Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go on-line to enroll for benefits?

YES. If you do not currently participate and wish to elect

benefits for the 2012-2013 plan year you must go online

to enroll.

What should I do if I forget the password I am

asked to create?

You may reset your password by clicking on "Having

Trouble Signing In?".

If I was enrolled in the Flexible Spending

Account (FSA) this year will I need to enroll for

the next plan year on-line?

YES. You must enroll for FSA each plan year. Your benefit

election will not carry over into the next plan year.

If you are currently participating in a Flexible Spending

Account your benefits will end on June 30, 2012. To

participate in FSA for the 2012-13 plan year you must

go online during open enrollment to enroll. If you do

nothing, you will not be able to contribute to the

Flexible Spending Accounts for 2012-13.

What are my Open Enrollment Options?

Enroll in a medical, dental and/or flexible spending plan.

Change from one medical and/or dental plan to another.

Add or delete a dependent.

Cancel enrollment of your life, medical and/or dental

insurance plan.

Renew or start a Flexible Spending Plan (FSA).

Apply for life insurance (Basic–1x salary or Basic

and Supplemental–2x salary). You must complete

a Evidence of Insurability for Underwriting and be

approved by the Life Insurance Company before

coverage can become effective.

When can I enroll on-line?

Beginning May 1st. The site will be open from May 1st

through May 23rd at 11:59 p.m.

How do I enroll in a Flexible Spending Account

(FSA) on-line?

When you enroll on-line, you will see a Flexible

Spending Account screen. Enter the annual amount you

wish to contribute, not the amount you want withheld

each pay period. The Annual maximum for Healthcare

and Dependent Care is $5,000.

Last year many of you elected Dependent Care in error

thinking it was for your dependent (spouse, child)

medical expenses. A Dependent Care FSA covers

licensed day care centers, nursery and pre-school

programs, before and after school care, summer day

camps and babysitter expenses.

Will I get a new Debit Card?

Current year FSA participants should hold on to their

Debit cards if the expiration date is still valid. Your

current Debit card will be reloaded with your new

election. There is a $5.00 fee to re-issue a valid debit

card. If your card is expiring, you will automatically be

issued a new debit card. New participants to the plan

will be issued a Debit Card. Debit cards are good for

three years.

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