Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Employee Assistance Program


Harford County Public Schools is pleased to offer an

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all employees,

and their family members or significant others that

reside in their immediate household. APS Healthcare,

Inc. will provide these confidential services.

Sometimes personal and family problems can have

a direct impact on personal well being and work

performance. Getting timely, professional help can result

in a healthier, more productive individual. We recognize

the value in assisting employees and their dependents

to find the best possible help in a timely manner.

HCPS provides an EAP which is administered by APS

Healthcare, Inc. We encourage employees, their covered

eligible family members, or other members of their

immediate household, to take advantage of this important

benefit when needed.

What is an EAP?

An EAP provides the opportunity to talk confidentially

with a mental health professional about a wide range of

personal matters, such as:

Family or relationship problems.

Parenting difficulties.

Work-related problems.

Financial issues.

Child and eldercare issues.

Substance abuse and alcohol misuse.

Grief and loss.

Emotional and physical abuse.

Anxiety and stress.

Emotional / mental health concerns.

Convenience Services.

Legal Services*.

* Currently this benefit is not available to HCEA or HCESC eligible members.

What does an EAP offer?

The EAP may provide up to eight (8) visits per issue per

year with a local licensed mental health counselor at

no cost to you. These sessions are to assist you with

problem identification, short-term counseling, or refer

you for assistance based on their assessment of your

specific situation and treatment needs. Up to eight

visits are available to you for each type of situation for

which you may want to seek assistance. If additional

services outside the EAP are recommended, the EAP

professionals provide and help facilitate the referral

to the appropriate health care provider or community

resource. Keep in mind that the financial responsibility

for additional services outside the EAP is yours;

however, your medical insurance may cover part of

these costs. To determine coverage for behavioral

health services and covered providers, please check

with your health care plan.

HCPS employees and their family members also

have access to thousands of lawyers, certified public

accountants, certified financial planners, and insurance

specialists. An EAP counselor will assess your needs and

arrange a consultation for you with an attorney or financial

consultant. If a member elects to retain the attorney,

they will receive a 25% reduction of the professional’s

customary fee.

A full range of work/life support resources are available

to HCPS employees and their family members. Child and

Elder Care services include child and elder care referrals,

which are researched to your preferences and provider/

site availability. Employees and members of their family

have consultation, educational materials, and referrals

available to address issues involving a dependent or

elder care. Dependent care specialists provide case

management, educational material, consultations, and

referrals on many child/adult/elder care issues. Referrals

include, but are not limited to, prenatal care, adoption,

summer camps, back-up care, long-term care options,

support services, meals, transportation, respite care, day

care, and recreational activities.

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