The Nittany Lion Club’s 21,000 and

counting members are strong supporters of

Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics. They

have continued to cover the cost of grantsin-aid

for our 31 intercollegiate sports.

There are seven categories in our

giving structure, including the Honorary

Coach level. Members at this level donate

between $2,500 and $4,999 annually.

The Nittany Lion Club and Penn State

Intercollegiate Athletics wish to recognize

and thank the continuous and generous

support from our Honorary Coaches.

Please note that names are listed as they

appear in our ticketing system.

For more information about the Nittany

Lion Club or to join, contact us at 1-800

NITTANY (648-8269).


The following donors contributed between $2,500 and $4,999 to Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics for the 2013 fiscal year.

Anonymous (19)

Stephen and Doreen Abert

Charles and Jane Abourezk

Elliot and Bonnie Abrams

Abramson Auto Wrecking Co.

Steve and Shelley Abrashoff

Robert A. Acker Jr.

Woodward and Cindy Acker

David and Kathleen Ackerman

Glenn and Wendy Adam

Bonnie L. Adams

Martha A. Adams

Harry Adams

Robert and Gail Adams

Mary Ann and B. Earl Adamy

Clark and Kim Adelman

Henry and Joanne Adkins

Anthony Agati

Samuel and Cara Albarano

John Albarano

Rita Albarano

Harry and Carolyn Albert

Robert and Barbara Alberts

William and Susan Albertson

Henry M. Albright

Mark and Adrianne Alden

Shane and Lori Alesi

Michael and Patricia Allegrucci

Paul and Susan Allen

James and Cynthia Allgyer

Randy and Kim Allison

Peter Alosi

Gerald and Barbara Alshefski

Michael and Mary Ann Amato

Brian and Bethany Amerman

Gary and Susan Ames

Dean D. Amick Sr.

Ted and Louise Amick

Jay Amory

David and Patricia Amos

Bruce Andersen

Rhonda Anderson

Ann Anderson

Sydney Brown and Jill Anderson

Josh Anderson

R. Donald and Barbara Anderson

Spencer and Maureen Anderson

Dennis and Abbey Angeline

Scott Angus

Anthony Annexy

Larry and Joyce Anthony

Gail Armstrong

George W. Arndt

David and Gail Arnold

Scott and Judy Arnold

Ray and Alice Arthur

Gregory and Kimberly Aschman

David and Pamela Asencio

Ateeco, Inc.

Kimberly Attardo

Janet Atwood

Dana and Darla Audo

Allen and Anastasia Augenstein

Russell and Darlene Auker

Christian and Sarah Aumiller

Gerald and Darlis Aumiller

Charles and Judith Avampato

Jeffrey Bacon

Paul and Ethel Bahnick

William Bailey

John Baillis

James N. Baird

Matthew Fassnacht and Laura Baisch

Baker Realty, L.P.

Carl Baker and Grace Danylo

Chad Baker

Jack Baker

John Baker

Brent L. Bakner

Charles E. Ball

James and Wendy Balthaser

William and Mary Bankes

Ronald and Tamara Banko

Edmund and Maryann Baraket

Robert and Kimberly Baran

Barbera & Tabone, Inc.

Tellie and Frank Barbera

Brian Barcaro

Fabian Barch

Vickey and Gary Bardo

Robert and Susan Bardusch

Richard and Patricia Barger

Dan and Kay Barker

O. Charles Barkman

John and Kathryn Barnes

Donald and Barbara Barney

Michael and Constanza Barnhart

William and Barbara Barnhart

John Bartges

Adam Basehoar

Basher Consultant

Ruth Davis Bast

Brian and Julie Bastis

Elizabeth and Robert Batten

Robert and Nickie Bauer

Michael and Katherine Bayline

Frederick and Dorothy Beard

Paul and Anne Beardslee

Michael G. Beck

Alfred Beck

John W. Bednash

Jerry Bednyak

William and Amy Beggs

Lawrence Beighey

Casey Bell

Charles and Sharon Bell

J. Brien Bell

Jeffrey and Mary Ann Bellmore

Thomas Bem

George Benham

David and Lesli Bennett

Fred Benz

Benzel’s Bretzel Bakery, Inc.

Andrew Bergstein

Rajive Beri and Lorie Kattnor Beri

Clayton and Dolores Berlinghoff

James and Patti Bertiaux

Stellamary Bertram

William J. Best

Daniel and Susan Bezilla

Lawrence J. & Lori R. Biacchi

Kathleen Bibleheimer

Michael Bichko

Charles Biddle

Joseph and Kathleen Biddle

Barry Biesecker

Tandy Bigger and Carol Brenneman


William T. Billet

Mary and Alan Bilzi

James and Susan Bingham

Frank and Linda Bingman

Carl and Betty Birchard

Steven Bisbee

Paula and Patrick Bisbey

Roger and Linda Bjorkquist

Blair Electric Service Co.

Elizabeth and Donald Blair

Jerome and Bonnie Blakeslee

George Blank

Raymond Blehar

John Blickle

Mark and Jill Bloom

Arthur Bobbs

Joseph Bobeck

Bill Boger

Jennifer L. Boger

Richard and Susan Boggs

James and Patrice Bognet

Mark Bokelman

Philip Bomberger

Deborah and Dante Bonaquist

Gerry Bonarrigo

Mark Bond

Joseph Bongiovi

John and Alice Bonnell

Barry Bonsall

Ned and Inga Book

Robert Booth

Larry Brian Borden

Helen and Robert Boron

Borton-Lawson Engineering

Richard and Judith Bortz

William and Julie Borys

Steven and Carrie Bossinger

Kevin Bostick and Rachel Lyons

J. Chris Washington and Elizabeth


Osborne W. Bowman Jr.

William and Julia Bown

Bowser Homes

Royce Boyd

Douglas and Denise Boyer

Russell and Kathleen Boyer

Dave and Maureen Branigan

Susan and Gregory Branning

Henry and Lisa Bream

Wayne M. Breisch III

Norman and Norma Bricker

Russell and Patricia Bricker

Edward and Carol Bridgens

Christopher D. Briel

Peter and Ellen Brier

Randall and Jean Bright

Lynley J. Brinkman

Gene and Barbara Brinton

Brian Brnik

Shirley Brobst

Brandon Brocious

John and Carol Brock

Russell Brodsky

John and Ann Erin Brokenshire

Donald Brominski

Steven and Janice Brose

Richard and Melisa Browell

Ralph and Joan Brower

Adam R. Brown

Gretchen Brown

Alan Brown

Edward and Elaine Brown

Fredric and Lisa Brown

Daniel Brown

Michael Brown

Patricia Brown

Quay and Patricia Brown

Robert and Linda Brown

Timothy Brown

Scott Brubaker

Thomas and Kelly Brugger

Andreen Brumbaugh

Miriam Brumbaugh

John Bruning and Barbara Hiss


Zach Brunson

Andrew and Tracy Bryan

James Bryce

Barbara and Kenneth Bryfogle

Stephen Korzeniowski and Deborah


Christian and Tanya Buchan

Charles and Lindley Buchas

James and Kathy Buchhofer

Mark and Laura Buchinsky

Richard Budney

Russell T. Bundy Jr.

Russell T. Bundy

Theodore and Betty Bunnell

Christopher Burak

Anthony Burcak

John and Barbara Burd

Richard and Patricia Burgoon

Robert and Lani Burke

William Pitz and Carrie Burlein-Pitz

David and Louise Bush

Sandra Butler

Donald and Margaret Butler

Theodore and Heather Butz

Dennis and Mary Lou Byerly

Lawrence and Elizabeth Byrne

C & D Waterproofing Corp.

C.H. Miller Hardware Co.

Douglas and Karyn Cadle

Barton and Andrea Cahir

John and Mary Anne Cahir

Calkins Motor Sales, Inc.

Richard Callahan

Toby Callio

Louis and Joanne Camino

Richard L. Campbell

Terri and Terry Campbell

John and Marion Campbell

Keith and Kimberley Campbell

Robert and Nancy Campbell

Robert and Dorothy Campolongo

Salvatore and Eileen Cannistraci

Carrie Cannon

Thomas Caplan

James Capparell

Albert and Patricia Cappelloni

Donald and Brenda Cappetta

Robert and Jacquelyn Capretto

Mark Caputo

Richard and Beth Caputo

John and Debbie Carder

J.L. Carino Nurseries, Inc.

Dustin and Victoria Carl

Donald and Heather Carlino

James Carlson and Penny Hubler


Kevin Carney

Stephen and Catherine Carpenito

Donald and Donna Carretta

George and Joyce Carter

Richard A. Caruso

Robert and Paula Caruso

Michael J. Casale Jr.

John Casale

David Caskey

Vito and Ann Marie Castelgrande

Leonard and Cynthia Catanoso

Catholic Match, LLC

Jurgen Cautreels

Bernard and Nancy Cavanaugh

Robert and Jennifer Cavorsi

Andrew and Mallory Cecere

Robert Cellitti

Centre Hotel Associates

Dr. John J. Solic

Century Farm, LLC


Susan Cepicka

Taylor Thomas Cera

Joseph and Nancy Ceresko

Frank and Louise Cernuto

Joseph and Aileen Chadwick

Kristen Chaffee

Joseph Chairge Jr.

Eddie and Sara Chan

Todd and Heidi Chan

Donald and Susan Chapman

Ronald and Genevieve Chapman

Louis Chaump

Milan Chaump

Joseph and Joyce Cheddar

Robert and Barbara Cheddar

John Chestnut

John and Sharon Chidester

Michael J. Child

Kiera Chivaroli

Craig and Marie Chobor

Linda Christensen

Katherine Christoffers

Ronald and Donna Chronister

Kenneth and Anne Simmons Chubb

Cintas Corporation

Frederick Ciocca

Arthur Cipriany

W. Eugene Clair

Al and Jane Clapps

Paul and Barbara Clark

Brian Clark

Kathryn Clark

Daniel and Lisa Clark

Richard and Angela Clark

Thomas and Pamela Clark

William and Sheila Clark

Herbert and Betty Clarke

John Clarke

Dave Gallaher Sr.

Christopher and Cindy Clemson

Jay and Mary Cleveland

James Coates

John and Mary Coban

Coca-Cola Refreshments USA

James G. Cocolin

Judy Shulman & John Cocolin

Peter Cocoziello

Lee Cohen

Wayne and Eileen Cole

Beth Colledge

Charles and Joyce Collom

Colonial Metals Company

Mark and Robyn Colosimo

Karl Colyer

Comcast Spotlight

Mark and MacKenzie Compton

Erin Conaghan

Condrin Chevrolet, Buick

Holly Conetta

Joel Confer

Timothy and Mary Conlon

John J. Connelly Jr.

Frank L. Consalvo

Mr. Evan T. Cook

Ms. Lauren C. Cook

Philip Cook

Sean D. Cooney

Mimi Barash Coppersmith

Baltazar and Judith Corcino

Denise Corcoran

Timothy Corl and Christine Anne


Corning Asahi Video Prod Co.

Matthew Corrigan

Bryan Cotner

James and Carole Craig

Kevin Craig

Thomas and Ann Craig

Vernon and Barbara Crawford

William Cressler

Barbara Mann Crocefoglia

Richard Crone

Matthew and Diane Crosby

Glenn and Sandra Crossley

Jack and Tina Crouse

Michael and Patricia Crouse

Robert J. Cubbison

Ignacio Cubero

Michael and Terese Cudwadie

David and Donna Cummings

James Cummings

Douglas J. Cunningham

Jeremiah and Margaret Cunningham

Stephen and Judith Curley

Adam Curtin

David and Kelley Cushing

Michelle L. Cutrufello

Joseph and Debra Cybulski

Richard and Ruth Cybulski

Amy Czekaj

George and Margaret Dabney

Vincent and Margery Dadamo

Ralph Dailey Jr.

Daniel and Bernadette Dailey

Catherine M. Damante

John and Janet Damiano

Timothy and Andrea Damico

Thomas and Pamela Daniels

Douglas and Joan Danko

William and Donna Darr

Robert Davidson

William Davidson

Glenn R. Davis

Patrick F. Davis

Donald Davis

Preston and Margaret Davis

Robert Davis and Sheila


Virgil Davis and Caroline Feightner

Marshall Dawsey

James and Sally Dawson

Renee De May

Brian and Maureen Deam

Lewis F. DeAngelis Jr.

John and Michelle De Balko

Loren Decker

William and Julie DeCooman

Brian M. Deeb

Edmund and Colleen Deeter

Defluri Enterprises

Donald DeGol

Edward Deichmeister

Walter & Melissa Deitrich

Bertye S. Deitrick

Robert and Ellen Deitzel

Mary DeJulius

Joe Del Grosso

Joseph Delauter II

Janet Delgado

Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Della Corna

Shawn Delp

Delta Development Group

Ronald and Mari Jo Deluca

Jeri Demel

Edward Dench

Jeffrey and Tish Derr

George and Janet Desko

Donald and Lynnea Detwiler

Ruby Detwiler

Terry L. Deveney

Alexander and Elizabeth Deveney

Douglas and Janice Deveney

Michael and Patricia Devine

Dennis and Jean Devita

Carl DeYulis

Chris Diehm

Donald and Joan Dieter

Richard H. Dietz

Kenneth and Kim Dietz

Ralph & Joyce DiFranco

Donald Dildine

Richard Dill

Barney and Diane Dillon

John and Barbara Dillon

Elizabeth Dimakopoulos

Jody Dimpsey

Michael and Mary Therese Dinga

Thomas and Teresa Dissinger

Distributor Assoc., Inc.

Dixon AC & R Corp.

Matthew W. Dixon

Betty Dixon

James and Diane Dixon

Dennis and Kathleen Dobbie

Joseph and Donna Dohman

Kyle R. Donagher

Glenn Donahey and Kathryn


Douglas Donawitz

Joseph and Anna Doncsecz

Timothy and Kathleen Donley

William and Margaret Donley

Michael and Joann Donnelly

James and Nancy Dooley

George and Stephanie Douglas

Kimberly M. Dove

Nina and Andrew Dovin

Thomas and Jean Dow

William Doyle

Jonathan and Judy Dranov

Steven and Brenda Draper

Linda and Robert Drumm

Julie Dubler

Cecily Bryfogle Duda

Stephen and Gwendolyn Dudurich

Martin and Jessica Duff

Bruce and Ellen Duffield

Richard Dugan and Sue Molina

Joanie Duggan

Shaun Dougherty and D’Arcy Duke

Anthony Wastella and Darlene


Stephen and Patricia Duncan

Douglas Dunghe

Eddie and Connie Dunklebarger

Alfred and Beth Durham

Donald and Bernice Duvall

Theodore and Heather Johnson


John and Karen Dye

Ian Dzienisiewski

Stephen and Marcy Dzwill

William and Susan Earls

East Management Services, LP

Margaret A. Eater

Gary and Marcy Eberle

David A. Eberly

Frank Ebert

Harry and Jean Ebling

Grant Echert

Daniel Eckenrode

Harvey and Jacqueline Eckert

Gary and Bridget Edell

Emily Eggert

William Eichelberger

Harry and Barbara Elbirn

Ned and Nancy Eldridge

Damien and Sondra Elias

David and Sherri Elkin

Thomas Ellis

John and Sharon Ellis

John and Julia Elnitski

Em Brook Farm

Robert and Ann Emery

Lonnie and Shirley Emig

Kenneth and Kathleen Emkey

Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc.

Alan and Jeanne Endicott

Ned and Kathie Enea

Barry and Diane England

Richard and Lucia Englander

David Engle

Maynard O. Engle

Stephen A. Engle

Judy Engle

Michael Engle

Ralph and Martha Engle

Lindsey Epperson

Anthony and Jennifer Eramo

Richard and Jean Erb

Ernst & Young

Gary and Michelle Eshelman

Leon and Valeria Eshelman

William Dean Esper

Toni E. Hunsicker

Alan and Victoria Etkins

Donald and Barbara Evans

James and Brenda Evans

Marvin Evans

Robert and Maureen Evans

Garth and Susan Everett

Charles and Mary Jo Everhart

Philip Fadil

James and Maureen Fagan

L. Paul Fairchild

Michael and Caitlin Falstich

Mark Falvo

Francis J. Fanucci

Jeanne and Donald Farinelli

Robert J. Farley

Alan Farquharson and Cynthia Cash


Jeffrey and Lynn Fasick

Charles and Catheryn Fasnacht

Daniel J. Fassero

James and Helen Fath

Michael Faulk

Faulkner Organization

John and Pamela Faulkner

John and Mary Faust

Fdn. for Enhancing Communities

Jason and Sally Fedon

Eric Fehnel

Stephen and Deborah Fehnel

Charles Feitel

Adam and Mary Rose Sava


Shawn Feldman

Anthony and Mary-Beth Felice

Suzanne and Ronald Felix

Cameron L. Ferdinand

Michael A. Ferrara

Richard and Katarzyna Ferraro

Michael and Nina Ferraro

William and Barbara Ferster

Robert Fetterman and Melissa Davis


William & Sandra Fetterolf

Kenneth and Michelle Fibbi

David and Christina Fields

Matthew Fine

First National Bank

First National Community Bank

Richard and Claudia Fischer

Robert Fischer

Donald and Anna Fisher

Thomas Schmidt and Donna Fisher

Philip and Beth Fisher

Todd and Betty Fisher

Ronald L. Fitser

Jeffrey and Sandra Fitt

Terry and Elizabeth Flanagan

Mark E. Flaugh

Chris and Deborah Flavin

Jon and Judy Fleeger

Fleet Pizza, Inc.

Rodney and Casey Fletcher

David Flosser and Thuy Huong


Richard and Emma Flynn

Carle D. Fones

James Forbes

Sandy Forbes

Arthur and Mary Foreman

George and Barbara Forese

Carl Forman

Carl and Bette Forsythe

Raeshell and Mark Foster

Lawrence and Ellen Foster

Jane Foster

Robert Weisenberger and Rebecca


Jason and Kelly Fragin

William France

Kyle Frank

Paul Frankhouser

Gary and Margaret Frantz

Joseph and Suzanne Frask

George W. Fray

Jay Michael and Sandra Fredd

Marla Freedman

Susan and Earl Freeman

Edwin and Marianne Freeman

Maria Friday

Sidney Friedman Real Estate

Friedmans Express, Inc.

Brian and Kellie Friel

Stephen K. Fries

Frost & Conn, Inc.

Richard and Donna Fruth

Gary and Kathryn Fuchs

Scott and Lori Fultz

John and Christine Furry

Lindsey and William Fustos

Kathleen Futcher

Betsy Futterman

G.M. McCrossin, Inc.

Gabler Trucking, Inc.

Robert and Susan Gabriel

Christopher and Jennifer Gaiski

Gary and Karen Galbraith

David and Stephanie Galey

Kevin and Bonnie Gallagher

Michael D. Galloway

Michael and Jeanette Gang

Gannon Associates, Inc.

Steve Garban and Mary Ann Lucas

Richard and Donna Garlitz

Roger and Carol Garner

Thomas M. Gasbarre

Arnold C. Gasche

Christina Gatehouse and Francis


Brian Gatesman

David Gazda

Geesey-Poillon Assoc.

James and Chris Gehr

Thomas M. Gehret

Irvin H. Geiger Assoc.

Steven and Patrice Geise

John and Janet Geisel

Frank Genevro

Jeffrey Genevro

Mark Gera

Jason and Mary Gerboc

Timothy Gervinski

Thomas and Susan Ghezzi

James Gibson

Daniel and Joyce Gifford

James and Nancy Gilbert

Joseph and Stephanie Giles

Alan Gillick

John and Karen Gilliland

John and Patty Gilliland

Robert and Danielle Gilly

David and Amy Gilpatrick

Mr. David T. Giotto

Ms. Michelle L. Giotto

Ms. Sara M. Giotto

Thomas and Sandra Giotto

Kenneth and Joyce Given

Rudolph K. Glocker

Richard Gloyer

Ronald and Gail Gola

David Gonser and Laura Brown


Kolin Good

Bruce and Barbara Goodman

Kenneth and Marilyn Goodson

Sue and Kenneth Gookin

Michael J. DiRaimo

Walter and Mary Grabowski

Gordon M. Graffius

Harry and Rita Graham

Jacob and Kimberly Graham

Geoffrey and Barbara Grant

Cyndee Graves

MaryEllen Gray

Richard and Andrea Grazzini

Greater Scranton Chapter of PSAA

David and Ann Green

Joseph and Johnita Green

Gary and Susan Greenfield

Barbara Greenlee

Alex Gregal

Ted Gregory

Louis and Barbara Greis

Brittany Grew

Todd and Jane Grice

William and Lynn Griesinger

John and Sue Griffith

Samuel Griffiths

Charles R. Grimm

Jack and Melissa Grimm

Thomas and Melissa Grimm

Jonathan and Nina Grine

Jared Grissinger

Gregory and Loris Grogan

Gregory and Lois Grose

Helen Grosek

Michael and Angela Gross

Teresa Gross

Harry and Suzy Grossman

Priscilla and Philip Grosz

William and Henrietta Grosz

William M. Ilgenfritz

James Grube

Gavin and Lisa Guarino

Kenneth and Lisa Guffey

Gunn-Mowery, LLC

Carl G. Gutekunst, DO

Mary Beth Guyette

Donald and Patricia Guziewicz

Daniel and Mary Jo Haffner

Brett Hagberg

David G. Haggerty

Jeffrey and Susan Hahn

Joel and Jean Haight

Stephen and Greta Halahan

John and Ann Haldeman

John E. Hall

Wayne and Joy Hall

Polly Jo Haller

George and Beverly Halloran

Jesse Hallowell

E.G. and Joanne Hamill

Charles and Karyn Hamilton

David and Lynne Hamilton

Dennis and Sally Hammen

Robert and Jenifer Hampton

Michael Hanes

Harvey and Darla Hanlen

John Lloyd Hanson and Neil Hoff

John Harakal

William and Michele Harkins

Brian and Claire Richey Harkless

Christopher R. Harm

David Harper

Robert and Deborah Harris

Ronald and Rose Harris

Ryan Harris

Harrisburg Patriot News

Bonnie and William Harrison

Robert and Terri Harrison

Harry L. Bubb Associates, Inc.

James and Helen Hartman

Keith Hartman and Anita Nair-


William and Dorothy Hartman

Donald and Mary Hartzell

Alex and Kristine Hartzler

William and Maureen Harvey

Michael E. Hashin

Michael E. Hashin Jr.

Gregory and Kelly Haun

Arthur and Amy Haverty

Dan Hawbaker

D. Michael Hawbaker

Daniel R. Hawbaker

Patrick G. Hawbaker

David E. Hawley

Douglas and Betty Hayes

Phillip Hayes

William and Connie Hayes

James and Peggy Hayward

Roger and Dolores Heasley

Thomas and Barbara Hebel

Paul and Alexandra Heerdt

Milton S. Hefft

Thomas and Sheryl Heidenthal

Daniel and Pamela Heist

Kurt and Leigh Heister

John C. Helfrick

Douglas and Ellen Heller

Helmbold & Stewart, Inc.

Amy Helsing

Anthony and Lisa Helwig

Thomas Hemma

James and Susan Hendrickson

Thomas and Marie Hennessy

Matthew Henning and Danielle

McLead Henning

Henry B. Hoover, Inc.

Richard and Julie Longenecker


Michael Heon

Jean Hepper

Robert and Gerlinde Hepplewhite

Gregory R. Herbert

Heritage Mortgage Group

Charles and Elaine Herlocher

David and Mary Herrmann

Kathleen Hershey

Mark and Jacqueline Hershey

Bruce Hershock

Bruce N. Hershock

Ned Hersman and Danny Slaton

Tina and Cameron Hess

John and Caroline Hess

Robert and Irene Hicks

Patti and George Hidy

Gary L. High

Michael and Candace High

Donald and Ruth Himler

Myles and Carolyn Hinkle

Thomas and Ann Hinkle

Anthony and Victoria Hinson

Chris Hinson

Jonathan and Deborah Hirtle

H. Rod Hite

Gary and Mary Anne Hitechew

Christopher Hobbs and Alisa

Rhoades Hobbs

Lynelle Hoch

Michael Hodes

Ronald and Carol Hodes

Joseph Hodin

Paul and Denise Hoecker

Matthew Hoff and Karen Narkewicz

Hoffman Machine Shop, Inc.

Robert H. Hoffman

Vell C. & Erin P. Holcombe

Donald and Joyce Holden

James and Roxy Holderman

David and Katrina Holman

Timothy and Pamela Holmes

Steven and Wendie Holsinger

Jerry and Carolyn Holtzer

Angela Holuba

Lynn Holuba

Robert Holuba

Charles Graham and Kristen


J.H. Hommer Family Partnership

Bryan and Joyce Hondru

John and Jacqueline Hook

Richard and Judith Hooper

Reid Hoover

Scott A. Hoover

Theodore C. Horn

Peter and Terry Horstman

Robert and Jessica Hotaling

Gary and Patricia Houck

Hourigan & Kluger, P.C.

Jay Houser

Tim and Debra Houser

D. Scot Houtz

Nathan Howard

Rodney Howard

Dean Howard

Sharon Howard

Gifford Howarth

Paul T. Howe

Harry and Yolanda Howe

Bonnie Howell

Kathleen Howley

Margaret F. Hoy

Irvin and Sara Hoy

James Hoyes and Pamela Tower

Joseph S. Hracho

Michael Hudacek

James and Joan Hughes

Katie Hughes

Hughestown Sports Club

Peter and Elizabeth Hulayew

Richard and Leslie Hume

Darryl and Charlotta Hummel

Robert and Jacqueline Hummel

James and Linda Humphrey

Charles Hunnell

Robert and Elaine Hunter

Linda L. Hurteau

Paul Hurych

Hance and Elspeth Huston

David and Catherine Hyland

Ilgenfritz Financial Group

Thomas and Tammy Impellitteri

Keith and Donna Impink

Donald Intrieri

John and Amy Italia

Carmen T. Iuliano

Daniel and Robyn Ives

Vladimir Jablokov

David and Barbara Jacobs

Anne and Roger Jacoby

David Jankowski

Thomas and Kathleen Janowiak

Timothy Janowiak

JARU Associates, Inc.

Robert M. Jaworski

Steven Jefferys

Arthur and Eileen Jenkins

Gordon and Sarah Jensen

James Jesiolowski and Bianka Shah

Anita Johal

Abbey Johnson

Kimberly and David Johnson

Meghan A. Johnson

Todd I. Johnson

Daniel Johnson and Mary Dean

Glenn and Sandra Johnson

John and Gloria Johnson

Michael and Lisa Johnson

William and Nan Johnson

Zane and Shirley Johnsonbaugh

Kelsey B. Jones

Alan Jones

Donald and Carolyn Jones

Jeffrey and Wendy Jones

Kenneth and Nancy Jones

Robert and Katherine Jones

Scott and Susan Jones

Warren Jones

William and Barbara Jones

Barry and Melanie Jordan

William and Nancy Jordan

Robert and Teresa Jowder

John and Alice Joyce

Donald and Reyne Juechter

Mary Julias

Edward P. Junker III

Duane Junker

K & F Wood Products

William and Regina Kakareka

Richard and Judith Kalich

Christopher J. Kaminski

Leonard R. Kaminski

Ronald and Pamela Kanaskie

Megan Kapinos

John and Marcia Kapura

Edward and Ann Karabin

Richard and Cynthia Karcher

Duane D. Karchner

Nicholas and Alice Karetas

Richard and Shelley Karl

Karns Prime & Fancy Food, Ltd.

Jean Karr

Kimberly and Daniel Kast

Chester T. Kauffman

Daniel J. Kauffman

Thomas A. Kauffman

Harry and Margaret Kaufman

Rex H. Kaup

Elmer R. Keach Jr.

Thomas & Karen Kearney

John Kearney

James and Joyce Kearns

Philip and Miranda Keeney

Ernest Keister

Ricky and Constance Keller

Dolores C. Kelley

Christopher and Karen Kelly

Edward and Rita Kennedy

Richard and Edith Kenny

Robert and Ruth Kepler

Delores Kerlin

Richard Kern

Douglas K. Burnsworth

Robert and Cynthia Kessler

Thomas and Lesa Kestler

Robert Kilareski and Laura Reed


Michael and Lisa Kim

L. Robert Kimball & Associates

L. Robert Kimball

John and Anne King

Timothy Kinney

Thomas Kinslow

Frank and Hastie Kinter

Alan Kirk and Patricia Roenigk

William and Carole Kirkpatrick

Michael and Patty Kirschner

Paul and Patricia Kirtz

Kish Bancorp, Inc.

Wayne and Sheila Kishbaugh

Frank Kishel

Fred Kissinger

Patricia L. LeVan Kitchen and

Randall Kitchen

Kenneth and Clementine Kitko

George and Elizabeth Kleban

George Kleban and Patricia McCool


Matthew Klein

Ira Kleinman

Timothy Klimchock

Jocelynne and Barry Kline

David and Rosina Kling

Bryan Klingerman and Jill Caughie

Marty and Ellen Klinzing

Kluger & Quinn, P.C.

Peter and Christine Knepp

Gregory and Toni Knoll

Richard and Susan Knowlton

Koch Funeral Home

Irvin and Carla Kochel

Matthew Koepke

Robert and Rosa Kofman

Darrell and Julianne Kohler

Gregory Kohler

Kelley Kok

Walter Koltun and Debra Maclellan


Sandra Konya

James and Elizabeth Kopenhaver

William and Alexandria Korner

George Kosco

Gerald and Christine Kosentos

Thomas A. Koza

Jeremiah Kraft

Dava and David Krall

Jeffrey and Julie Kramm

Kranich’s, Inc.

Daniel and Helen Kravetz

Kyle Kresge

William and Christine Kretz

John and Betta Kriner

Thomas and Deborah Krizmanich

Daniel Krofcheck

Andrew Kronenberg

Walter and Kathleen Kruczek

Mark A. Krull

Barbara Krupa

Charles and Marie Kuhn

Richard and Suzanne Kulp

Gregory Kunes

Theresa Kuntz

John and Andrea Kurgan

Thomas Kurtz and Grace


Ian Dzienisiewski and Catherine


Kay Kustanbauter

Thomas and Mary Kuster

Andrew and Colene Kuzmission

Kimberli Kwiatek

Karen and David Kyle

Nathan and Cindy LaFrance

Joseph and Dawn Lally

William Lamberton and Kathleen Erb

John Lamoreaux

Dale and Barbara Landis

Owen and Virginia Landon

Jennifer F. Lang

Frederick and Marguerite


William and Patricia Larkin

James and Kristen Larson

Russell and Elaine Larson

Anthony Laska

Charles and Beverly Laubach

Brian and Kristine Laubscher

Deborah A. Laudenslager

Susan and Edward Lauth

Julien Lavallee

Michael and Karen Leader

Raymond and Roberta Leahey

Brian Leauby

Gary and Maryanne Leauby

William G. Lee

David and Joyce Lee

Sung and Fumi Lee

Robert and Pamela Leedy

Steve and Tiffany Lehman

Daniel and Kelly Lehman

Harry and Patricia Lehman

Robert Lehman

Sylvan and Rosalie Lehrman

Brian and Cathie Leister

Daniel and Jean Leister

Monica Leister

Jill Leithner

Benjamin and Katherine Lentz

Arturo Leon

John Levkulic

Robert and Vivian Levy

Douglas and Sarah Lewing

John Lewis

Jeffrey and Lori Lewis

Anna and Robert Leyburn Jr.

Elizabeth Liberati

John Lieb Jr.

Daniel Lieberman

Life Support Products

Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Bruce and Judy Lingenfelter

Dennis and Susan Lingenfelter

Frank and Ann Marie Liotta

Nancy Lippincott

Dale and Beverly Lippincott

Barry and Lynette Little

Carrie Littlewood

Keith Livingston

Charles and Sharon Lloyd

Gregory Loerzel

Raymond and Roberta Lombra

Todd and Nancy Lombra

Ray and Terri Long

John and JuLiann Longhi

Louis and Renee Longo

Michael and Patty Lorenz

Shawn Lorenz

Stephen Thomas Loser

Karl and Kathleen Loughner

Herb and Patricia Love

Douglas C. and Kelly W. Loviscky

Gail and Dennis Lowe

Thomas and Mary Lowe

David Lowery

Clint and Colleen Lucas

Elizabeth and Michael Ludwig

Michael and Heather Lukac

Thomas and Kirsten Lundquist

John Lundy

Timothy and Lisa Lupold

David Lurio

Joseph and Jo Anne Lurquin

William J. Lutz

Kelley Lynch

Lois Lynch

Andrew and Susan Lyons

William and Elizabeth MacCauley

Donna Macey

Janet Webb MacFarland

Michael and Amy Machulsky

Kenneth Mackunis

R. Scott and Sandra Magley

Richard Maguire

James W. Mahan Jr.

Alfred and Marilyn Maiello

Douglas Maines

Alan and Kathleen Majewski

Jeffrey Malak

Robert and Linda Malecky

Michael Malkin

Richard Maltz

John and Carol Manbeck

Hope Mandell

Cris and Kimberley Mann

Marjorie Mannino

Dan Mantine

Maple Hill Farms

Mark and Kate March

Deborah and Marc Marini

Mark & Bob’s Landscaping

Edward and Kathleen Mark

Mark and Mary Markovich

Michael Marquette

Don and Janice Marshall

Doris P. Marston

Donna Hiestand Martin

Gary Martin and Laurie Linn Martin

James and Dianne Martin

Kenneth and Yvonne Martin

Michael Martin

John Martino

Michael and Christie Marusa

Ben and Karen Marzella

Steven and Heather Maslowski

Stephen and Shari Massini

Master Contractors, Inc.

Robert and Caroline Masters

Edward and Kathryn Masterson

Daniel and Amy Mateer

Christopher and Lauren Matteo

Alice Matter

David and Cynthia Matter

Daniel and Madeline Mattern

Donald and Anna Mattern

Elaine Matternas

K. Frederick Mauger

James and Elizabeth Maurer

Dennis and Joyce Mays

Charles and Janice Mazzitti

Mark and Beth McCollom

Patrick McGivern

Michael and Astride McLanahan

William and Donna McLaughlin

John and Patricia McMurray

Robert McSorley

Harry and Linda McAllister

Kyle and Kara McCaffrey

William McCall II

William McCann

John McClintock

Beth and Mark McCollom

Geoffrey McCollom

Barbara McConlogue

Patrick and Deborah McCormick

J. David McCrabb

Patrick and Donna McDermott

Judith McFadden

James McGarry

Patrick McGivern

Lawrence McGurgan

Roger McHugh

Elizabeth and Harold Mckemy

Kevin and Tiffany McKeon

Paul McKeon

Charles and Melody McLaughlin

Michael W. McLanahan

William M. McLaughlin

Matthew Henning and Danielle


James and LaRue McManus

John and Cecelia McNally

John F. McMurray Jr.

William F. McNally

McNaughton Company

Derek and Laura McNeill

McQuaide Blasko, Fleming

Robert McSorley

Daniel S. Mead

Terry and Kelly Means

Kristen and Adam Mease

Todd and Maureen Mease

Charlene Meckes

Allan D. Meckley

Fred and Anne Meckley

James and Connie Medeiros

John and Mary Meisel

Michael Meixell and Kara Ballek

Robert Mellander

Michael and Cynthia Melnic

Joseph and Joan Merritt

Peter V. Merritts

Thomas R. and Sarah Mertz Jr.

Tom Mertz

John and Marsha Metz

John and Margaret Metzger

Joseph and Donna Metzger

Don and Susan Meyer

Leslie Meyer

Robert Meyer and Stacey Kelley

Monica Meza

Craig and Judy Micklow

Mifflinburg Bank & Trust Company

John and Georgine Mikita

Milcar, Inc.

Denis and Kristen Milke

Glenn and Roberta Miller

Glenn D. Miller III

Jayne Miller

John and Bonita Miller

Kirsty Miller

Michael and Mary Miller

Richard Miller

Robert and Linda Miller

Steven and Linda Miller

C. Lee and Sue Millin

Eugene Mills

Robert and Carol Minelli

Darlene Minick and Chuck Massor

Charles and Martha Miraglia

J. Richard and Renee Mirilovich

Catherine and Anthony Misitano

Randy Misner

Edward and Deborah Mistal

Gerald and Jan Mitchell

Robert and Kristine Mitchell

Robert and Sonya Mitchell

Frederick and Tressa Monkman

Thomas and Jocelyn Monko

Gary and Judith Monnich

Ashley Monsour

Clifford and Linda Montgomery

Marla Moon

Kevin Moore

Andrew and Diane Moore

Howard and Ann Moore

Mark and Brenda Moore

William and Mary Moore

Gregory Moran

Richard and Rebecca Moran

Theodore and Wendy Moreau

Donna Morgan Macey

Michael Morgan

Robert and Barbara Morgan

Erwin and Cheryl Moritz

Scott and Joanne Morris

Robert and Robin Morris

Gerald and Marti Morrison

Richard and Judith Morrison

David and Ellen Moser

Harold and Lani Moss

Matthew Motyka

David and Pamela Moules

Kathleen Moyer

Mt. Jewett Foundry

Jeffrey and Maureen Mucha

Kenneth Mummah

John Munn

Joseph and Kristen Munnelly

Daniel and Lisa Munson

James and Maureen Murphy

Jimmie and Susan Murphy

Michael and Ruthann Murphy

Timothy and Joann Murray

Kevin Murray

Kevin and Kelly Murray

Matthew Murray and Joanne

Mary Lowry

Srinivasa Murthy

Francis and Debra Musso

Michael A. Musso, Inc.

Aaron T. Myers

Abigail K. Myers

Daniel Myers

John and Yvonne Myers

Thomas and Susan Myers

Thomas and Linda Myslinski

Jay and Amy Nakahara

Gary Nalbandian

Thomas Nardozzo

Gary and Paula Natale

Donna Wolk Naumovitz

Dennis R.and Beverley A. Neiderer

Wayne and Beverly Neidlinger

Matthew Nelson

Paul and Teresa Nelson

New Enterprise Stone & Lime

Paul New

Ron and Janet Newlander

Michael and Jennifer Newman

Larry Newman

Jeff and Janet Nichols

Scott and Erin Nichols

Jean Wilt and William Nichols

Timothy and Deborah Nicholson

Nicklas Insurance Agency, Inc.

Tedd Niemi

Karl and Diane Nigh

Patrick and Michelle Nipper

Nittany Beverage Company

Nittany Printing & Publishing

Allen P. Nixon

Richard and Mary Noe

Edward and Jane Noerr

Scott and Ellen Noerr

David and Deborah Norloff

Michael Nowakowski

Eduardo and Rebecca Nunez

Ricardo Nunez and Valerie Light

Oakshire Mushroom Farm

James O’Brien

William and Margaret Ochall

Harold and Nancy O’Connor

Jan Olenginski

Henry and Beverly Oppermann

Leslie and Kimber Orlidge

Jason Orr

Michael and Linda Orsini

Guy and Barbara Ostrander

Daniel R. Ostrom

Oliver and Tina Overlander

Scott and Dannette Owens

Terry M. Ownes

PA College of Technology

Packaging Services of MD, Inc.

Alyssa Packer

Gary Packer

James Packer

Mauro M. Pancerella

Louis and Cyndi Pantages

Claire Paquin

Beth Ann Paradise

Thomas and Bonnie Parker

Ben and Trenise Parker

Yash and Naveen Parmar

David and Barbara Parmele

Alan and Lynne Parrott

Elizabeth Parsons

William and Barbara Pataki

James E. Patrick

Edward and Margaret Patrick

Ferlin and Terri Patrick

Nathan and Julia Patrick

Michael Patrick

Samuel and Joanne Patterson

Francis Patton

Jeffery and Diane Paulson

William and Alice Payne

Gregg Peachey

Charles and Virginia Pearson

Elmer and Christine Pearson

David and Lillian Pease

Ammon Peffley

John and Betty Peiffer

Nicholas and Dolly Pelick

Jared Pell

Mark Pencak and Karen Taphorn

Penn Credit Corp.

Penn Wood Products Co.

James and Linda Penny

John Pericci

Jean Perrot

Ellen Perry

Jon and Joni Perry

Mark and Ann Persun

Gary and Jean Petak

Gary Peterson

Dennis and Mary Kay Petricoin

Petrino’s Bridal Shop

Philip and Thelma Petter

Daniel Pfautz and Jayne Fazio-Pfautz

Jeffrey Phelps and Gina Flacco

Shari and Matthew Phillips

Steven Phillips

Jonathan Phillips

Michael Piccirillo

Arthur and Sandra Piccone

Brian and Dana Pick

A.D. and Mary Ann Pierce

Gregory and Linda Pierce

William and Ann Pierce

Dean and Nicole D. Piermattei

Anthony and Judith Piniuk

Edward and Shelby Rager Pitchford

Lynne Pitman

Thomas and Helene Placey

Kenneth Pliska

PNC Bank


Mark Poblete

Terry and Paul Podwika

Mark and Ellen Polin

Charles and Jeanne Polinko

Eileen and Kennith Pollock

David Pondelick

Robert E. Poole

John and Margaret Porter

Shannon J. Posner

Marlin Potteiger

James and Miriam Powell

Robert Prebola

Precision Medical, Inc.

Brandon Robert Prego

Marie and Robert Prego

Timothy and Lisa Presta

David and Maryann Prestia

Theodore C. Prettiman

Kathleen and Anthony Price

Philip and Mary Price

Matthew T. Priest

Thomas Priest

Josiah Pritchard

William and Pamela Proudman

PSU Club of Carbon County

Geoffrey and Kimberley Puhalla

Steve and Karen Pukszyn

Frank and Nancy Pullo

Joseph Pupa III

Charles and Susan Purdum

Purdy Insurance Agency, Inc.

Adam Purdy

Scott and Terry Purnell

Karen Putnik

Noble C. Quandel Jr.

Jean Quandel

Rochelle Quiggle and James


Thomas and Betsy Quigley

Stephen and Lisa Quinn

R.D. Jones Co.

Daniel Racey

Gregory and Rosalie Radio

Linda Raifsnider

Stanley Rakowsky

Victor and Cara Ramos

Steven and Veronica Ramsey

Richard and Lynda Randall

Allen and Elizabeth Randolph

Douglas and Molly Rarig

Michael and Jayne Rauenzahn

Lewis and Molly Rauter

Stephen Engroff and Diane Ray

David and Terry Rayburn

Dennis Reddig

G. Richard and Barbara Reed

David and Candace Reeder

Harvey Reeder

John and Michele Regina

Gregory and Linda Reichenbach

William and Alexis Reid

Bernard and Karen Reider

Jonathan Reinecker

Keith and Robyn Reisinger

Blaine and Judith Rentzel

Peter and Kathryn Ressler

William and Venice Reviello

Rex Energy Operating Corp.

Melvin and Carolyn Rex

Kenton D. Rexford

Ryan Rhed

Gregory Rhinehart

John and Lisa Rhone

David Richards

Elton and Anne Richards

Randall and Laurie Saxe Richards

Richard and Bonnie Richardson

Ronald and Susan Rickens

Jeffrey and Donna Riddell

James and Tere Rill

John G. Rita

Robert E. Ritchey

Jason Ritchey

River Valley Financial Advisors

Rick Rivera

Anthony Rizzuto

George and Maryann Roberts

Lucas Robertson

Patrick Robertson

Gary Robey

Thomas and Karen Robinson

William and Teresa Robinson

John and Margaret Robison

Michael and Barbara Rock

Bernard and Joanne Rodgers

Daniel Rodgers

Harry and Karen Rogers

Stephen and Eileen Rogers

Robert and Denise Rohrbach

Peter and Linda Rohrer

Mark A. Roller

Christopher Rollin

Samuel Romaninsky

Robin and Gary Romig

Robert and Barbara Rorabaugh

Larry Rosati

Russell and Lori Rose

Evan J. Rosenberg

Barry and Francine Rosenberg

David and Susan Rosenberg

Jay and Carole Rosenstein

Erik and Hilary Rosenstrauch

Ronald and Deanna Ross

David and Leisha Rossi

James and Jo Ann Rossi

John and Brenda Rossi

James and Nadine Rossini

Hubert and Dianne Rossman

Jeffrey and Vicki Rothermel

Louise Rothermel

William and Susannah Rothman

David Rothrock

Larry and Wendy Rotz

Chris and Barbara Rounsville

Warren and Debra Rourke

Thomas and Valerie Rowader

L.J. and Carol Rowell

Margaret and Steven Rowles

Royal Oil & Gas Corp.

Bruce and Ruth Rudderow

Marvin and Carolyn Rudnitsky

Marissa Ruggiero

Helen and William Rumberger

Dion Rumsey and Ivy Moon-


Robert Rundle

Perry and Mercedes Russ

Gerald Russell

J. Frank Russell

Richard and Joy Russell

Joan Ruth

Jay Johnson and Dawn Ryan

Michael and Marion Ryan

Patrick Ryan

W. Judson Ryan

Robert Ryen

Joseph Sabol

Marsha Sackash

Matthew Sadler

Robert and Nancy Saidis

Russell M. Samilo

Alison Samuels

Jaden Sanchez

Thomas and Stephanie Sand

David and Barbara Sanders

Whitney and Cathy Sanders

Richard and Amy Sarfert

Dalton W. Savidge

John Savko

Daniel Saxby

Louis and Frances Scalise

Nicholas and Diane Scandale

Robert Scarborough

David Scarborough and Stacey


Christopher and Joanne Schell

Gary and Christina Schell

Herbert and Ria Scheuren

Kurt Schimmel

Linda F. Schimmel

Michael and Sara Schmehl

Kenneth and Julia Schmell

John and Kathy Schmidt

Michael and Joan Schmidt

Robert H. Schmidt

William and Karen Schmitt

Randal and Theresa Schmitz

Gene and Anita Schneck

Harvey and Sandi Schneider

Robert Schnitzler

Stephen Schnur

Donald A. Schnure

Christina and Steven Schooley

Gwen P. Schoonmaker

Timothy Schoonover

Samuel and Sandra Schrack

Deborah Schram

Thomas and Irene Schrimp

Patricia Schriver

Ronald and June Schultz

Dennis and Patricia Schuster

Israel and Elaine Schwab

Will Schwartz

Gregory and Terri Scott

James and Tina Scourtis

Brad and Joanne Scovill

Richard and Dolores Scuderi

Larry Seaman

James and Jean Seaver

Robert and Joan Segal

Paul Seiferth and Sandra


Chuck and Julie Seighman

Robert and Cindy Seitz

Stephen Seitz

Michael A. Sekelsky

Edward J. Sekol

Randee Sekol

Daryl and Carol Seldomridge

Cloyd Sellers

Douglas Sellers

Frances Sellers

Jeffrey and Ann Semmer

John and Jill Semmer

Jeffrey and Patricia Senior

Rodney and Tracy Sepich

Service 1st Federal Credit Union

Patrick Sewards

Philip and Mary Frances Seymour

Joseph and Wilhelmina Shabelski

Albert Shaffer

Bradley L. Shaffer

Daniel and Kathleen Shaffer

John and Marta Shaffer

William and Mary Ann Shaffer

Lance T. Shaner

Robert Shaner

Michelle and Tyler Shank

Patrick and Marsha Sharbaugh

Brad Sharp and Carolyn


Carolyn and Wayne Shaw

Ryan Sheetz

Roy and V.E. Sheffer

Michael J. Shenk

Roger and Donna Shenk

Marc and Stephanie Sherer

Thomas and Mary Ellen Sherwood

Ashleigh and Dustin Shetler

David and Kristin Shields

Edmund and Jody Ann Shigo

Shipley Group

Wilma Shively

David Shoap

Dennis and Kimberly Shockey

Brett Shoop

Gary Shoop

William and Glenda Shoop

Matthew Shorb

Richard and JoAnn Shore

Gary L. Showers

Kurt and Karen Shuman

Samuel and Joyce Shuman

William Shunk

Kathryn Siburt

Louis and Penelope Simone

Mark J. Sindaco

Mark and Marie Sindicich

David and Barbara Singer

Valerie Singley

Peter L. Sinibaldi Jr.

Robert and Lynn Sinko

Andrew Sinn

Dominick and Carroll Sisti

John E. Sixt

Frank Skacel

Joseph and Kathleen Skoff

Phillip and Rosalind Sky

Gregory A. Slachta

Julie Slack

Dirk and Julie Slack

Kevin Slenker and Jo Ann


Kim and Kathy Slick

Joseph and Kelcey Sliman

Kevin and Courtney Sloan

Ronald and Barbara Sloan

Robert and Mary Slogosky

James and Kathleen Smarilli

Andrew and Michelle Smarkanic

James and Jill Smeltzer

Matthew and Gloria Smihosky

Charles Smith

Craig and Paula Smith

David and Pearl Smith

Derek and Lisa Smith

Dwain and Susan Smith

Ed and Barbara Smith

Fred and Katherine Smith

Gregory Smith

J. Stanley and Linda Smith

Joseph and Loris Smith

Lindsay and Christopher Smith

Michael and Doris Smith

Mimi Smith

Pamela S. Smith

Shari and Doug Smith

Steven and Sarah Smith

Thomas and Cynthia Smith

Noel and Susan Smyth

Thomas and Patricia Smyth

Benjamin and Elisha Snedeker

Scott and Lauren Sniegocki

SNK Contracting, Inc.

Galvin Snow

Fae R. Snyder

Gary and Janet Snyder

Jeffrey Snyder

Richard and Lynn Snyder

Lee and Sally Snyder

Joseph and Margaret Sobota

Craig and Karen Socie

Frank and Donna Sokola

Nevin and Laura Sollenberger

Randall and Karen Sones

Larry Sorensen

Gregory and Diane Sosson

Andre and Mitzi Souchak

Gary and Julia Soura

Bonnie Sowers

Michael and Michele Sowko

Ann Spadafora

Charles Spadafora

Dale C. Spahr

Peter Spangler

John and Lauren Spearly

Michael and Barbara Speer

Gloria Spicer

Karen and Robert Spicer

Ross and Wendy Spicher

Robert and Patricia Spinazzola

Kae Spoerl

Todd and Teri Sponsler

Mark and Mary Sprow

Robert and Catherine Stackhouse

Barbara Stankowski

Gregory and Sheila Stanton

Michael Starsinic

Lawrence Staub

Todd Staub

Joseph and Julie Stauffer

Ronald Steckley and Carol Myers


Paul and Maurice Stecko

Raymond and Claudia Steeb

Timothy and Tracey Steidle

Darryl Steigerwalt

Joseph Stella

Kyle and Christina Stencovage

Harry Stephenson

Joan C. Sterlacci

Robert C. & Wendy A. Sterling

Robert and Suzanne Stetson

Richard Steuernagle

Lonny and Jennifer Stevenson

Michael Stever

R.W. and Kimbra Stever

Joseph and Carol Stewart

Richard and Eileen Stitzel

William and Maureen Stoebenau

John Stoltz and Kimberly Halvey


Frank and Kay Stone

Peter J. Stone

Richard L. Stoudt Jr.

Jere D. Stouffer

Richard and Dorothea Stover

Robert and Kay Stover

Meghan Straub

Samantha Straub

Mark and Maria Strickland

Joseph and Sharon Strite

Kay Strouse

Jonathan and Linda Strumpf

Ryan Struthers

Paul C. Strzelec

Mary Strzelecki

Robert and Gena Stuber

Thomas and Beth Stubler

Phyllis Stuby

Joseph and Tracy Stunja

Mark and Janet Sturgeon

Charles and Patricia Stutzman

Margaret Sulkowski

Edward M. Sullivan

James and Terry Sullivan

Susquehanna Paper & Sanitary Sup.

Thomas and Heidi Suttmiller

Terry and Kathleen Sutyak

Lawrence and Joan Suwak

Jeffrey and Lorraine Swab

Jeffrey D. Swanson

Jonathan Swart

Charles and Mary Jane Swartz

John and Jacqueline Sweda

David Sweetland

Henry and Rachel Swoope

Paul J. & Cheryl E. Szykman

Brian and Colleen Taddeo

Scott Tanabe and Jennifer


Robert and Pamela Tanenbaum

Rosalie and Joseph Tarris

Frank Tarselli

Jane Taylor

Harry Taylor and Kathy Derr Taylor

Peter and Anna Taylor

Todd and Jodi Taylor

Kenneth and Carolyn Teaman

Vincent J. Tedesco Jr.

Andrew and Michele Tellep

Peter Terzoni

Daniel and Elise Tessitore

Charmaine Tetkoskie

Sophia Tews

JoLaine A. Teyssier

Lorraine Teyssier

Christopher Thomas

Suzanne Thomas

Craig and Tina Thomas

W. Scott & Diane B. Thumma

David and Anna Tielle

John and Maureen Tierney

Timothy Timco

Robert Tinter

Tire Tec, Inc.

Michael Tisiker

Ernie and Natalie Tkac

Terry and Carolyn Todd

Paul and Leslie Tolerico

Richard Tomko

David and Jane Tompkins

James and Diana Topper

Jared and Nikki Torgan

Carolyn Tothero

Douglas and Donna Tothero

George and Cynthia Totura

Robert and Connie Traister

Joseph & Lori Trapuzzano

Eric and Marsha Treiling

James and Bonnie Tremante

Kris and Virginia Trimmer

Trinity Excavating, Inc.

John Trostle

Gene Trotta

John R. Tucker

Nathan and Justine Tuckey

Robert and Patricia Tunno

William Turner and Pamela Mullin


James and Monica Turri

Mark and Eileen Twardon

John and Mary Twigg

Twin Valley Farms Exchange, Inc.

Andrew Tylander

Joel and Evelyn Udell

United Way of The Capital Region

Charles and Kimberly Updegraff

Don Uphouse and Jackie Gerber

Kirby and Joyce Upright

Scott M. Urban

Kenneth L. Urish

Rick Uter

Mark and Linda Uzelac

Robert and Jean Vadella

James and Lori Valent

Vallemont Surgical Assoc., Inc.

John and Jane Van Allen

Paul Bucher and Amy Rush

Van Beek

Richard and Barbara Van Horn

Richard and Cynthia VanGavree

Kyle and Sharon Vankleeck

Eric Vassilotas

James and Matilda Vastine

Erik and Kristina Vatter

Joseph Velitsky

Eric Veneziano

Ted and Sharyn Ventre

Daniel and Pauline Venturato

Verdelli Farms Inc./Chris Hill

Robert and Christina Veres

Ronald M. Vindivich

Norbert and Carmen Vishnesky

Ralph and Patricia Ann Vuono

C.J. Wagner

Donn and Mary Ann Wagner

Saralee Wahl

Brian Walker

Alan and Judith Walker

Edward Walker

Richard and Dawn Wallin

Daniel G. Walter

Herman D. Walter

Robert and Mary Walter

Denise Walters

Douglas and Carla Wano

Thomas Wanuga

Richard J. Ward

Steven and Georgean Wardzinski

Douglas and Marijo Washburn

Michael and Nancy Washinsky

John M. Wasilko

Alexander and Jane Wasilov

Charles and Louise Wasserott

Stephen Waters

Edwin and Dorothy Watson

Craig and Ellen Waverka

Carol and James Wawrzyniak

James and Nancy Weaber

Richard and Joyce Weaver

Kenneth and Sandra Weaver

Larry Weaver and Barbara Minier

Richard and LuAnne Weaver

Herbert L. Webb

Janet Webb

Joseph and Jennifer Webber

Andrew and Kathy Weidman

Stephen and Kathy Jo Weinstock

Bruce and Maureen Weirman

Paul and Maria Weiss

Alan Weissberger

Stephen and Essie Weissberger

Jeffrey and Sandra Welch

Dennis Wells

Robert and Mary Welsh

Francis and Janice Wence

Dennis Wenger

Philip and Kim Wenger

Matthew Wertz

Michael and Dolores Wertz

Richard Wertz

Robert and Suzanne Wertz

Ryan Wertz

Stephen Wertz

Wetzler Funeral Service, Inc.

Thomas and Janet Wheeler

Gary and Rosemary Wherry

David and Ann White

Don White

Donald and Sarah Anne White

Brian and Dawn White

Alan Whitehouse

Eric and Louise Whorral

Keith and Wendy Wible

Kent and Cami Wible

Steve and Patricia Widdoss

Harry L. Wilhour Jr.

George and Virginia Wilkes

Richard and Susan Wilkins

H. Gilbert Williams Jr.

Derrick Lloyd Williams

Harding and Joan Williams

Amy Williams

Lee and Bonnie Williams

Mark Williams

Terry and Pat Williams

Alice Williard

Melvin P. Wilson

Thomas A. Wilson

Dwight Wilson

Edward and Susan Wilson

George and Judith Wilson

Teddie Wineland

Chester and Catherine Wingert

Christina Winnicker

Regina Winslow

Samuel and Bonnie Wint

Carl and Sharon Winter

Brian Wise

Edward F. Wise

Robert and Judith Wiser

Steve Wisniewski

Jonathan and Steffani Witmer

John and Carol Wixted

WMAJ/WBHV Radio Station

David Wolf

Charles and Diane Wolf

Gary and Loretta Wolf

John J. Wolf

Jamie Wolfe

William and Brenda Wolfe

Bailey and Doris Wood

David Woodring

Michael and Jean Woodworth

Barbara Woolridge

Randall Woolridge

David Wozniak

Harold C. Wright Jr.

John and Susan Wright

Richard and Gwen Wright


Joan Yarnall

Michael Yeager

Patricia Yearick

Ernest and Soo Kim Yeh

Timothy and Carol Yingst

David and Constance Yocum

Scott W. Yoder

William W. Yoder

Karl and Judi Yohn

Jared Yordy

David F. Young Jr.

Gary and Susan Young

Donald and Marjorie Young

Timothy and Sharon Young

Victoria Young

James and Wendy Young

Michael and Julie Yutesler

Eugene and Anita Zamboni

Andrew A. Zangrilli

Nicholas and Connie Zappone

Michael Zawacki

Charles and Mary Zebula

Ed Zeiders

Michael and Deborah Zercher

Richard and Stephanie Ziegler

Andrew and Laura Zimmerman

Curtis and Debra Zimmerman

George and Elizabeth Zimmerman

Jon and Candice Zimmerman

Joseph Zimmerman

Adam and Valerie Zolyak

John and Ilona Zubek

Ronald and Jean E. Zula

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