Recipes Canelloni of Goat Cream Cheese and ... - herbacuisine

Recipes Canelloni of Goat Cream Cheese and ... - herbacuisine


Canelloni of Goat Cream Cheese and Poultry

Spinach Ravioli with Tomato Sugo

(serves approx. 4)


500 g semolina

110 g water

100 g Basic Textur

1. Transfer semolina, water and

Basic Textur to a dough mixer.

2. Knead for 5 minutes.

3. Continue to knead with your hands

until the dough is homogeneous.

4. Cover and put in the fridge to rest

for 30-60 minutes, then use as required.

5. Cook in boiling, well salted water.

1. Put Basic Textur and all other ingredients

into a bowl and mix to a

fine consistency using a stick


2. Season with salt and pepper.

Ravioli filling

200 g chicken breast

120 g Basic Textur

120 g leaf spinach

(water squeezed out)

120 g cream

freshly ground salt and pepper

Add ground nutmeg and rum to taste

Canelloni filling

300 g goat cream cheese

150 g Basic Textur

40 g mie de pain (breadcrumbs)

5 g olive oil

2 g thyme

freshly ground salt and pepper

1. Remove the sinews from the chicken

breast, clean, cut into small

cubes (freeze briefly) and put into

the cutter together with the leaf


2. During the cutting process, add the

cream, Basic Textur, rum and spices,

one after another, and, if necessary,

strain through a sieve

after 2 minutes.

Tomato Sugo

200 g fresh tomatoes

100 g canned tomatoes

80 g Basic Textur

20 g olive oil

15 g Herbasweet

10 g onions (chopped)

5 g garlic (chopped finely)

2 g thyme

2 g basil

freshly ground salt and pepper

1. Heat olive oil in a sauté pan and

sautée the garlic, thyme, basil

and onions lightly

2. Add canned tomatoes and some

of the fresh tomatoes.

3. Simmer over low heat, purée and

press through a sieve.

4. Add Basic Textur and mix quickly.

5. Season to taste with salt, pepper

and Herbasweet.

6. Finally cut the remaining tomatoes

into halves and cook gently in the


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