Valtra - Your Reliable Partner - Hanki-Ker Kft.

Valtra - Your Reliable Partner - Hanki-Ker Kft.

Power Partner

Valtra - Your Reliable Partner


What kind of tractor would you like? 3

Reliable partner 4

State-of-the-art tractors produced in

a state-of-the-art factory 6

Power Partner – for consistently

safe tractors 7

Flexible range 9

Quality throughout 11

Valtra à la carte 13

Valtra’s roots 18

Valtra 20

Global service 22

What kind of tractor would you like?

Valtra tractors are individually made to

order and each one is custom built to

meet the requirements of the customer.

This close and continuous interaction

with tractor users has allowed Valtra to

develop products and services to suit the four contrasting seasons of northern

climates, as well as to the heat of the tropics. Valtra tractors are built in one of

the most advanced factories in the industry at Suolahti, Finland, and, since

1960, Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. Now sold in over 75 countries worldwide. Valtra

is a worldwide brand of the AGCO Corporation, the third-largest manufacturer

of agricultural equipment in the world.

Valtra’s operations are focused on individual customer requirements and, unlike

other major tractor manufacturers, builds machines against a customer’s orders

and to their individual specification. To meet these needs the customer, together

with the sales person, decides on the tractor’s specification, choosing from

Valtra’s à la carte selection which offers up to half-a-million different combinations.

This building against a confirmed customer order represents the future today,

is highly efficient and effective and benefits both the customer and manufacturer.

Valtra also offers customers the unique opportunity to visit their Suolahti factory

and observe their very own tractors being built. Thousands of interested

customers accept this very special invitation each year.


Reliable partner

Valtra Power Partner is our

promise to work together in

partnership with our customers:

a promise that guarantees

the customer the tractor and

service that have been individually

tailored to his needs.

This partnership commences

with specifying a new tractor

and continues right to the end of the tractor’s life.

By listening to and understanding the customer’s requirements and how he

wishes to use his tractor, the finished product will be the most efficient and

appropriate tractor for the job. Valtra staff play a crucial role in turning customers’

visions into reality.

The process of tailoring a Valtra tractor begins by choosing the power needed

from the extensive model line-up. Following this, the customer and Valtra

representative specify the hydraulics, powertrain and other properties to meet

the demands of the intended implements and use. In other words, the customer

does not simply have to choose the best available tractor model from a limited

selection; instead, Valtra builds the exact tractor the customer requires. Valtra

is also the only tractor manufacturer in the world that offers customers the

chance to choose the colour of their tractor.


Valtra’s extensive tractor range offers the perfect base on which to make individual

choices and the ultramodern order system allows tractor and equipment

specifications to be sent directly to the factory during the customer and

salesperson’s meeting. Once this information is sent to the factory construction

of the customer’s tractor can begin immediately.

At the heart of Valtra’s operating principles is proximity to the customer. This

extends from senior directors to everyone at the production facility. A warm

welcome awaits all customers who visit the Valtra factory to experience the

production and birth of their tractor. Whenever a new Valtra tractor is delivered,

a local Valtra specialist is on hand to instruct the customer on its safe and most

productive use, ensuring the unique qualities of Valtra tractors are immediately

put into practice.


Schulmannin tilalla 12.9.


State-of-the-art tractors produced in a state-of-the-art factory

Valtra’s factory in Suolahti,

Finland is the most advanced

and efficient tractor

facility in the world. The

tractor factory consists of

two plants: one for transmissions

and one for the

assembly of tractors. The transmission plant is a pioneer in the flexible manufacturing

system (FMS) where the plant’s machine tools are always kept in ideal

working conditions. The absolute precision required for manufacturing transmissions

and hydraulics is guaranteed by highly trained experts and the latest

machinery and equipment.

At the end of the modern assembly line, each and every tractor is thoroughly

tested using a customised computer programme. Valtra’s R&D unit, training

centre for servicing operations, and worldwide parts centre all work in seamless

co-operation with Valtra

owners. Valtra is also in

continuous contact with

sales and servicing organisations

and importers

around the world, guaranteeing

quality at all

stages of the production

and support processes.


Power Partner – for consistently safe tractors

It is of great importance to Valtra that the customer

receives the tractor most suitable for them; one that

can develop and grow according to their needs. It is just

as important that the tractor remains reliable and dependable

from one year to the next. At the core of Valtra’s

advanced central parts system is the factory’s own parts

centre, which guarantees a constant and rapid supply

of parts and service support throughout the world for

models up to 30 years old. In many markets our parts service is available 24

hours a day, and within Europe are delivered within one day.

Original Valtra spare parts are recognised for their durability and reliability. Through

the AGCO Corporation, AGCO Parts are also available, offering Valtra owners an

even broader selection of original spare parts without sacrificing quality. Our fast

and efficient spare parts service and local Valtra service teams are committed

to keeping your Valtra tractor healthy throughout its working life.

Valtra’s training centre and workshop regularly instruct

international experts in our latest technology and

guarantee quality and up-to-date support for our service

and customer centres around the world.


Flexible range

Valtra’s high quality range of tractors, with their extensive selection of equipment,

form a superb overall farming solution. The model line-up covers a broad range,

from 54-horsepower tractors for orchards and vineyards to our 280-horsepower

flagship for large-scale farming. All tractors in the range share common Valtra

features, making it easy for Valtra owners and operators to use any one of them.

The extensive line-up of models also makes it possible to tailor an appropriate

tractor for all conditions. In Brazil, strong pulling power for high draft implements

is most appreciated, whereas in Europe customers value versatility, comfort and

advanced hydraulics. Both extremes have to be accommodated during product

development and when creating new models, making listening to the customer

from the outset all the more important.


Quality throughout

Ongoing interaction with tractor users, the cornerstone of product development

at Valtra is continuous. Systematically collected feedback from customers has

helped create tractors that are as well suited to Arctic conditions in Nordic

countries as they are to the heat of the tropics. It is easy to recognise in Valtra

tractors the trademarks of a quality Nordic product: individuality, safety,

ergonomics, ease of use, and design that is pleasantly simple. The aim when

designing Valtra tractors is to create a product that is easy to use, purposeful

in its work, and versatile in its functions.

visibility through large windows is both a practical

and safety consideration. The entire design of Valtra

tractors is based around the operator. Visual appearance also plays a central

role in Valtra design. This has been recognised both by customers, and panels

of international experts, who have twice awarded Valtra – in 2003 and 2005 –

the “Tractor of the Year: Golden Tractor for the Design” title.

Power and precision from advanced technology

The goal of Valtra’s research & development work is to develop a line of tractor

models that foresee customer needs. The development of the latest technologies

is carried out in co-operation with other AGCO companies, speeding up the

process of adopting them for Valtra tractors. Valtra’s R&D laboratories include

an echo-free acoustics testing room, a freezing room, a dynaometer and a

versatile hydropulsator. Valtra carries out the final testing of all tractors and

their operations in real-life situations to guarantee performance when customers

need them the most.

A driver’s cab

Valtra has always been a pioneer in cab ergonomics. The tractor’s cab is the

driver’s office – a place where one has to be able to work comfortably for

hours at a time without getting tired or distracted. Valtra cabs are quiet,

comfortably air-conditioned, spacious and finished in relaxing colours. Excellent

The job of a good tractor is to carry out the work it is given as efficiently, safely

and easily as possible. An agile tractor should have a low centre of gravity and

a clean, uncluttered belly that will not get caught on obstructions. Valtra tractors

are built to work as efficiently in forestry as in agriculture, both on the farm and

contracting. In designing the tractor’s basic layout, its many potential tasks are

taken into account, as are the most demanding operating conditions. In 2004,

for the fourth year in a row, Valtra’s Brazilian factory was awarded the prestigious

Master Cana Award by the country’s sugarcane producers. Valtra won two

categories: “Best Tractor” and “Best After Sales Service”.

Nearly all Valtra models can be specified with a CAN bus, enabling the tractor

and implement to work together seamlessly and easily. Plug and play: the

automatic transfer of data between the tractor and implement ensures productive

and efficient work.


Valtra à la carte – virtually endless combinations

The performance and functional advantages of Valtra tractors are based on active

product development and technical innovations. A package that is suitable for

all types of work is created by combining the unique characteristics of Valtra

tractors with equipment that is designed to work in perfect harmony. Valtra

à la carte offers up to half a million unique combinations of performance

characteristics and equipment to create an individual tractor for individual


SisuDiesel engines: power, reliability, efficiency

Valtra tractors are powered by strong and efficient SisuDiesel engines and when

asked what they thought the best thing about their Valtra tractors was, owners

often placed the SisuDiesel engine at the top of their list. SisuDiesel offers a wide

range of engines, producing exactly the right power for each Valtra model.

Tractors powered by SisuDiesel’s EcoPower low-rev engines consume approximately

10 percent less fuel than similarly powered machines. EcoPower engines

are longer lasting, quieter, and more environmentally friendly than standard


A good example of SisuDiesel engines’ durability is Valtra’s unparalleled success

in European Tractor Pulling events, where engines are subjected to loads ten

times greater than normal operations.

SisuDiesel’s new Citius Series introduces Common Rail technology to meet

Stage3A emission legislation. The range includes 4.4 litre and 4.9 litre four-cylinder

engines, and a 6.6 litre six-cylinder engine. Common Rail engines are quieter,

run more evenly, react fast to changes in load, and offer excellent torque at low

revs. A new Valtra feature on models powered by Common Rail engines is a low

idle speed: when the tractor’s handbrake is applied, the engine idle speed

automatically drops to just 650 rpm.

Johanna Herlevi

European Tractor Pulling Champion



Valtra’s TwinTrac reverse drive system allows you to work comfortably and

productively in both directions. When working in reverse, implement visibility

is excellent, making operations more precise, efficient and easier.


Valtra’s Sigma Power feature has been developed to provide extra power for

PTO operations. When required by the PTO, the engine automatically produces

up to 30 extra horsepower. Sigma Power is ideal for work with implements

demanding considerable power from the PTO such as forage harvesters, round

balers and power harrows. Valtra’s Sigma Power was awarded a Gold Medal at

the international Agritechnica Exhibition in 1997.

Power Control

Valtra has invested heavily in tractor powertrain development and Valtra powertrains

are respected for their excellent performance and high levels of efficiency.

Valtra’s unique Power Control system manages all powertrain functions, including

the forward-reverse shuttle, HiShift pushbutton clutch control, Powershift

pushbutton gearbox, and the PTO, in all operating conditions. This system offers

many practical advantages. For example; AutoTraction was designed specifically

for operations like baling that require repeated stopping and starting. When the

brakes are activated at less than 10 km/h, or when the engine speed falls below

1000 rpm, the drive automatically disengages and reconnects when the accelerator

is depressed. The HiShift pushbutton clutch control on the gear lever removes

strain from the driver’s clutch leg. The forward-reverse shuttle lever is situated

on the steering column, allowing the driving direction to be changed easily and

smoothly at any speed. The parking brake is integrated with the shuttle, increasing

both comfort and safety.



Valtra offers cab suspension with integrated driver’s seat, effectively dampening

vibrations in all driving situations. When working on fields, the suspension reduces

vertical movement by around a third. It also dampens up to 80 percent of harsh

vertical shocks that can occur when working on rough ground. Valtra tractors

equipped with cab suspension allow you to work in comfort for longer and drive

faster in many situations.

Driving tractors equipped with front axle suspension over uneven surfaces is

noticeably softer and more comfortable. Front axle suspension also improves

pulling power, as it keeps the wheels in constant contact with the ground. Valtra

tractors are available with either hydropneumatic front axle suspension or air

suspension, depending on the model. Aires air suspension is available on Valtra’s

most popular six-cylinder tractor models.


Forest properties

The design of every Valtra tractor has taken into account all possible uses of the

tractor. For example, the belly of Valtra tractors is as clean as possible to avoid

catching on obstructions or being damaged in the forest. Customers can also

specify a special, wider forestry cab. Forest cabs come with a rear accelerator

pedal as standard.


Valtra is the only tractor manufacturer in the world to offer customers the chance

to pick the colour of their new tractor and customers can choose from a range

of colours.

17 7

Valtra´s roots

Today’s Valtra tractors represent the culmination of two traditions: Finland’s

Valmet and Sweden’s Volvo BM, itself an offshoot from Munktell. The roots of

both Valtra and Volvo go back to Eskilstuna Mekaniska Werkstad, founded by

Theofron Munktell in 1832. Munktell built the first agricultural tractor in Scandinavia

in 1913.

In 1845, the J&CG Bolinder factory was opened in Stockholm, Sweden. The

Bolinder brothers Carl Gerhard and Jean built Sweden’s first internal combustion

engine in 1893. Bolinder and Munktell merged in 1932, one hundred years after

the founding of the Munktell factory.

Volvo, which was founded in 1927, began manufacturing tractors in 1943. Cooperation

between Volvo and Bolinder-Munktell (BM) was close from the start,

and in 1950 Volvo acquired BM.

Tractor production was also being developed in Finland. In 1951, the State Metal

Works (Valtion Metallitehtaat – Valmet) began manufacturing Valmet tractors in


Valmet 20:t tulevat jonossa tehtaalta

1900 1913 1924 1943 1952


How will tractors look in the 21 st century?

This vision by Valtra designers dates back to 1982, when few,

if anyone, was thinking about the new millennium.

In 1960 Valmet expanded production to South America, establishing a tractor

plant in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. In 1979, Valmet acquired the tractor operations

of Volvo BM, thus combining the two largest and most advanced Nordic tractor

manufacturers. Thanks to the combined model line-up, Valmet became the

overwhelming market leader in the Nordic region in the 1980s. By 2001, Valmet

had been manufacturing tractors in Finland for 50 years. At the same time, the

company and brand were renamed Valtra.

A tradition of building better tractors

Significant technical innovations and the systematic questioning of traditional

solutions have always been the cornerstones of Valtra’s R&D operations. In 1964,

the company introduced a fully synchronised transmission, followed in 1967 by

an integrated safety cab as standard with hydrostatic steering, and gear levers

to the driver’s right.

The design of a new Nordic tractor began

immediately in 1979 following the acquisition of

Volvo BM’s tractor operations by Valmet. Valmet

was responsible for the overall design, while the

strong expertise of Volvo BM was extensively

utilised. The central technical features of the new

tractor included four-wheel-drive and strong lifting

power. Cab ergonomics and ease of use were also

taken to a new level. The new tractor was

introduced in 1982. In 1988 Valmet shocked the

tractor world by introducing a range of colour

options. This revolution, which still makes Valtra

tractors unique, coincided with the introduction

of making individual tractors, on which today’s unique customer order system

is based.

By 1971 the cab on the Valmet 502 Series featured a flat floor and special sound

insulation. The 502 introduced a new era of ergonomics to European tractor

design. The driver’s seat was fully adjustable and the controls for the lift linkage

system were ergonomically situated beside the driver – years before the competition.

The introduction of the Valtra S Series in 2001 opened the way for Valtra’s

contemporary design language and took cab ergonomics into the 21 st century.

In terms of power and programmability, the hydraulics on the Valtra S Series are

still unparalleled in the tractor industry. Valtra truly understands what makes a

great tractor.

1964 1967 1971 1982 1991 2001



Suolahti factory

Valtra is the fourth largest western tractor brand. The company has production

facilities in Finland and Brazil, plus manufacturing under licence in India and

Turkey. Valtra is the market leader in the Nordic countries and one of the most

popular tractor brands in Latin America, proving the success of Valtra’s operations

in demanding markets and climate conditions. Including tractors built by its

predecessors Bolinder-Munktell, Volvo BM and Valmet, the company has built

over 800 000 tractors. Valtra is known across the world for high quality and

modern technical solutions and has been voted Finland’s most innovative


Valtra’s values

The wellbeing of Valtra employees is a key factor in our success. Our organisation

is based on teamwork, where responsibility and the honour of doing good work

is given to expert individuals who work

closely together. Good team play is only

possible if the working environment is

open and creative initiative is supported.

The entire staff at Valtra is committed

to the company’s core values: Team play,

Openness, Reliability and Own initiative.

We make promises we can keep – and

we make what we promise.


Valtra was the first tractor manufacturer in the world to be granted ISO 9001 quality

certification, in 1993. Valtra obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2000.

In 2003, Valtra was granted the OHSAS 18001 certificate for Occupational Health and

Safety Management. These certificates are concrete proof of Valtra’s systematic work

to continuously improve and develop operations. Valtra is the only tractor manufacturer

in the world to hold all three certificates. In 1999, Valtra was also awarded the Finnish

Quality Award. For customers, these achievements can be seen in the unparalleled

quality of Valtra products and service.

Valtra and AGCO Corporation

Valtra is a worldwide brand of the AGCO Corporation, which is based in Duluth,

Georgia in the USA. AGCO is a global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural

equipment and related replacement parts. AGCO products are sold in over 140

countries worldwide. The company has over 3900 independent dealers or importers

around the world. AGCO aims to offer the highest level of customer service, as

well as high-quality original spare parts for its tractors and agricultural machinery.

It also develops innovative software applications to meet the demands of today’s

agricultural enterprises and contractors. AGCO offers customers a range of financing

solutions and continuously trains employees to achieve even greater technical

expertise and customer service.


Global service

Valtra’s production plants, dealers, maintenance and spare parts centres are ready to serve you around the world.


Valtra Inc.

Valtra do Brasil S.A.

Production plant


Manufacturing under licence


Valtra Inc.

Valmetintie 2

FI-44200 Suolahti, Finland

Tel. +358 2045 501

Fax +358 204 55 0533

Valtra is a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation


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