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Aalto-yliopiston uusi kanditason sivuaineohjelma ... - Helsinki.fi

Mikä Aaltonaut?

Aalto-yliopiston uusi kanditason sivuaineohjelma

poikkitieteellisestä tuotekehityksestä.


product development



Problem-based learning

in hands-on projects

Mikä Aaltonaut?

• Aallon ensimmäinen


sivuainekokonaisuus kanditasolle

• Ongelmapohjaista oppimista &


• Integroidut englannin opinnot

• Yritysyhteistyö

• Mentorointi & valmennus

• Työharjoittelu, vaihto,

kandidaatin seminaari

Kandidaatintutkinnon rakenne

60 - 65 op

25 - 30 op

65 - 75 op

20 - 25 op


30 ensimmäisen tai

toisen vuoden

opiskelijaa miltä vain

soveltuvalta Aallon


I am a fan of

rapid prototyping

I see solutions

where others

see nuisances

I like to be pushed

towards my

boundaries of learning

My greatest desire in

professional life is to

be able to create

Everything I

do, I do with


I am interested in

so many things

I grew up with

hammers and



Mythbusters fan

I've always enjoyed working

on projects with others

A part of me also loves

small projects like making

chemical experiments and

building little gadgets like

potato clocks

Expectations for Aaltonaut!

Aaltonaut strikes me as the practical and somewhat mad scientist side of university studies, somewhere

to experiment, build and research and not just sit down to listen to someone talk; a more dynamic


• could this been the thing I have been looking for?

• One must be crazy to walk away from this chance provided which truly combines the potential of Aaltouniversity.

• chance to study with motivated people from different fields and look forward to an inspiring atmosphere

to learn and experiment in.

• …putting together people with very different expertise and learning how to cooperate as one unit is a

skill no one can ever master fully and there is always more to learn.

• …meet other students, teachers and people who think and believe in the idea that everything around us

was developed from just ideas, and that anyone with the right resources can create and develop ideas

into a working and useful matter.

• The aspect that interested me the most in Aaltonaut was its hands-on team work approach for learning.

• It all sounded too good to be true: a bachelor’s minor programme that brings together students from

different departments of the Aalto University and gives them hands-on projects

• The gap between teachers and students is made narrow and also the teachers seem very motivated in

what they’re doing

• I cannot either deny the thought of finding great friends through the course hasn’t crossed my mind.

Aaltonaut opettajat

• Kiinnostuneita oman opetuksen kehittämisestä

Aaltonaut on mahdollisuus esitellä ja toteuttaa ideoita käytännössä

• Aallon eri kouluista ja yksiköistä

• Kasvava verkosto Aallossa

Aaltonaut on tavoittelee parempaa opetusta koko Aallossa


Product: From Idea to Store

Students will conduct a product development

project in interdisciplinary teams, learning the

basics of how the whole process works from

the drawing board to an actual merchandised

sales item. This project includes planning,

designing, prototyping, re-engineering, supplier

selection, quality issues, sustainability, supply

chain and merchandising supported by

understanding of project management.

Students will get an overview to project

management, CAD technologies, production

technologies and visualization. Students can

specialize in one or several topics based on

their background and gain interdisciplinary

understanding of the different roles of expertise

in the product development process.

Challenge Breakers

The students work in interdisciplinary

teams to identify myths or urban

legends and test if those hold true by

conducting empirical field tests. In

addition to planning and executing the

tests in order to bust the myths, the

students are required to explain the

phenomena in the scientific way. They

explore previous studies on the topic,

create hypothesis and a research plan

for the empirical tests. The student

groups make research reports and if

selected for the empirical testing phase

they get to implement their plans and

make videos in the style of the TV series

“Myth Busters”.

Mentoring & Coaching

Learning objectives of the course

are as follows: During

the mentoring the student

• gets improved skills in setting

their own goals and planning


• improves their professionalism

and expert mind set

• enhances their abilities in self

evaluation and peer evaluation


Tavoitteena työelämävalmiuksien ja oppimistavoitteiden yhtenevyyden

pitäminen päivitettynä

• Toimeksiannot kursseille ja kandityöhön

• Kesäharjoittelun kehittäminen

• Yritysvierailut

• Vierailija luennot

• Pitkäaikainen yhteistyö

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