a brochure outlining the full programme - Hitchin Thespians


a brochure outlining the full programme - Hitchin Thespians

Lucy Miller-White


Hitchin Thespians


Vocal & Performance


13 th –15 th July 2007

Organiser: Lucy Miller-White


We are once again delighted to be holding a third weekend workshop,

following huge demand from those who came to the first two. We hope this

one will be just as enjoyable—if not more so!

Our two highly experienced tutors for this weekend are:

Ian Kennedy—lead tutor both choral and individual singing

Evette Davis—tutor for singing performance and dialogue/acting

The Choral sessions—we will concentrate on singing as a group and some

guidance with singing technique for tuning & pitch, warming up the voice and

some of the trade secrets for better diction! The choral music will be varied in

style including madrigals, four part song, operetta and musicals.

The Individual sessions will be in the form of open workshops, so that you

can listen and learn from watching others—you often learn more from

watching and listening to others.

Ian will concentrate more on vocal technique to help release the voice and

improve the general vocal quality—but will also help with performance and

presentation of a song. It is a great opportunity to understand why you may

have a particular problem in a part of a song; but, more importantly, how to

go about solving it.

I am extremely delighted that Evette Davis has agreed to help us again this

year. You will see from her biography that she is vastly talented and

experienced. Evette hopes to concentrate more on the acting/delivery of a

song and/or dialogue—but will also be able to help with the singing aspect

also. This should present opportunities for interplay with fellow singers during

the weekend.

Each individual will be allocated two 20min sessions, one with each tutor. We

ask that participants prepare three pieces of music and where possible

perform from memory, it may not always be possible to hear all three pieces

over the weekend. If participants wish to bring along a piece of dialogue to

develop they will be welcome to do so, but we will have set pieces of

dialogue for those who wish to develop this aspect including interacting with


The individual sessions are open and audiences are encouraged as they

help interact but also learn from the process. However at an applicant’s

request it is possible to have a closed session—so don’t let it put you off


If anyone would like further details or has any queries please get in touch

with me—my contact details are listed later.


To improve choral singing skills – to include voice production, diction,

intonation and performance

To improve individual singing skills – both technical and also in performance

To improve delivery of dialogue, acting and interpretation of scenes

To learn more about the art of singing and have fun!

Please note:

There will be no restriction in; the participant’s vocal ability, age or in the style

of music being performed; in any of the solo/ensemble sessions. This

workshop is suited to individuals of all abilities and is designed to help build

confidence and refine both stagecraft and singing.

Everyone is to be encouraged to attend all sessions – there is much to be

learned from listening to other singers in open workshops and individuals

interested in the solo/ensemble workshops will be expected and encouraged

to participate in the choral workshops.

We recommend:

Individuals will find it helpful to bring along a tape or mini-disc recorder to

record their sessions.









Friday 13 th


Saturday Individual sessions Individual sessions Choir


Individual sessions

Choir & Concert


We welcome choral members and other interested individuals to sit in on the

individual workshop sessions.

The concert will be held on Saturday 21st July at 8.00pm and tickets will be

available and are open to all. It will give an opportunity to show what can be

achieved over a weekend!

Choral : unlimited places.

Places available

Please let us know if you would like to sing— and if a non-member which voice

part you normally sing. There will be a small charge to help off-set the music

costs. Everyone is invited to sit in at any of the individual sessions, and if

individuals wish they can also have meals catered at a small additional cost—

please see the reverse of the booking form for more details.

Individual Sessions: Maximum of 25 places

These places are open to everyone—but priority will be given to members of

Hitchin Thespians. Those wishing to book a place for duet or small ensemble

work are also welcome, and should you wish to apply for more than one place

you can. We will try to accommodate requests as best as possible.

For ensemble work we would ask that you write the names of the other or

others involved. There is a section for this on the reverse of the booking form

along with the details music you have prepared.

Please let me have a copy of your chosen music and dialogue by the 22 nd

June to allow both the accompanists and tutors to become familiar with it.

The choir music will be sent out by the last week of June when we should

know the balance of singers attending.

Late enquiries: Please do contact me as there may still be an opportunity to be



Choral or Observer: (meals extra if requested)

Members of Hitchin Thespians: £5.00

Non-Members: £10.00

Individual Places: (meals included)

Members of Hitchin Thespians: £50.00

Non-Members: £70.00

Please complete and detach this page

Booking Form



Tel. No & mobile


Please delete as appropriate:

I would like to participate in the choral workshop only: (and

have enclosed a cheque for £5.00/£10.00)

I would like to book an individual place: (and have enclosed a

cheque for £50.00/£70.00)





Names of






See overleaf for information relating to ensemble session, meals

and dietary requirements

Please make all cheques payable to “Hitchin Thespians” and send this

completed booking form to:

Lucy Miller-White: 4 Half Acre


Herts. SG5 2XL

E-mail: lucymillerwhite@hotmail.com

Tel: day 01462 441144 Eve: 01462 458803

Return by:

Friday 22 nd June 2007

Please complete if you have not applied for an individual place

and wish to have meals catered for:

Meals Cost Yes No

All three: £15.00

Saturday lunch: £5.00

Saturday dinner: £5.00

Sunday lunch: £5.00

Please list below any specific dietary requirements or allergies:

Ensemble Places:

I would like to book an ensemble place with: Yes No

And have enclose a cheque for my share of £ __.__

Names of music pieces:




Check list—have you included:?

Completed Booking form

Cheque payable to “Hitchin Thespians

Copies of music




Ian Kennedy GGSM


Guildhall School of Music and Drama: Department of Vocal Studies:

Principal Vocal Teaching

Ian Kennedy studied at the Guildhall and won the School's coveted Gold

Medal in 1975. As a tenor soloist he has sung in opera, oratorio and on the

concert platform throughout UK and abroad. His solo repertoire ranges

from pre-Baroque to contemporary musical theatre. He has appeared as a

soloist at a number of prestigious festivals, including the Henry Wood

Promenade Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, notably in the 50th

anniversary performance of Vaughan Williams' Serenade to Music. In

addition to his solo career, Ian is a member of the BBC Singers and also an

experienced accompanist and conductor. Amongst the orchestras he has

directed are the Houston Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic - at the

Hollywood Bowl. He was for several years Musical Director for "Gilbert and

Sullivan for All" and is Associate Conductor of the National Concert

Orchestra. In 1995 he combined his love of choral music with his

conducting when he was appointed Musical Director of the East Surrey

Choral Society.

He was appointed to the Guildhall staff in 1986 where, in addition to his

one-to-one teaching, he runs classes in oratorio and light music. He is

greatly in demand as a tutor on summer schools and as a festival

adjudicator. Outside music, his abiding passion is golf and he claims that

his handicap would be considerably lower - if he had more time for practice!

Evette Davis

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Evette has been a well-known personality in

her native area since her teens. One of her first professional engagements

was to sing with the legendary Owen Brannigan. She then went on to

appear regularly on television and in concert with the popular news casting

team of Mike Neville and George House. She also had songs and song

cycles written for her by well-known local composers, some of which can

be heard on recordings she made including “North by North East” and


In 1976 Evette was a finalist in the “Kathleen Ferrier” and “Peter Styvesant”

competitions, which gained her a place at the London Opera centre, where

she studied for two years. On leaving the Opera centre her first contract

was to play the roles of Marsinah and Lalume in Tros T.V.’s production of

“Kismet”. She followed that with a season in South Africa playing Eliza

Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” for PACT. On her return to England she repeated

that role for the Connaught Theatre in Worthing, returning to play a long

season of musicals and plays, including “My fat friend”, “Alphabetical Order”

and “Side by Side by Sondheim”. A nationwide tour of Viennese concerts

followed, which were a precursor to contracts with “Gilbert and Sullivan for All”,

with whom she performed throughout the British Isles, and on a coast-to coast

tour of Canada and the U.S.A.. Evette was then invited to become principal

soprano with the world famous “Doyley Carte Opera Company” where her

roles included Mabel in “The pirates of Penzance”, Aline in “The Sorcerer” and

Josephine in “H.M.S. Pinafore”. She left the company to further her freelance

career, and subsequently spent many seasons on the North East coast as

guest of the legendary Max Jaffa in his summer concerts.

In 1987 Evette joined the original company of “The Phantom of the Opera”,

alongside Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, where she stayed for two

years and played the role of Carlotta.

Since 1981 Evette has been a regular and popular guest on board P&O, Royal

Viking, Fred Olsen and Cunard cruiser liners, where her versatility has been

exploited to the full in classical concerts, cabaret, music hall and straight

theatre, where her writing skills has been frequently called upon. She helped

to create and co-produced “The Wonderful World of Musicals” which enjoyed

successful runs for two consecutive years in top holiday spots throughout the

country and the Channel Islands. Evette also considers herself very fortunate

in being able to claim not one but two opportunities to be part of the

phenomenon of “The Phantom of the Opera”, as she re-joined the show

spending two-and-a-half years, this time playing the role of Madame Giry. A

popular guest on BBC’s “Friday Night is Music Night”, Evette continues to do

her concert and cruising work, and finds herself ever more in demand to

devise and supervise her own shows.

Produced By

Lucy Miller-White


Hitchin Thespians

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