Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Privacy Notice

Your privacy is a high priority for Harford County Public

Schools and it will be treated with the highest degree

of confidentiality. Harford County Public Schools (the

Board) is required under the Medical Privacy Rules of

the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

(HIPAA) to provide all of its employees and retirees

participating in its self-funded health care plans

with this PRIVACY NOTICE, which concerns personal,

protected health information you have provided to the

Board as a condition of your employment. In providing

health insurance benefits to you, the Board collects the

following types of personal information: (1) information

you provide to us on an application or enrollment

form in order to obtain insurance including your name,

address, telephone number, date of birth, and Social

Security number; (2) premium payments the Board

pays on your behalf; (3) the fact that you are currently

or have been one of our employees; (4) information

you have given to us from any of your physicians or

other health care providers; (5) information related

to your health care status including diagnosis and

claims payment information and (6) other information

about you that is necessary for us to have in order to

provide you with health insurance. We may disclose this

information to our third party vendors (the Vendors)

without prior authorization, as permitted by law. We

do not disclose any personal information about either

our current employees or former employees to anyone,

except as permitted by law. We may, from time to time,

disclose personal information about you without prior

authorization, as permitted by law, to the Vendors

to perform services or functions on our behalf. If we

make such a disclosure, we will do so only if we have

a contract in place that prohibits the Vendors from

disclosing or using the information for any purpose

other than the purpose of the disclosure, except as

permitted by law. We restrict access to your personal

information to those employees of the Board who need

to know that information in order to provide services

to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural

safeguards that comply with HIPAA regulations to guard

your personal information. Employees, who have access

to your personal information, are required to abide by

the following standards: (1) to safeguard and secure

confidential personal information as required by law;

(2) to limit the collection and use of any participants

information to the minimum necessary and (3) to permit

only trained, authorized employees to have access to

your personal information. Employees who violate the

policy will be subject to our established disciplinary

policy. In addition, the Board will: (1) provide all of our

participants, at least annually, with any updates to this

policy; (2) provide information about you to the Vendors

only in accordance with the law; (3) require the Vendors

to enter into a contract that prohibits disclosure or the

use of your personal information other than to carry out

the purpose of the disclosure, except as permitted by

law; (4) not share your personal information for purposes

other than allowed by law; (5) allow participants the

opportunity to correct personal information that they

believe is not accurate.

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