Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Savings & Retirement Benefits

between these two types of investments that you

should understand when evaluating your options. Be

sure to ask these questions when speaking with the

company representatives:

What are the fees and charges for this investment?

What has been the fund’s investment return, minus

expenses, for the past year, 3 years, 5 years and

the life of the fund?

Are there any loan provisions? Hardship withdrawals?

Are there any surrender charges?

Are there any financial guarantees regarding this


What happens to the money when I die?

If you would like more information about participating

in one of these plans, call Lincoln Financial at

800-234-3500, Press “Ø” to speak to a representative

or the Finance Office at (410) 588-5200.

Key Points:

Tax-Deferred Annuity Plans

All Employees are eligible to participate in

the 403(b) and 457(b) plans.

There is no waiting period to begin saving

in a plan. You may enroll or disenroll at


Participation is 100% voluntary. Harford

County Public Schools does not contribute

to your account.

Deductions are taken from 26 paychecks

per contract year for 12-month employees

and from 22 paychecks per contract year

for 10-month employees. You decide how to

invest your contributions and how much of

your salary to invest.

IRS regulations permit you to set aside

up to $17,000 for contract year 2012. An

additional contribution can be made if

you are age 50 or older by the end of the

contract year. Contact your approved vendor

to assist you in determining your personal

annual maximum. (continued)

After you have obtained the age of 50 or older,

the IRS permits you to contribute an additional

$5,500 per year.

Additionally, there is also the service catch up

provision that is available for any participants that

have a least 15 years of service, allowing them to

contribute an additional $3,000 for a total of five

years. Please see your Lincoln Financial Group

Representative for further details regarding these

two additional contribution features.

Harford County Public Schools offers one

company, Lincoln Financial, to provide you the

403(b) and 457(b) Plans.

Which Retirement Plan Am I

Eligible For?

Depending on your job classification and the date you

were employed, you may be eligible for one of two

retirement programs listed below:





Maryland State





Must have

enrolled prior to

1980 as a public

school educator,


or clerical



allowance is

payable at

age 60 after

accruing 5 years

of creditable


Maryland State


Pension System

Automatic membership

after 1980 for

eligible employees as

defined by Maryland

COMAR regulations

(State Personnel and

Pensions Article).

A vested allowance

is payable at age 65

for members of the

Reformed Contributory

Pension Benefit after

accruing 10 yrs. of

eligible service and

at age 62 for all other

members after accruing

5 years of eligible


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