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Pol-Leim-Holz Company, manufacturer of high class solid wood furniture, started operation in 199Q on the basis of an earlier functioning furniture plant existing from 1951. Continuing the creditable traditions of good furniture the Company transforms the plant into a dynamically developing enterprise,

trains workers, equips the plant with modern machines, focuses on demanding customers.

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I n the first three years the Company exported exclusively to I Germany. The next years were a period of widening the pro-I duction for the western markets of Switzerland, Denmark and France. The growth of production also caused the increase of the catalogue of products which is the reflection of the

variety of the customers' needs.

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Currently the Company employs 140 people, has modern machines, a designing studio, service and transport. The characteristic of the Company is its individual and original style of the manufactured furniture which is being done for the sake of the customer who expects products of an interesting

shape, high quality and maintained attractive price. Modern technology along with experience and high qualifications of the workers allow to satisfy the requirements and reveal the values of the furniture made of natural material.

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nature and technology

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701 в materac 160 cm 850 1667 2117

7011 materac 180 cm 850 X 1867 X 2117

2050 X 1969 X 600 2050 x 2451 x 600

485 x 478 x 390


890 x 850 x 390

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PLH trademark furniture means products made of solid, carefully selected, wood, mainly pine. The finishing coatings, like: oils, waxes, varnishes, are ecological and environmentally friendly. Apart from quality and ecology, the matters of paramount importance are: ergonomics and functionality. The effect

are products which are man-friendly in every respect.

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The technological potential enables adjusting the production profile to the changing needs of the market. Thus, the PLH offer is wide and attractive. It includes single pieces of furniture, suites and small elements supplementing the furnishings of interiors both residential and of public utilities.

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POL - LEIM - HOLZ Sp. z о.о. 64-100 Leszno ul. Usługowa 10 tel. +48 65 529 29 30, 529 39 70, 529 44 17, fax +48 65 520 39 86 Internet: e-mail:

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