Wi-Fi Set-up Procedure for Apple Computers in BU


Wi-Fi Set-up Procedure for Apple Computers in BU

Wi-Fi Set-up Procedure for Apple Computers in BU

Find the Wi-Fi signal icon on the top right hand corner of the Apple desktop, then

click it to see the list of SSID detected, say “BU-Standard”, “BU-Guest”, “BU-Web”.

1) “BU-Standard” Set-up

1.1) Run the file “HKBU_CA.crt” to install the BU Wi-Fi Certificate.

1.2) At the Wi-Fi signal icon , select “Open Network Preferences…”, the next

screen is show below. Change the Network Name: to “BU-Standard”, then

press “Advanced” button

1.3) At the “AirPort” tab, double click the “BU-Standard” option.

1.4) Enter User Name and Password and other parameters as shown below then

press “Add” button when completed.

1.5) At the TCP/IP tab, configure IPv4 as “Using DHCP” press the “Renew DHCP

Lease” button to refresh the IP. Normally, the computer will get an IPv4

“158.182.XXX.XXX” , press “OK” button to complete.

1.6) At the “802.1X” tab, press “+” to add a new profile “WPA: BU-Standard”, on

the right hand side, input the User Name and Password according to your

Novell account. Wireless Network is “BU-Standard”; Tick Authentication

protocol “PEAP” only. After setting, press “OK” button to leave this screen.

1.7) Return to the Network screen. Click on the “AirPort” connection. Select

“Network Name: as “BU-Standard”. The Status inside the 2 RED circles

should be like the one as below. If not, press “Turn AirPort Off” and “Turn

AirPort On”, then select Network Name: as “BU-Standard” again. See if the

“AirPort” light is “green” and “Connected”. Please wait for few seconds if the

Status is Authenticating. When it’s successfully connected, the status inside

the 2 RED circles will be as below:

1.8) Open a browser (e.g. Safari) to check the Internet. The Internet should be

working now.

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