Plain Truth 1940 (Vol V No 02) Apr-May - Herbert W. Armstrong ...

Plain Truth 1940 (Vol V No 02) Apr-May - Herbert W. Armstrong ...

A Magaz ine of Understanding

YERICA Stand. Mart. 80 it begiry to

A omproherd the horrible, tryio thing

that ir taHw plaoo on the blood-row

battlafieldr of Frwo ad Belgiu:

A otunned world begiru to realiae th

unpreparadners of tha Demoor.oier--wni

that Adolph Bitlor hbr introduoed a

type of warfare, with larger, ruperior

tmlrs. more darn rsohnired equipnt

for B ~ O ~ Y lightning , wax, towtbr uith

vutwruporior UR power.

A8 thir io nltton today, April BSrd,

allied amiea ham beon thrm into ohotio

oonfudon. tb Q a w lute puahod to th

Bnglirh ohannul portr.

People OVotywhere are rolemnly .#kin&

"IS OPYoCRAcY Doom?"

Briofly, and to tho point, withoub

dming words. we anmor m! ---berod upon

the only two poarible rpuroer OL' kmwhigo,

1) the FACTTI in +hr uorld today.

a d 2) tho Biblo prophsuioa.


Deiworaoy mnt, peterday, in 811gld

E1~1a6 && DICTATORSHIP, 8b.oluk

am thrt or Adolph Ritler or Banlto

Ylsroltai! The King ir rtill tho= ar

alnp. Ro rill rsrin on Nr throw over

tha British Commonnalth of Yatiow until

Jemr Ch:lrt ooaor &ld remover that vory

thmno to Jerumalr! But Winaton Chohill

rulmo Bngld ba hbrolutrly ar Ritlet dooo

O.lrsrg(! the Qmertumnt of Ghurohill aryS

~n@and---m .ray inchor land, w0.y

hatoy, &Orb, and how--aVWS wary man,

wumn bnd c~b-h.0 abmobte po-r ovor

wary pmrron, moly dallu, orsry remuroo.

Im.torday wm hard ovor rhort-~wo brood-

& Cram London them odwr mrdr:

%on rill work w, and rhw, ud

for rhrt pay, the Omertumnt aha11 diroot."

thm Brylimh poplm bra rurrmdrrod

thirrriahtr, thir libortier, voluntarily,

@8 th only UUU to that emohnay md-

.d to rwo thm tror doreat.

M m M tho Unitod 3b.t.m &otr ids

tho 'IV---U uo we CERTAIN to do reowr or

Ictor--tHB SAME THIN0 WILL luppeY 'EBRB:

Thi. i. WhlOdaod

dl rho PKI.

AY, Carl,' 0mlaLDd

s John Jonei. am he

ad Carl Srmith, ohm

and Cellow ohuroh-nabor,

loft tho offloe

for Clioir 3onda.y twon

lumh, 'ttmt sum war

a mndorful snrmon Dr.

Jrhnadn dolivcrod last

night. Soat axplanation

I wor hoard of

hare th. soul goes at

doat h. '

'Sorry I dsaod

it,' elid Crtl. "8ar

did he arnlnln it?

Tlut ' altraya pussbd

m ."

wall, h raid

that whet 110 or11

doath 10 Mt rcrally

doath at all, but mmly

tho release of tho

soul from the My.

It's only the body

that dies---ne, ourwlver.

uo Ftlolort.1

soulo. h add tho

roul 1. I)Lr.te~i.l---

not oonposed 01' Mttar.

but of rpirlt,

ad oan Mfer dio.

Whan proon dias, lf

h.'. saved, tho moul

loatam ths body, and,

Or. Johar orplaltnd.

at ahst tlw auld inrtad,

it arrirou ln

heaven ~t~lloiu of

dhs *t*W it

antaro a hdy all prb

pamd ud rrltin6 :or


we11 rhnt atnut

tho body p:oporad up

tn haovon, nrtnd OarL

is it just lib tho

3.y) ths soul hd ltrrd

'.n hwo bn rrth--hr

A t U?OK ttw #W?'

'OI~ suro. ~ r .

'ohnoon raid we would

look onotlv lib mu


1.0 KQ10 HEBY LaOK

M o thir question thsrualma

Thoy are rlioolsd, urxed,

at what they rind! Yet it ir a-

mtly what YUU rill find, if m

too, look for tho truo FACT3,

d KWF, gottlng Fur doflnltton

from a reliable Biblo Dio-

*iorrry. tho waniw of impired

%brsk rordo. a:d the himtory d

tho origin of tlm prorent oo~l


3aro. surely, 11 food fcr

thayht! Here Lo an artiule

tht is DIFmR.:IR, surprisin&

rahsahiry, %&eresting.

Hero is an axaaple of drat

we man when w tall our radio

listenarr atmi rcladoro. 'bur pee

ple---the popular ohuroh-(airy

WORIl'T---ara in ' RMyLow' today:

All MttOM ha-0 boon $?--

.- aairod by tho pncm trditionr

th&t mannted fron 'Uother Ro#'

oloabd a. Biblo Chrlitianlty.

1b.t poplo today siMoFaly be-

Iinte things Just the opporito

fr9m tha TmlTR. Ocd'r Yord har

hen perrortrd, turnrd upsidodom!


What these two younc Mn.

diggirq denn undor the tubbish.

of inhnrited mror. fl~d is OR

ly rrhrrt AIffOt): would fltul and

klinvo UIIO would n..b an unbirmd

S m Y of thi. question,

without wor havinr. K.URD w?mt

moat of ms hare alnaya htwd.

ken taught from ohildhcod, ad

blindly moopted u truth. It

la ten tlvr hrrder to UHloorn

orror Ohan to loam virgin TIUI&

TNr ir tty firat or r

rorimr ornoring Ilm oxoitiry ndventurer

of Carl Mth ad John

Jon. ln thoir soaroh for PRMP.

In th. nxt issw, tby loun

rh.t mally h.

dlo until b'r an o U

mn, thon I mppore

his roul enter. a body

in heavon tht is ibll ad looh

lib hr had 0- to

look. here, a@ an old

C.n. Do thono bodiar

propand up thore hop


jurt u OWE do hem,

all ready for whatmr

swond wo q10 ud p

to bOareD-1

.u-rs,' us.d

John. % don't knw.

Dr. Johruon didn't 0-

plain that .'

%ell* I think w

muat rdJt that rM1.

a little rt-. And

than, what of tbs nrurmotion?

What happ

o to ~ tho boay tho

rcul lit.. in, up j.n

hervan. rbn bh. .utb

l;v body 1. nmlm0t.d

out of tho QIvo d m


Oh, Dr. Jobon

raid the roul leama

itr body in boavan at

that tirs, ad returru


to orrth and ontorr

it. tomor body thrt

dlod, a. that

M y 1. m.urrr0t.d

out of tho ev0.s

%loll ,'raid (kA

walrely, 'I ruppo.0 I

met not to qu.#tioa

r ~ thing.. h Of 0-1

Dr. Johnson hwrr what

the Bible says. But it

dm. r0.1 litth,--

won* rort of rtmry,

to mo. I orn't roo WHX

Qob would bvo us lorn

thi. body. to hoaron

ud onJoy a bottor

om up thm, ud thm

lorv. all tht ud rc

tura kok bn and ah

478 A.D.

rL.a a The e

horru .

obaae r's w't ,


t 4bIIIuD fan.?

ridden it foLtualn


- tie last

7 horn.


Empire & Juc

tinian, 5M A1

!lo reoagniaec

supremay of

tlGs pope; .Ul

nittsd to hil

I FTmmnm

DaL asp 774




I I I I7

In 1814. ju& 1280 yoma 8ftor .'docdly VOUI



today, && & not hm it! Tho tb L

11:14, w find Satan ir tramformod

into an 'ARIEL OF WCHC." In Rev.

12:Q and 20:s. it Ls written that

Satan has DECEIVED the

you will be mrtyred- €US dnistera. pnCendin&

proaant yenoration, who --ldlled! to bo tho ministers of

vo psrtioipating in this pop Bab IF you -or- ri~teousneaa. falre apooulu

tdolitry who shall ruffer ship thirvImage* you tler, daooithl workerr,

the unspenkable torture. of rhdl suffer, without truufoming thomolvos inthe

SEVEN LA= PLAGUES. wrq, the SEVEN LAST to bbo apostle. of Chriot!

The time is AT WND: All PUCUES---tha wrath of Therefor0 they olaim to bo

---inoludine you and re---nueh ALmLchty WD!: CHRISFIAN ministers. fh.y

roon decide. Either *s #hall are the MNY. not the hn,

have to aurfar at the hand of --- bdoause rlL prophoieq ray

MAN, or at the bnd of=! =are all it i6 the MANY, nrt ths few, rho hve beon

th. ohurohes bnfrled over tho true idlntt DFXEW. Satan'# uin labor for o h

ty of this "Inwe?" ms??

thousend long yearr has baen tho DECSXVIHO

We .hall tell you in this artials. It OF TIE 'lOR1l). h a he Mt. thsrafora, bd

ia m t o those who are wi11i~

to know:


rolic~ous orgwimtion. as noll as aivil

govormont, ar hir instrumntalityt

Tho "BEAST" is demoribad in the 1Sth


0hapt.r of Revelation, reraes 1 to 10. rhb no* notioo .grin tho 1Sth owor oc

rierd 'BHASTn---abviOurly qyObo\ to Rorolntion, bey;inniw verro 11:

pioture I real paraon or parer---roeo Up

out of the 8Obr. ft mB 1eoP.d.

*M I beheld another bormt Wry up

out rf thm earth; tro brna

fiat were am the foot of a bear, its m t h lib a LAW, ud ha rp.b ar a DRAOOY."

a lion. It h d owon head. d ten Ilhc--rh.b---l. thir *kart?'


8cu ray it rill b. the UnIted Stater.

A oomplote artiale in the h*enb.r* Sasa ray a ideratlon of P&*&UIt ohurob

1939, nunber of Tho PLALN TRUTH, 40 em. Otherr uy St ui11 b. the Pan-heriour

Dhin ud oortain the Identity, rmded Union. Still othorr tell UI it ir a giant

by tho 2d md 7th ahpkero of DaRioA, ard mtriio rtatw or mr.oiinL, l~ll king ?, *.!

th. 1Tth or Rwolation.

built. Uert ohttroh organiiationr

The "bat' ir tbs ROYAN gyPIlCC. It thir very vital eubjeot aompl&rly, or uy

hd a "dendly wound* ln 478 A.D. Itr doad rrankly, 'mr Do lloT wx:!"

ly round was balod in 664 when JurtiniM

thir ignoraoe, *h.n the mmmr

reotored tho bpiro in tho Weat, and it 10 YO PLAIN? Yer. why indud? I. oh11

gontiruod, .I praphsriad (verra 6) e-otb m-wr tho* qwnton in thin rrtiole:

1260 para a0 bha %oly Rocun Bmplre," going

into tho wyabolio bottorlero plt" In


18M. with Ynpalean'r defeat at Vatorloo.

0-0 mrm thia rlKhty hplro la to

ReMdur, flrrt, TAK BIBLE INTERo

m to Life, rioiiq out of it. "botta- PRETS ITS SnreOU! Ihn mon put their

err pit" by a fequration of ten wtionr (*Tw l@trrpretation on Bible amla, their

(Rv. 17:12-18). TNr, YurroliRi la IWW oonglurionr are almyr ~rlre:

rapidly briryins t7 pa.

Yotiom, after John m u OM *BUST*,

The 'drm~on' tlild* it. rhioh m bve provod to be t h M!AN ES4-

reat a d Groat ruthorlty. In Rev. l2:9, PIfS, k lyll AMOTHER---a different

ad PO:^, it IS explrimd tb "dry,m' in %pat* ria. up. Wo hnro learwd that

a rymbol l'or Satan t'r dnll.

80 thlr h m "WST' 11 a qubol for Lirydom. or

ken .%tan' o W L 6ororrrrnt on enrth. rmekrnont (hn. 7:17.25). ud th. term

kr Batur bad alro .o oooleaiu~tioll,

And it is thsse, of this

Pap a T h e PLAIl T R U T H Lpril-Lky, 1940

So thio othor 'but' with the bo ooeupylng a omrtdn .rrrmf of territorry

hotni. la the prophaoy of *her Id@- mar whioh it. mlono, rulod a4 an lndeor

wverrnent. In thome prophealor, Ood pndont r-eign atate,---in dditlon to

pioturmr to UI tho earthly Oontlle gomrw aotwlly din( mr tho rrrt 0i~i1 kingwrits

u the wild boadm whom- bhrrokr- d a emllod 'Lth. Holy Rsvn bpim.' hen

iBti00 deroribe ther. Thio fro-hod tody. Vatiorn Oity' ir a eopunte. id*-

Cksst' wwuod ma UWI. IM aotlully padmt. rmign awr. It lr OD1 a part

it rpob DRAM)C--itr true 0hr.ot0~ eZ I*+. Yort rYtioM rend ubmrrrdorr to

imtio---ror 'out of ttw at~mimoe of ttu it. 3u.t a. they do to t h Witad Staka.

but tho nouth rpmlbth' (Mat, 12:s). or to Italy. Omtmupr. or Japm.

Uhmt door ths wrd 'LAMB', ry.boliro, ktio.. thie woad 'k..t' ma to

in tin Biblet The anmr la, UfRIS'X (Jm. wield pmmr over All. THE UFtTSf, bsomuro

1:29; Ra. 17:ll). A d 'bRMoN' ir a m- it w u to WSE tb earth. ud thrr that

drrll therein to *WHIP thir firrt 'kart"

thore deadly wacud .rr bmled'-~ftor 6%

bol of the DEVIL (Rev. 1289; 2012).

80 here ir OOM Lingion or govorarnt.

wsquerad1n.g ao that of CHRIST. or the

KIIIDDCIY OF WD. but sotually bin( 4 E-

or SATW!

Now mtioa oarefilly verra 12:

The flrstbeast" ir the Rovn &pire.

Hsm 1s ANTIER gwermnh, .Is0 oontmlled

by Smtan, pretending to k ~ I @ gmew s

ant, the Kivdon of 04. taking, vxowroiriw,

US~II~. employing, ALL the porer

of the rirst ki don. the Roman Empire.

NOW rWN? 'Ha eroeroiseth AlL the

m r of tho first boo& betor. Nn, m d

oarueth the earth ud them uhioh dnoll

therein to 'UW1IP the first beart,

dedlv %21 woo hemled ' (verso 12). 80,

it wma WER tho demUy~oud

(uf 476 A.D.)

ma hamled. It uaa haalud when Jurtinlaa

broueht about the reotoration of tho R-

pim In the bet in 664 A.D. Consequently

thls RELIOIWS Ecverrrwnt took ovor.

o~rols~d. by ruling, a11 the pomr of

thr R- lbpire NTER 664 A.D.



So here wu ham piotured a

April-hy, 1940 Tho PLAIN T R U T H

amtiam1 enplfo.. prrfodry mirsolem rd

lyiw mrdoro, with uhloh lv DiCFJYHS POple

rrarynb. re.


thir deoeiviw rrliglour ruLr dl1

atill k aOtiTe 0l.W d m to th. brtt10

*t uwmnoon urd ttm s.00~ cod- of

Chrlrt! In ROT. 16:lS-16, an dororlkd

threo foul rpiritr. They OQ. fra tb

"drqon,. uhloh ia the dwil; f~cr the

"beart" rhioh 10 tho 01~11 Rorll, m1.r

~Uurrolini holdr that pqritlon mu); ud

frar ths muth or ths Ealrs pmpbt assooiated

UITX the R-M rulor--tho pop.

"For" aontimSa vorae 14, "they are thu

epirtta of dorile. ROmIc) LaUCLEs, WMdr

60 forth unto the king# of the earth ad

ofthe *ole world, to gather tham to the

bttle or tht croak day of ocd Almlchty."

And they are pthered, tinally, at AWUOIS

OOM! loto it. Yet hture, the Roun -1-

or, a0 the Raum -re Lr aqtn restored,

dong with the pop---nnd all in the parer

and t ~luence or the OEVIL! Working

YJRACLSS! All propheaha oonoerniw than

ohm those pdsra doiw the atma thin6r:

NOW MtiOe ths 1a.t battle of ARLb

oEmoW. It kr in ROT. 19:19-20. Bere Lr

pfotursd tha "8eart*---J&raollni or his

.~(~ornsor: "ad WITH him the falme provhk

1) BOTH potl'om alraolOr.

0) BOTH purrom them before, or in

tho ri hb of, thn "Baaat."

8f WITH thorn. B(IT1I False Wephetr

Two-hirmd knot DECEIVE then that

TO thp MARK of the Beart---oauoe th.r

to raoofvo that MFk! (Rev. 1S:16).

Certainly. thon, thln hro-hormd

beart ud tho falro prcph4t aid the mn

ot .in,

are nll on0 and the ammo thing---tha

eAHOUC CWRCP! mnd i t ' m popo!

yld the woaan thnt rrde tho best,


Now did the two-horned knot dooeire

tb TOly OMe rho tb MARK Of thr

but? Ho did! Contlmo in Rev. 1s:

"Ad dooe~ret~ them thrt dwell on

the orrth"---m .. ..fin( to them that

dwell on tho oarth, that thoy rhould *pbs

an IybpH to the bout, uhloh had ths uuurd

bgr th mord ard did 11~0. A d h8 had

pbr to give lih unto tho imago of the

kaot, that tho w e of tho kart rhould

both &, and CAUSE a* uny ar would nd

mrmhip the lma(cs of the &met mhould




5 in their right hd, or in

tbir forebdrr and that 90 YP rlcht

or roll (trds, arm a livi~.

h. tht bpd tho urk, or tho R.Y of

the kOotr or tho aub.r of hi8 UU.'

(Vermr 14-17).

60, notloot Thir two-turd "bout'

wt only WSQ) popla to rroeiro tho MARK

or tk &mot (ompare HOW. ~Q~zo). but d-

00 01(1812D tho OF 8AIWTl. Aa

mny ar uould not wrship t h i m W E warm

hold a 33,

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