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Saucier Rôtisserie Entremétier Pâtisserie

colour and aroma

for natural character


the colouring apple extract

With Herbarom 03 and Herbarom 24 herba cuisine provides natural colour and

aroma-giving apple extracts for the preparation of taste-intensive dishes and for

use in gourmet cuisine. The light caramel flavour of Herbarom 03 supports caramelisation,

the aromatic hint of liquorice is ideally suited for reduced sauces and

applications that require a little sweetness. Herbarom 24, the sugar-reduced and

colour-intensive apple extract is characterised by a strong caramel taste with a hint

of roasted nuts and is ideal for sauces, goulash, consommé and applications where

sweetness is not desired.

Product benefits

• natural colour and aroma

• liquid

• easy to dose

• enhances the flavour

• does not crystallise

Herbarom 03 and Herbarom 24 also

feature additional properties:

Example of how Herbarom can be

used: Portwine jus

750 ml veal stock

250 ml Port

completely reduced

90 g Basic Textur

5 g Herbarom 24

black pepper, salt and thyme

Herbarom 03

• improves freshness

• slightly sweetening

• dark yellow, golden to brown colour

Herbarom 24

• sugar-reduced

• dark brown colour

1. reduce Port almost entirely, then

add veal stock.

2. Season with crushed pepper,

thyme and salt and sieve.

3. add Herbarom 24 and Basic Textur

and mix well with a wire whisk.

4. Flavour with Port to your liking.

For further examples of how Herbarom

can be used go to www.herbacuisine.de

Herbafood Ingredients GmbH

Phöbener Chaussee 12 • 14542 Werder (Havel) • Germany

Phone: +49 3327 785-285 • Fax: +49 3327 785-286

info@herbacuisine.de • www.herbacuisine.de

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