different

Every person

is different


sports have different


BootDoc footbeds stabilise

and position the foot in the

shoe, which helps keep the

body in balance. BootDoc

sport footbeds have been

developed by taking

the type of sport, the

anatomical condition

a n d t h e s p e c i f i c

requirement into

Individualisation and

Adaptation through

BootDoc Systems

analyse and identify the plantar

pressure zones of the foot. Within

a few minutes, a footbed that is

customized to the needs of the

consumer can be produced. Every

customer – whether top athlete,

hobby sportsmen or people who

simply enjoy moving about – needs

a footbed concept that meets his or

her individual needs. BootDoc footbeds,

analysis systems and milling

machines are able to meet all these


Manufacturers deliver

standard products

Every person has

different problem areas

(faulty foot posture, pattern

of injuries)

Benefits of

specialized shops: initial

contact between client

and shoe

The Effects of Footbeds

consideration. BootDoc sport footbeds

enable one to move:

with more accuracy and


with less fatigue and for

longer periods of time

with more comfort and care

and with much more enjoyment.

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