Interim Report

Interim Report



China's Housing Fund in all of China, the strategy of Group is to consolidate the leading position of

the industry in the coastal power house areas, and expand to the central and western regions of

China. In 2013, the Group launched the housing finance big data application software products

related to cloud computing technology and achieved fully affirmation by China industry users. The

Group continues maintaining the good business performance.

At the same time, the Group highly valued the cooperation with Ministry of Housing and

Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Industry and

Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. Several Housing Accumulation Fund

projects of the Group were identified as the sample projects in the industry by the government.


Moreover, we will further strengthen the communication with the global investors. In June 2013,

we held the group annual shareholders meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, which decided to continue

to employ the largest auditing firm of Switzerland, BDO AG, as the group annual auditor. The Group

will further strengthen the training of our team members, continuously achieve and exceed the

customer satisfaction. At the same time, Group will participate in setting up a new company called

Fuzhou Grid Commercial Software co., LTD. , and enter the digital healthcare field which involves 3D

printing, in order to expand the fields of group business and utilize the leading advantages of the

Group in the field of software development.

Hereby I would like to thank all shareholders, long-term partners of the Group and customers, for

your continuous support and fully trust of the Group management.

I also would like to thank all

the staff and board members of VSG for the development of the company's hard work and efforts.

We have every confidence in completing the business goals of 2013, and will bring satisfactory

returns for all shareholders.

Yours sincerely

YunJian Zheng(CEO)

VSG Vange Software Group AG